SATAN’S STRATEGIES – Moses Lushiku of Congo 28


By: Moses Lushiku of Dominican Republic Congo 28


Beloved, I spent four months attending Lucifer’s summit in the firmament and saw and heard the strategies he unveiled against humanity.

I noticed in this gathering, the demons had something similar to antennas on their heads. When the devil was speaking, his words were printed automatically in a book and his words were like letters that were written to something similar to a notebook that was coming out of demons’ heads.

I heard the devil saying, “No human being, unless he is of our world will know things that we are talking about in this place.”

But the devil failed to realize that I was there with the Archangel Michael.



Then I heard the devil unveiling a strategy about reversing natural order, and redefining ethics and the moral standard. The devil who is a malevolent entity opposed to God said to the assistants in the meeting hall in the second Heaven, “We must reverse the norm and standard established by God. We will do things in opposite ways because we are God’s opponents and adversaries. We will reverse God’s ways, norms, and natural orders. Therefore we must work to bring about perversion in all sectors and fields of human life.

First of all, we will pervert the essence of sexual relationships. Let’s work to cause sexual perversion in humanity, so that man will sleep with man. Let’s banish moral ethics so that man will sleep with animals. Let’s cause women to love women instead of men. Let children have a sexual relationship with their parents.”

“I want to tell you a secret. Note that all perversion is related to a specific demon. That is why we require those who come to us for wealth and prosperity to sleep with corpses, with their mothers, with animals.”

The devil said, “I want to establish a new order of things among the children of men. I want men to do things that are out of natural order. The new order must replace God’s natural order. We will cause men to do their hair like women. We will cause men to put on makeup, to put on earrings. As a result, we will inject the spirit of femininity in them.”

“I want women to cut their hair like men. I want women to dress like men. When men look at them, they will find them like their kind because of the masculine demon in them.”

The devil said, “I want humanity to abandon the existing natural order and ways of doing things that are set up by God. They must come up with their own ways by redefining rules and natural orders of things. Men must break from God’s rule and taboos. I want men to love that which does not exist, and that which is forbidden by God’s natural order.”

“Humanity must abandon traditional family values and moral standards.

The Bible says in Romans 1:26-28 For this cause God gave them up to vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature: 27 And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompense of their error which was meet. 28 And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient;

And in Jude 1:7 as Sodom and Gomorrah, and the cities around them, in like manner to these, committing fornication, and going away after other flesh, laid down an example before-times, undergoing vengeance of everlasting fire.



Then the devil unveiled a strategy against believers called aggression. In this strategy, the devil wants to attack children of God in society, whether it is in the churches, in the workplaces, in schools.

The devil said to the assistants, “We will use their colleagues in schools, in society or in their workplace as a tool of aggression. We will use their wives against them, we will use their husbands against them, we will harass and set their bosses in workplaces against them, their employers will be instigated against them. We will set their colleagues and friends in society against them.”

The devil said, “We will cause believers to be mistreated in workplaces, in schools, in marriages by their partners and in their circles in society. They will suffer injustice, unfairness, slandering and wickedness from those who are close to them. We will use criticism, slandering and backstabbing as a tool of aggression against them wherever they are. We will cause people in their surroundings and proximity to slander them and bully them so that they will be alone and isolated. They will notice that they are treated unfairly and unjustly by the majority of people around them. Whether in workplaces or in schools, people will speak ill about them.”

“The fact that they are innocent of false accusation and slander, they will be hurt and troubled because they know that they are innocent of all these accusations.”

The devil said, “I will make sure that society disregard their opinion and their views in the midst of these slandering and backstabbing. No one will care about what they think and their side of the story today.”

The devil addressed the demons and his assistants.

He said to them, “I charge you my servants to influence those who are close to these Christians to slander them, to abuse them, to show lack of consideration to them and condemn them. I charge you to go to their workplace, I charge you to visit their friends in their school where they are studying even their family. You must harass their co-workers in the workplace to slander them, harass their colleagues in schools to bully and speak ill of them, visit their husbands and wives and harass them to make them uncomfortable.”

Then the devil said to his human agents and his assistants, “The followers of the other One (Jesus Christ) can close the door to you in many ways, but they won’t stop you from being among their friends and relatives in their proximity.”

Then the devil said to the assistants, “These believers have close friends that they trust and rely upon. But let those who are close to them, let people that they trust betray them by joining their detractors so that they would feel alone, abandoned and rejected.”

Beloved, the devil has charged demons to initiate a smear campaign of defamation against the followers of Jesus Christ. The Bible says everyone who wants to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution. (2 Tim 3:12)



I was with the Archangel Michael hovering the oval auditorium when the devil disclosed a strategy called lack of hygiene. I noticed that the devil was addressing especially to demons and his assistants.

He said to demons, “You shall influence the followers of the other One (Jesus Christ) to have hygiene problems. What is our objective and what do we want to achieve in this strategy? Lack of hygiene will result in believers losing consideration in society. They will lose their personality and they will lose their charms.

Beloved, the devil does not want humans to be resplendent. In this four-month gathering in the second heaven, I noticed that the devil was talking about little details of the everyday life of believers.

The devil said, “I want married women to neglect themselves to ignore their hygiene and to wash only in the evening. They must spend the day in their pajamas. Let them have a puffy face throughout the day like someone who has just woken up. In that way, they would appear less attractive to their husband so that their husband would turn to young girls outside. I want you to cause married women to fail to embellish themselves at home. As a result, they would appear old to their husbands. They won’t look fresh.”

Beloved, the devil wants the married women to neglect their hygiene and their appearance so that they would lose their charm toward their husbands. They would cease to be attractive to their husbands, who in turn will perceive them as old because of the lack of attraction.

In this strategy, I heard the devil saying to the assistants, especially demons, “I want men to find no interest in their wives. I want men to cease to be attracted by their wives at home. Let men perceive their wives as old. Let them be attracted by young women so that they go outside their homes to seek them.”

Then the devil said, “I want men in marriage to wash scarcely and I want them to lose their elegance and charm. I want men to always be in shorts throughout the day so that they can become less attractive and less elegant to their fiancees and their wives. Let many people neglect their hygiene and their appearance so that their bosses and their superiors in society would find no interest in them. As a result, they won’t give them any serious responsibility.”

Beloved, when you can take care of yourself and your appearance, you are projecting an image of responsibility.



Afterward, the devil unveiled a strategy called darkness. He said to the participants, “There is power in darkness and when it is darkness, our power becomes efficient and is maximized. Therefore, you must create darkness because this is the environment where our power is maximized. So when you will work in nightclubs, let there be no light in nightclubs, only dark and red blood color, which means violence and aggression.”

Then the devil pointed to a specific demon in front of the assistants. This demon was dressed in red and black, and his hand was reaching his knees like a gorilla. In fact, in this summit, there were demons of all forms and all shapes.

The devil said to him, “I order you my servant Hariman, everywhere there is darkness you will show up and enter into every house where they are physical darkness. Everywhere there is darkness you will be there and you will blow a bluish smoke on the residents in order to cause sexual urges in them. Be attracted by darkness.”

This demon that was dressed in red and black is begotten by physical darkness. Wherever there is darkness he will be born because the darkness is his father and he functions in dark and red environment.

I was so stunned by this strategy that when the meeting ended in the second heaven, and when I returned to Earth, I was troubled, but then the Lord Jesus Christ appeared to me

And the Lord said, “It is true that this demon is attracted by darkness but in case you have no light in your bedroom, you can declare that you are the light. As a result, when he comes he will see the light despite the fact that there is no physical light in your house. And prayer before sleeping is enough to fend him off.”

Beloved, there are days when the devil comes against believers in order to cause them to fall. He will apply one strategy after another. He will activate one strategy after another until the believer falls.

The devil can deploy all his arsenal in one day against a believer in order to cause him to fall. Because a day in the life of a believer can be a succession of one combat and manipulation after the other.

Praying can become a battle. Coming to church can become a battle. Even the atmosphere at home can reveal a manipulation happening in the unseen realm.

Jesus said, “Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.” (Matthew 26:41). The Apostle Paul says, “Pray without ceasing.” (1 Thessalonians 5:17)

Everywhere there is darkness the demon Hariman will be born. Everywhere there is darkness this demon will beget himself because the darkness is his father.

He only operates in darkness and in red environment. This demonic entity is absolutely dark and he has long hands reaching his knees. He is actually the lord of witchcraft. He is the keeper of satanic prisons in the astral world of witchcraft.

This lord of witchcraft is supported in his rule of the astral world of witches by the demon Lilith, who deals with the executive power of the astral world.

Then the devil ordered the lord of witchcraft Hariman to be present in nightclubs which are supposed to be lightened up in red color.

We must note that the main activity of witches in the astral world is sexual immorality. The lord of witchcraft dwells and is present in every nightclub in order to cause men and women to fall in sexual immorality and the nightclub is a demonic place of manipulation.

People who attend nightclubs are likely to be in a life of sexual immorality. There is sexual manipulation going on in nightclubs perpetrated by this demon. A nightclub is a demonic environment inhabited by the demon of witchcraft. He was also ordered to cause violence in nightclubs. That is why after drinking in a nightclub, the patrons often fight.

By the way, one day I was walking in the street around a bar when I saw two people drinking. When I looked at a glass of beer, I saw the demon of alcoholism that had shrunk himself inside the glass of beer. He was in the shape of a frog. He looked at me and I looked at him. When our eyes met, I felt so bad and so disturbed that I was uncomfortable for many days.

The Lord also showed me the demon of alcoholism, Dionysius, who has slipped into the church and he is causing sexual immorality among pastors through the consumption of wine.

I encountered the demon Dionysius, thanks to the Lord’s visitation.



As the meeting in the second heaven continued, the devil said, “We need articles that will be worked out through which we will perpetrate manipulation in the world.”

Then the devil selected 30 demons and said to them, “You are traveling under the ocean to meet my marine representative. He will give you articles and materials that we will use as a means of destruction and degradation of humanity.”

When the 30 demons left the oval hall in order to journey beneath the water, the Archangel Michael said, “Let us follow them.”

We left the oval hall in the second heaven and we began to travel to the marine kingdom. Then we entered the depth of the oceans beneath the water. We entered the underwater and we landed on the ground.

When the 30 demons landed beneath the ocean, they formed a circle. They held each other’s hand and they began to do incantations. In fact, they were summoning Lucifer’s marine representative.

As a result of their conjuring prayer, a monster appeared. This monster was six meters long. He had the features of a snake and a crocodile. His head was that of a crocodile. His body was that of a snake and his feet were that of a crocodile.

I heard the demons greeting him.

They said, “Salute, great master Leviathan.”

I came to understand that this six meters marine monster was Leviathan.

The monster Leviathan said nothing to these demons. He knew why they were sent by Lucifer and he knew what the devil wanted and he could read the minds of these demons.

Then I saw the marine monster Leviathan gathering the sand beneath the ocean thanks to his tail. Then he spoke an unknown language.

As a result, the oceanic sand turned to cosmetic products. I saw all kinds of makeup and beauty products. Then I saw the marine monster Leviathan the goddess of the sea in the name of Lamatsu to generate beauty and cosmetic products as well.

Then I saw the lady of the sea the siren molding the sand beneath the ocean. As a result, they turned to tea powder. She repeated the process of gathering the sand. Then she spoke an unknown language and she turned the oceanic sand to kaolin (white clay) that pregnant women eat in Africa.

Afterward the goddess of a sea summoned many divas and great ladies of the sea. When these water sirens turned up, they were each given a license for these beauty and cosmetic products. Afterward, they began to gather the cosmetics and beauty products.

Then I saw them printing their faces and their names on these beauty and cosmetic products. Each siren was handed a specific brand of lotion, soap and deodorant and they were printing their names and faces on these products by using their hands.

Dear brothers and sisters, most beauty and cosmetic products are named after water sirens and most of the faces that we see on these products are water siren faces. I noticed that each siren had a license for a specific product.

Then I saw the marine beast Leviathan saying to the 30 demonic entities, “Transport these products to the great master Lucifer back in the firmament.”

These demons returned with tonnes of cosmetic and beauty products designed by the goddess of the sea.

When these 30 demons were transporting these items from the marine world to the second heaven, the Archangel Michael held my hand and we flew back to the oval Auditorium in the second heaven. When we arrived I saw demons deposing these tonnes of cosmetic products in the middle of the oval auditorium which was round.

When the devil saw these products he was happy. In fact, it was the first time for me to see the devil smiling.

Then he said, “The time has come, we will degrade humanity.”

First of all, the devil said to the assistants, “Let my servants engaged as business men and women stand up.”

As a result, I saw in the meeting hall the businessmen and women standing up. I saw enterprise leaders and industries people standing up.

Lucifer said to them, “You are going to sell these products in the four corners of the world. Humans who use them will suffer consequences.”

Then Lucifer stood up and started to curse the cosmetic products, the tea and the kaolin.

Then he said to the enterprise and business leaders, “When you sell these products manufactured by my marine representative, this is what will happen to the consumers. When people use these cosmetic products on Earth, the beauty of my underwater servants the sirens will be printed on their faces. As a result, there will be an escalation of sexual immorality on Earth, especially these rebels who call themselves Christians. They are continuously obstructing us on the earth with their prayers. When they use our products, they will become an ordinary human beings. And through these cosmetic and beauty products, they will fall into sexual immorality and fornication. As the beauty of women on the earth increases, we will make sexual debauchery the first and biggest sin on the earth. We will elevate women’s beauty to a level that they will become irresistible, but women who will use these products will be spiritually masked with an ugly face. As a result, they will lose their natural beauty and attraction, especially in marriage. They will also have skin problems.”

Then the devil began to talk about the tea which was supposed to increase the sexual urges in men and women and cause new growths. He talked about kaolin, which was supposed to cause pregnancy problems.

The devil said, “When women abort or miscarry, wherever the blood or the body of the aborted baby is buried, my servant the siren of the sea will fly over the earth by night and she will take the body of the aborted baby as it is fresh and she will take those bodies underwater.”

“When people go to the mystics and the native doctors to ask for children, we will incarnate my servants the sirens in the bodies of aborted babies and fetus and we will place these babies and fetuses back in women’s wombs. They will give birth to babies that are siren ladies of the sea.”

The devil said, “Women will give birth to babies that are water sirens. These water sirens will grow up among the children of men. They will get married to humans and they will give birth to babies that are hybrid humans and these hybrid children will marry children of men and they will give birth to children that are not ordinary humans. As a consequence, a new race will emerge among humanity. They will not be identified or detected as they look human.”

The Bible says they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men.

Dan 2:43 And whereas thou sawest iron mixed with miry clay, they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men: but they shall not cleave one to another, even as iron is not mixed with clay.



Then the devil unveiled a strategy called masquerade or set up.

He said, “We shall prepare good men and women who are satanic. They will appear as good and beautiful, but they are satanic because they are our agents. We will give our human agents wealth. We shall give them knowledge.”

“In fact, I want our agents to distinguish in the knowledge of different fields of human knowledge. I will send them to the four corners of the earth to acquire knowledge in different fields and different great schools in the world. I want my servants to excel and distinguish themselves in academia. They must be full of knowledge in all sectors and fields of science because we will use scientific knowledge as a weapon.”

“My agent scientists will rise in terms of human and scientific knowledge and they will be respected and they will be perceived as credible, and whatever they say in the scientific community will have weight. Therefore they will set up universities in order to initiate students in spiritism and occultism. Scientific knowledge delivered in these universities will act as a cover.

The real purpose of these academic institutions and the universities is initiation and occultism. Professors of these academic schools will set up secret orders in which students will join. My servant scientists will turn academic environment to places of initiation. Our university professors who are respected will discredit and denigrate the Christian religion.

Beloved, even in theological schools, the devil has sent his servants who are teaching the Bible as a letter without revelation. The devil agents are infiltrating and teaching in universities in order to initiate students. What matters in these institutions is not scientific knowledge but an initiation.



Then the devil announced another strategy called diversion. Then I saw the devil summoning a group of demons in this meeting hall.

He said to them, “This is your assignment. When a believer is making an effort and he is about to break through and to make it, you will discourage him. When believer’s effort is about to produce fruit, you will make sure that he becomes double-minded, uncomfortable and confused so that he would give up. That’s where his efforts will be in vain.”

The devil said, “You will cause the believer who started something to have a second thought and to abandon so that they would not reach his objective.”

Beloved, the Bible says that for it is God who works in you to will and to act in order to fulfill His good purpose, do everything without grumbling or arguing (Phil 2:13-14), but the devil is desperate to divert you from your destination.

The devil said to the demons to cause those who have started something to abandon just when they are about to break through.

The devil gave these demons an example to illustrate what he wanted to tell them.

He said, “We are dealing with a scenario similar to miners who are digging their mines using traditional and modern types of equipment. After deploying a lot of effort, they will get close to a place where there are minerals. That is precisely where you will cause them to abandon. Its when they are close to a breakthrough when they are close to gold and diamond which is not far from them, that’s the moment you will inject in them thoughts of abandoning.”

Beloved, you never give up or stopped until you reach the objective. The closer you get to your blessing, the tougher it will get. That’s when the devil will come after you because he knows that your blessing is there before you.



The devil then unveiled another strategy called cursed.

I heard Lucifer saying, “We will cause Christians to be an offense and an infringement so that they will become cursed. I want believers to be under a curse and to be unaware of the fact that they are under a curse. That way in the spirit world, they will be in agony. As far as I’m concerned, a Christian that is under curse is like a wounded soldier. We have got him.”

Beloved, the devil is working to get believers to be in violation and infringement of God’s law. He wants Christians to break God’s forbidden acts and taboos. That’s where they will be under a curse.

The devil said, “When a Christian is living under a curse, he is like a wounded soldier and even if he engaged just in war, he would not be able to hurt us and defend himself because he is wounded. Let’s work to cause the church to be in breach of violation and infringement of God’s law so that they would be under God’s curse, for it is written, cursed is everyone who does not continue to do everything written in the book of the law. (Deuteronomy 27:26, Galatians 3:10)”

“Let’s cause believers to fail to pay tithes and offerings. That’s where they will be in breach of God’s law and infringement. As a result, God curse will be upon them.”

The devil said, “Let’s cause spiritual incest in the church.”

Actually, when children of God are fornicating among themselves, the devil called that spiritual incest, because as far as he is concerned, they are a family.

The Bible says in Revelation 2:14-16 But I have a few things against you because you have there them that hold the doctrine of Balaam, who taught Balak to cast a stumbling block before the children of Israel, to eat things sacrificed to idols, and to commit fornication. 15 So have you also them that hold the doctrine of the Nicolaitanes, which thing I hate. 16 Repent; or else I will come to you quickly, and will fight against them with the sword of my mouth.



As the meeting continued, I heard Lucifer saying, “I order my servants and agent scientists to come up with new trends, new designs and trends of invention and technological creation that will attract and distract the world.”

The devil said to the scientists, “You will design new fashion clothes, new mobile phones, and new TV sets and different technological instruments. We will use the internet as a tool of enslavement. And thanks to the internet, we will make magic become more accessible to humanity. We will get humans to join magic freely through pop up windows that would bust on their computers.”

The devil said to the assistants, “Our invention will modernize the world. I want the world to advance technologically thanks to our invention and technology. And thanks to our new inventions, we will track and capture the whole of humanity. We must come up with a way of connecting people online in social media so that people would make friendship.”

The devil said, “You must note that the internet means the net. Through the internet, there will be marriage by correspondence and there will be our pornography.”

Then the devil said, “Let my servants and agent female demons in the auditorium to rise up.”

I saw the female demons rising up from their seats. None of them was human.

The devil said to them, “My servants I want to use you. Actually, I need you to do pornography online and promote our sexual practice that is counter nature in the world.”

Beloved, many pornographic actors are male demons and female demons. Many humans doing pornography try to imitate them, but they would never be as effective as those demons in physical bodies.

On the other hand, something happens every time a believer watches pornography. In fact, the moment a Christian is watching pornography, a bell will be ringing in the marine kingdom under surveillance and detection system. The bell will ring to signal the marine kingdom that a Christian is watching pornography.

As a result, the image of this Christian would be displayed in their monitor because pornography is a property of the devil. When a born again touches a property of the devil, there is always an alarm in the marine world that would ring to alert them. As a result, your image will appear on their screen.

In reality, a born again Christian cannot appear in the system and instrument of the kingdom of darkness. Christians are invisible in the system of the devil, but because of sin, like pornography, which is an invitation to female demons of the water world, they end up appearing in this surveillance device of the waterworld. Sin turns Christians to ordinary humans.

I heard the devil saying to female demons in the oval hall, “Whenever a Christian watches pornography, he is inviting you and you will deploy water ladies in their house to be their spiritual wives.”

Then I saw the devil lifting his hand. When he put down his hand a huge screen appeared. This was a tactical screen as the devil was able to write on this screen. He could write and draw with his finger on this screen, and I saw the devil drawing a mobile phone keypad on the tactical screen. I saw the devil adjusting the keys of the mobile phone keypad.

Then he said, “Every time people on the earth press the star key on their mobile keypad we will know their age and when they press hashtag on their phone keypad we will discover their bank account. This will enable us to know whether they are poor or rich. We need precision on people’s status in order to tempt them effectively and accordingly.”

“Once we discover that a man is rich, we will put it in his heart that he does not need God because he is rich. In case the person is poor, we place longing and in satisfaction in him.”


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