Gabriel says, “When He said, ‘Hell,’ we started descending and descending. I was hearing cries. If you hear cries in hell, your heart will be broken. I was hearing cries, the different cries. If somebody told that there is no hell, hell is real! If somebody said there is no hell, he’s lying. Cries of, ‘I will repent! I will not do that again. I will repent! I will repent!’ I heard the cry of a young boy. My heart was pounding. I tried to close my ears.

But I was hearing the more of the cries. And I said again, ‘Am I going to hell like this? Oh, Jesus! Have pity on me!’ And I said, ‘Lord if you don’t put me inside hell and if I come back, I will repent.’” When the Lord waved His hand in front of Him, the gate of hell opened. Everybody was crying. He could see nothing. If you heard this cry on earth, even if you don’t want to give your life to the Lord, you would repent. He was crying, shaking, and troubled. The darkness was so thick you could touch it. The darkness was greater than the darkness he saw in Togo. When the gates of hell were opened and he was put in hell, he felt the heat and heard more of the cries. But he was not seeing anybody. He heard billions of different cries together. It was like the roar of the sea. Hell is very black.



He heard someone say his name, “Kokou!” He said, “Who are you and why are you calling my name?” It was difficult for him to see. Even the great fire in the Lome market is nothing like this. It’s different from the roar of the sea. Hell is very black. The person said, “Ow! Ow! Ow! I am thirsty! I want to drink water!” There is no water there. There is nothing to eat. He said, “Who are you?”



The man said, “I’m Daddy. I’m Daddy. I’m Daddy. I’m the father of your father. Your grandfather.” And the Lord said, “Ask him what he is seeking there. I didn’t create hell for the man. I created hell for Satan and his fallen angels.” And the man said, “I was not fearing God.” The Bible says God is over everything, but he didn’t fear God. He said that he wanted to repent immediately and fear God. “And why did you land in hell?” The man said, “I had a lot of wives. I had a lot of wives. I was eating the meat with blood. I was eating all those meats. I was worshiping the ancestors and giving money for sacrifices, and talismans. I was taking wives.” But now he was saying he was ready to repent. You may fast for three days, but for him, it had been ten or fifteen years since he drank water or ate. The Lord sent someone to him during his lifetime to tell him the Word of God, but he cursed the person with a talisman, and the person died. Now in hell, he was ready to repent. He was saying sincerely that he would not have many wives, but would keep only one wife. All the insects were entering his genitals. Worms were entering his nose and ears. When the insects passed through him, it caused him to slither in pain.

Demons were cutting his flesh. They were putting a sword inside his penis. What good is it if you have all the riches of the world and miss heaven? The man said if he could return to earth he would bring the Word of God. The Lord said, “Leave him.” So he left him.



He saw another man in hell. The demons were torturing him and he was suffering. They were swarming over him like flies over excrement. Insects were entering his nose and were eating him, and he was crying. He put all his fingers inside his mouth, but a big serpent around his neck was eating him. He was suffering in big pain in hell. Gabriel asked, “Who are you?”

The man said, “Ow! Ow! John Paul II. Pope John Paul II.” Gabriel wondered how he could be the one that people clapped for when he died because they believed the angels were coming to bring him to heaven. Gabriel asked him, “Is that you?” So he said to Gabriel, “Yes, it’s me! I traveled more than all the popes, and I can speak different languages all around the world.” Gabriel asked him why he was there and what brought him to hell if he was truly Pope John Paul II. He replied that he did not fear God. He was asking forgiveness from the Lord Jesus. He said, “I didn’t know what I was doing.” He said the people knew the Truth, but he gave them false direction. He said Satan taught Catholics to make statues of Mary and Jesus so that people will say the woman is Mary and the son is Jesus. He said, “The people knelt down beside these and prayed to Mary and to the saints, and here is our place.” He said he is ready now to repent. He said, “Jesus, I broke your heart. Save me.” He said that if he went back to earth, he would tell the Truth. He said, “If I come back on earth, I will tell the Truth to people because there are many souls in the Catholic Church. He said, “All those who are celebrating death, praising dead people who are in heaven, are against the Lord. To put skull and bones under the altar, all those things are against the Lord. If somebody died and we said he is a saint, and you are taking his bones around the world, it’s against the Lord.” He was ready to repent in one minute. Pope John Paul II told Gabriel to tell people around the world that people who are making statues to Mary or the saints and are bowing down or saying the rosary, they will come here to hell.

He asked Catholic people on earth to give their lives to Jesus. The pope said to tell the Catholic people to pray very much because Satan has put their souls into a glass similar to the popemobile he used to travel in. He asked Gabriel to pray that this glass that Satan has put their souls in will break in the name of Jesus so that their souls will be able to go to the Lord Jesus. If they have only been baptized by sprinkling, he said they must ask a pastor to baptize them by immersion or else they may go to hell. Somebody once shot the pope, and he went to prison to forgive his assailant. But he said he did that because people knew they were bringing people to hell, they were lying, and he had to do that so that people would think he was showing them the holiness life. Yet all the nuns have a ring, which signifies that they made a covenant with darkness. They are sleeping with popes and priests. All the popes are in hell from the first through the last, and they are crying, along with all the bishops and all the nuns, and all the Cardinals. Millions and billions of them were crying, asking Jesus to save them and send them back to earth. They have brought billions and billions of people to hell, and there are billions more on earth are headed for hell because of them.

The pope was asking Jesus for the chance to come to earth and repent and tell the people to repent and tell people that the Lord is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, to tell people they cannot come to the Father except through Jesus. He now wanted to tell everybody that anything they want to ask, they must ask as the Lord said to do in His Name only. He wanted to read to the people John 14:13-14 And whatsoever ye shall ask in My name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son. If ye shall ask anything in My name, I will do it.

He said that those Catholic people calling upon Mary and the saints and the angels are the same as the people who are consulting mediums. It is like when Saul had the witch Endor call up Samuel (1 Samuel 28:7-19). He said that even if he came back to earth and told people about hell, they would never believe. He said that sooner or later they would begin praying through his name, and all those people would go to hell to see that he is a liar. He said Satan would deceive them and sooner than soon they would be down in hell, too. He said, “If I live it is no longer I that live but Christ that lives in me.” The Lord said, “Leave him.”



Gabriel said all the presidents of Togo are in hell. He saw President Gnassingbé Eyadéma there who was crying seriously. He asked, “What good is it to be president for eight years then die and come to hell.” The way he was crying, “Aye! Aye! Aye!” was pitiful. Insects were entering his body, demons were spearing him, and they were putting things inside his private parts.

The Lord said, “Ask him why he came here.”

Eyadéma said, “I! I! I! did not fear God. I took the place of God. People were singing for me. People were dancing for me. I became God. I called myself ‘Ba-u-ba,’ a victory, and here is where I landed.” He asked for one minute to repent.

The Lord said, “It’s too late.” He said, “Oh, Lord! All the country of Togo, I built this country on a lie. Every time we had an election, I was making trouble…I will come back on earth to do restitution for people. I sacrificed people to Satan. I sacrificed people a lot, thinking that I can be elevated, so that everywhere I go, people will be in fear of me. If I knew that hell is really like this…I would not be a president for Satan…I would ask for forgiveness. All the money I took from Togo people, I would give restitution. I would give all the money I took from Togo people so they can be free to worship the Lord…I would take a Bible…to preach to people with that car, with that motor, with that bicycle…”

The Lord said, “It’s too late.”

He said, “Ow! Go and tell my children that all the money that I put in your account – the money from the country. I put a lot of money in your account. When I got to hell, it’s there that I realized that it’s hell that I left to my children. And I knew that my children they will lie, cheat their lives, they will be adulterers all their lives. If I knew, it’s only the Bible that I would put in their accounts. All my children I would put a Bible in their accounts. I took with force the wives of people. I killed those people that were telling Truth. And I told them that all of them would go to heaven, but all of them are here.”

Part of his message to his children was, “…Their strength is not enough. If me their father has landed in hell here, what will be their part? They should do restitution — all the women that they have to leave the women and get married to one wife. All the money that I stole, to bring back all the money to Togo people, so you will not come here to hell.” He said he loved Togo people. He had a wonderful car, wonderful shirts, wonderful coats, and a wonderful airplane. And when he arrived in hell, he forgot everything, and he was crying and crying, asking for forgiveness. The demons were torturing him, and he said, “Jesus, I am your child. All those things I have done for you.”

He continued, “All the presidents who say they want to go to heaven…tell them to give their lives to Jesus. No matter what president you are. Tell them to give their lives to Jesus. Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Nobody can go to heaven without Jesus. Nobody can be anything without Jesus. You can’t be a general. You can’t have knowledge. You can’t be somebody who is against people. You can’t be a person of peace. Jesus is the only one who has peace. If you realize that the breath you have is from God, why not worship God to go to heaven? This place that I’m in now – hell – I have forgotten everything –all my coats, my shirts, my milk that I was drinking. I forgot everything…Tell all the people around the world to give their life to Jesus.”

Gabriel said, “I left him. If you saw the way Eyadéma was suffering, it was terrible. He was crying. He was crying. He was crying. He was crying. He was crying.”




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