By: Gracia Ayikoe of Togo 2

I was in Heaven with the Lord and after visiting everything I was about to return.

And the Lord said to me, “Gracia, go to the world. Wherever you will go I will be with you. Go tell the people of the world there is life after death. There are places where people go when they die. Death is not the end. Gracia, many will believe you and many will not. What matters is that you got to speak to the world about what I showed you and what you have seen. Tell them that Heaven and Hell are real. As you go back to the world, if you surrender totally to Me, I will continue to visit you because I have many things to show you. I will also send you My angels.”

The Lord said, “Gracia, when an angel of light comes to visit you, ask him, ‘Are you sent by Jesus Christ?’ In case he said that I sent him, you must ask the angel to confess My name. Tell the angel to confess the name of Jesus Christ. For any angel that is unable to confess My name, he is not from Me.”

“Gracia, as you are going back to the world, many demons will come to you in the shape of angels of light to distract you and to propose things. When demons come you will ask them to confess My name. Then you will know the difference between My angels and demons. Demons can not confess My name but they will take angelic form.”

The Lord said, “Gracia, when a man appeared to you claiming to be Jesus Christ you will ask him to show you the holes in the hand and the feet. He must show you the injuries of crucifixion. In case he failed to show you injuries, he is not Me. A demon can not say he is the son of God for he is the son of rebellion. Demons are rebels.”

Beloved, this was the word of the Lord when I was about to return to my body.

Brother and sister, there came a time I went to minister in the north of Togo. On that day after ministering, I went to sleep. And the Lord came to visit me. The Lord our God is really close to us than we think. Today God’s children think that the Lord is far from them and they visit so-called prophets so that these impostors may consult the Lord for them. These Christians fail to realize that the Lord is by their side.

When the Lord came to visit me, I saw Him entering my room which was illuminated by intense light. When I looked, I saw that the Lord was dressed in a white robe that was luminous.

I said to the Lord, “Are You really the Son of God?”

I saw that the Lord was not annoyed by this question. And He showed me His hands and feet with all the injuries. Very quickly I saw that the Lord was in tears.

I said, “Lord, why are You crying this way?”

The Lord said, “Gracia, I am crying because of the condition of My Church.”

The Lord was not crying for the unbelievers but for His Church and those who are born again Christians. Then I saw that the tears of the Lord were blood. And this blood was fresh. I saw that the blood was filling my room.

The Lord said, “Gracia, My blood is fresh. Today I am full of love for humanity and I am forgiving the sins of the world. I am not dealing with My children as a judge. I am still the God of forgiveness, the God of mercy full of love. I am erasing the sin of the world.”

I said, “Lord, why are You crying?

The Lord said, “I am crying for everything is ready for the Rapture. It is already time for Me to receive My bride. Yet My Church is not prepared and is not ready.”

The Lord said, “If the trumpet were to sound now and if I had to come now, how many of My children are prepared and ready to rise? How many will rise in the air to join Me in the Rapture in the sound of the trumpet? How many will be saved? Yet I gave My life on the cross for you. I shed My blood for you and I bought you with a great price. I paid the price and I sacrificed My life yet I am here in tears. If the trumpet was to be sounded today how many will be in the Paradise? How many will be among the elect and how many will be ready?”

The Lord said, “Gracia, I will show you why I am in tears.”

The Lord made a hand gesture. As a result, I saw a screen appearing and a film was projected. When I looked, I saw that it was the lives of God’s children in modern times. The lives of those who claim to be Christian. It was the life of the End Times Church and the condition of God’s people.

The Lord said, “Gracia, watch carefully the movie on the screen.”

I watched the souls of millions and countless people walking on a wide road. I saw that these people were walking on a wide and beautiful road. The movement of these people was different. I mean they were walking with hand extended forward as if they were after something ahead of them. They seemed to be in a rush.

The Lord said, “Gracia, these people you are watching are My people. Look carefully for you will understand why their hands are extended.”

When I looked ahead I understood why these people’s hands were extended. I saw that before them was the offer of the world. It was written, “Money, Wealth and the Treasures of the world.”
The Lord said, “Many of My children come to Church. Many said, ‘I give You all, Lord. I invite You to come into My life.’ They come to worship in the Church but I am not the priority of their lives, what matters for them is the good of this world and their gathering of the wealth and treasure of this world. The love of money is caused by the demon Mammon. Understand that money is a spirit. When you are filled with the love of money you would want to get all the treasures and luxury of this world. You will run after the things of the world.”

The Lord said, “Because of the love of money, pastors are ready to sacrifice their lives. They are willing to enter pacts and covenants with the enemy.”

Before the innumerable crowd of souls, I saw beautiful houses, cars, and wealth. I saw that none of these people were even looking behind for they were all focused on the wealth before them, I saw that behind these people it was written, “The Kingdom of God and True Justice.”

The Lord said, “You see this category of people. They are not unbelievers. They are people who claim to be born again Christians. These people go to Church to worship Me. Yet their objective is not the eternal kingdom of God but the goods of this world. They are not preoccupied by the salvation of their souls and the eternal kingdom of Heaven. They are after the good of this world.”

The Lord said, “All that is preached today is the gospel of prosperity. There is no message of truth in My Church.”

Brother, there are people preaching that when you are poor you are cursed. They teach that Christians must have the good of this world at all costs. They must be rich thus the Church is full of people that are in search of the good of this world. Matthew 6:33 But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added to you.

Brother, you come to Church and you worship but what is your priority? What is your ambition? You are born again but what are you after? The Lord said, ‘Renounce all. Take your cross and follow Me. Each one of us has a cross to carry, we should never expect Christian’s walk to be rosy. And we must check our objective and our priority. Are you coming to Church for a need that is to be met? You may find yourself moving from one false preacher to another. Which category of believers are you?

In this vision the Lord showed me a second group of believers. They were few and they were walking on a road that was not plain. The road was bumpy and mountainous. This group of people was scattered. When you see one person on the road another one was 1 or 2 kilometers separating them. People were moving with difficulty but they were determined. I saw that before these believers it was written, “The Kingdom of God and the Justice of God,” and behind this crowd, it was written, “The Wealth, the Goods, and Treasure of this world.”

The Lord said, “Gracia, look at My children. They are on the right way for their priority and objective is the kingdom of God and the justice of God. They are going to Heaven. It is not because their priority and objective are Heaven that I will not give them houses and cars and money. I will bless them with the things of this world because their main objective and ambition are Heaven. It is when the salvation of your soul becomes the priority that everything else becomes irrelevant. It is at that stage that I bless My people, those who seek the kingdom of Heaven reach a stage where the wealth and goods of the world become irrelevant. When you seek the kingdom of Heaven material blessing becomes supplementary. They are not the priority for the priority is the salvation of your soul. Narrow is the way that leads to life and few find it. But wide is the road that leads to destruction and many are the people that use it.”

Brother, are you ready to carry the cross to the mount of sacrifice? Are you ready to follow the Lord to the end? In which group and category of Christian are you? What are your priority and objective? Are you running after the good of this world? What is your purpose? The cross is waiting for each one of us. It is heavy but don’t abandon your cross you are supposed to carry.

The Christian life is not easy but there is glory ahead. Heavy is the cross but we must bear the pain for there is eternal glory before us. Nothing should part you from the love of God. Your life is precious before God and there is a crown of glory before us. Strengthen yourselves in the Lord for the end is better than the beginning.

We shall sit on the table of the Lord in the glory of Paradise in the royal wedding that is being prepared for us. We shall be in the joy and eternal glory and we shall forget the suffering the persecution and the tribulation and the cry. The Lord cares about your salvation. That is why He came.

Brother, what is your objective? Which category of believers are you? Look at your life and ask your conscience. Check your heart and ask yourself, are you after the kingdom of Heaven and the justice of God? Or are you after the goods of this world? Are you on the right road to paradise? Are you fighting to enter the glory or to win the goods of the world? What is your priority? Do you want to be saved and reign with the Lord or do you want the things of this world?

The Lord is crying for His children that are running after the things of this world. The Lord is crying because of the Christians. You can return to the right road if you have fallen. This is the time of grace the trumpet has not yet sounded. This is the day of salvation.



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