By: Gracia Ayikoe of Togo 3

Gracia Ayikoe of the Republic of Togo.

On that day I was at my office I was about to go home. Then I learned that the intercessors will be going on a trip to pray in the bush in a specific location in order to prepare for the Easter period. Initially, they had a month of prayer and people were attending weekly.

When I heard about this prayer in the bush I felt that I should participate. The pastor was surprised to hear about my interest in this prayer because I was very much a lukewarm Christian. At some point, I was about to change my mind but the pastor’s wife encouraged me to attend.

When we arrived at the place of prayer in the bush we began to meditate. Then the pastor asked us to pray for our country the Republic of Togo and also for peace in the land.

As we were praying in the bush I ended up sleeping but the pastor came to wake me up. I began to find this prayer very tough and I started to regret coming.

Later I started to sing a song of worship to the Lord. I sang for so long that I could not stop myself from singing. I was like struggling to stop myself from singing.

The moment I stopped singing something happened. I saw a light coming from Heaven and it illuminated me. I realized that this light had nothing to do with the Sun. It was extremely hot on that day but this light was different from the Sun.

Then I saw two entities approaching me. They had two wings each. They were neither black nor white but they were extremely beautiful. They were dressed with brightening garments of the purest white which were reaching their feet and shining. Prior to this experience, I have never seen an angel before whether in a dream or face-to-face. So when I saw these brightening beings of light I was afraid.

I said, “Please do not follow me. I will not refuse to pray anymore.”

In fact, I was complaining and murmuring about this prayer program so I presumed that these two angels came for that. And I began to run away from them but soon I came to realize that I was not moving although I felt like I was running.

The angels continued to descend and they were approaching towards me. When they got closer they stopped descending and they suspended themselves in space. They did not touch the ground.

I noticed that these angels had a lot of hair waving and reaching their waists. As they were looking at me I was also looking at them but I noticed they were full of mercy and love so I lost my fear. I could see that they were not malicious or intimidating. In fact, they were full of love, tenderness and compassion.

I was surprised when the two angels spoke. Actually, they spoke simultaneously at once but I heard only one voice instead of two. I mean the two of them spoke at the same time but I could only hear one voice and they spoke in a very beautiful and soft voice and in synchronicity.

They said to me, “Gracia, fear not. Just follow us.”

They addressed me in my native language. When I spoke to them in French, they also responded in French. Beloved, God is God. He knows all the languages of all the countries of this Earth.

When the two angels invited me to follow them it was instant. I don’t know how it happened but instantly I found myself in their hands and I realized that I was dressed in a garment of the purest white that it was shining just like that of the two angels. I was also shining like these Angels of Light. The only difference is that they had wings.

Afterward, we started to ride in the atmosphere. We were not traveling by aircraft or a flying object. As we were flying in space I saw landscape, houses, and trees. Then I saw clouds in the sky. I was full of joy.

While we were moving and after piercing the clouds we reached an extremely beautiful City. Human vocabulary is so poor to describe the beauty of Heaven. You cannot describe Heaven with earthly words. I could not see the limit of this eternal city. It was huge.

I noticed that when we arrived the two angels landed on a pavement of the celestial City but when they were on Earth they suspended themselves in space and they would not touch the ground.

I saw a beautiful and spacious road. They were built with heavenly materials and precious stones more valuable than gold. In this heavenly kingdom they were crystal and limpid pools and waters as crystal. The city was beaming peace. You will know that you are in a city of peace and there was no noise in this part of the city. There was no Sun no moon to lighten the city except for the glory of God. However, there was a sweet and refreshing wind sweeping across the city and I smelled fragrance and perfume everywhere.

In this clean and holy city Jesus prepared this celestial kingdom for those who have sanctified and purified themselves, those who have made their garments white because there is not a grain of sin in Heaven.

As we were moving I began to hear a beautiful voice and melody reverberating in the city although I could not see people who were singing the melody. I could not imagine anything as beautiful as Heaven. I did not know that the kingdom of Heaven was so real and tangible.

My brother and sisters, let me encourage you and let you know that we have something precious. We have an eternal and holy city prepared for us by the Lord Jesus. I am lacking words to describe Heaven. When calamity and persecution come let us rejoice for we are foreigners and travelers on this Earth. In times of trouble let us fortify ourselves as we don’t belong here and we are going to an eternal and holy city.

Let me ask you to do whatever it takes sacrifices so that you can be counted worthy to have access to Heaven. Do not let the issues of life discourage you. Fortify yourself in the Lord and focus your eyes on the Eternal City and rejoice for the eternity is laid before you.

I was watching and observing and marveling at the celestial City and I had many questions. I could not keep up walking with the angels because I was observing and contemplating the city.

Then I asked the two angels, “What is happening here? What is this place?”

The two angel replied to me and they said to me, “Gracia, we have received orders directly from the Lord Jesus Christ Himself and we have agreed to work with you but we do not want you to ask us too many questions. We just want you to take your time and observe.”

As we continued to move, we came across three people. I can describe them as youngsters and seniors because they had a beard reaching their chest but what was surprising is that they looked like youngsters. In fact, they look like sixteen years old. They were dressed in the purest shining bright garments. I was observing them in wonder.

I asked the two angels, “Who are these beautiful creatures?”

The two angels revealed to me these three individuals were the elders of the Old Testament, David, Elijah, and Moses. David was in their midst. These elders did not look old at all. In fact, they were rejuvenated and dressed with youth and immortality. Actually, there was no old man in this eternal City. Everybody looked young even if you have lived 100 years on Earth if you die in Christ you will be rejuvenated and clothed with glory.

Behind these three elders, I saw millions of happy souls in this kingdom of Heaven. Afterward, we left these elders, and as we moved on.

I saw many unfinished houses. They were one bedroom, two or three bedrooms. Others had many stairs but many of these houses were not completed. Some of them lacked rooftop. Some lack windows or doors yet these houses were not built with brick wood or clay or terrestrial materials but they were built with celestial materials and precious stones. Nothing from Earth was used in order to build these houses.

Then I asked the two angels traveling with me, “Why are these houses not completed?”

These angels said to me, “Gracia, houses belong to you children of God but you are unfaithful in your offering and tithing that is why they are not completed.”

Then I asked the two angels, “Do I have a house here in Heaven?”

The two angels looked at me with their tender and compassionate eyes and they said, “Yes Gracia, you do have a house here.”

Then they went to show my house which was still at the foundation level. I could not believe that that foundation was my house. The angels were reading my mind.

They said, “Gracia, you have been unfaithful and you are stealing tithes and offerings from God. You are not faithful.”

In my heart, I knew that the angels were telling the truth. I was never consistent in terms of giving. Then the angel showed me houses of men of God that I know.

I asked the angel, “What am I supposed to do to have a beautiful palace in Heaven?”

The angel replied, “First you must repay what you stole from God with a surplus. Then you must sow in evangelism. Offering and tithes constitute construction materials for your house.”

Beloved, it is written in Mal 3:9 You are cursed with a curse; for you are robbing Me, the nation, all of it. 10 Bring all the tithe into the storehouse, so that there may be food in My house. And test Me now with this, says Jehovah of Hosts, to see if I will not open the windows of Heaven for you, and pour out a blessing for you until there is not enough room. 11 And I will rebuke your devourer, and he shall not decay the fruit of your ground against you; nor shall your vine miscarry against you in the field, says Jehovah of Hosts.

After visiting my house, I saw millions of people in an enclosure.

The two angels said to me that among these crowds they are pastors, evangelists, deacons, and others. The angels said that these people serve God on Earth for many years but they failed to build themselves houses in Heaven so they ended up living in common Court or the outer Court. If you fail to be faithful in terms of giving to the poor or supporting the work of God, you will end up not having a house in Heaven. You will live in the outer Court.

Beloved, let me exhort you as you have access to Heaven it will be logical for you to consider building for yourself a house or palace in Heaven. It is up to you. You just have to pay tithes and offerings. You should consider giving alms and doing charity visiting the poor and the needy.

After passing this enclosure then we ended up in front of the nursery. There were many babies dressed in white just like any maternity. I asked the two angels about these babies and I was told that these were aborted babies. The Angels insisted that each of these babies was shouting vengeance against the groups that contributed to their death not just the mother or father but the doctor who performed the operation as well.

Then the angel said to me, “Gracia, it is time for you to go back to Earth. We will come back at 10 p.m. to take you again but in between, you will lose your speech.”

I did not like the idea of going back to Earth so I contested.

Then the angel asked me, “Gracia, you do not have a house here. Where will you stay?”

I replied to the two angels, “Even if I do not have a house here I am willing to sleep in the street in the gardens.”

But in a split second, we were back to Earth. When we arrived in that bush where I left the intercessors, I noticed that the two angels were not walking on the ground like in Heaven. Really the Earth is corrupt and contaminated.

The two angels said to me, “Gracia, you see the body sleeping there under the tree. It’s yours. You just go back in it.”

Then I went back in my body and I regained consciousness. People were in confusion. They thought I was bitten by a snake but I was disgusted by the Earth. I could not bear it anymore. Most people cannot imagine the beauty of Heaven.

It was 10:00 p.m. I was at home when I began to feel strange sensation then I went out of my body and I became two. I saw my own body lying on the ground. I tried to touch my body but I could not. Then I noticed the two angels who came before they were standing in some distance in space.

Then suddenly I and the angel were transported back to the Eternal City. Beloved Heaven is extremely beautiful. There are beautiful and spacious boulevards constructed in precious stones more valuable than gold and there are beautiful bridges in Heaven. I saw many pools of limpid and crystal waters.

The two angels took me in a place where they were designing crowns for believers. These were crowns of all shapes and sizes. I am not talking about the crown of Miss Africa or Miss Togo. You cannot compare them. These crowns of believers were built from precious stones more valuable than gold. I questioned the two angels about these crowns.

They said to me, “Gracia, when you become a born-again believer and you share the Gospel if you get people to convert then immediately angels would begin to design a crown for you. All these crowns you see here are for you children of God who are winning souls for the kingdom of Heaven. The more souls won, the more works more decoration more employment and adornment for your crown. It is written in 1 Corinthians 9:25 And every man that strives for the mastery is temperate in all things. Now they do it to obtain a corruptible crown, but we an incorruptible. There are Christians who do not consider evangelism as the obligation and duty therefore there is no crown for them.”

For some people, evangelism is not their priority. The love for souls that we are winning will constitute a crown for us. There will be fruit and rewards. You have been in Christ for many years but you never converted even one person to Christ. It means you don’t have a crown in Heaven. My friends this is the time to go and proclaim the good news of the Gospel to this world of darkness.

We continued our journey in this celestial world. Then we arrived in a region of Heaven. I saw only angels in this particular county of the eternal Kingdom and they were numerous. The kingdom of Heaven is highly structured and organized. I saw a multitude of angels in this area. They were all dressed with brightening white garments. Some of them were playing their harps and a great melody was resonating and reverberating.

I asked the angels with me about this multitude of angels singing melodies and playing instruments. I was told that this category of angels are called Seraphim. They are always singing and worshiping the Lord.

Revelation 5:11-12 And I beheld, and I heard the voice of many angels round about the throne and the beasts and the elders: and the number of them was ten thousand times ten thousand, and thousands of thousands; 12 Saying with a loud voice, Worthy is the Lamb that was slain to receive power, and riches, and wisdom, and strength, and honor, and glory, and blessing.

We continued our visit in the heavenly realm. We left this region of Seraphim. We went to visit other regions of angels. This was another category of angels different from the Seraphim. In this category, the angels were scary to behold for they were robust and serious. They were positioned like warriors. These angels were combatants and fighters. They looked prepared and ready for battle. When you see them you will be intimidated just by their appearance. They were holding long swords.

I asked the two angels, “Why are these angels not playing harps and melody for God?”

They replied and said to me, “Gracia, the Angels you see here are fighters and warriors angels. Their purpose is to fight and wage war for the church on Earth.”

Beloved, there are angelic battalion and regiment fighting and waging war for you on the Earth. Therefore the fight is not yours anymore. You can ask the Lord to send His fighting angels for you in your struggle as it is written in Ephesians 6:12 For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the world’s rulers, of the darkness of this age, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

After leaving these warrior angels I saw another group of angels. I was told that these were Guardian angels.

The two angels said to me, “These are the ones that are assigned on your side to protect you every day on Earth. It is written in Psalms 34:7, The angel of the LORD encamps round about them that fear Him, and delivers them..”

We continued our journey with the two angels. Then I saw another group of angels.

The two angels said to me, “Gracia, we are part of this group of angels that you see here. We are the angels that God sent to Earth to collect prayers and petitions and we also bring to you answers and responses to your petitions.”

Beloved, every time we pray, angels come and collect our prayers and they come back to Earth with answers. It is written in Daniel 10:12 Then he said to me, Do not fear, Daniel; for from the first day that you set your heart to understand and to chasten yourself before your God, your words were heard. And I have come for your words.

We then continue our journey and arrived in front of a garden. It was a huge garden with different kinds of flowers blossoming and waving. There were no angels to take care of it but it was beautiful. In the midst of this garden, there was a huge tree and many kinds of fruits on it. It was written on the trunk of the tree, “I am The Tree of Life.”

The two angels said, “This tree is Jesus Christ and anybody that eat from the fruit of this tree will not die but will live forever.”

I came to realize that I was in front of the Tree of Life. The size of the inscription on this tree meant that it was not written by a human hand. You can see it from far and it was really huge. Actually in this celestial City, the writings and inscriptions were really huge and could be seen from far away.

I asked the two angels, “Why are the flowers in this garden waving?”

“These flowers are glorifying the Lord,” said the Angels, “as it is right and if we keep quiet the rocks will glorify the Lord.”

Beloved, we are created in the image and the likeness of God, therefore, we must learn to glorify the Lord.

After leaving the glorious garden we arrived in front of a massive sparkling door. This gate was not made of wood or terrestrial materials but precious stones from Heaven.

In the middle of this gate was written, “Welcome to the kingdom of Heaven.”

The writing was in great character indicating that this was not written by a human hand. Beneath this writing, there was the inscription which says, “I am the door.” As I was approaching the gate, I heard a powerful and tender voice speaking and saying, “Gracia, I am the door.”

Then the golden gate opened by itself without angelic intervention.

Beloved the life you live on Earth will make the gate of Heaven to open itself for you. You may be closing the gate of Heaven by the manner you are living your life.

Then we entered the gate of the kingdom of Heaven. I saw a table. I can estimate the dimension of the table to four meters square. On the table, I saw different kinds of fruits of Heaven but I could identify two of these fruits like apple and grapes on this table. There were also many crystal goblets they were beautiful and clean. One of them was full of wine.

I had the impression that the Lord Jesus was about to receive some guests for a party and that everything was ready and prepared for them. I saw two pots full of celestial flowers. I was about to take something on the table when the angel reprimanded me for the first time in a powerful voice, “Don’t touch anything, Gracia, you are not worthy and prepared.”

Then I heard the powerful voice that I heard before that said, “I am the gate.” The voice spoke for the second time and said, “Gracia, My daughter, everything is prepared and ready for Me to receive the Church, My bride.”

After the resounding of the voice, the two angels said to me, “Gracia, Jesus told His disciples He is coming back. Let us tell you that He is coming back soon. Go tell the whole world that everything is ready and prepared for Jesus to receive His bride but you must tell the world that there are conditions and obligations to fulfill in order to sit in this table with Jesus in the kingdom Heaven. Not everybody will sit at this table. Tell the world and the Church they should be dressed in the wedding garment that is clean and spotless. This wedding garment represents the kind of life they are living in. Jesus will not welcome on this table those who are in fornication, witchcraft, lies, and hypocrisy. These behaviors represent spotted garments. In order to attend the wedding of the Lamb, you must have an invitation and you must make your garment ready because those who are living double life would not enter.”

Then the two angels said, “Gracia if you keep your mouth shut despite what you have seen there will be blood in your hand. The blood of people who could have been saved through your testimony will be in your hand.”

Then the two angels said again, “Gracia, if you go back to Earth and live the way you want you shall not be received at this table unless you sanctify yourself.”

Then we left this table and we continued our journey in the eternal kingdom of Heaven. Then we arrived in front of a very massive book. It was really big. It was 1 meter in height and 4 meters in width and it was really shining.

The angel said, “In this book, your names, and actions are recorded. Everything you do and every action are recorded here. It is written in Malachi 3:16 Then they that feared the LORD spoke often one to another: and the LORD listened, and heard it, and a book of remembrance was written before Him for them that feared the LORD, and that thought on His name.

The two angels said to me, “Gracia, in human life there are two things. First, you receive Jesus as Lord and Savior and you walk according to the scriptures. When you die angels will be dispatched to take you to Heaven. The second scenario is that you have Jesus but you live a double life. When you die you will go to hell. When a human is born the moment he began to distinguish good and evil his action will be written in this big book. If the person received Jesus Christ in his life all his sin will be erased because he was ignorant. Therefore there was now no condemnation. But now that he is in Christ and he possessed knowledge that is where condemnation comes. Because he knows the truth and his name is in the Book of Life but when he began to sin again there will be a red light clocking on his name. This indicates sins that are not confessed. The red light also indicates danger but when he confessed his sin then the red light will disappear but if he failed to confess and died that red light will erase his name from the book of life. That is why there are so many Christians are in hell.”

When I arrived in Heaven, I watched the movie of my life. I mean right from my birth everything was filmed and recorded. You cannot deny anything.

Heaven is a large place. It is a place with no boundaries. There are many roads in Heaven and they are broad and built from precious stones more valuable than gold. You shall see bridges beautiful and golden. You shall see many seas of glass, limpid, and clean.

Then we got to a point in the city where I saw powerful rays of light projecting on us and inside the light, I saw a Man walking towards us. I wanted to see His face but I could not because of the light and I fell on His feet.

Then I saw His sandals which are beyond anything on Earth. The sandals were made of gold, more precious than earthly gold. These golden shoes were around half-meter. His garment was studded with diamonds. He had a golden belt shining around His hip. He had a crown on His head. The diameter of the crown must be around 5 meters. Just imagine how big He was. This is not the average size of humans.

Then the Man said to me, “Gracia, My daughter, go tell My people I am coming back very soon. Tell them I am coming not for the unfaithful, the defiled and impure people but I am coming for the holy and righteous people prepared for Me.”

Jesus said to me, “Go back and tell My people. If you don’t tell them I will ask you to account for their blood.”


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