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A Gate of Hell – Queen E. Dixon

March 25th, 2007,on a sunny Saturday afternoon at 2:35 PM, I came home from helping a friend and lay down to take a nap. All of a sudden, the right side of my bed started to roll like a wave of water as I was laying on the left side of my bed. I did […]

6 Messages to the Church

Miraculous Healing and Divine Invitation to Heaven by: Pastor Brani Duyon  Introduction:  In May 2006, a servant of God was brought to Heaven to meet with the Lord Jesus and receive a revelation of 6 messages.  Brani Duyon @ Efendie, age 52, a Dusun ethnicity.  He serves in the Borneo Evangelic Church, Kota Belud, Sabah (in […]

Revelations of Heaven – 7 Colombian Youths

Revelation of Heaven by 7 Colombian Youths – Heaven Testimonies     — (1st Testimony, Esau) — We were in the room, when we had the first experience. The room started to fill again with a light from the presence of the Lord. It was so powerful that it lit up the entire room. The […]

Prophetic Word for 2015! (by Tina M Moore)

“He said, “Listen to My words: “When there is a prophet among you, I, The Lord, reveal Myself to them in visions, I speak to them in dreams”   Numbers 12:6. We are in a time where there is going to be many, unexplained things taking place.  There will be unexplainable disappearances taking place.  People […]

Jesus – Get me out of this Hell! By Linda Laine

PROOF THAT JESUS CHRIST TRANSFORMS LIVES! (Linda Laine)   The home I grew up in was very chaotic. All my life I just wanted a family, a safe place to belong and be loved. My dad often abandoned the family leaving my mom to raise three daughters. When he was home I was constantly being […]

I was dead in 4 hours -By Theo Nez

Hello dear brothers and sisters. My name is Theo Nez and I live in Farmington New Mexico. Today I like to share with you my testimony, about how God did a wonderful miraculous thing for me and my family. He brought His precious salvation into our home. In 1995, I was a wild person. I […]

Revelations of Hell – 7 Colombian Youths

Revelation of Hell by 7 Colombian Youths – Hell Testimonies   1st Testimony “There was a rich man that dressed in purple and fine linen, who enjoyed luxurious living every day.  In front of his gate a beggar named Lazarus was placed, covered with sores, and hungering to be fed crumbs that fell from the […]

Vision of Pastors and Christians in HELL – by Ps Yong Doo Kim

Vision of Pastors and Christians in HELL A shocking vision of Pastors, Pastors wives, Deacons and Christians in Hell testified by Pastor Yong Doo Kim from The Lord’s Church in South Korea. Pastor Kim has been shown visions of Heaven and Hell and been granted encounters with Jesus Christ and told to give testimony that […]

Visions of Heaven and Hell -by John Bunyan

Visions of Heaven and Hell – John Bunyan (Heaven and Hell Testimony) John Bunyan was a 17th century English preacher who spent twelve years in prison for his Christian faith and wrote over 40 books. His best known writing is Pilgrim’s Progress, one of the most famous and popular books in all of world history. […]

5 MINUTES IN HELL -2nd Testimony by Melea -Philippines

This is the testimony of my second vision encounter with the Lord in January 2015 – by Melea, 21yrs old from the Quezon City, Philippines. I can still remember the very details of the scene, I already published a Tagalog version of this but this one is more detailed. It was a time when I […]