THE PLACE OF SETTLING ACCOUNTS – Aston Adam Mbaya in Congo 32


By: Aston Adam Mbaya in Congo 32


The principal thing for a human being is the preparation of his soul on the Earth for eternity. The body of men is of no use. It is an envelop that you will throw away. After having gained material property, money and houses many are dying and falling in the chambers of Hell for torment. This is eternal damnation.

The purpose of the saints on the Earth is to prepare their hearts to meet the Lord. God sent you on the Earth with one mission which is to repair what your father Adam has failed.

How did Adam fail? It was when he wanted to be autonomous and independent from God. This gospel of independence from God was preached by the devil. He preached that a man can be the master of his life and he can choose what is good for himself. This is the original sin.

Moreover man has sinned through the eyes. For he saw that the fruit was good. This is the sin of the end time. The church thinks that existence is what the eyes can see and real life is our presence on the Earth. Yet life on the Earth is a shadow of the true life that is awaiting humanity beyond the grave.

The true identity of men will manifest after death beyond the grave. It is after death that the true life of men will begin. What is happening on the Earth is just a shadow. On Earth, each one of us has the responsibility of escaping the original sin which is living life independent from God. We must seek dependency on the Spirit of God that God sent in our heart. When we reached a lifestyle where we are totally dependant on the Spirit of God that’s when we belong to the Lord. The day you will abandon your own will, seeking the will of the Holy Spirit. The day you will abandon the choice of your heart seeking the guidance and direction of the Spirit of God to do the will of God that’s when your walk with God will begin.

For up to now, you are walking your own way. You have not yet surrender totally to His Spirit and His guidance. But who knows the will of God unless it is first revealed. Yet the will of God is revealed in the Word of God.

After visiting the 351 chambers of Hell, I opened my Bible to study, examine and confirm whether what I saw during the whole year was in the Bible. Galatians 1:8 But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel to you than that which we have preached to you, let him be accursed.

I wanted to know whether what I had experienced in the 351 chambers of Hell align with the teaching of the apostles and prophets. A vision is true when it is aligned with the scripture. I spent hours reading the Word. I could read the Word of God from 6 am to 6 pm. This has become my custom to spend hours reading the Bible. I was doing this exercise for I wanted to know the truth in regard to these experiences of the chambers of Hell even if I saw my loved ones and my grandfather in Hell. What matters to me was what was written in the Word. I was reading the Word.

When I heard the voice of the Lord, He said, “Today I will take you to the Paradise of God. Write everything that I will show you. Use every means of communication so that this message reaches brethren all over the world.

Dear brother and sister, after dying on the cross the Lord went on to prepare mansions of Heaven for you and me. We all are candidates for Heaven. I made up my mind to inherit this kingdom of Heaven despite the devil and his battle and traps. I will enter the kingdom of Heaven.

The Lord said, “I want the world to be warned. My church must prepare. Many want to come to My kingdom but few are walking on the ancient path of justice, the narrow road of life.”

Then the Lord took me to the sky. Very quickly I saw many souls rising to space. I wondered who were these people that were flying like birds towards Heaven. These people were shining and they were accompanied by angels. I learned these were the saints that came out of the war and battle of the Earth. They are going on the high ways of Heaven. These saints were accompanied by angels that were rising and moving with them. These angels were holding books that were shining like crystals.

The Lord said, “When a man comes to Me I send an angel in his life at his service. The believers have no power and authority to order these angels that are submitted to My authority. They are witnesses of all the deeds you do on the Earth positive or negative. And they record every act. When you come to church they write. When you go to the bar they will stay outside and they will write the day the hour and the year you entered the nightclub.”

I was watching these saints from all over the world. Finally, we arrived in the heavenly places where it was written, “The Place Of Settling Accounts.”

The deads in Christ were supposed to cross this place of settling accounts in order to continue their journey to Heaven. I saw on the right a crowd of angels and on the left a crowd of demons. Each soul was to pass through this place.

However, whenever a believer was reclaimed by a demon, I saw that he was stopped and disqualified. He could not rise towards the eternal Paradise of God. Demons only made claims on the believers when these Christians kept the property of the devil. Those who are separated from the world and its pleasure the enemy could not accuse them and claim their souls. Any sin and property of the devil will enable wicked spirits to stop God’s children from reaching the eternal gate of the celestial city.

Setting yourself apart and separating from the contamination of the world will allow you to pass the place of settling accounts.

In this place, there were even spirits of false prophets. A believer was about to pass and continue his journey in the highway of Heaven when a pastor said, “You can not pass. You are a member of my church.”

Satanic pastors and demons were making claims on the souls of men that were moving on the highways of Heaven. I saw a soul that was reclaimed by a pastor. As a result, he was unable to pass and began to descend downward.

I said, “Lord, what is happening here?”

The Lord said, “When a believer attends a satanic church, he cannot enter My kingdom. He has sinned through his pastor indirectly. You cannot say, ‘I have nothing to do with my pastor. I just come to church to hear the Word and pray to God.’

Matthew 23:13 But woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for you shut up the kingdom of heaven against men: for you neither go in yourselves, nor will you let those enter who are trying to.

When a pastor is a satanist, he will still preach the Bible to his members. But he knows that he will never enter the kingdom of Heaven because he is a satanist. But if you remain attached to this church you will fall in the pit. No satanic pastor will write on the gate of the church that he is a satanist. He will stand on the pulpit and preach but he knows he is not of God. He is on the path to damnation. And whoever follows him will fall with him in the pit.

Jesus also told them a parable: “Can a blind man lead a blind man? Will they not both fall into a pit? A disciple is not above his teacher. But everyone who is fully trained will be like his teacher. (Luke 6:39-40)

These false prophets know the way that they are taking and they know they are leading souls in a path of doom and damnation. Their aim is to win souls for perdition. For the devil has sent them to build churches. You will see that they are performing miracles. And they are numerous in Congo. Many churches are leading souls to Hell. These are temples of Satan. They have signs like pyramid and coffin.

How many souls were in disarray in the cosmos? For they were on the high road leading to Heaven but they were stopped in this place of settling accounts. They began to fall downward heading to the lower regions of the Earth. These souls were crying for they ran the race in vain. Do not lose your soul because of a pastor or a church.

I saw a brother who was also on his way to Heaven. But when he arrived at this place of settling accounts, I saw a TV set attaching itself on his forehead.

The Lord said, “He was an electronic repairer. One day a customer came to him for TV repair. He told the customer to come back to collect the TV on a certain date that was a deadline. But he failed to repair the TV according to the deadline. The customer was coming repeatedly in order to collect the TV but it was still not repaired. Out of frustration, this customer said, ‘I am not taking the TV anymore,’ and he abandoned it to him. This brother was left with the TV. And over time he sold it. For it was abandoned in his workshop. He should have repaired the TV and make an apology to the customer for failing to keep the deadline. He should have sought the owner of this TV. But he took the TV and sold it. Thus he could not continue the journey towards the kingdom of Heaven. He was stopped and began to fall and was heading to the underworld.”

Then I saw a sister that had a lotion attached to her in this place. She could not continue her journey towards the ancient gate of Heaven. She began to fall beneath the Earth.

The Lord said to me, “Her friend was selling and lending lotion soap. She borrowed and promised to pay the money. But when it was time to pay back the money, she started hiding from her friend that was coming to get the money for the lotion. To the point that her friend was tired and told her, ‘Please don’t pay the money anymore. You can keep the lotion and the money.’ Yet the lotion does not belong to her. She should have paid the money. But she died failing to fulfill her duty. And she cannot enter the kingdom of Heaven.”

Another sister could not enter because of the salt she borrowed and failed to pay back. Actually, many brothers and sisters could not enter because of forgotten debt. People borrow and forgot to pay back. And many years have passed. When they die, their failure to pay their debt has undermined their eternity.

Brother what is it that you owe? Which debt have you forgotten about? Brother, have you got someone’s property that he has abandoned to you out of frustration.

I saw a man who could not pass because he was failing to take care of his wife and children. He was earning a lot of money but he refused to tell his wife that he had enough to meet the need of the children. He was behaving like the money is little. Yet the Lord was giving him enough.

Please brother when the Lord gives you money, don’t pretend to your wife that you don’t have money. Be willing to meet the need of your wife and children. How many men are hiding and lying about their salary to their wives? They don’t want their wives to know how much they earn.

Now why is this place called the place of settling accounts? When men failed to settle their account with men they will settle it before God. Whatever men do on the Earth they will give account. And they will pay for it. Every sin that is unresolved will be revealed here and God will judge them. Even if men have forgotten God has not forgotten. Many souls were stopped in this place.

When I saw that many were still rising and heading towards the pearly gate, the Lord said, “This is not our destination. It is just a section of the road that leads to Heaven. But many will stumble here. Few will reach the pearly gate of Heaven.”

Brother, when the rich man asked father Abraham to send Lazarus to the living to warn them, the Lord resolved to send the living beyond the grave to see hidden mysteries in order to warn humanity about realities awaiting them beyond the grave. But the truth can not be imposed upon humanity. The Lord spoke in parable because hidden things were not given to the children of this world. But it is given to you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of Heaven.

And since you have received the mystery of the kingdom of Heaven, you will be the first to be judged. This is because of the knowledge you have received. The judgment will be much more severe for the saints than those of the world. For the saints had heard the mystery of the kingdom of Heaven and have failed to repent.

Judgment will begin in the house of God. You are not going anywhere with the desire of your heart. The blessing in human existence is not to live longer. What matters is to inherit the kingdom of Heaven even if you have lived a short life. If you are really an authentic believer, you will have haste in your heart to leave this body to join the overcomers in the celestial kingdom of Heaven.



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