By: Moses Lushiku Of Dominican Republic Congo 32


Greeting to you, beloved. It is a pleasure to share with you the reality of the afterlife.

This is an unforgettable experience that is unbelievable but true. The Lord Jesus has granted me to taste death in order to inform the living about the reality of the afterlife.

When I had this divine experience, I found myself before a crossroad where the deceased souls were coming from the four corners of the world. Brother, the dead were coming by the thousands every minute for many are the people who die on the earth in sin.

When I got to this place, the angel of the afterlife asked me, ‘Son of man, how were you born?”

I replied, “I was born from the union of my father and my mother.”

They replied to me, “Since you are born from the union of your father and a mother, you are condemned. No one can see the kingdom of God unless he is born again. No one can enter the kingdom of God unless he is born of water and the Spirit.” (John 3:5)

It was then I was sent to the left direction leading to the Abode of the Dead where I saw the realities of hell. I was led to the deepest part of the abode of the dead, where I saw lost souls. Among them was my father.



After visiting the abode of the dead, I was led by a powerful wind to a valley beyond the abode of the dead and I landed on that valley. When I looked down the valley I saw like a sea of water flowing. This huge water was falling in the valley,

The angel of God asked me, “What do you see?”

I replied, “I can see water coming from the side of the valley and falling down the valley to a huge sea as far as the eye can see.”

The angel said to me, “Look carefully.”

When I looked again, all I could see was water falling from the valley.

Quickly, the angel held my hand. We flew around the deepest part of the abode of the dead and we landed closer in this valley. I felt the steam coming from the water as if it was heated beyond 200 degrees. I was like, suffocated.

When we landed, the angel said to me, “Look again.”

When I looked at this sea of water, I realized that it was not water but molten steel.

The Angel of the Lord said to me, “You heard about the lake of fire. This is it. It is molten steel.”

I saw that it had reached such a hot temperature that it was no longer orange but white. I came to understand why the Bible call it the lake of fire.

The Angel of the Lord asked me, “How many people are in the lake of fire?”

I replied, “I see no one inside the lake of fire.”

The angel said, “There is no one in the lake of fire but the people you saw in the abode of the dead will be thrown in the lake of fire. You’re going to tell the world not to come here for this place is final.”

The angel insisted and said, “Tell the people of the world not to come here.”

Then the angel of the Lord said, “The devil and reapers are working to precipitate humanity to the lake of fire.”



The angel said, “I will show you what the reapers who are the enemy of life are doing in order to precipitate the majority of humanity to this place called the lake of fire. There is no one in the lake of fire for the White Throne Judgment has to take place first.”

Immediately, the angel held my right hand and led me out of hell through the gate. And quickly we emerged above the capital of Congo. I saw that we were flying over the great avenue of the capital, precisely the Boulevard Lumumba.

I was curious to know what the enemies of life do to cause the majority of humanity to fall in hell. And I wondered who are the enemies of life.

Suddenly I saw unclean spirits. They were in great number in the boulevard and I saw that they were holding stings and they were dressed in black cassocks.

I said, “We always walk in this boulevard but we are unable to see these spirits.”

I came to understand that our enemy is invisible. People do not have spiritual eyes to see them yet they are there working so that the majority of humanity would go to hell.

I noticed that the majority of these unclean spirits were dressed like Ninja. I was curious to know what these spirits are doing along the boulevard.

The angels said, “These demons are everywhere in the world. They are mostly in public places.”

The angel told me, “You can see that they are holding stings in their hands. You have surely heard about the sting of death in the Scripture. This is it.”

1 Corinthians 15:56 The sting of death is sin, and the strength of sin is the law.

The purpose of these stings of death is to inflict death on the victims. I will talk to you about some aspects of death and what the devil does to cause the majority to fall into hell.

We were moving in the city when I saw these unclean spirits stabbing the innocent people among the masses with their stings of death.

I saw demon-reapers stabbing people among the crowd on their back around their shoulders. I saw that when these innocent people were stabbed with the stings of death, these demons were not removing the stings of death from their bodies after stabbing them. These victims moved and continued their way with the stings of death stuck in their bodies.

I also noticed that whenever people were stabbed with the stings of death, they were reacting in a strange way.

I saw a young lady in the boulevard when she was stabbed with a sting of death by a reaper. Immediately she opened her bag and she took out her iPhone. Immediately she made a call.

I wondered why when she was stabbed, she opened her bag and pulled out her phone. I saw the lady calling someone on the phone.

She said to the man she was talking to, “I have changed my mind now. I accept your offer that I had refused the last time.”

I came to understand the woman changed her mind about this man who asked her to be her girlfriend. This change of mind happened as a result of the sting of death that was stabbed on her back.

I understood when the Bible says let your yes remain yes.

Jas 5:12 ERV My brothers and sisters, it is very important that you not use an oath when you make a promise. Don’t use the name of heaven, earth, or anything else to prove what you say. When you mean yes, say only “yes.” When you mean no, say only “no.” Do this so that you will not be judged guilty.

The angel explained to me that this lady was refusing some proposals made by a man. She had refused this man’s advances. But as soon as the arrow of death pierced her body, she changed her mind and accepted the man’s proposal and they agreed to meet at a hotel in our borough.

I followed this lady as she went to this hotel in my quarter where she met the man who told her on the phone to meet and they had sex.

The angel told me, “Today the young lady will contract HIV AIDS from that man. This is because of the sting of death.”

I was in pain to see that the lady had earlier refused this man but because of the sting of death, she came under manipulation.

Whenever I passed around the streets of this hotel in my area, I remember this incident. It’s painful. I came to understand that death is a process, and many are to die soon, but they think they have life before them, yet they have the sting of death on their body.

The angel explained to me that the demon of death will only withdraw this sting of death from the body of this lady on the day she will die. For the sting of death is supposed to fulfill its purpose. It is a controlling power. The demon controls his sting that has an impact on the life of the victim.

When we returned to the national boulevard, I saw the spirits of death stabbing motorbike drivers and car drivers. As soon as a driver or motorbike driver was stabbed with the sting of death, they became impulsive, reckless and uncontrolled in the manner of driving. They were even stepping on the accelerators and increasing the speed.

The angel said, “This is the work of the enemy of life. This is what they do to cause accidents and death. The objective of the devil is that people die before time. To die before time is to die before receiving the Lord Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.”

I was troubled for I used to think that the devil attacks only God’s people but I learned that even unbelievers are targeted. When a man is an unbeliever, the objective of the devil is to ensure that the person dies before knowing the Lord for in Jesus there is divine protection.

We are talking about demons, the enemies of men. Their purpose is to prevent humanity from entering the glory of heaven. They work to get humans to die in sin so that they can join them in the lake of fire.

Whenever a man is stabbed with the sting of death, he is driven to uncontrolled actions such as violence, debauchery and so on. Like a person who has lost his memory, he would not understand that his action has come under manipulation that was to lead to death.

People would not know that they were stabbed with the sting of death and when they die, the demon owner of the sting would come to pull out his sting on the day of mourning.

There are two things that happen on the day of the burial. First, the reaper of death will come to withdraw the sting of death with the intent of stabbing another innocent among the people attending the funeral. Second, since the sting has achieved its purpose of causing the victim to die in sin, the next target must be identified there in the funeral. Any man attending the funeral can be stabbed with the sting of death by the reapers, the enemies of life.

One day, I remember there was a funeral at my neighbor’s house, and I decided to attend in order to console them. I assisted my neighbor and supported them. I failed to realize that the spirit of death was in the funeral in order to pull out the sting of death from the body of the victim and select another victim in order to stab him.

After attending the funeral, I went back home late in the night to sleep.

Minutes after sleeping, I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Moses, wake up! You are under attack.”

When I stood up from the bed, it was actually my spirit that stood up from my body.

I saw the late woman that I left in the coffin at the funeral. She came with demons and they were there in my compound.

In truth, these demons brought the soul of the late woman to stab me and enter my body so that what led her to death will happen to me. I noticed that my deceased neighbor was dressed in red.

When she landed in my room with these demons, she was instructed to undress by demons who were controlling her for the spirits of men are nowadays used by the enemy in this end time.

The late woman came to my place in order to enter inside my body, yet her body was in the coffin. It was a mystery for me because she was in my room talking and moving yet her body was in the coffin.

I came to understand that evil familiar spirits can disguise and masquerade themselves as humans. They can fake the voice or image of a dead person. But I also came to understand that demon-reapers can force the souls of the deceased to attack or enter the living people to carry out their diabolical plans.

Leviticus 19:31 Regard not them that have familiar spirits, neither seek after wizards, to be defiled by them: I am the LORD your God.

These forces were in my room when suddenly the Lord woke me up and I saw them.

The Lord took me and I began to fly in space at great speed. When I looked back, I saw that they were following me. I was flying at such speed that they gave up flying after me.

The late woman returned to my bedroom to get her clothes and then they went back to the funeral in order to stab their next victim.

When I woke up from the sleep, I remember the word of the Lord in Luke 9:60, “Let the dead bury their dead.”

We are not supposed to attend all the funerals especially those of unbelievers for in case they died because of the sting of death, the demon-reaper would come to withdraw his sting from the victim body in order to stab another victim.

Then the angel of the Lord took me to the mortuary to show me the activity of the demon-reapers. When we got to the mortuary, I saw many shelves with corpses of the dead. And besides these corpses on the shelves, I saw the souls of the dead. They were hanging around their bodies and they were supposed to follow their bodies until the day of burial.

I can describe the souls of men as bluish. They seem like bubbles that children play with and they seem flexible. These deceased souls had not yet gone to the abode of the deads.

The angel said, “These souls are people who have died in their sin. They are waiting for their burial and they are supposed to follow their bodies wherever it is taken until it is buried.”

However, as we were in the mortuary, I saw doctors that were occultists. One of them did magic prayer and captured some of these souls and integrated them into his body in order to use their potential and intelligence. An occultist doctor can capture the souls of five victims in order to maximize his medical ability and also his credibility.

I also saw reapers capturing these souls and introducing them to people’s bodies. The angel revealed to me that victims of witchcraft get captured by doctors in hospitals and that many doctors are in witchcraft.

Whenever people come to hospitals with a sickness of mystical origin, doctors aren’t bothered because medical treatment would not be able to do anything to heal them.

Then the angel told me, “In your Law, the scripture, it is written that John the Baptist had the spirit of Elijah and Jesus had the spirit of Moses. And the devil has copied this system.”

Matthew 11:13 For all the prophets and the Law prophesied until John. 14 And if you care to accept it, he himself is Elijah, who was to come.

Deuteronomy 18:18 I will raise them up a Prophet from among their brethren, like unto thee, and will put my words in his mouth; and he shall speak unto them all that I shall command him.

Brother, I want to open a parenthesis. One day I was attending a prayer service. Immediately the Lord transported my spirit in a place called the workshop of God. I was told that whenever a baby is to be born, the Lord would bring him to this place called the workshop of God in order to give him a shape. I was made to know that human spirits that were to be born were shaped and built according to the shape and model of Hebrew patriarchs and heroes of the Old Testament, such as Moses, Elijah, David, Daniel, Joseph. Since these people are no longer operational on the earth, the Lord wants His servants that are to be born to continue what they have started.

I will take time to talk about this revelation and I will tell the feature and model of the prophet God used in order to design my spirit for God has incarnated features and characteristics of saints of the Old Testament in saints that are to be born on the earth so that they can continue what these prophets began.

[This is corroborated by the testimony of Jesus Verastegui.

Immediately the Lord God laid His hand on my shoulder and said to me, “Jesus, you were born with a purpose. When I look at you I see the spirit of Jeremiah in you. You look exactly like him. You were chosen like him before you were born. I have established you so that you may see things to come so that you may be a witness. You will see what will happen at the end of the world so that you may be a witness of the end time. You are going to see the end of everything.”]

Likewise, the dark world of Satan captures the souls of dead people who are fornicators, murderers, and witches, and they will introduce their spirits in the body of an innocent so that they will influence the innocent in fornication, witchcraft, and murder. The souls of the dead are important for the enemy. That is why they send the spirit of the late woman to try and enter my body.



Then the angel of the Lord held my hand and we took a speedy flight to ancient Egypt. We landed around many pyramids and the angel pointed to one of them and we entered inside that pyramid. We did not need the gate in order to enter.

The angel said to me, “I want to show an aspect of death. You got to see the organization of the enemy of life that is causing many to die and go to hell.”

Inside the pyramid, I saw many corpses of ancient Pharaohs. They were mummified in their bodies. They did not rot and did not return to the ground.

The angel said, “We are in ancient Egypt and it is here that necromancy began.”

The angel told me, “Do you see what the ancient Egyptians have done with their kings? They were buried with the bodies of their kings. This is a form of magic called necromancy, the invocation of the dead. They wanted to defy the Word of God that says in Genesis 3:19, for you are dust and you shall return to dust. Thus they mummified the Pharaohs so that their bodies won’t return to dust. As long as their bodies do not return to dust there was the possibility of invoking them and entering into contact with them.”

The angel explained that the Pharaohs were buried in the pyramid with many slaves and their bodies were mummified so that the country of Egypt can get in touch with their spirits that stay in the land instead of going to the abode of the dead. Their bodies were prevented from returning to the dust by mummification, opposing the decree of the Lord. That way the spirits of the Pharaoh will remain on the surface for once the bodies are buried, their souls could not stay on the surface of the earth.

The angel explained that the mummification of Pharaohs enables their spirits to wander the land of Egypt instead of going to the abode of the dead. That way they were invoked by the people in the practice of necromancy. It is in ancient Egypt that necromancy began. People were summoning Pharaohs for their spirits were operational on the surface of the earth even after their death.

The angel pointed to the body of a Pharaoh and said, “Given that this Pharaoh body did not return to the ground, he is still operational in the present world as a human spirit.”

Isaiah 19:1 The burden of Egypt. Behold, the LORD rideth upon a swift cloud, and shall come into Egypt: and the idols of Egypt shall be moved at his presence, and the heart of Egypt shall melt in the midst of it.

Since the spirits of the Pharaohs were operational and wandering the earth many years after death, the Lord was coming to capture their spirits to transport them to the abode of the dead. The Lord rides on a swift cloud. He is coming to Egypt, the idols of Egypt will tremble before Him.

As long as the bodies of the Pharaohs were mummified, their souls would not go to the abode of the dead. They will wander the earth. Thus God was coming to Egypt to capture the spirits of Pharaoh and lead them to the abode of the dead.

The Angel of the Lord explained to me that the demon-reapers, the spirits of death have caused the country of America to enter into a covenant with ancient Egypt. As a result, the elite of America had placed the pyramid on the dollar bill. The Latin words around the pyramid in the dollar bill reveal the Vatican as part of this covenant. In truth, this is a form of magic called Trimostie. It is a triangular magic that goes from Egypt to the Vatican and to America.

I saw that the dollar bill had green color and the angel said, “It is the color of seduction and the word “Dollar” is drawn from the word “Valley.” ”

The presence of the pyramid in the dollar bill is a pact which the American elite has signed in order to possess the license to take over from the ancient Egypt that was the superpower in ancient times.

The angel said to me, “Do you know the purpose of this pact between America and ancient Egypt? On one hand, America was supposed to become a superpower like ancient Egypt. On the other hand, the Pharaoh was supposed to rule from America.”

The angel said, “When the army of the Pharaoh followed the children of Israel in the Red Sea, they were submerged in the sea. Pharaoh lost his army and he got bitter and angry against the God of Israel. This was the beginning of Pharaohs’ anger against the God of Israel and the children of Israel. The Pharaohs went on to learn the technique and mystery behind mummification.”

The Angel of the Lord revealed to me that when the Pharaoh lost his army in the Red Sea, he swore revenge against God’s people. And when he died, his body was mummified and his spirit went to war against the children of Israel and the God of Israel.

The Angel of the Lord told me, “The spirits of Pharaohs went to war against the children of Israel, and when the American elite had signed a pact with the gods of ancient Egypt, the spirits of ancient Pharaohs that are operational and wandering the earth were inserted in the American dollar bill through the pyramid and the Eye of Horus. This is the War of the Pharaohs against the spiritual Israel, which is the Church which began with the defeat of the Pharaoh’s army in the Red Sea.”

The Pharaohs are in a spiritual war against the followers of the God of Israel. Wherever the dollar bill is in circulation, it is carrying the power of ancient Pharaohs against the children of the God of Israel. The ancient Egyptians mummified their Pharaohs so that the spirits of the Pharaohs can follow the children of Israel and fight them.

The Dark World caused America to enter in covenant with ancient Egypt through magic so that the spirits of mummified Pharaohs that have been fighting the children of Israel will dwell in the dollar bill and the Vatican and continue the battle against the nation of Israel and the Church of Jesus.

There are Latin words on the dollar bill. “Annuit Coeptis” means “He favors our undertaking,” and “Novus ordo seclorum” means “New order of the ages.” These Latin words are the invisible link to the Vatican.

Therefore, we must be careful with money. There is power in the money especially the dollar bill. Money must not become the center of our doctrine.


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