By: Moses Lushiku of Dominican Republic Congo 24


When I died for 10 hours, on that day in 2014, I was at home. I was leaving my bedroom going to the living room. Straight away, I heard a voice telling me, “Moses, go to Church.”

Immediately, I told my wife that I am going to Church. When I entered my car, I was about to start the engine when I heard for the second time, the voice of the Lord telling me, “Moses, call a witness to be with you.”

I must emphasize that at this point in my life, angelic manifestations have already become part of my life. Thus, there was no more fear. As the voice told me to get a member of the Church who will be the witness, I was thinking who can be the witness of what is about to happen. I called the evangelist Joseph who was my interpreter.

I said, “Son, I need you in the Church now.”

Quickly, I drove to the Church. When we met in the Church, I told the evangelist, “I heard a voice telling me to come to Church with a witness. That’s why I called you.”

The moment we went to the office, we heard the voice speaking from the corner of the office telling us to close the door. I heard the voice and the evangelist heard the voice as well.

As the voice was speaking, immediately I saw in the corner of the office a blazing and shining man dressed in brightening white. He was not touching the ground.

This happened in the year 2014. In fact, in the year 2007, the angel Gabriel promised to reveal to me the End Times secrets and Biblical Mathematics.

Seven years after the promise, I saw him on this occasion in my office.

The angel Gabriel told me, “I promised that I will show you great things. That is why I have come, but today you will die. Fear not for I will bring you back. Do not inform anybody.”

The angel said, “Now you must lie down for I have to take you.”

The angel asked the evangelist to arrange the place so that I can lie down.

He then said to the evangelist, “Now say a prayer so that I can take the instrument.”

It was when the evangelist was praying that I saw that I was rising. It was as if I had received power to rise in the air. I was rising.

When I saw the angel Gabriel holding my hand, we began to rise at a tremendous speed and I saw a lot of clouds. In the meantime, my body was left behind in the office. Quickly we went beyond the cloud. And finally, we landed in a place in the universe where there was a road.

The angel told me, “Now son of man, you have to walk in this road alone for whenever people die they walk in this road alone without company. Whatever you will see, where you are going, you will tell the world for you will be our spokesman on the earth.”

I walked on that road and I saw flowers on both sides of the road. After walking for 300 meters, I saw a crossroads. I saw many brightening angels on that crossroads. But I noticed that I could not see their feet. It’s like they did not have feet and they were dressed in white.

There was a road on the right and the road on the left but they stood in that crossroads, directing the deads to take the left or right direction.

When I arrived at this place I was alone. But in a blink of an eye, I saw a lot of people behind me. I came to understand that every second and a minute people die on the earth in thousands and in great numbers. I saw thousands of people dying and landing before this crossroads.

And they were told to take the left direction leading to the place of torment. Only two people among the thousands were told to take the right direction to the place of rest.

But many Christians were told to go to the place of torment because of sin that they failed to confess and abandon.

When it was my turn, the angels of the Lord asked me, “Moses, tell us, how were you born?”

I was surprised by that question. I replied, “I was born from the union of my mother and my father.”

The angel said, “Since you are born of the union of your mother and your father, you are condemned. You must take the left direction leading to the place of torment for any man that is born of the union of his father and mother is corrupt and condemned.”

Brothers and sisters, it is that way that I landed in a place of torment, where I saw my father in Hell. And I talked to him. I also saw our former president, and I talked to him as well.

After visiting the abode of the dead, I was taken back at the crossroads by the Chief Angel Gabriel. There were a lot of dead people in the crossroads. When it was my turn the angels of the afterlife at the crossroads asked me again, “Moses, tell us, how were you born?”

This time around, I said in my heart, “If I reply that I was born from the union of my father and mother, the angels will tell me that I am corrupt and condemned, therefore I will not give that answer.”

I said to the angels of God, “I was born again from the Spirit and the water on the day of my baptism.”

The angels said, “Since you are like us, you can take the right direction leading to the place of rest.”

Brothers and sisters, I spent 10 hours in the afterlife and I saw thousands of people dying, yet only two people entered the Paradise of God and thousands went to the place of torment.

I was wondering what is the responsibility of churches and pastors? What is the Church doing with these souls? Many churches are full of people, are their pastors doing their duty?

And since I saw thousands dying and going to Hell, I understood that I have the responsibility of promoting the good news of the Gospel in order to save people from Hell.

Beloved, when the angels of the afterlife told me to take the right direction to the place of rest, immediately, I felt that I became light and able to fly like a bird. I have never felt so light. I rose in the air and I began to move and fly in the right direction leading to the Paradise of God.

As I approached the place of rest, I saw flashing of light coming out of the gate and celestial melody resonating and people were saying, “Glory to the Lamb that was slain. You are worthy.”

When I entered the gates of Paradise, everything was white. I am not talking about the white color we have on earth which is dirty, for the white color of Heaven is whiter than snow.

I was flying over the place and I saw a city that I have never seen. Immediately I knew that this was the Paradise of God. I was emotional.

I exclaimed, “My God, this is the Paradise of God.” I was shouting, “I am in Heaven.”

The emotion was intense. I was in felicity, I felt the rapture of eternal joy now creeping into my soul. Light and visions of glory were granted to me. Then spiritual essences and things began to loom up before me with great vividness to my comprehension.

I have never seen such city for I saw beautiful infrastructure. Everything was gold and white. While I was flying over the city, I realized that the melody that I was hearing was coming from the height above beyond the city that I was seeing.

I was wondering for this song seems to come from the sky instead of the city that I was hovering and beholding. No sweeter music ever fell on my ears.

I was perfectly enraptured with delight. Raptures of glory filled my soul. In this new world, I saw the redeemed saints of Heaven in shining garments coming and going. They had the same height. They were beautiful and there was perfection in their faces which was spotless, which reflect eternal satisfaction and contentment. They were of the same rays of light.

In the Paradise of God, I saw men and women, ladies had long hair going down their back.

Immediately I heard a voice resounding and telling me, “My servant, you have heard about Paradise of God, this is it. You flying above Paradise.”

Beloved, this earth is not beautiful. There is no beauty in this terrestrial world.

The voice of the Lord told me, “The people that you see in the city are the dead in Christ and this is their place of rest.”

The Bible says in Revelation 14:13 AKJV And I heard a voice from heaven saying to me, Write, Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from now on: Yes, said the Spirit, that they may rest from their labors; and their works do follow them.

Beloved, the Paradise of God is very beautiful.

The voice said, “Where you came from is the abode of the dead, the place of sinners.”

I was admiring the city and the redeemed saints when I heard the voice of the Lord telling me, “Servant, lift up your eyes.”

I was already in the sky flying above the Paradise of God. But when I lifted my eyes above, I saw a city in the height of the sky. There was a second city in space above the Paradise of God called the place of rest. I saw the gate and the enclosure of the second city in space.

I was hovering above Paradise that was on the ground, but I was observing a new city in space and I saw that this city had 12 foundations. Each of the foundations of the city was built with precious stones. My vocabulary would not be able to describe the city.

I heard the Lord telling me, “The city that you see in the height is the New Jerusalem.”

I was watching the New Jerusalem in the sky and I saw that the city was blazing, sparkling and shining. Every construction, every house, building, and infrastructure was beaming in sparkling light and emitting the color of Heaven. Every object in Heaven was beaming a light. There was light everywhere for everything in the city was luminous.

Finally, the power of God landed me inside the city and I put my feet on the foundation of the New Jerusalem. When I looked closer, I saw that I was walking on transparent and shining diamonds. I mean transparent diamond, the whole pavement of the city was shining in the transparent diamond. It was impressive.

Every time you look at a house or a building, it was beaming light and blazing. It was difficult for me to remove my eyes when observing things because my attention was attracted incessantly.

You could stay there gazing for hours with no intention of removing your eyes for every object was drawing attention and you are continuously attracted in order to observe. I struggled to move ahead for I was overwhelmed by everything I set my eyes on.

Then I saw millions of angels in the city. They were countless. But in spite of their number, I noticed an incredible organization and order that I have never seen on Earth. At this point, I began to wonder where is the Lord Jesus Christ.

Immediately I saw 24 Elders worshiping. I saw that the Elders were shining. And to my great astonishment, I noticed that they were of pink color. And I was surprised, actually, when I landed in the New Jerusalem, the angels and the whole kingdom were curious and watching me for I was a stranger in the celestial city.

Immediately I heard an imposing and graceful voice calling me and saying, “Welcome, Man, for you have found grace.”

When I looked in order to see where the voice was coming, I saw Jesus Christ sitting on His throne.

Brothers and sisters. He really exists and He is beautiful. I have never seen such beauty.

Jesus said, “Welcome, Man, to My dwelling place. Come forward to Me.”

I was moving towards the Lord Jesus Christ and walking on the transparent diamond. I saw millions of angels, the four living creatures and the Elders were looking at me. I was entering the court of the throne like a prince for the unending multitude of shining angels, the Elders and the living creatures were all observing me.



When I got closer to the Lord, I saw that He was smiling tenderly. Around Him, I saw the four living creatures that I read about in the Scripture and I noticed that their light was vibrating as if they were each surrounded by a whirlwind.

I said, “Wow, these are the four living creatures. These are really powerful spirits.”

Jesus said, “Man, you are now in My dwelling place for My grace is upon you. Now, Man, ask Me any question.”

While I was looking at the Lord and His angels, I was so impressed that I had no question in my head. I was overwhelmed and captivated by His presence and I could not stop contemplating Him. He wanted me to ask Him a question but I wanted to contemplate Him for the Lord is very tremendous. I stood in breathless silence not only spellbound but in amazement and great wonder. At the marvelous sight of the Lord, I was lost in admiration.

The Lord said, “Given that the man will not ask me a question, I will explain to you the configuration of Heaven. I will explain to you what you have been reading that you did not understand so that you will be our spokesman on the earth.”

Actually, when He welcomed me, the Lord was acting like a president, and He began to introduce me to the officials that were around Him, who are the four living creatures, the 24 Elders and archangels.

The Lord said, “Man, you have heard about the four living creatures. I will explain to you the configuration of Heaven. You can see that the four living creatures have eyes over their bodies.”

The Lord said, “The living creatures that you see have a double meaning and double interpretation and a double dispensation.”

Then the Lord said to me, “Man, now look at the four creatures around Me. Tell Me how do they look like?”

I said, “Lord, the first one look like a lion, the second look like a bull, the third look like a man and the fourth look like an eagle.”

The Lord said, “The Lion is the King. He has the prophecy of the King of kings. On the other hand, the Bull works in the plantation which symbolizes priesthood and service. This is when the King of kings become a priest.”

Jesus said, “When I, the King wanted to operate as the High Priest, I had to leave My royalty in order to become a Man and exercise My function as the Priest. That is why I had to become this Man which is the third living creature. The High Priest is the King of kings in human form exercising the priesthood.”

“I was supposed to die and come back to life and fly away to Heaven like an Eagle, who is the fourth living creature.”

Jesus said, “The second interpretation of the four living creatures is that they are members of My government and Supreme Council. If My kingdom was the world, My servants would have fought for Me. These living beings that you see are My ministers.”

“The Lion is the Justice Minister. He sees everything for he has eyes everywhere to see injustice on the earth and implement justice.”

Then the Lord said, “The Bull is the ecclesiastic and priestly minister, who takes care of My children who are a kingdom of priests. Whenever My children serve in the priesthood, the Bull has eyes everywhere. He sees and he makes sure that the needs of the servants are met.”

The Lord said, “The Man that you see who have eyes everywhere in his body is the social minister.”

The Lord Jesus said, “The Eagle that you see with eyes everywhere is the Minister of migration, transportation, and environment. But they that wait on the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary, and they shall walk, and not faint.” ( Isaiah 40:31 AKJV)

In terms of the environment, the Lord said, “Ask of Me, and I shall give you the heathen for your inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth for your possession.” (Psalm 2:8)

This Eagle member of the supreme government was in the position of taking flight and he had eyes everywhere.

The Lord said, “Tell My people they have full power, the power of justice, the power of the priesthood, the power of assistance, the power of flight.”


The Lord said, “It is written in the book of Revelation 4:1 AKJV After this I looked, and, behold, a door was opened in Heaven: and the first voice which I heard was as it were of a trumpet talking with me; which said, Come up here, and I will show you things which must be hereafter.”

Jesus said, “Tell the world that I am the Door of the sheep that is mentioned in Revelation and for humanity to come to this glory, they must enter through the door. I am the Gate. If anyone enters through Me he will be saved. He will come in and go out and find pasture. Men must receive Me as Lord and Savior to have access to this glory. Humanity must go through the Door that I am in order to partake of the glory that is available. I have set before humanity a Door that no one can shut.”

Jesus said, “Entering through the Door is the first condition. The second condition consists of hearing the first voice for the Apostle John said, “The first voice that I heard was like the sound of a trumpet.””

“You will tell humanity when you come to Me, you must keep your ears from strange voices. You must hear the first voice which is the sound of the trumpet. You will tell humanity and My Church they should not hear any voice except the voice of the trumpet. They must not allow other voices except the voice of the trumpet.”

Jesus said to me, “When you go back, tell My people, once they have converted, they should not hear any preaching and teaching. They should not just let anyone teach them. It has to be the voice of the trumpet for rapture will happen through the sound of the trumpet. Prosperity and material Gospel is not the sound of the trumpet. Only those who hear the sound of the trumpet will be raptured. For when the Trumpet is sounded, the dead in Christ will rise.”

“Thus My people should be selective about what they are hearing. There are trumpets that they should not hear. For when the Trumpet is sounded, they will be transformed. The trumpet has a sound which is a voice coming from the One who is the Lord. When a man comes to Christ who is the Door, he becomes an heir of Heaven and heir of glory. He does not need another preaching and teaching except the message of purification and sanctification for Heaven.”

“And the Apostle John said, “I heard a voice like the sound of a trumpet saying, “Come up here.” The Church is in need of the message of rapture and ascension. The time to come up higher has arrived. Thus the Church must be taught to rise above the earth and mount to Heaven.”

Brothers and sisters, when you are not taught to come up higher, you are not well fed and your time is abused. You need a messenger that will sound the trumpet that will cause you to come up higher. We are talking about the ascension and the rapture, but we are not of the earth.

If your preacher is teaching a message that has nothing to do with the rise to Heaven, he is delaying and diverting you from the destination and the rise to Heaven. Not all preaching and all teaching are the sound of the trumpet. Materialism is not the sound of the trumpet. The End Times message is the trumpet that will get the Church prepared and ready to fly in the air. Yet in order to fly in the air, the Church will need to be light for the Bible says, “Come up higher and I will show you what has to happen.”

Jesus said, “When the Church hears the sound of the trumpet, the Church will come up higher. The Bible says, “Come hither and I will show what is to come.” When he comes up higher, he will see and the one who sees is a prophet and a seer. Those who hear the trumpet will see prophetic events to come.”

“The Bible says, “I will send you another Comforter and He will show you the future. The Church is prophetic in God and hearing sound doctrine has the prophetic anointing.”

John 14:16 AKJV And I will pray the Father, and He shall give you another Comforter, that He may abide with you forever;

John 16:13 AKJV However, when He, the Spirit of truth, is come, He will guide you into all truth: for He shall not speak of Himself; but whatever He shall hear, that shall He speak: and He will show you things to come.

Jesus said to me, “Tell the End Times prophets in order to be able to see, they must first rise. And when they rise, they will prophesy things from above. When a prophet is prophesying material and terrestrial things he has not risen. End Times servants will preach things from above and heavenly mysteries for the Church is celestial.”



The Lord Jesus continued, “The Bible says in Revelation 4:2-4 And immediately I came to be in the Spirit and saw a throne set in the Heaven, and One sat on the throne. 3 And He who sat there was like a jasper and a ruby stone in appearance. And there was a rainbow around the throne, like an emerald in appearance. 4 And around the throne were twenty-four thrones, and on the thrones I saw twenty-four Elders sitting, dressed in white robes. And they had crowns of gold on their heads.” [TS2009 version]

Jesus said to me, “Moses, in this passage, the Apostle John said that he had seen “One sat on the throne,” which means I am alone, not many. As you can see, I am alone on the throne. There are not three people here. You will tell My People that they are not three different people for I am alone.”

Jesus said, “John described the One sitting on the throne having the appearance of precious stones.”

Brothers and sisters, on the throne, I was beholding the Lord and He was shining like a precious stone. He was made up of precious stones. Jacob saw a stone. Jesus told Peter, “You are a stone, and upon this stone, I will build My Church.” And the Church is built in the aspect and the identity of Christ who is like a precious stone. I was still contemplating the Lord in Heaven around His throne, and I saw that He was changing colors like a precious stone and He was awesome.

The Lord asked me, “Man, how do you find Me?”

I replied with emotion, “Lord, You keep changing colors and You are changing.”

The Bible says, “The One who sat on the throne had the appearance of Jasper and Ruby.” In fact, the Lord’s color was changing from Jasper to Ruby. Remember from Jasper to Ruby.

And the Lord said to me, “Man, listen. In the past, the priesthood in their priestly garment had 12 stones, which were a representation of the 12 children of Jacob. The first stone in the priestly garment was the first son of Jacob, Reuben, represented by Ruby. And the last stone in the priestly garment was the last son of Jacob, Benjamin, represented by Jasper.”

In the priestly garment, Ruby was the first stone and Jasper was the last stone. Yet in the throne, I saw that the Lord’s aspect was first and foremost Jasper, and then Ruby. Yet Jasper was the last stone and Ruby was the first in the priestly garment.

Thus the Lord has actually reversed the setting of priestly stones representing Ruben who is Ruby and Benjamin, who is Jasper and Benjamin that is Jasper has taken the place of Reuben that is Ruby.

The Lord said, “When I came to the world, I came to inverse so that the first will be the last and the last would be the first. I have inversed the law of Moses for the two sons of Jacob by the fulfillment of the law of Moses. Benjamin that is Jasper has taken the place of Reuben that is Ruby. Reuben means “Behold the son.” But Benjamin means “The son of my right hand,” which is the strength of the father. Ruben was just a son but he was not of the strength of the Father.”



Then the Lord directed me to look back and observe the 24 Elders. When I looked at the 24 Elders, I saw that they were pink.

The Lord said, “I will explain to you why the 24 Elders seems old and why they are of pinkish colors.”

The Lord asked me, “Man, what do you see in their hand?”

When I looked, I saw that they were holding golden harps and golden cups. I remember after this encounter, the chief Angel Gabriel gave me the passage of Revelation 5:8-10 AKJV And when he had taken the book, the four beasts and four and twenty Elders fell down before the Lamb, having every one of them harps, and golden vials full of odors, which are the prayers of saints. 9 And they sung a new song, saying, You are worthy to take the book, and to open the seals thereof: for You were slain, and have redeemed us to God by Your blood out of every kindred, and tongue, and people, and nation; 10 And have made us to our God kings and priests: and we shall reign on the earth.

In this passage that the angels are worshiping the Lord and making mention of God’s children that He had redeemed who will reign on the earth. We have here celestial beings mentioning the Church in their worship. These celestial beings have a ministry for they were holding the priestly objects on their hands and the hand symbolizes the service.

The Lord said, “The 24 Elders have two ministries or two dispensations for in their hands, they were holding golden harps and golden cups. The harps and the cups are the two ministries of the Elders and they represent the two dispensations of the Old Testament and the New Testament. We have 24 Elders. In the Old Covenant, Jacob had 12 sons and in the New Testament, Jesus had 12 disciples. When Judas betrayed Jesus and committed suicide, Matthias replaced him to complete the number. The 24 Elders in the heavens symbolize the archive and the heritage of the Old Covenant and the New Covenant.



Jesus said, “When you go back, tell humanity not to pay attention to the stories of their forefathers and elders, but to follow the accounts and stories of the Elders, the Prophets of the Old Testament and the Apostles of New Testament. The celestial Elders were holding a harp like that of King David, and a cup like the Lord Jesus who offered the blood symbolizing the covenant. The Elders are the archive of the golden harp and the archive of the golden cup. And the more the Church understands the archive of the cup and the archive of the harp, the more the Ancients of Heaven will worship the Lord.”

Then the Lord gave me 2 Kings 3:14-17 ERV Elisha said, “I respect King Jehoshaphat of Judah, and I serve the LORD All-Powerful. As surely as he lives, I came here only because of Jehoshaphat. I tell you the truth, if he were not here, I would not pay any attention to you. I would ignore you completely. 15 But now bring me someone who plays the harp.” When the person played the harp, the LORD’S power came on Elisha. 16 Then Elisha said, “This is what the LORD says: ‘Dig holes in the valley.’ 17 Yes, this is what the LORD says: ‘You will not see wind or rain, but that valley will be filled with water. Then you and your cattle and other animals will have water to drink.’

Jesus said the prophet Elijah had to prophesy to find water and solve the problem. He said to the kings of Israel to bring him a harp player so that he will reveal the location of water.

The 24 Elders in Heaven play harps to the Lord in order to share with humanity how to find water, for there is water shortage on the earth in the End Times. And in Bible prophecy, water is the Word of God. The harp player was playing for the prophet to receive revelation. Those who play harp are the source of Revelation. The 24 Elders are the source of revelation for the Church in order to understand the Old Covenant and the New Covenant.

The source of Revelation is not the children but the Elders whose purpose is to explain to us the Old and New Testament for they are the keepers of the archive.

The Bible says the true worshippers will worship the Lord in truth and spirit. This means that men will worship the Lord with the harp in their hands and the cup on their hands.

We must understand that the harp is an instrument with eight chords. The 24 Elders were holding 24 harps and the reason the harp has eight chords is that every male child on the earth must be circumcised on the eighth day. When a male child is circumcised on the eighth day, in Heaven God receives the glory for this is a covenant that indicates that you belong to a clan or tribe.

Circumcision causes men to enter into a covenant with the Lord through the blood. Circumcision of the body is a sign and symbol of a covenant that indicates that you have been enabled to procreate, to give birth and to produce fruit. As a child of God, you must produce fruit.

And when a Church produces fruit by winning souls, the Elders make use of their harps to glorify the Lord and there is festivity in Heaven whenever souls come to Christ. The Bible says the will of God must be done on earth as it is in Heaven. And when we win souls, we prove that we have become productive and the Elders celebrate.

Then the Lord gave this passage of Ecclesiastes 11:1 that says, cast your bread upon the waters.

The Lord said, “Casting bread on the waters means spreading the Gospel on the earth.”

And the Lord said, “There on the earth, we only need eight people.”

That is why the Bible says to divide the bread into eight parts and cast them on the water which represents the people. For in Heaven the 24 Elders hold a harp of eight chords.

Ecclesiastes 11:1-2 AKJV Cast your bread on the waters: for you shall find it after many days. 2 Give a portion to seven, and also to eight; for you know not what evil shall be on the earth.

When the Word reaches eight people on the earth, the Heavens will glorify the Lord. Only eight people are enough and Heaven will be happy. For what happened in the time of Noah would happen in the time of the return of the Son of Man. In the time of Noah, eight were saved through the Word that was preached. And number eight is the number of salvation.

Moreover, the harps of the Elders will always be played in Heaven when we proclaim the Word and eight people are saved as in the time of Noah. The purpose of the Church is the salvation of souls. This is what pleases the Lord.

In the time of Noah those who accepted the Word entered the ark for a journey, and today those who have been baptized in Christ are in a journey in the ark, which is the Church. The ark began its journey only when the rain began to fall. For the rain is the symbol of the Holy Spirit.

And in the last day, the Lord will send His rain and the Holy Spirit on all flesh for the rapture. The diverse animals in the ark of Noah are the people of all nations that are baptized in the Church and they are on the journey to Mount Zion. Any preaching and teaching that do not talk about rapture and the rise of the Church must be eliminated and discarded. For the rain is drifting the Church to the mountain of Zion,

If you are still attached to the earth, and if you don’t want to rise, then the Spirit of God is not acting in your life and your Church. The ark was built with gopher wood (Genesis 6:14), which is the lightest wood and the moment it rained, the ark rose and moved. The rapture will be for those who are light, not heavy. Those who are heavy are bogged down in sin and the weights of this world. The Holy Spirit comes down for the rise of the Church and the water of rain is for the Rapture.



After explaining to me the mystery of harp in the hand of the Elders, the Lord mentioned this passage in Genesis 40:11-14 AKJV And Pharaoh’s cup was in my hand: and I took the grapes, and pressed them into Pharaoh’s cup and I gave the cup into Pharaoh’s hand. 12 And Joseph said to him, This is the interpretation of it: The three branches are three days: 13 Yet within three days shall Pharaoh lift up your head, and restore you to your place: and you shall deliver Pharaoh’s cup into his hand, after the former manner, when you were his cupbearer. 14 But think on me when it shall be well with you, and show kindness, I pray you, to me, and make mention of me to Pharaoh, and bring me out of this house:

Then I wondered, “What is the meaning of the cup?”

Then the Lord began to explain to me about the mystery of the golden cup in the hand of the Elders, and who are these Elders and what is the purpose of the cup in their hand.

The Lord said that for Simeon to come out of jail, Benjamin who is the last born of the family had to come to Joseph. Joseph put his silver cup in the bag of Benjamin after Simeon was released from prison. (Genesis 42-44)

The 24 Elders holding the cup in the heavens are members of the Supreme Court of Heaven and thanks to what is in their cup, they release people from jails and prisons. I saw the Elders in Heaven holding cup containing perfume, which are the prayers of the saints. Whenever a saint is praying, the Royal and Supreme Court of Heaven made up of the Elders offer the prayers to the Throne so that the children of God will be released from their problems and bondages.

The Elders placed God’s children’s prayers in a golden cup to indicate that a decision is to be made by the Lord. The Royal Court of Heaven is configured in a way that no prayer that reaches Heaven will be caged and unanswered. The Elders of Heaven who are the symbols of the Old and the New covenant are called Elders because they were there when the Lord was creating the earth.

They are called Elders, because they worship the Ancient of Days, and they were informed about God’s children in advance long before they were born. The Lord had already informed the Elders about us and our future. They know our future. Whenever you pray your prayers turn before them and they remember what the Lord told them in advance about you. They offer your prayer to God so that you get and become what you were supposed to be because they know what you are supposed to be and to become in advance.

Joseph prophesied and said, “The king will raise you up, but you will go before the king and you will give him the cup.” In the cup of the kings of the earth is their pleasure.

In the cup of the King of kings, there are prayers of His children that the Supreme Council of Heaven are offering so that the children will become what they are supposed to become. This is God’s pleasure. The Elders worship the Lord with your prayers which is a worship subject for them. Our prayer is the pleasure of God.

However, in order to come close to the king, we need gold. When wise men were before the baby Jesus they brought gold and when we pray, our prayers are placed in the golden cup and offered to the Lord.

Every time you pray, you give the Elders the job of offering prayer to God. The golden cup talked about the priesthood, and we are the kingdom of priests. And when we pray, our prayers are placed in the cup and offered to the Lord.

This approach to the Lord in prayer gets us closer to the Lord. What is important is our prayer. That is why it is placed in a golden cup.

That is why the Elders remind the Lord that He has made them a kingdom of priests and given that they are priests their prayers go inside the cup. That is why you should always pray.


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