By Prophetess Sister Michael Fabiola of Congo 1

I am sister Michael Fabiola. I was born into a Christian family. My father is a deacon and I was a singer in our church. When I was growing up, I was often hearing an audible voice that was speaking to me and directing me whenever I was about to make a decision. Often when I was angry and making a decision in anger, I would hear this voice advising me to abandon the decision made under the emotion of anger. I never knew He was talking to me.

One day, I talked to my father about this voice. I said to my dad, “When I am angry, a Man that I cannot see always comes to me. He usually touches my shoulder and tells me, ‘You are a child of God. Don’t be angry, for anger is not the way of children of God.’ This Man would tell me to laugh when I’m angry. I cannot see the Man but I can hear His voice very clearly.”

I said to my dad, “When I am sad, this Man consoles me. When I’m angry, He asked me to laugh. When I hold rancor and animosity, He tells me to forgive. Every time I make a decision not to talk to a person because of conflict, as soon as I make that decision, the Man will come to tell me to abandon that decision and to remove animosity and conflict in my heart. And when I began to pray, I was praying according to His direction.”

When I told my father these things he bought a book and began to write whatever the voice was telling me. As time passed, I moved from my father’s place to my senior sister, where I met her friend that became close to me, yet she was an unbeliever.

She told me, “I know you are a Christian, but you are too much attached to prayer and you keep prayer times in a disciplined way.”

In truth, this was the way I was raised for I grew up in a Christian family. I follow the rules set by my father. I dress and behave in a certain way in order to abide by the rule of my father.

One day this sister took me to a place where she bought me juice. She went on to mix the juice with alcohol. I never drank beer but I drank that juice mixed with alcohol. On that day I felt unable to pray and for the first time, I slept without prayer for I was feeling very drowsy.

Every time this woman invited me she was mixing the juice with alcohol. And whenever I drank it, I was sleeping deeply and was unable to pray. I also noticed that I could no longer hear the voice of the Spirit of God that He used to speak to me regularly. I wonder why is that when I drink these juices, I would become heavy and unable to pray.

One day she told me, “My friend today you got to try beer for you pray all the time.” I drank the beer to please her.

From that moment onwards, my prayer life was completely paralyzed. When I could no longer pray in the night and my spiritual life went down, the voice that spoke to me went silent. I could no longer hear the audible voice of God.

One day this lady brought me a gift, which was underwear. I got the gift but I failed to pray for it. Actually, in the past when something was supposed to happen to me, I was seeing everything in the dream and I was hearing the voice of God. But since the arrival of this sister in my life, I became spiritually blind and spiritually dead. I could no longer hear the voice of God because of beer. The Spirit of God was far from me.

It was when the damage was done that I began to realize that my contact with the sister was detrimental to my spiritual life. I was bewitched for I began to dress in so-called lady pants. I got into makeup and worldly adornment. Yet my father did not raise me this way. I could use makeup without restrictions because I was no longer living in my father’s place but in my senior sister’s place for my father would never let me dress in lady pants and wear makeup.

Brother, when I dressed with the underwear given by this lady, I spent the whole year bleeding like the woman with the issue of blood in the Bible (Matthew 9:20–22, Mark 5:25–34, Luke 8:43–48). I could not go to school for the whole year. I went from one hospital to another. I could not even seek the face of God for I was bewitched. The voice of God that spoke to me audibly was silent.

Since my health condition deteriorated, I went back to the house of my father. My parents were stunned by my adornment and the change that happened in my life.

My dad told me, “You have changed and you don’t even pray. This is why I was reluctant to let you go from my house.”

Days later, in the early morning, I had a dream where I saw that I had a wire on my neck and people were trying to hang me. They wanted to execute me. My mother noticed that I was fighting in the dream as if I was dying. Quickly, she called my father.

As soon as my father saw the way I was struggling, he said, “In the name of Jesus Christ, for there is power in the name of Jesus.”

When my father said in the name of Jesus Christ, in that very moment, I saw in my dream, the wire on my neck was cut by the power of God. These people could not do anything against me and I woke up. Since that day, the bleeding stopped in my body. I was actually rescued from an attempt at the enemy who wanted to capture my soul. The enemy retaliated after losing my soul.

For one week after my healing, my father was laid off. We were in shock for he has been working for 32 years in the company. This was an attack. The lady that has paralyzed my prayer life through beer and bewitched me with underwear came with a mission of executing me, but my father has managed to cancel her mission of destruction of my soul in the name of Jesus Christ, and they came against him.

Since my father stopped the plan of Satan, he was fired in his workplace. It is through the name of Jesus that I was spared. And when my father counterattacked, this lady who wanted to execute me also lost her job, and she came to me so that I would pray for her restoration.

This witch knew that I had the power to restore her job, but I told her, “You have managed to make me forget prayer through manipulation and control.”

I was not convinced to pray for her. Later, I met a cousin who suggested that we go to the African country of Angola. And when I was walking back home I heard the voice of the Lord telling me to go to Angola

The Lord said, “I will open your life and bless you in Angola.”

But upon hearing this, my father refused. In the night, the Lord told my father, “Let Michael go to Angola.”

When I was about to travel to Angola my father prayed for me. And in the night I saw the popular gospel singer brother Alain Moloto. I was stunned. He told me the Lord told him to play music for a chosen one is heading to the land of promise.

Brother Alain Moloto told me, “You got to know that you are a chosen one. The time has come for you to go to the land of promise. The Lord wants to bless you.”

When I told my father the dream, he wrote it on the notebook where he writes all the dreams that I tell him since childhood. However, when I went to Angola, I went through a lot. I suffered and slept in the street, though it was the land of promise for me. Actually, my aunt that lived in Angola tried to get me in a lifestyle that I could not accept.

I remember when I was coming to Angola I kept hearing the voice of the Lord telling me, “You’re going to need to change your life in Angola.”

I spent a week sleeping on the streets of Angola. Then a sister welcomed me for one month in her place. I began to drink alcohol because of instability and lack. In the meantime, my spiritual life was down. As a result, my spiritual eyes were shut down and I have become an alcoholic. I was doing things by my own strength and I got in a lifestyle of taking drugs.

At a certain point, I said, “I am not drinking and taking drugs anymore. I have to go to church.”

I prepared an offering because the following day was Sunday and it was my return to church. But when I was sleeping at night, on Saturday, I heard a voice calling me. I heard this tremendous voice of the Lord. I was shaken. I heard the voice of the Lord calling me three times. When I woke up, I was angry.

I said, “Who is calling me like this?”

In the middle of the night while everybody is sleeping, as soon as I lifted my eyes to see the person calling me, I was hit by an intense light so powerful that I fell backward. Actually, I saw two beings of light that were suspended in space, for they were not touching the ground. One was standing closer to me and another was behind the first one.

I asked them, “Who are you?”

The being of light that was closer to me told me, “Michael, the Lord Jesus Christ has come to visit you.”

I said, “What do you mean?”

This angel told me, “Michael, He is the one behind me. Listen to what He’s going to tell you.”

Immediately, the Lord Jesus called my name.

Brother, when the Lord spoke, it was powerful and tremendous. I saw that the ground and the house was shaken by the sound of His voice. The Lord called my name three times. I was so shaken and I was silent too and I did not know what to say.

The Lord told me, “Michael, do you know that I love you?”

I was silent for I did not answer Him.

The Lord said, “You came to the land of promise. You came here according to My instruction, but you have forgotten all the instruction and promise that My servant told you. You did not come here to drink beers. You did not come here for marriage. You came here for My work. You are here to defend My interest, and you will My interest.”

The Lord said, “Today is your day of blessing.”

I said, “Lord, please bless me.”

The Lord said, “You are going to a servant of God. Since you want to be blessed, you’re going to be given precious suffering. I will bless you through this suffering.”

Brother, don’t go empty-handed when you are to see a servant of God. I learned this truth not from a man but from the Lord Jesus Christ Himself.

When the Lord told me to bring an offering, I said, “Lord, I have nothing to give Your servant.”

The Lord told me, “You just bought a new light clothes. You’re going to give that to My servant as a seed.”

In the morning when I explained to people the Lord’s visitation, they told me, “You are in a lifestyle of alcohol the Lord cannot visit you. He visits those who are holy.”

Other people told me that I was crazy. I was discouraged by people and I disobeyed the instruction of the Lord to bring an offering. I did not go to church. The truth is that I drank beer all day and I was tired because of dancing. I was digging my own hole.

Days later, I was walking in the street when I saw a man sitting on His throne in the sky. He seems regretful; He had His hand on His cheek and He was holding a pen. This character was looking at me incessantly with concern.

I asked Him, “Who are You?”

But this figure was silent. While I was moving in the street, He was before me watching me. Whenever I turned around to avoid Him, I saw that He was before my eyes. I could not avoid seeing Him. I rushed to my friends to tell them what I was seeing.

I wanted to tell them about this radiant Man on His throne watching me and I could not avoid Him. I saw that my thoughts were replaced by another thought. I ended up talking about something else.

Whenever I wanted to talk about the luminous Man that was seated on the throne, He was removing my thought, and He was disappearing and reappearing after He had changed my thought.

When I was about to enter a bar, He disappeared, and when I was about to come out of it, He reappeared before me. He was seated on His throne.

When I got home, I began to complain to this Man of light that was on the throne.

I said, “Maybe I am turning crazy. I am asking You who You are. But since You have refused to tell me who You are, please leave me alone.”

This is how I spent the day seeing the Lord sitting on His throne. I was morally bankrupt for I will not accept that I spent a day without drinking. While I was heading to bars drinking I kept going to pastors in order to give them offerings. I continued with this lifestyle of visiting bars. All my money was used in bars and nightclubs. In the meantime, the Lord was looking for a way to pull me out of this lifestyle.


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