By: Jonas Lukuntu Mpala

This testimony is the 13th part in a series of thirteen.




Your Excellencies, dear Presidents, as you just read in this testimony, things are not really as you think. The reality of life has been hidden from you by the devil and by your various spiritual counselors.

If in your ignorance, you sold your different countries to Satan so that you can stay in power as long as possible, after what you have just read, you must now realize that it is a big mistake that you had made.

Time has come, Your Excellencies, dear Presidents, that the truth is revealed to you for your own good and for that of the people under you. It is necessary and urgent that you understand the notion of eternal life while there is still time. Life does not end after death. On the contrary, it is after death that real life starts, that is eternal life. Every man will live eternally in one of the two places prepared for this purpose. Those two places are Heaven and Hell. Every man is bound to make one of those two choices because there is no third choice.

You have just read, certainly with a big surprise and maybe with a little skepticism too, the case of your ex-counterpart Mobutu Sese Seko Kuku Ngbendu wa Za Banga who, I am not teaching you anything, reigned over Zaïre like a god. He was a well-respected man who was very proud of his power. He was so proud that he told everyone, I quote: “In my lifetime one will never speak of ex-President Mobutu.” To secure such a reign, and to dominate his people without anxiety as he did for thirty-two years, he had to sell his country to Lucifer through pacts and sacrifices of all kinds.

The end, your Excellencies, dear Presidents, you know it. He is actually in an indescribable torment in Hell. He is being tortured by this same Lucifer on whom he counted and to whom he had offered, free of charge, his country and the life of some seventy millions Zaïreans.

You also have the case of General Gnassingbé Eyadéma who reigned as a god over Togo for 38 years. The numerous human sacrifices he had made to Lucifer had earned him an “honorable” place before him. Satan had so reassured him of another reign with him after his death that he ended up believing it. He believed in it so much so that he was going towards death believing that he would still have power over all that would happen after him. With this conviction, before he died, he had his Generals swear, under penalty, that they would install his son in power. Once he died, he had the most unpleasant surprise of his life. He who believed that Lucifer would welcome him with honors, as one does for a good and faithful servant, found himself chained by this same Lucifer and subjected to the kind of tortures that he himself, during his 38 years of power, did not inflict on his victims.

And his generals, in their ignorance, are still captives of the lie of Satan. They still believe that their king will certainly punish them if they do not do what he had asked them to do before he died and if they do not keep the promise he had them make, until the end.

Your Excellencies, dear Presidents, let me give you another example. It is the case of your ex-counterpart El Hadj Omar Bongo Ondimba. In his ignorance, like you, he believed that one could put his trust in Satan. He sold his country to Satan in exchange for power. He reigned with absolute authority for 42 years over Gabon. A reign too long for those who, in his country, was wallowing in misery, but a reign which, after all, came to an end. As you all know, in his lifetime he was very respected and very influential. The great master of his Masonic lodge and with a sufficiently high power, he did not suspect anything.

Now he is in Hell being cruelly tortured by Lucifer whom he had faithfully served through freemasonry and to whom he gave everything on earth. It is now that he realizes that he had made a great mistake. My wish, while sending you this message, your Excellencies, dear Presidents, is to make you avoid this kind of inconvenience as soon as you leave this earth. The end is near.

Your Excellencies, dear Presidents, these three examples are enough to draw your attention to the danger which awaits you in the next days if by misfortune you leave the earth as your counterparts mentioned above, that is, without reconciling with God, through Jesus Christ.

You will surely wonder whether it is still possible to free yourselves from the pact you signed with Lucifer and be forgiven after all the abominations you got involved in. The answer that I am about to give you will surprise you. Jesus Christ is ready to forgive all your misdeeds, all your crimes, even the ones you find shameful to mention because they are really disgraceful. Jesus Christ is ready to forgive all the numerous human sacrifices that you have made, just as He forgave the author of this testimony.

The trap into which you should certainly not fall, Excellencies, dear Presidents, is that of believing the lie that Satan will try to tell you after you have read this message. He will certainly remind you that the pact you have signed with him is irrevocable and that if you try to back out you will die. This is not true. If you decide to free yourselves from the bondage of Lucifer and renounce any pact signed with him through the different esoteric and other lodges, you only have to call on Jesus Christ and choose true repentance, and Satan will no longer have power over you. All you have to do is to follow the example of Jonas whose testimony you have just read. He was even greater than some of you in the world of Satan, yet he managed to free himself from the occult world, by relying on Jesus Christ. Some of you must even have met him in the Satanic world.

And if you choose to free yourselves from the bondage of Satan and escape the humiliation he is currently preparing for you when you leave the earth, we are ready to support and help you. The Bible tells us in Acts 4:12 that: “Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to mankind by which we must be saved.” It is through Jesus Christ, and Jesus Christ alone, that salvation is possible. And no power is equal to that of Jesus Christ. The Bible also tells us in Philippians 2:9-11 that: “Therefore God exalted him to the highest place and gave him the name that is above every name, that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and every tongue acknowledge that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.”

Excellencies, dear Presidents, if you wish to leave the earth as ruler and enter into another kingdom where you will able to reign, it is only in Jesus Christ that this is possible. An everlasting kingdom awaits us with Jesus Christ. If you do not seize the hand of God stretched out to you to free yourselves from the bondage of Lucifer, it is still him, Lucifer, that in the coming days, will dispossess you of any dignity, and will torture you regardless of the title you had on earth. Excellencies, dear Presidents, you agree with me that leaving the honors of the Presidency, to suddenly find yourselves in chains like a common dog, and be tortured as the last of brigands, for the whole eternity is not what a normal man could desire. And I do not wish you that. For this reason, Excellencies, dear Presidents, I have taken the risk of sending you this message. It is up to you to ensure that something like this does not happen. There is only one thing you should do: Renounce your master Lucifer now and accept the Master Jesus Christ who is the Almighty God.

Therefore, we encourage you, Excellencies, dear Presidents, to make the right choice while there is still time. Do not forget that our days are numbered on this earth. We will all leave this earth, one way or the other, and at any time.

May the grace of Jesus Christ, the only true Master, be with you!


Dear Servants of God, if I had to talk about Salvation, about Heaven or Hell, it would no longer be to you, because you know and understand these things well. My desire while sending you this message is to awaken your mind in relation to the terms of the warfare in which we are engaged.

We are all on our way to eternity, with the possibility of going either to Heaven or to Hell. The road to Heaven, like any other road, has its signs and its markers. And all those who want to use this road with the intention of arriving at the destination must absolutely respect its code. If the terms Heaven, Hell, Salvation, and others are well known to you, it is their meaning which often eludes you. Hence the importance of my message.

You have just read in this testimony that there are many in Hell who on earth bore the title that you and I bear today, that of the servant of God. Presently they are in eternal torment. Should we continue on our way blindly as if nothing had happened? No beloved! It is high time we made sure that the rules of the road on which we are, are well respected. It is high time we took God seriously.

All those servants of God who are currently in Hell enduring Lucifer’s vengeance also knew the terms Heaven, Hell, Salvation, and others. They even believed they understood their meaning. But their presence in Hell is for us a proof that they were wrong. Like some of you, some of them had made pacts with Lucifer as you have just read in this testimony and thought they could mock God with impunity. Some chose to distance themselves from the abominable pacts with Satan and even forcefully denounced their colleagues who, in their opinion, had gone too far into prostitution. But they did not know that the simple fact of not signing pacts with Lucifer was not enough to escape Hell. They did not know that in order to enter Heaven, one must scrupulously observe the Highway Code of Heaven. Unfortunately, it is too late for them, but not too late for you. You can still repent, and I encourage you to do so.

I, therefore, invite you to repent and return quickly to the sound doctrine of our Lord and only Master Jesus Christ, in order to wage the warfare that awaits you. If I chose to speak to you (African Servants of God) in particular, this is because of the warfare’s burden on you and your countries. Your Presidents have in their ignorance sold your countries to Lucifer through pacts of all kinds. You and you alone can break these covenants in the name of Jesus Christ, and reclaim your countries. While we pray that God gives grace to these Presidents to repent and set themselves free from these covenants, you must get organized to fight in fasting and prayer, and repossess your countries from the hands of Satan. And in order to do that, you yourself need to be reconciled with God, to engage in a real life of sanctification, away from all uncleanness and all greed, to be able to wage this warfare successfully.


I ultimately appeal to all of you who are still in witchcraft. You have just read the testimony of Jonas. As you can see for yourself, this man really served Satan. He committed many crimes, caused great harm, and got involved in so many abominations that humanly speaking, forgiveness would never have been granted to him. Nevertheless, Jesus accepted his repentance, forgave him, and delivered him. Jesus Christ is willing to do for you what He has done for him.

I know that many of you are already convinced that it is too late to repent, or it is impossible for them to break the pact they signed with Satan. Let me reassure you that this is just a lie of the devil. While you are still alive, repentance is always possible, God’s forgiveness is always possible, and deliverance is still possible. All you need is to choose with an honest heart to flee from Satan and completely break with his world, and to seek deliverance with all your heart. The example of Jonas is there to convince you. To obtain deliverance, this man has desired and sought it. Deliverance did not come to find him in his house. He sought God’s forgiveness as a greedy man seeks money. He sought and looked for God’s forgiveness with all his heart. He was ready to pay any price to obtain deliverance. For that, he took the risk of telling the truth.

Yes! He took the risk of telling the truth, he had no fear of the consequences, he forgot about shame and cared less about what people would say. He did not confess his sins partly, he did not deceitfully confess his sins. He honestly and sincerely did it. You know the result. He obtained God’s grace and mercy. This example helps you to understand that all of you who stay in witchcraft because you believe that there is nothing else to be done, are wrong. You are mistaken. You are falling into the trap of Satan. Jesus Christ promises forgiveness and deliverance if you seek repentance with an honest and sincere heart. Those who seek God with all their heart find Him. I have always told you that it is not a man who delivers, but it is God who delivers. This means that even if a man could choose not to deliver you because he doubts you, God who knows that you are honest and sincere, if you really are, will deliver you, with or without the will of that man. Therefore, stop deceiving yourself, and seek true repentance.

I know there are some who, despite everything, will harden their heart. There are those who will hide behind the unconscious sorcery, and give the impression of not knowing anything about witchcraft practice. In any case, you now understand very well the consequences of your obstinacy. You are now well aware of what awaits you if death surprises you in your present state.

In the meantime, I still appeal to you. The Lord Jesus is still reaching out to you. And I am at His disposal, and at your disposal, ready to do what He asks me to do, and willing to help those of you who are committed to take this last opportunity and break your covenant with Satan.

May the grace of Jesus Christ, the only true Master be with you!


Beloved, I did not cease in my teachings to remind you that having abandoned sound doctrine gave free access to Satan in the Church. While going through the testimony of Jonas, you realize that all the doors through which Satan and his agents pass to succeed in their missions in churches, come from the abandonment of sound doctrine, as Lucifer himself told them: “If Children of God abide in God’s Word, they will easily avoid my traps.” Let me give you some examples:

One of the missions of the agents of Satan in the Church is to create dullness during offerings and tithes. If pastors observed the sound doctrine, there would not even have a moment called “moment of tithes and offerings.”

In his testimony, he mentioned the case of a sister who went to present him to the leaders of her church as his fiancé. This is a deviation from the sound doctrine. You can revisit the teaching on marriage that I put at your disposal.

He spoke about all those pastors and intercessors who tried to lay hands on him but ended up on the floor. It is still a deviation from the sound doctrine. We do not lay hands on people hastily and without discernment.

He spoke of the demons that often work in choirs and praise and worship groups, and that mostly use choir members. If pastors had remained in the sound doctrine, these things would not have existed. Therefore, Satan and his agents would have nothing to cling to. It is because of the false doctrine that people are given the opportunity to sing in order to be admired. Note that if you abandon the Word of God, you will pay the price.

For you pastors and servants of God who turned away from the sound doctrine out of ignorance, repent, and return to the sound doctrine while there is still time, in order to close all those doors to Satan and his agents.

And you Children of God who are still in such Churches where teachings are not biblical, if your pastors are not willing to repent and return to the sound doctrine, know that they are part of those agents of Lucifer who disguise themselves as servants of God, to destroy the people of God. Quickly come out of those churches, if you value your salvation. Know that no true servant of God can willingly remain in the false gospel.

If you are in churches with useless pastors like those Jonas has described in his testimony, come out of there quickly. It is not in churches controlled and directed by Lucifer that you can progress.


Speaking of the ancestor’s worship, Jonas in his testimony spoke of tribalism among others, by revealing that Lucifer spoke to them about it as being the ancestor’s worship in the Church. In this regard I would like to give you another element of this point: It is about racism in the Church. You find so-called Christians who are so racist that even the title of Pentecostal or evangelical Christians they have makes no difference. Of this number are many so-called pastors. Let me share this testimony with you.

I was invited to give a lecture in the South of France, in a city which I prefer not to mention. The time I spent in the midst of those pastors and brothers was rich in discoveries, and I would like to share one of them with you. To show me how much racism gnawed churches in France, pastors told me of a church in the area called “Church of Africans”. This so-called church of Africans was a church with a dozen members. All were white, and there were all in all one African in that church.

You will certainly ask yourself, as I did, that why can a church of dozens of people be called “Africans’ Church” when there is only one black in the church. The pastors gave me the answer. It turns out that the only black in the church was the pastor. And amazingly, the pastor of that church was married. So if I tell you that there were all in all one black in the church, you can guess the rest.

And who are those who call this church “Church of Africans”? There are the other pastors in the area. Hallelujah! This is what the Church of Jesus Christ has become. These are people who call themselves Christians and pastors who claim to be serving God and would even be waiting for the return of Jesus. This is just sad! You can understand how far seduction has gone. Lucifer is indeed sitting on churches.


Jonas in his testimony warned us against wrestling, laying bare all the cunning of Satan hidden behind it. I want to tell you that if he only spoke about wrestling, it is not because other sports are pure. It is simply because he was a former wrestler, and it is the sport he had practiced and known better. Know that other sports area are as Satanic as wrestling, and if you value your salvation, you must flee from them now, and take refuge in Jesus Christ.

Grace be with you all who have Jesus Christ as Master!



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