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Atheist told friends to stop praying for her, then Jesus captured her heart

by Michelle Tyer Putti Sok’s parents are both Cambodian, but she was born in Long Beach, Calif., and grew up in Dallas. Despite being raised in the United States, the Cambodian culture still influenced her life. “My identity as a young girl – I saw myself as a Cambodian Buddhist girl,” Sok says. “Why? Because my […]

He missed the ‘Killing Fields’ of Cambodia, found God’s love in America

Raised in a nominally Buddhist family in Cambodia with eight siblings, Sam Prum had only minimal exposure to Christianity through a young missionary who planted seeds in his hometown in 1963. After the Cambodian civil war broke out in 1970, he joined the navy and was one of only four men sent to the U.S. […]

Buddhist parents told daughter she couldn’t attend church, which almost killed her, but Jesus brought rescue

By Mark Ellis Raised in a strict Buddhist family in Chanthaburi, about three hours east of Bangkok, her parents didn’t understand when she became a born again Christian. “My parents brought me to the temple, but I never felt connected to those things,” says Blue Erika Ployamporn. “They prayed in a language I didn’t understand.” […]