By: Brother Kevin of Cameroon 2


My dear, the Lord visited me again. And He showed me very horrible things. On that day I had finished my night prayer and I went to sleep. But as soon as I slept, I found myself in Hellfire. I was suffering excruciatingly in the flames. While my body was burning, I had a sadness in my heart. The pain that I was feeling was strong, and cannot be compared to another pain.

I said, “Lord, please don’t abandon me here and forgive me. I have offended You.”

Immediately, I heard a voice like a thunderclap that asked me, “Who are you?”

I said, “It’s me, Your servant, the one You had revealed mysteries about Your kingdom.”

But the Lord repeated the same question again, “Who are you?”

And I said, “Lord, You know me. It’s me, Your servant that You entrusted the task of proclaiming the gospel to Your people. Please deliver me.”

Suddenly I saw a great light descending towards me. And this light illuminated the dark place where I was. I was able to see a silhouette in this great light, though I was not able to see the face of this Being of light that was actually the Lord Jesus Christ Himself. The Lord extended His hand to me and got me out of that place.

And He told me, “You were in the flame of Hellfire, and you have suffered. Your heart was filled with sadness and pain that was unbearable. Your whole being was consumed by fire. In fact, you have experienced the fate that awaits sinners that will come to Hell. Now go tell them about the flames of Hell that await them for they don’t know Me. You have come here to witness the sadness and desolation of the abode of the dead.”

Immediately the Lord took my hand and led me to a terrible place where they were toddlers and kids.

And He told me, “Look at these children.”

I saw many children before a huge screen. These little children were watching cartoons such as Dora the Explorer, Bob the Sponge, Mimi and Eunice, Barbie, Peter Pan, Dragonball Z, Naruto, Fairy Tail Luke. I also saw the logos of the following channels such as Mangas (a French television channel dedicated to anime), Game One (a French television channel that shows several programs based on video gaming. It also airs Japanese anime on a regular basis), Nickelodeon (network’s programming is primarily aimed at children aged 2–17). I could see all these channels that display cartoons and these children could not stop watching these cartoons while fires were burning them.

The Lord asked me, “Do you know why all these children are here?”

I replied, “No, Lord.”

He told me, “It’s because of their parents that have stumbled them failing to lead them to Me. They deviated these children from Me and their punishment will be worse than that of these children. Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”

Then the Lord led me to another place where I saw another huge screen. This time around I saw teenagers who used to watch pornographic movies, soap operas, secular movies. In this place, I saw logos of secular TV channels that offer blockbuster movies, such as Disney Studios, Starz, Cinemax, Hbo, Showtime, Netflix, etc. All these TV channels that offer secular movies were also in Hell. And all these souls were watching while they were in the flames. For the first time, I felt sadness overwhelming the heart of the Lord.

And He said, “This makes Me sad to see all these teenagers suffering here. Many of them have never heard about Me. Those who have heard about My word, just ignore it. Many of them were My children. But because of these secular TVs, they were seduced and brought here.”

These teenagers were numerous, and they were seated and watching the screen while they were burned.

Then the Lord took me to a place called Queen of Heaven, where I saw a statue of Mary, the so-called Mother of Christ. They were crowds of souls with their rosaries before this statue and they were burning.

They said, “Jesus, forgive us and deliver us from this place.”

The Lord said, “I never knew you, for you have falsified the Word of God and worshiped the Queen of Heaven.”

The Lord told me, “Many people that worshiped this woman say they worship My mother. But I tell you this, I have no mother. Mary that gave birth to Me is not My mother nor her children, My brothers. Only those who hear My words and put them into practice are My mothers and My brothers. These people have no excuse. Those who worship this woman, the Queen of Heaven have no excuse. For these words are written in the Bible.”

Then the Lord led me to a place in Hell where demons were tormenting people. Others had their tongues tortured and cut. There was unbearable sadness among these souls.

I recognize many deceased leaders such as Nelson Mandela of South Africa, Thomas Sankara (Former President of Burkina Faso), Mobutu Seke Seko (President of Zaire), Muammar Gaddafi of Libya.

The Lord said, “These were powerful leaders in the world, but they killed in order to get power.”

I saw a place where people were worshipping Buddha and Indian statues and these souls were in torment.

The Lord said, “These souls did not know Me. And because of their sin, they are here. These souls were deviated from Me by their parents’ traditions. My servants must travel and evangelize these people in the outermost part of the world to save them, for I am also their God and you all are My children.”

The Lord took me to a place where they were celebrities. I saw Michael Jackson dancing and singing. Every dance, move, and performance was accompanied by unbearable pain. They were many other singers in this place, singing in the flames.

They kept saying, “Stop playing our music, you are increasing our pain.”

The Lord said, “All these famous people that you see have sold their souls to the devil to have the glory of the world. They were blinded by the wellbeing and happiness that were offered to them on the Earth. They failed to understand that they will fall into Hell after all this life. Many of these celebrities who are alive are like them. They prefer to be happy for a short time on the Earth and suffer forever in Hell. You people do not realize that this happiness on Earth is useless. It is better to live a poor and miserable life and spend eternity in Heaven, rather than enjoy life on Earth and suffer forever in the fire of Hell. All these singers that you see, their pain increases when people sing their songs on Earth. And when these people die, they join them to sing with them in the flames of Hell. Tell these people that are still ignorant that Hell is real. If they fail to repent, now there won’t be forgiveness for them in the afterlife.”

The Lord took me to a place in Hell called Sacred Heart where souls were on their knees worshipping a statue of the so-called Jesus. They were undergoing the same pain that those who are worshipping Mary were experiencing.

Jesus told me, “These people worshiped this statue and they say they worship Me. Yet no man knows who is the man on the statue. They’re condemned by these words in Exodus 20:4-5, you shall not make for yourself an idol in the form of anything in Heaven above, on the Earth below, or in the waters beneath. You shall not bow down to them or worship them for I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God.”

Jesus said, “They have falsified the Word of God and came up with their own commandment. They now recognize their mistake.”

In this place, I saw priests, religious brothers, sisters, and devotees. They were all in the flames.

The Lord told me, “The Catholic religion is the Church of the Antichrist. He will appear in this form for they are the ones that are uttering words of blasphemy against Me. I am not an imperfect God to be looked at like a man. If you look at Me as a man, you misunderstand who I am. In order to understand who I am, you must seek Me not physically, but spiritually. The understanding of many is blinded. Pray to have discernment.”

My dear, I saw the Lord and He has nothing in semblance with the statues or pictures of Jesus that are portrayed on the Earth.

The Lord said, “What I have shown you is what you are supposed to know. There are many other places of torment that I have not shown you. But what is revealed now is enough for many to repent.”

Then we left this place. In the blink of an eye, I found myself inside a breathtaking garden with evergreen and wonderful flowers. I saw all kinds of blooming trees in this garden. I saw shining birds that were singing celestial melodies, and I saw the Lord seated in this garden. He invited me to join Him, and I placed my head on His chest.

He told me, “I have shown you where the elects that have abandoned Me go.”

I said, “Lord, it’s so horrible and painful to be there. Forgive them.”

The Lord said, “I cannot do anything for them unless they repent.”

I said, “Lord, I will try to convince the maximum of them for I don’t want them to go there.”

The Lord said, “Many will reject you and they won’t believe you. Because they think that Hell is not real. That is why only those who have faith will be saved. Happy are those who don’t see and believe. And you believe because you have seen. You were judging these things with your intelligence even though you resorted to your Bible. In truth, you need My Spirit in order to confirm these things. Men use their heads to understand Me but they will not be able unless My Spirit intervenes. The Pharisees knew the scripture that spoke about Me, but they did not believe because they did not have the Spirit of God. Do you see these marks on My feet, hands, and the side? Do you know why I keep them?”

I said, “Lord, it’s because those who don’t believe when they see these marks, they will believe it’s You.”

Jesus said, “You spoke well, but that’s not all. These marks serve as a testimony that the Son of Man was crucified. He lived on the Earth to redeem the sin of the people and save those who are lost.”


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