LIFE BEYOND THE GRAVE – Moses Lushiku Congo1


By: Moses Lushiku Of Dominican Republic Congo 1

My story started with a personal conviction. It was at the end of the year 2006. One day I felt like going to church though there was no service that day. I went to church and started to pray. I felt that I should not go home. I slept in the church on the first day, then the second day, then a week. In the end, I ended up sleeping in the church for 8 months. In that 8th month it was a certain Saturday most believers of the church went to evangelize, I was praying.

After I finished praying I saw 3 individuals dressed in brightening white robes. They appeared in the church office where I was praying. They were tall, robust and huge. They were 3 meters tall; they did not have wings, they were dressed in white. They were not touching the ground; they were not walking but they were moving.


This was a visitation, not a vision or a dream. It was a physical visitation. The first angel began to address me like I am talking to a human face to face. I was wondering what if someone comes in here what will happen. The first angel said, “My name is Gabriel. I appeared to your sister Mary who was favored to see me. I announced to her the good news and today you are favored to see us but you must note that if humans began to see us like this it means the return of the One who lives forever is getting closer. I work in the field of revelation. When you humans sleep I lay my hand on your head without touching it. As a result, you receive a wave to enable you to get revelation dream and vision.”



After the first angel stopped speaking the second angel started to speak and said, “I am Archangel Michael. I am sure you heard about me in the scripture. I was the leader of angels who banished Lucifer from heaven. I will talk to you about the devil and spiritual wars.”

I happened to attend a meeting in the second heaven conducted by Lucifer. The meeting went from 5 pm to 10 pm and it lasted for 4 months. It was Archangel Michael that was transporting me in that place there and I have all the details of that meeting.



Then the third angel who was different from the 2 said, “My name is Marvellous. I appeared to Jacob and I changed his name to Israel and he was blessed by Me.” As this angel was talking I was convinced in my inside that this angel is the Lord Jesus Christ Himself as He is so glorious. He took the shape of an angel to allow me to be around Him.

These angels were like incandescent tubes; they were luminous, their skins were bright, their hair was bright, their garments were bright they were whiter than a white sheet of paper. Actually, that’s dirty white. They were bright white and that brightness affected me.

Each of these angels promised me an experience. The Archangel Michael promised to talk to me about spiritual warfare. Gabriel promised me about revelation and the Lord promised to talk to me about salvation.

One day I was at home I heard the voice of an angel telling me, “Moses go to your office.” I went out of the house. I was getting in my car when I heard the voice again saying, “Moses, find a witness.” Then I called Evangelist Joseph; he was available and we met in the church as he was there.



We entered my office. The voice that spoke to me at home began to speak again. The voice said, “Close the door and lay down.” I could see that it was the Archangel Gabriel speaking, but the evangelist could only hear the voice. The angel said to me, “You are going to die today.” Gabriel told the evangelist, “Do not alert anybody while we will be using the instrument (me). All these hours you will be a witness.”

Then Gabriel said to me, “Do not be afraid. You will die and travel beyond the grave. You will walk the path or the road of the deads.” I did not fear because when you are in front of an angel its like he is transferring to you his energy – you will feel like you are as powerful as he is. It is only when he disappeared that your humanity will take over again. The angel asked my brother Joseph the witness to pray and when the brother was praying I felt my spirit leaving my body.

The angel Gabriel transported me beyond the clouds beyond the sun very far away then I saw a very massive and long road. The Archangel placed me on that long road. He said, “This is the road of the dead.”

I noticed at the end of the road there was a bifurcation or crossroads, The road was split in two directions. There were the left and right direction. As I was walking on that road of the deads the Archangel Gabriel disappeared because every man after his death will have to walk alone on that road.



When I reached the end of the road I saw thousands of angels in the crossroads where the road was split in 2 directions. I saw angels there; they were thousands they were dressed in the white garment but I could not see their feet. I was surprised one of them could read my mind and he approached me and said, “You are wondering why we do not have feet. This is symbolic. On earth in your law (the Bible) the feet symbolize the gospel or the law but we do not function with the gospel or the law; we have another system by which we function. That’s why you don’t see our feet. We are the keepers of the gates of lives beyond the graves. Our purpose is to deal with humans on the basis of what they did on earth. We take into account your trajectory, course, and journey on earth. We make use of recorded images of humans’ lives on earth.”

Then the angel said to me, “Turn around.” When I did I saw huge cameras like robots with huge and long pillars. The angel said, “We are filming in detail every action humans are doing on earth since the beginning starting from the first man who died.” The angel said to me, “You are welcome, man. You are favored today to be a witness of the things you will see here so that you can tell the church of the Lord what is happening beyond the grave.”

I noticed on both sides of the road there were clouds and it was blue on the horizon an azure blue, The angel said, “You shall be our spokesman when you go back to earth. Tell them about everything you see here. The angel said, “Everything you do, whether good or evil, our job is to film them.” The angel said again, “The goods you did on earth will lead you to the right door.” Then I saw in the right direction a double door and songs of praise were coming out from that door. This was paradise; these songs had melodies and voices beyond anything we find here on earth.

Then the angel said, “On the left is where the dead in sins including Christians who die without confessing their sins will go although they are Christians. It is the abode of the dead.” I watched the door on the left and I saw black smoke was rising there. The angel said, “That is the abode of the deads. Those who go there are waiting for the white throne judgment. Christians must be ready because death can come anytime and Christians should learn to confess their sins the moment they committed it after few minutes.”

I saw many deads on that road. I realized in every minute people from the four corners of the earth, thousands of people, die en masse as they are born en masse. These deads found themselves instantaneously on that massive road of the deads in front of the deads. Walking on that road were massive cameras projecting their lives in flashback. The angels called it prejudgement.

Actually, our lives on earth are being filmed in detail. Everything we do is recorded. Beloved while I was talking to this angel on this massive road there were many deads arriving on the road every second. Someone was dying on earth. Some of them joined me to listen to the explanation provided by this angel. The day I died we were thousands of humans who were dead that day in the crossroads. Then the angels who were gatekeepers began the process of directing each of one of us depending on our lives on earth.

I saw a woman among the deads. She wanted to use the right direction because of songs coming from there but the angels told her that she was not worthy. Yet she refused to listen to them and continued in that direction. Then the door narrowed itself and that woman’s hair turned to huge horns stopping her from entering the door. These horns were hitting the door that narrowed itself. Everybody was observing this. She tried to enter the double door leading to heaven by force. Then this woman asked, “Why can’t I enter?” The angel said, “In your earthly life all that mattered was your beauty. You used all the money given to you just for your beauty because that’s what mattered for you. You mismanaged what God gave you.”

I understood that whatever we have on earth is given to us by God. Then the woman headed to the left where a dark smoke was coming from. Then thousands of people or deads that were in that queue knelt down in terror and began to pray for repentance. As these deads were praying one of the thousands of angels that were at the bifurcation said to the people, “You are praying prayers of repentance but we do not deal with repentance or the gospel here. That’s not our vocation. These things are supposed to happen on earth. We have a category of angels that deal with the gospel, the law and repentance. Over here we are the keepers of afterlife gates and life beyond the grave.”



Then this angel summoned the angels of the church operating on the earth to turn up. He said, “I order angels keepers of the churches to come here.” And instantaneously I saw thousands of angels landing in the crossroad. Do not confuse the angels of the church with men of God because in every church on earth an angel is allocated. I was favored to speak to the angel assigned in my church. In the Book of Revelation it is written, “Write to the angel of the church…” – of Ephesus up to Laodicea. If a pastor declares himself to be an angel of his church he is committing an aberration because every church has an angel assigned to it.

Then one of these church angels stepped forward. Then the angel of the afterlife said to him, “We have your faithful here; they are praying for repentance but we don’t deal with the gospel and the law. We deal with life course and images captured by our camera as record and evidence. So it is up to you to make this decision.”

Then I saw the first angel of the church going where the other angel was referring to a particular man specifically. The angel stood before that man in indignation. He said, “I know you but you don’t know me. I am the angel of the church opposite your house. I waited for you to join the church so that you can partake blessing of that church and be recognized in heaven but you neglected that church. You can only go to the left because to go the right you will need to be a member of a church.” Then they sent this person to the left where smoke was coming from. He started walking and crying terribly.

I understood that those who refuse to go to church are wrong. They are resisting the Holy Spirit.

Then a second angel of the church stepped forward and called a second person. He looked at him with indignation and said, “You don’t know me but I know you. Of course, you were a member of my church but that is not enough. You failed to serve the Lord. I was recommended to bless you only when you serve. And it is written in your law that you are a kingdom of priest and priests are servants. But you cannot go to the right because only servants can go there so go to the left.”

Then a third angel stepped forward and called a man who was part of his church; he was also a pastor. The angel said, “You were a member of my church and you served God but your motivation and intention in your church was money as you have valued money more than your vocation, so go to the left.” I understood that he was a man of God or a pastor because the angel said in your church your aim was money the angel said, “You use the church as if it was your business so go the left.”

Then another angel stepped forward and spoke to a man and said, “You can only go to the left. I was observing you. There was a time you used to have remorse after sinning; you were regretting your sins and working to abandon them but there came a time you began to enjoy your weakness and your sins. You lost your remorse as you became accustomed to your sins. And you began to enjoy them so go the left.”

Another angel told a man who was part of his church that he can only go to the left because his hand was full of blood and that he is a murderer. Then the man replied, “I cannot go to the left. I am not a murderer. I never kill anybody.” The angel replied, “Of course there are many kinds of murders.” Then the angel projected the life of this man on a huge screen. The man was a soul winner. Everybody in this place and all the deads including me and him were watching the movie of his life. We watched as the man was evangelizing a young lady of immoral life. He convinced the woman to abandon that life. After the woman converted and became a follower of Christ she ended up in financial difficulty because she was used to selling her body. The evangelist was helping her financially. But over time he began to harass the woman to sleep with him. And the woman felt that she was indebted to him because of his financial support. As the evangelist was pressuring her the woman accepted to sleep with the evangelist. Later the lady said to herself, “What the point of praying? When I was in the world men were using me sexually for their advantage. Now that I am in Christ the same thing is happening, what the point?” We were watching on the screen as the woman was walking in the street talking to herself and complaining then the woman decided to abandon the faith. Since then the evangelist never saw her again. Then the evangelist died.

After his death in this prejudgement, he is branded a criminal for killing a soul. Then this man started to cry bitterly while he was heading the left. I had pity for him but it was too late when he reached the gate of the abode of the dead. He turned around and looked at me and the angels of the churches and said, “I did not arrange with the lady while on earth but can you ask her to forgive me?” Then the angel responded, “It is too late.” Then an angel keeper of the gates said to me, “Anyone that committed illegal sexual relationship has to ask for forgiveness to God and the person he did it with.”



I talked about my death and arrival in the road of the deads and the crossroad. I said they were many deads on that road as people die in great numbers every day and most of them were directed to the left direction where there was a double door. And a smoke was coming out of that door. It was actually the abode of the dead a place of torture. It was horrifying they were many deads and most of them were directed to the left.

Only one of us was told to go to the right in the paradise. When this man arrived the angels did not project his life on the screen because he was holy and while that man was walking to the paradise direction he was singing the song that was coming out of the door leading to paradise. They were actually singing songs of praise to the Lamb of God. They were praising Him in an unknown language but by God’s grace, I could understand it.

I was left alone before this angel beyond the grave. All the deads were gone to the abode of the deads except the man who went to paradise. I was the last one then one of the angels asked me, “Man, how are you born?” I found the question a little bit stupid and I answered it lightly. I said, “I was born from my father and my mother.” I did not know that this answer in itself was a condemnation because according to the law anyone born from a union of father and mother is already condemned. When I said that I was born from my parents, the angel replied, “As you are born of a father and mother go to the left.” I was surprised because I have been in Christ for 20 years. But there was a power or a force in the angel’s words. The word of this angel convinced me of my condition.

Then I took the left direction. I entered the double door leading to the abode of the dead. When I entered that door I turned into a 12 years old boy. Later the angel said that it is at this age that humans become accountable for their sins. I was greeted by a dark smoke. Then I saw the place – it looks like a strange and wild forest. I saw many tree roots suspended in the space like in the Avatar movie. The abode of the dead looks like a wild forest with roots of tree suspended in the space. It was really dark there.

Then I saw a man approaching me. As he was coming towards me I was trying to identify him because it was dark. I realized that the man was a member of my family who died many years ago. The man asked me, “Moses what are you doing here?” I was also surprised to see him. I asked, “What are you doing here?” Then the man put his head down; he was sad and he said, “I am here because of a verdict and a sentence. The day I died I landed in the road of the deads and I arrived in the crossroad like you but I did not know that my life on earth was filmed and when I reached the crossroad my life course was projected by a camera and I was condemned on the basis of these images. Actually, I was condemned specifically because I committed incest with a member of the family. I slept with her and I begot a child and that child is you.” I was surprised and I asked, “Me?” He said, “Yes, that’s right. That was how you came to be.”

Beloved, imagine you are born and grown up, you never knew your father and you happen to meet him the first time at the age of 40 and in hell.

I want to clarify things here because before I testify here in my youtube channel I testified on other channels and I talked about this issue but some family members were not happy but they have to understand that we are talking about life and death. Here we are talking about eternity there are no jokes here. It’s painful to talk about this meeting with my father in the abode of the deads which is a place of tortures. My family never wanted to tell me the truth about how I was born. I only discovered it after I was taken to hell by God. My father said he never wanted me to know the truth either. He said he died with this secret. Then an angel that was in the crossroad came and said, “Moses there are things here that you will not understand that’s why I came to explain to you.” Then the dialog with my father ended.

I began to move away with the angel. While I was moving away I was staring at my father and he was also staring at me. He wanted to be around me for more talk. It’s painful. Then the angel said, “When you go back to earth tell the livings that whoever has committed incest or is having children outside marriage we are waiting for him. We will project his life course and send him here. Tell those who are flirting we are waiting for them here; tell those who are in polygamy that we are waiting for them here. But there is a measure of grace for those who entered that life before the knowledge of the truth but for others, we are waiting for them in this place of roots.



Then I saw a seventeen years old girl. I was surprised and saddened. I was concerned and wondering why is this girl here? Then the angel read my mind and said, “You wanna know why the girl is here? The day of her death we showed her life in a big screen and how she seduced all kinds of men of all walks of life – politicians, musicians, athletes, police. We showed her the movie of her life and in that movie men were following her. We told her that she committed a lot of adultery.

She was shocked and surprised. She contested and said that she never slept with these men. Actually, she said that she died a virgin. Then we asked her to look at herself. When the girl looked at herself she noticed that she was wearing her usual sexy clothes. Then the angel said when humans die, they are buried usually in a suit or white garment but when you arrived here you were in your usual clothes and the direction you took in your life is your main feature here.

When the girl was contesting and saying that she never went with these men, then we said to her, “Your sexy clothes and your walking style were a stumbling block for many men. They were seduced; they were brought down to your moral level. You got them to sin in their minds although they never went out with you.”

Beloved, I understood the word of Jesus: I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart (Matt 5:28) and that’s why Paul said: I also want the women to dress modestly with decency and propriety. Adorning themselves not with elaborate hairstyles or gold or pearls or expensive clothes (1 Tim 2:9).



After that scene, I saw a young lady. I was told that she is from South Africa and that she died 23 years ago. She was an acrobat performer. She used to do performances in a circus in sexy suits like many other women athletes. While this lady was doing her acrobatic moves in front of the public, she was spreading her legs in front of the public and men who were watching were desiring and lusting after her. Men’s eyes were full of lust because of her job.

One day in one of her acrobatic shows she slipped and hit her head on the ground and she died and found herself in the abode of the dead. Her job does not take decency and modesty into account. Actually, the lady was still in that swimsuit types of clothes exposing her body here in hell. Many athletes are in danger of hell because they wear exposing suits.



Then I saw a Congolese musician. People always call me to ask me his name but I will not say it to create polemic as he has a family. Then that musician came close to me to talk to me. He knew that I was just visiting and passing by and that I will go back to earth and with a look of sadness he said, “I regret not giving my life to Jesus. I sacrificed my voice to the devil. I pleased people by my shows but I am here in this place of tortures and torment. He said, “Every time people listen to my music on earth I am whipped by these roots here. You are my only hope. Please go and tell the people back home not to listen to my music. That’s the only way my torture will diminish here.”

I watched as these roots were moving and vibrating. It was not good to watch; it was terrifying. I say beloved do not listen to secular music that is glorifying the devil. Avoid the love of illicit sex, money and the world.

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