1.)   I ASKED JESUS ABOUT A DIVORCED PASTOR – Cesar Sandoval of Honduras 5

I said to Him, “Lord, I want to know if you agree with this couple who were previously married, have divorced and have remarried with other persons.”

Then the Lord said to me, “Look, I only look at the first marriage. I do not see a second marriage because in My presence there is only one marriage. I only approve the first marriage not the second. If one of the two people in that relationship of remarried people had not been married before and separates he would be free.”

Then I told Him, “Lord, I have a friend that is a pastor on Earth. He was single and he married a woman who had been married before. Tell me if he separates, what happens?”

He replied,  “Again as I told you before, I only approve the first marriage. There is no other but if he separates and leaves sin, he will be free because he was not married before. I do not approve that marriage because I only see the first marriage made by the woman who has divorced.”





I said to the Lord, “Married people are here too?”

The Lord said, “These are people who did not keep principles and they did not respect the process of marriage. They are here.”

When we entered this place, I saw a demon sitting on a chair. He was playing worldly music and swinging. While this demon was singing immoral songs of worldly music, I saw another door on the side which was opened.

When I looked I saw it was written, “The Place of the Divorced and Remarried Couples.”

Jesus said to him, “When you are married to a divorced person, you have committed adultery.”

When we left these people, I saw a lady who was married to a man who came from Europe. This lady did not know that this man had divorced his wife in Europe. When they met they quickly got married and they built a new life.

However, when she died, she was condemned for marrying a man that was divorced. I was pained to realize that it was the man who had done wrong since he had divorced his wife in Europe, but the innocent woman had to pay for she had committed her life to a man who was divorced. The woman found herself in torment for marrying a man who was already divorced. This was a case of remarriage.

Brother, there were countless in this chamber of Hell that had married people that were divorced and because of remarriage, they were condemned.

I saw a pastor in this place of torment. He was trampled by souls that he blessed in wedding ceremonies. He failed to tell them that remarriage was wrong. This pastor told the people that remarrying is not a problem. Then he went to bless the marriages of people who had divorced and these very people were trampling on him and accusing him of validating divorce and remarriage. Yet the Bible says when you divorce, you must stay single until the death of your partner.



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