One of the angels asked him what church he was going to, and he said he went to the Catholic Church. The angel told him, “The Catholic church is not from God. It is from man, and the leader is Satan, the beast.” Gabriel was angry and said, “That’s what people are saying about us, and you also as angels are saying the same thing. Why? If you are really an angel of God, why are you saying that Catholic is a Satanic church.”

They told him, “Look! Inside the Catholic church, the church that you are saying is the Church of God!” And they showed him in the spirit so that he could see the church clearly as it really is. It was stinking inside the church like a garbage truck. It was stinking and he was closing his nose. And one of the angels told him not to close his nose. He said, “Why are you closing your nose? You are a sinner, and you know that you are a sinner. And God who is holy, holy, holy — can this God come into this church that you are seeing and saying is from God. Are you sure?” There were snakes, big monkeys, and different animals.

And he saw the so-called holy water, which was stinking. They told him this water was the blood of dead people, which they were using to make the sign of the cross when they enter the church. There were worms everywhere, insects, and dirt. Under the altar, they buried human skulls, bones, and human excrement. The place where they were putting the sacraments, the sacraments were a big idol. And people were coming there to worship and bow down to the idol. Demons were filling the air and they were happy.

Gabriel was surprised, and he asked, “Is this a Catholic Church?” They said, “Look, you are saying the church is from God. Is Catholicism really from God?” It was terrible. Gabriel was afraid and angry. These things were like garbage. The Catholic Church is like ancient garbage. It was stinking, and he was closing his nose. The angel told him, “You said this church is from God. Look, if that church is from God, can they bury the skull and bones of a man under a church, which is the Church of the Lord. When Jesus died He arose!”

Now Gabriel feels that no matter what anyone says in an attempt to promote the Catholic Church so you will enter and not come out again, he will not believe him. One of the angels told him, “If we go to someplace now if you believe or not, we’ll know.”



And they showed him all the churches of Togo and it was smelly garbage. He was thinking it was just the Catholic Church that was like that, but all the churches are toilets. They are stinking. They showed him a church, where they took a woman who was nine months pregnant and buried her alive inside the church so that she died. The demons chained the people who entered that church so that it was not possible for them to ever come out again. They would only praise the pastor and say, “Miracle, miracle, miracle!” And God is looking at all those things.



Gabriel was very angry and in pain. He was suffering inside. But the angels told him to keep looking. And they showed him three demons, which were terrible. They are ugly and they have no pity. There was one demon on air, one on the sea, and one on earth. The angels said that all the churches of Togo are under the control of those demons, except for the eight pastors he saw and the seven people.


These demons have chained all the Togolese people and all of them are worshiping them. The angels showed him a hotel in the center of a particular city in Togo, where there were lots of women. He said, “If you dream that somebody is sleeping with you, it’s those demons. If one of those demons sleeps with you, it’s finished for you. You cannot get married, even if you are beautiful. You have to go man to man, or woman to woman…It will be difficult for you to get married… If you have a dream that somebody is sleeping with you, it’s all those demons. They are putting dirty things inside of you. People will not love you. Nobody will enjoy you.”



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