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Jesus – Get me out of this Hell! By Linda Laine

PROOF THAT JESUS CHRIST TRANSFORMS LIVES! (Linda Laine)   The home I grew up in was very chaotic. All my life I just wanted a family, a safe place to belong and be loved. My dad often abandoned the family leaving my mom to raise three daughters. When he was home I was constantly being […]

Revelations of Hell – 7 Colombian Youths

Revelation of Hell by 7 Colombian Youths – Hell Testimonies   1st Testimony “There was a rich man that dressed in purple and fine linen, who enjoyed luxurious living every day.  In front of his gate a beggar named Lazarus was placed, covered with sores, and hungering to be fed crumbs that fell from the […]

Visions of Heaven and Hell -by John Bunyan

Visions of Heaven and Hell – John Bunyan (Heaven and Hell Testimony) John Bunyan was a 17th century English preacher who spent twelve years in prison for his Christian faith and wrote over 40 books. His best known writing is Pilgrim’s Progress, one of the most famous and popular books in all of world history. […]