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Ron Zaucha: A Vision of Jesus

Ron Zaucha was your all American California boy. By all appearances, his life looked normal. Behind closed doors his life was anything but. “I experienced abuse, physical abuse, verbal abuse. Smacked us around a lot,” Ron tells The 700 Club. The abuser was Ron’s father. “I hated him for it, and I became spiteful to […]

J.L. Simpson: Divorce Almost Ruined This Teen’s Life

“I seen some go to jail. I seen some be murdered. But you know the thinking as a teenager, ‘Not me. That won’t happen to me.’ But everybody says that.” J.L. Simpson had always thought of himself as a good kid. He loved his family and wanted to be just like his dad. “We walked […]

Lee Pilon: A Soul Changing Christmas Eve

This story is not about pain and suffering and it’s not a tragedy. Instead, it’s about an average man who put Sunday football before everything – especially church. Lee Pilon:  I’d get there and I never felt comfortable; I never understood it. Lee Pilon refused to go to church. His wife, Megan, often asked him […]

Why Nabeel Qureshi Questioned His Muslim Faith

Why Muslim Dr. Nabeel Qureshi Converted to Christianity   “It was really something that I had to wrestle with. Because at this point, all the talk about Islam being a religion of peace was being confronted with a very vivid, visual picture of people being murdered in the name of Allah.” Since childhood, Nabeel Qureshi […]

Jeff Myers: A Pornographer’s Redemption

“I was one of the largest producers of online pornography in the country. I had 1.3 million registered images a staggering number, and we had thousands and thousands of hours of video.” Jeff Myers never set out to become a pornographer, but by his late 30s, he was king of an online pornography empire. “My […]

Mike Krieg: Ex-Millionaire Finds True Riches

Millionaire home builder Mike Krieg had it all: the wealth, the toys and the respect of his peers. He lived to make money. It defined him – even, controlled him. “I couldn’t let go of the direction I was headed, getting more money and more money, possessions and things,” Mike said. By age 35, Mike […]