By: Moses Lushiku of Dominican Republic Congo 13


I am giving you the words of Lucifer as spoken to demons and humans in the second heaven exactly as he said them so that everybody would understand the kingdom of darkness as it is written, “You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.”

Lucifer said, “Music talks about me and my musicians praise me and my name is venerated in the world of music. Therefore we will work with sound as a result believers of the other One (Jesus) shall be caught and contaminated by our network.” Then, Lucifer said to the participants, “I order my servants, the scientists, and the technicians, to stand up.”

Beloved, I saw humans rising an oval auditorium. There were scientists and technicians. Most of them were experts and specialists in electronics.

Then, Lucifer said to them, “You are going to make a coded sound. You are going to create coded sound. You will design them in styles of ringtones and you will place them in several electronic apparatus. You are going to place these ringtones in clocks and video games and mobile phones. We will work as usual at noon and midnight and midday as these are our strategic times. Noon is the time when the sun erases The Shadow. This signifies to my kingdom the time to enter into contact with human as the absence of Shadow signaled the absence of protection.”

The Bible says in Psalm 91:1, “He that dwelleth in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.” If the shadow of the Almighty is not present, there is no protection. This is why the devil chooses the noontime when there is no shadow from the sun, signifying no protection from God.

Beloved, I understood from Lucifer’s speech that mobiles phones have ringtones called MIDI. Midi means noon in French. Actually, Lucifer commanded scientists to turn infernal Kingdom Anthem to mobile phone ringtones. This was in order to connect Humanity to his infernal Kingdom. Lucifer boasted that no one will know about this tactic failing to realize that I was there with Archangel Michael listening to him. The devil said, “Every time a clock or a phone ring on Earth at noon midday or midnight Humanity will be connected to our kingdom. Thanks to these ringtones which are coded anthems of our kingdom and scientists and technicians the whole world will be connected to our kingdom.”

Beloved it is written that you will not be afraid of the terror by night, or the destruction that lays waste at noon. I told you that the Archangel Michael took me to the Marine Kingdom twice. There is a monster there with the head of a crocodile and the body of a snake with a long tail and he had the feet of a crocodile. This monster in the name Leviathan was 6 meters long. One Bible verse describes him as a crocodile another Bible verse describes him like a snake. He is a hybrid demon a mixture of crocodile and of serpent characteristics.

The Bible says, in Psalm 91:5-6, “Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night; nor for the arrow that flieth by day. Nor for the pestilence that walketh in darkness; nor for the destruction that wasteth at noonday. “

There is a connection between Leviathan and midday. I’ll explain that as the Bible specifies that the destruction strikes at noon.

We were still in this oval Hall in the second heaven when Lucifer summoned a demon in the name of HALLOWEEN to step forward and he said to him, “The moment the electronic apparatus or mobile phones ring these ringtones which are our Anthem you must intervene immediately.” Lucifer said to Halloween, “You shall enter in their Network and you shall capture or record all the conversation of humanity and believers.”

Beloved, this reminds me of an event. A remarkable event in our church that corroborates this statement that Lucifer just made.

In fact, we were visited by the Lord Jesus and His angels Michael and Gabriel and they were talking in voices that were audible to the church. The whole church could hear them although they could not see them. I was able to see them.

I remember in this period in 2007 we were around 40 members. All of them were present in the church. We were experiencing this encounter then one evening the whole church was gathered and the voice of the Lord was addressing the congregation. It was the end of the Lord and Angelic visitation for that day because they were coming every day at 5 p.m. The following day at the same time at 5 p.m. we were gathered and expecting them. Then the Lord came down to the church as usual accompanied by Michael and Gabriel. The whole church was present as we had questions.

We wanted to know why the last time the Lord abruptly stopped delivering the message just like that and why His visit ended when our sister phone rang. On that day the Lord Jesus made it clear to the assembly that every time we are praying we must put the phone off. We must turn off the phone as the ringtone connect Humanity to The Inferno Kingdom of Lucifer. Actually every time humans make calls on the surface of the Earth at noon and midnight and midday the Marine Spirit called HALLOWEEN to enter the network and record the conversation. And the caller is connected to Leviathan, the Marine monster, the representative of Lucifer.

Lucifer’s job is to poison Humanity with his Venom and his nature is imparted to human through the phone by the method of Bluetooth. This is the pestilence traveling at noon. These scientists had designed mobile phones and they put the anthem of the infernal world of Lucifer in them. Scientists have coded the anthem of the kingdom of darkness in ringtones and every time these ringtones ring at noon it is the anthem of the kingdom of darkness that is ringing.

It is in this critical moment that the networking demon called Halloween enters the network and connect Humanity to Lucifer and the Marine representative Leviathan who communicates his nature to humanity on the phone precisely at noon. Telephones or mobile phones and even clocks connect Humanity to the Marine Kingdom the kingdom entity the snake Leviathan who spills his Venom against humanity through the network. Leviathan is partly snake and partly crocodile. The first nature key transmitter to humanity or people on the phone is the ability to lie. Have you noticed how it has become easier for people to lie on the phone? Even believers.

You are in a hotel but you claim to be in your office. You are in the East but you claim to be in the West. Leviathan has taught Humanity to lie on the phone and people find it easier to lie on the phone. The snake was the first to lie in the garden and Leviathan is the snake.

These ringtones which are the anthem of Lucifer’s Kingdom are called MIDI which in French means noon because in midday there is no shadow and the shadow is all about protection. When there is no Shadow or protection the devil can operate in your phone there are ringtones called MIDI.

It is written he that dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. (Psalm 91:1) We know that all cultic people like doing incantation at noon and at midnight as these are their strategic hours and when the clock or mobile phones ring in these hours diabolic nature is imparted to humanity by Leviathan with the assistance of Halloween through phone communications.

As we were still in the auditorium the Archangel Michael said to me, “For you to understand the strategy of music you have to follow me. I will show you something.” Then we left the oval Auditorium and we flew above planet Earth and we were hovering over the Earth. I was watching houses here and there as we were flying at very high speed. Then we landed in a bush and as we stood on this bush I noticed something like a pit. The angel asked, “What do you see?” I said, “I can see a huge pit.” Then the Angel Michael asked me to get closer and to check.

As I was checking this pit then the archangel said to me to get down inside that pit. I was surprised I said to myself this Angel was with me in the firmament he was with me in the realm of witches and he was with me in the Marine Kingdom, but why is he asking me to get down into the pit alone?

When the Archangel Michael noticed that I was hesitating he raised his voice and said it was an order to get down in that pit! The Archangel Michael talked with authority as he is a military leader. Then I felt a force urging me to get down in the pit. As I was walking down this pit it was getting darker and darker. Then I noticed a corridor and I followed the corridor. I was going down the pit not in my own will but by the power of the word of the archangel. As I was walking in the corridor I noticed at the end of it there was like a way out and when I reach the end of this corridor to my surprise I found myself in a new world. An unknown civilization inside the Earth.

And it was in this Kingdom beneath or inside the earth that I met the demon responsible for secular music. He is called FULFUR which means sound. The kingdom beneath the Earth is characterized by a red color. I told you how I visited the kingdom of witches and how I met the Lord of witchcraft. I came to understand that the reason the Archangel Michael did not travel with me in this Subterranean Kingdom is because of the music. Many nightclubs are always lit with red color and music is played loudly because secular music comes from the red world.

As I was advancing in this Kingdom I saw a football field but I was never explained why it was there. Well moving in this Kingdom I saw a Congolese musician dressed in red entering an office and he saluted the demon of music by saying salute Great Master FULFUR! This demon was hybrid half human half antelope. The Congolese musician signed a contract with this demon for his new album. Actually every time secular music is played on the surface of the Earth the demon FULFUR with her Sirens dressed in underwear get attracted through lightning emitted by that secular music.

Most of our musicians travel beneath the Earth to sign covenants with this demon for the success of their albums. Then I continued to move forward. There was a slim and topless female demon dressed with something like a little skirt. In fact, when I went out of this Kingdom the Archangel Michael asked me, “Did you see the slim lady that was topless?” Michael describes the lady exactly as I saw her through though he did not accompany me to this underground Kingdom. I confirmed to Michael his description and he said to me that the name of the lady is ZAIRE which is the former name of my country. The Archangel said, “Every time in your country when you were saying long live Zaire! … You were honoring her and she was dominating all your compatriots. She is a demon of music that’s why your people are attached to music with obscene dances.”

I remember after leaving the pit the Archangel Michael gave Isaiah 14:15 which say but you’ve been brought down to Sheol, to the deepest part of the pit. When Lucifer was cast down to earth he ended up in the deepest part of the pit.

It is written woe to the earth and the Sea for the devil has come down to you with great anger. (Revelation 12:12) The devil excavated the Earth. He dug huge holes under the Earth and he has built kingdoms beneath the Earth.

There is a musician in our country when he is playing a concert he received words of incantation. As a result, the spirits of the deads join him in his concert though they cannot be seen.

Then the Archangel gave me a second passage in Isaiah 14: 11. Your prompt and the music of your hearts have been brought down to Sheol. Maggots are spread out as your bed beneath you and worms are your covering.

The Angel Michael said to me that Lucifer has built this underground Kingdom where he has organized the music industry. I mean that secular music that honors him. It is written in Isaiah 14 11 that the devil came down beneath the Earth with the sound of his music but it is written in Amos 5:23 Take away from me the noise of your songs. I will not even listen to the sound of your harps. God does not want to listen to Lucifer music anymore.

When I began to get out of the Kingdom beneath the earth I was climbing something like a stair and it took me one hour to get out. When I reached the surface of the Earth I noticed the Archangel Michael was standing around the pit waiting for me. I was about to ask him why he did not come with me in the Subterranean civilization but he read my mind and said, “If I did not come with you it’s because FULFUR means sound. And if I expose myself to that sound I can become Fallen Angel but I swear I will never become a fallen angel.” The Archangel said to me, “When you Christian listens to secular music your guardian angels abandon you because they will not listen to it so that they won’t become fallen. Secular music puts angels in the proximity of FULFUR.”

Michael said, “When your angel leaves you Satan profits from that situation to attack aspects of your life and in this situation, the only thing protecting you is your fear of the Lord and the oil of anointing.” Michael told me about the effectiveness of the oil. He said, “You can put one drop of oil on your forehead before sleeping or on your door like the children of Israel put blood, and no witches will ever get in your house.”

I remember when I was still around FULFUR throne Room beneath the Earth. He was on his throne when suddenly a bolt of lightning entered and reached his throne. I noticed that he was about to travel out of his throne room to follow the origin of the lightning. Then suddenly a group of female demon Sirens joined him, and they took flight together. The sirens were in underwear. I felt a force Lifting me and I began to follow them. After some time we all landed in a house. I realized that the lightning followed by FULFUR was coming from a TV set that was playing secular music.

I understood why Michael said, “You will understand this strategy.” Every time a TV or radio is playing secular music it will be emanating lightning and that will signal Fulfur and that lightning will reach the Throne of Fulfur beneath the Earth. Then he will travel to the source of the lightning whether it is TV, radio, or a phone.

As we landed in that house the throne of Fulfur was established in that living room and he was surrounded by sirens. Then suddenly I saw a bolt of second lightning. It was Lucifer himself in that house invited by Fulfur.

I saw Lucifer repeating, again and again, this house belongs to me to rule for 100 years. Then Lucifer turns to a bolt of lightning and he disappeared. This is the lightning I saw in the arrival of Fulfur and Lucifer. When they are attracted to a house where secular music is playing. I understood that the devil sits and places his throne where secular music is played in opposition and imitation to God who dwells in the praise of His people.

After the departure of Lucifer from the house where secular music was playing, I saw Fulfur and his throne leaving the house and heading back to the underground Kingdom… the red world.

But I noticed that the sirens that came with him that were in the underwear remained in that house. Then the Archangel Michael said to me, “These women in underwear that stayed in the house are Sirens of the underneath kingdom. Their numbers correspond to the number of bedrooms in this house. Each one of them will occupy a bedroom. They will be spiritual wives of the occupants of the house. So apart from Jaqueline who inhabits every house we have these Subterranean Sirens dwelling in people’s houses through secular music.” Then the angel said to me, “When you play secular music you are inviting sirens in your house.”

Michael said that when a believer is around a bar or a place where secular music is being played his guardian angel will leave him until the believer moves away from that perimeter because the sound of secular music can affect the angel and because of the presence of Fulfur. The angel will come back the moment the believer move away from that perimeter of secular music.

Actually, I was transported by Michael in a quarter of our capital. The angel wanted me to see the Lord of witchcraft. That demon was in a nightclub but I noticed that Michael refused to be around the sound of music played in that nightclub, so he was giving me instructions how to see the demon in the nightclub but Michael was avoiding the sound of secular music just like all the other guardian angels.

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