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I SAW THE ANTICHRIST – Gracia Ayikoe of Togo 5

I SAW THE ANTICHRIST By: Gracia Ayikoe of Togo 5 Yesterday I explained how the Rapture will happen. For as soon as the trumpet began to resonate, there were natural disasters that began to happen on a global scale. On that day when the Archangel sounded the trumpet I saw the Earth began to shake. […]


ROBERT ATSUSHI FIFTH EXPERIENCE Before I begin this testimony, I will offer a prayer for God to bless all listeners. Lord this person who is worn out because of the fight, Your heart is filled with compassion because of the time of trials. I see people who are hurt and bruised by hard trials. How […]


KENZO ATSUSHI IN ZIMBABWE The year 2011 I am Kenzo, pastor, and missionary. I have had many experiences with God. I traveled to Africa to preach the Word. I opened a church in Mutare, Zimbabwe. When I arrived there, I faced many wizards. A wizard named Ronald Muzona, one of the most powerful wizards in […]


KENZO ATSUSHI IN NIGERIA TB JOSHUA FALSE PROPHET Jesus told me, “My servant, Satan has diverted many from My path. I did not offer fame, recognition, and applause. I said that they would be persecuted and hated for My name’s sake, and afflictions would pass.” In a short passage I had in Nigeria, I heard […]