By Prophetess Sister Michael Fabiola of Congo 2

The Lord Jesus is a doctor. There was a battle for me during my delivery. The Lord is good for He had warned me in advance about the battle ahead. I was sleeping. I then dreamed that I was pregnant.

And I heard someone telling me, “Michael, you are pregnant. Tell God the kind of child you want.”

Without hesitation, I determined the weight, sex and characteristic of the baby I wanted.

I heard the angel of the Lord telling me, “God has heard your request for God really loves you, though you decided not to follow His instruction and to live the way you want.”

During this pregnancy. I suffered critical crises three times. In the third instance is when I was sleeping, I saw a man that was chasing me.

He told me, “Michael, you are lucky. By now you should be in the mortuary.”

I said to this man, “You don’t know where the name Michael comes from. Michael means who is like God.”


When I was pregnant I saw in a dream the late prophet Simon appearing to me.

He told me, “The Lord has sent me to give you a message.”

I told him, “I don’t want to hear from you. Just go, please.”

But the Prophet was insisting and he told me, “Just listen to what I want to tell you. Take me as a messenger like Moses and Elijah, for I was a messenger for the Congo, sent by the Lord to preach the gospel.”

But I was insistent. I said, “Please don’t say anything for I don’t want to hear nothing from you. You can go.”

When I woke up from this dream, I was crying. When people asked, I said, “Why is that all sorts of people are appearing to me? I am having all kinds of dreams and the prophet Simon had appeared to me?”

People asked me, “What did he tell you?”

I said, “I chased him away.”

They told me, “You should have heard him before chasing him away.”

I said, “I don’t like this prophet for my father used to tell me negative things about him.”

But later the Lord Himself told me that he was a major Prophet and His messenger for my country Congo.

When my pregnancy reached five months, I was faced with a battle and the enemy was fighting to take my life. I was bleeding and I became pale.


When I was seven months pregnant, I remember I was back from antenatal consultation and I was lying on the chair in order to rest. Then I began to sleep.

Suddenly an angel of the Lord appeared to me and told me, “I salute you. I am Michael, the angel of the Lord, the Master has sent me with a message for you.”

I said to the angel of God, “I just come back from consultation and I am trying to rest and then you come from nowhere like that. I am just tired of these appearances and visitations. Please can you leave?”

The Angel of the Lord told me, “Don’t speak like that. The Lord sent me to give you Bible passages that will help you when you will be hospitalized. There is coming battle and war over your soul.”

The chief Angel Michael told me, “You got to wake up and take a pen in order to write these Bible passages.”

I told him, “I am tired, I have to rest.”

When the angel of God disappeared, I woke up.

Brother, I was the kind of person that was hearing the voice of God and angels, but I was resisting the Lord. The Lord will not force you if you say no. He will work with you. when you say yes.

The angel of the Lord came for the second time that I resisted him. But when he came for the third time, I welcomed him. He gave me many Bible passages. And he asked me to read the whole book of Hebrew. The battle was coming. And this book talked about faith. And these Bible passages brought by the angel were ammunition against the forces of darkness.

In the morning I talked to an evangelist about this vision. He begged me for these Bible verses. In truth, the Lord wanted to use me but I had no prayer life and no intimacy with Him. I was still living in sin. Despite my stubbornness, the Lord continued to send angels to me.


When I got eight months pregnant, I began to prophesy, giving men of God orientation and telling them what God wants them to do. Every time I see a man and a woman in the street, the Lord will tell me, “Call this man and tell him this and that for his life.” Yet I did not know these people. Even in the street, I kept hearing the audible voice of the Lord in the street telling me, “Call this man and tell this and that about his life.”

I ended up prophesying to unknown people walking in the street. There were days I told the Lord, “I am not calling people that I don’t know in order to talk to them about their lives, even if You talk to me about their private lives.”

I told the evangelist, “This voice of the Lord would not stop. It is talking to me all the time telling me about people’s lives.”

He told me, “This is the Lord Himself. You have to follow His instruction.”

Back then I was doing all I can to deliver in Europe yet I kept dreaming that I was delivering in Africa for all my blessings were in the continent. As my delivery was approaching, to my surprise, I exceeded the delivery date without giving birth. And I started to worry.

On that day I heard the voice of the Lord and He asked me, “Why have you not given birth? You must understand that you are already in the middle of battle. They are planning to kill you and the baby through complications. You were instructed by My angel of war to read Bible passages in the middle of the battle. These Bible passages were weapons against the adversary, but you are negligent, you got to do something.”

Now, I did not know what to ask the Lord. But I remember that the Lord had put the word in Solomon who asked Him for wisdom.

I said, “Lord, I want to deliver before the 24th of December.”

The Lord took note of my request. Thank God despite the battle perpetrated by the enemy, I delivered the baby without complication on that very date. I remember when I was delivering the baby, I was semi-conscious. I was hearing everything but I could not move or touch or push the baby. Somehow the doctor managed to pull out the baby without resorting to cesarean operation.

In the aftermath of my delivery, I saw that I had internal bleeding. The doctor was not aware of the fact that I had no more blood. Since I could not speak I spoke with signs indicating the belly to the doctor. When he touched my belly, he sensed that I had a blood issue. I went through a lot of procedures.

Finally, I decided to leave the hospital. But the doctor told me, “You will die.”

I had already built trust in the Lord, and I knew that the Lord would heal me. When I went home, my situation was not improving. I could not speak. As time moved on, I began to have a crisis.

Then a lady doctor led me to do a test and she found out that I had only four grams of blood, but the hospital was afraid to transfuse blood. They thought it was risky and I would die.

The lady doctor told me, “I cannot do anything for you. Since I had no blood for your support.”

The hospital discharged me and the lady accepted to take me to her home. I had no blood and I could not speak for more than two minutes. I was speaking with signs. The lady considered sending me back to Congo. She also considered a traditional healer for I was dying.

However, I told her to take me to any church in the neighborhood. When I got to a church in the street, I found intercessors praying and I joined them in my pain. I glorified the Lord for all things I have been through. It was such a heartfelt prayer that I reached a level where I saw a light coming down from the sky and covering all my body. Immediately, I realized that I had a glorified body of light and I began to speak in tongues. I prophesied for a long time in this church. And when I had finished, I saw that I have received new strength from the Lord.

I spoke a word of knowledge to the intercessors and I gave them instructions from the Lord.

When I went home, it was from that day onwards that I began to see what Elijah and John the writer of the book of Revelations saw. I saw the Lord Jesus face to face on the first January of that year.

I rejected traditional treatment but on the fifth of January, my pain became unbearable.

The father of my child said, “You have to go back to Congo. This is too much. We have finished our saving and economy because of the sickness. We have reached the end of the road.”

I was resting when I heard an internal voice telling me to lay down to sleep. It is when I was sleeping in order to rest that I felt a wind blowing in my room. When I turned around, I saw a radiant Man that was dressed in the purest white garment. He had a bag in which there were medical instruments like high blood pressure monitor, syringe and medical instrument.

The Being of light told me, “Michael, you need blood and I have come to transfuse you blood.”

I said, “No way. Your doctor from Angola almost killed me. Thank God the Lord rescued me. I am going back to Congo.”

However, the Being of light told me, “I have come to transfuse in your body, the blood of the Lamb that gives eternal life, the blood that changes and transforms people’s lives, everything in your body. You’ll be restored, thanks to the blood I brought here in order to transfuse you.”

This radiant Man of light told me, “Michael, now give me your hand.”

Since I failed to grasp what was happening here I was resistant.

The radiant Man told me, “Your spinal column is damaged but there’s blood I am transfusing and your body will repair your spinal column.”

This Man that was beaming radiant light took my left hand and He placed the blood transfusion wire and began to transfuse blood in my body. It took some time for the blood to be transfused.

When He had finished the transfusion, He told me, “Michael, move your hand.”

When I moved my hand, He told me, “Let My peace be upon you. In John chapter 5, I healed the lame man in the Bethesda pool, and I told him to rise, take up your bed and walk. And today I tell you, Michael, rise, take up your bed and walk for you are healed.”

I said to the man, “I should rise and walk and go where?”

The Being of light told me, “Have you not heard the song of brother Patrice that is titled, ‘Take up your bed and walk.’”

The Lord said, “Now take your Bible and read in John 5 from verse 1. Read the story for I will be back at 4pm to talk to you the way I talk to Noah.”

I said to Him, “Are you talking about Noah of the Bible? I heard about his story.”

The Lord said, “You got to rise from the bed because I am coming back at 4pm.”

The Lord said goodbye. And then He went out of the place. When the Lord went out, I continue my rest and sleep. And when it was 4pm, I saw an impetuous wind back penetrated my room and it began to move and circle like a whirlwind. The wind was shaking everything in my room. This powerful wind shook me from my sleep, and I felt my hair rising with goosebumps. This wind moved through all the room and came to me. I heard the Lord that began to talk to me out of this wind. I was alone with my baby by my side.

The Lord told me, “Michael, rise! Take your bed and walk.”

I said, “No, I will not be able to stand by myself. I will fall.”

The Lord said, “Can’t you remember what has happened in the dream?”

But I could not remember for the devil had stolen my dream.

The Lord said, “Alright, now stand up.”

I said, “Lord, I have to hold on to something otherwise, I will fall.”

The Lord insisted and told me, “Just stand up, you will not fall.”

When I obeyed the Lord, I saw that I was standing by myself without support.

The Lord said, “Now walk, turn around and make movement by yourself.”

I obeyed the Lord. As a result, I was able to walk, to turn around and I made a movement by myself.

The Lord said, “Now jump and go to the living room by yourself.”

I managed to do what the Lord was telling me yet prior to this encounter, I needed assistance in order to move around the house and the living room.

The Lord said, “Now check your eyes in the mirror.”

Brother and friend, when I examined myself in the mirror, I was in shock and awe for I was completely healed.

I said, “How come? How can this happen? I’m healed just like that.”

The Lord said, “I am the living God.”

I wanted to see the Lord who was talking to me in a bass voice. And I was saying, “Where is this Person that is talking to me?” When I turned around to see Him, He has disappeared.

The Lord said, “You won’t be able to see Me, for even this house will explode if you were to see Me and My glory.”

The Lord said, “It is 4pm. This is the time of prayer. I have already transfused you with blood that gives eternal life. From now on, everything in your life has changed because of the blood that gave life today. You shall cook Fufu and cassava and you shall wash the baby clothes and do the dishes for all the pain is gone.”

The Lord said, “Have you heard of the passage that said, If you believe you shall see the glory of God?” [John 11:40]

Though I did not know the verse, I said, “Yes, Lord, I believe.”

The Lord said, “You must stand up. The time has come for you to serve Me.”

I said, “Lord, how will I do it?”

The Lord laughed and moved around the house. When I tried to find Him, He told me, “It is true that you heard the story of Noah and the deluge. But have you ever watched the movie Noah? If you have ever watched the movie Noah, you should know how I talked to Noah. Noah never saw me but he heard My voice. This is what will happen to you for you will be hearing My voice. You will serve Me because I’m in you though you will not see Me. I knew you before you were born. I have chosen you and establish you. I will do great things in you like I did with Isaiah. When I revealed Myself to Isaiah, he was a sinner like you with sinful nature, but I visited him like you. He is one of the prophets I use the most. I am the God of Alexander, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.”

The Lord said, “Abraham was the father of faith. I walked with him everywhere he went. I made him a great promise that I fulfilled for I am God. Likewise, I am making you a promise today that I will fulfil because I am God, I am the God of Alexander.”

The Lord asked me, “Do you know Alexander,?”

I said, “I was little when he died. But I heard about his miracles and his exploits.”

The Lord said, “I walked with him and he walked with me and he kept My instruction and My principles all his life. For Me to walk with you, you will need to have faith. Your faith must be above all. You will see Me very often in your life. You will tell My story and you will tell the world that this is the greatest story ever told. I will take you where I want and I will make you walk the way I made My servant walk. My grace will remain forever in you and people that will seek you will see Me in you.”

I had a little bit of shame and I had my head bowed. He said a lot of things. I forgot some of them.

I said, “How will I serve You? I don’t know where to start.”

When I spoke that way the Lord laughed. I saw that the Lord was laughing a lot. He was even reading my thoughts.

The Lord said, “You will become My intimate friend and you will understand why I’m laughing this way.”

The love to become a close and intimate friend of the Lord is painful because I went through a lot of steps.

Then the Lord asked me, “Now are you gonna serve Me?”

When the Lord asked this question, I knew that the decision was mine. If I say no, He will not force me. However, if you move away from the Lord, He will seek to get you. Just like when I was drinking in Angola, the Lord was looking for ways to pull me out of alcoholism. Like during my pregnancy and delivery, He asked, “Do you want to receive Me as Lord and Savior?” When I said, “Yes, He pulled me out of that fatal situation of pain, for my pain was atrocious, and without His intervention, I would have died.

When the Lord asked me, “Do you want to receive Me?”

I said, “Yes, I receive You.”

He told me, “You are dirty. How can I enter your life with this dirt?”

I said, “Lord, I have already washed myself.”

The Lord said, “Sin is clinging on you. It’s stifled divine capacity in you and it stopped My Spirit from working in you. Our body is the temple of the Spirit.”

The Lord told me, “You are too dirty.”

I came to understand that the Lord watches every action we pose. When we sin repeatedly the Lord considered the situation as pending.

Brother, there a sin that we committed and has asked for forgiveness. However, I learned that there are things that we do that the Lord has forgiven us, but He will remind us what we have done because the Lord reminded me of the sins that I committed.

I said, “Lord, I have confessed and asked for forgiveness for these actions.”

The Lord said, “Yes, I have forgiven you. But I had to remind you because when you did.”

I was in pain, brother. They are sins that the Lord has forgiven but He still remembers them because He was hurt. If you ever come face to face with Him, He will tell you about that sin that you have confessed, not because He is bitter, but because He was hurt.

On that day the Lord showed me the movie of my life and all my sins and I cried.

Brother, when you stand before the Lord in judgment, all your life will be screened. When I watched my life I cried for forgiveness.

The Lord said, “I came here to forgive you but you have to do seven days fasting and prayer for I have things to show you.”



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  1. I hope that is not the end more please

  2. I hope that is not the end more please

  3. I hope that is not the end more please

  4. Am much empress may that GOD Help us to succeed.And pls keep showing us more as u receive from my father

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