A Person came from the gate and His glory is mighty! He’s mighty! Gabriel says that if you want to see the face of this Person, your eyes will be destroyed. His brilliance is more than the sun. Satan started running when the gate opened. Gabriel says it’s true that when you call upon the name of Jesus, you are calling upon the name of the Lord before Whom every knee will bow. In heaven, everybody kneels down at the name of Jesus, and every tongue confesses that He is holy and He is Lord.

He approached Gabriel, and as he did it was difficult for Gabriel to see His face. He was so full of glory! But he wanted to see His face. He said, “Who is this? Wow! It’s difficult for me to see His face!” But he was trying to see His face. Gabriel says He has a big crown on His head. His eyes are like fire. His head is very white. He is beautiful. You cannot compare His beauty and the likeness of the Lord Jesus. He is millions of times more beautiful than Satan. And His robe was shining.

He was approaching Gabriel and He asked him with a fresh voice, “Do you know Me?” Immediately when the Lord said that, Gabriel saw holes in His hands and the blood was coming out. He saw holes in His feet and the blood was coming out. Gabriel was filled with peace and replied with crying, “Yes, I know You.” He asked, “How do you know Me?” He replied with a cry, “I know that it’s You Who came to die for our sins.” He asked, “Where do you know Me?” He replied with a cry. The Lord said, “You know Me and you are living that life?” Gabriel cried and didn’t know where the cry was coming from. The Lord said, “That life is the reason I came. If you know Me, will you continue to live that life?”



Immediately Gabriel saw a big screen in pure gold come before his face. He saw Hebrews 4:13 come up before him, which says, “Nothing in all creation is hidden from God’s sight.

Everything is uncovered and laid bare before the eyes of Him to whom we must give account.” When the Scripture came up, he saw his mother and father. He saw them on their marital bed the way they slept when they conceived him. The way his mother became pregnant, he saw all those things. He saw the way his mother gave him a bath and all the old people who were around her in the hospital. He saw the way he was crying at night as a baby, and the way he grew and went to school. He saw the way he was selling maize and beans from the bag of his mother. He saw the way he was doing masturbation and the way he was stealing money from his mother. He was seeing everything and hearing everything, the way he was lying, going to see pornographic movies. He saw the time he was sleeping with both a woman and her daughter.

He saw the time he was sleeping with two sisters. He saw how he was sleeping around like a dog. The way he was going to sell condoms to prostitutes, he saw it all. He saw the way he was going the country of Benin to sleep with prostitutes. He saw all those sins. He saw the number of all the women he slept with. It said he slept with 310 women between the ages of eight and twenty-five years old. The Lord asked him two questions, “Are you ready now to enter heaven? Or are you ready now to go to hell?”



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