When he saw this, he asked, “What is that?” He was angry. The angels told him to keep looking.

He saw women wearing hair attachments, but those were actually serpents on their heads. The various kinds of jewelry they were wearing like earrings and chains were also serpents. The fingernail paint was actually blood, and so was the lipstick. Mascara and fake eyelashes were like what is in the toilet. It was stinking. All the women who put makeup on their faces were stinking as if they put excrement on their faces. Those women who were in trousers were wearing serpents. He was surprised to see this and asked about it, but they told him to just keep looking. Then said they were going to take him to another place, and then he would understand all those things they were showing him there.



The two angels stood on either side of him and carried him away. They flew off to another place. He had never flown on a plane before, so as they ascended up through the clouds, he asked if it was heaven, and they told him it was not. They continued ascending until they reached a gate. The glory of God was coming out of that gate. There were two angels at the gate. He cannot compare heaven to any country. He was surprised and wanted to enter.

However, Satan stood there laughing at him, saying, “All those things they have shown you until now, do you believe?”

Gabriel said, “No.”

Satan started laughing again and he saw that Satan looked beautiful. His skin was like butter. It was shining. It’s like it says in the book of Ezekiel that Satan is beautiful and shining. He laughed and told Gabriel, “I am Satan. You cannot enter the gate. They put me out of heaven and I have been down on earth. In the past, those people who entered heaven were lucky. But now the other people it will be difficult for them to enter. I will stay here. If somebody wants to enter heaven and has something from me, he cannot enter.” Then he laughed again and started insulting him. He asked again, “All those things they have shown you, do you believe?”

Gabriel said, “Yes, now I believe.”

He replied, “If you don’t shut up, you will know me, Satan. You will know what I want to do with people. The way that you are playing with your grace, you are playing with your grace. Me, Satan, I didn’t come to play, but I came to destroy everybody and to bring them to hell.” He said that people love him, but they don’t love Jesus. He said that if Gabriel goes back to the earth with a testimony, he would work through Gabriel’s priests to get the testimony rejected. He said that if he goes back and tells about these things that Catholics are like this, “Who will believe?” He started laughing again. Satan gave him the Scripture that says, “This is how we know who the children of God are and who the children of the devil are: Anyone who does not do what is right is not God’s child, nor is anyone who does not love their brother and sister.” (1 John 3:10).

He told Gabriel that he is his father. Gabriel said, “If you don’t love your brother or sister, if you go to the gates of heaven, Satan will bring you to hell. If you have earrings, false hair, if you have eyelashes, mascara, you are lying. Know that you are a child of Satan.” Satan grabbed Gabriel with his hand like when police arrest a thief. Satan said, “I didn’t come to play. It’s not possible for you to repent.” Gabriel said that’s why he wants to bring the whole world to hell. Gabriel told Satan, all those things the angels were showing me, I believe now.

Satan replied, “If you don’t shut up, I will destroy you.” His shout was like a lion’s roar. He roared like a lion and Gabriel was afraid. Satan said, “Maybe one person will enter heaven again. Those people who entered, it’s better for them. Now I will not allow them to enter again. But if they don’t have something of mine, they can go.”

Satan asked the angels, “Do you allow this guy to enter? If you allow him, he also may enter. Do you forget that I lived here before? Do you forget that it was me singing, giving joy to God here? But if God threw me away, and you say he can enter, if you allow him to enter, me also I will enter.” He was mocking and blaspheming God. He was blaspheming the angels of God, but the angels of God didn’t tell him anything. He was insulting them.

And about God, he said, “You’re an impossible God. You said you came to die. All your blood is negative. If you didn’t die, it would be better for you.” He was insulting, and if you heard it you would be angry.

He said to Gabriel, “All the girls, women love you. Don’t you know you are my likeness? I have my sign on you. You cannot go to heaven with my sign. Don’t you know it’s me who gave you condoms? Don’t you know that I’m putting in front of you the authorities, the soldiers (police) in front of you, so you have money in your pocket? Don’t you know that it’s me, Satan? The salary that you have to give me is hell. I bought your soul with hell.”

He took Gabriel and wanted to break him. Gabriel wanted to cry. He says that Jesus later sent him back to earth so he could repent, but after death, there is no repentance. He was crying and nobody was helping him. The angels were just standing there with their arms folded.

One of the angels approached Satan and said, “We reject your accusations because the Man who has the last word is He who sent us. We don’t come here on our own strength but through the power of the One who has the last word.” When the angel said, “In the name of Jesus!” Satan fell down and suddenly the gates of heaven started opening automatically.



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