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Ex Catholic Priest Testimony

TESTIMONY OF MIGUEL VÁSQUEZ FROM THE CITY OF MATAGALPA, NICARAGUA EX-CATHOLIC PRIEST IS SNATCHED TO HELL AND HEAVEN The Year 2003 I am Bishop of the evangelical church Sons of Faith. Before becoming a Christian, I was a priest of the Roman Catholic Church. I celebrated the 7 sacraments as Catholic baptism, confirmation, Eucharist, penance, […]

Former Irish Priest exposes Fake Catholic Religion it’s Mass and praying for the Dead

Ex Roman Catholic priest Richard Bennett exposes the phony anti Bible Roman Catholic Religion such as their blasphemous Mass, their use of graven images, the necromancy of praying to the dead & the Virgin Mary, worthless confession boxes, vain traditions, useless sacraments, etc. all of which lead to the damnation of the soul in the […]