By: Moses Lushiku of Dominican Republic Congo 12


Welcome beloved, we are still unveiling the contents of the 4 months meeting that took place in the second heaven in the oval auditorium. We are dealing with the 10 commandments unveiled by Lucifer. We were still in the firmament in the oval meeting hall.

The devil moved to announce the second commandment and said, “We shall work on Christian weaknesses,” and the devil called this commandment, “THE PERSISTENT WEAKNESS.”

The second commandment of God is “Thou shalt have no other gods before Me.” (Exodus 20:3). Satan perverts this second commandment by driving the Christian into his persistent sin and weakness so that the sin and weakness become his idol and god. That is the basis of Satan’s second commandment of persistent weakness.

He was speaking with confidence and the demons including the humans were following his words with incredible attention. We don’t have that kind of attention that I saw demons displaying while Lucifer was addressing this gathering.

When I see people sleeping in the church while I am preaching, it is painful. Lucifer was speaking with arrogance and determination.

Then the devil said to the participants, “Organize yourself so that every human being and every Christian on this earth will have a weakness that will be a tie or a connection to me.”

The order from Lucifer was clear. Every man on this earth must have a particular weakness of his own. The devil said, “We shall work so that Christians will have their respective and personal weakness, and when you go to tempt them, you will tempt them only in the area of their weakness.”

The devil said to the participants, “First of all, you gonna take your time to establish whether the targeted Christian has a weakness. Then you must establish the area of his weakness. Once you have established that a believer is weak in a specific aspect of his Christian life, then you may proceed to tempt him precisely where he is weak and vulnerable.”

Then Lucifer continued to address the auditorium and said, “Each weakness of the followers of the other One (Jesus) is a reflection of my nature.”

Beloved, the enemy made it clear that the weakness of a Christian is his nature. We always say that we all have weaknesses. This means we all have Lucifer nature manifesting in us.

The devil said to the demons, “Any Christians having my nature in him is connected to me. There are a tie and connection between him and me and as my nature is in him, he will be visible in our instrument, especially in our mirrors.”

The devil said as his nature is in the Christians, they will be connected to him and they shall be visible in his mirror. The devil said to his demons, “You remember that I gave all of you my mirrors.”

In fact, previously, the devil distributed the mirrors to the participants of this gathering, and he said to the demons, “Before you go to tempt the followers of the other One (Jesus), you must first check in the mirror their thought patterns and their vulnerability, then you can proceed.”

Beloved, this does not mean that demons can see or watch Christian thoughts but negative thought patterns of believers can be observed in the satanic mirror because these thoughts are negative vibration compatible with Lucifer.

The devil insisted to the demons and said, “You do not tempt Christians in other areas except where they are weak, as that area or aspect of their lives will be displayed in the monitor because it is my nature. The devil said again, “Christians should not be tempted unless there is a chance that they will fall.”

The devil ordered the demons to attack believers only where they are vulnerable and weak.

Then the devil said to the demons, “This is an order. When you go after a Christian having a weakness, you must be in a group of 1000. When a believer is weak in a specific area, you will go after him in a group of 1000 and tempt him. You must be in a thousand to ensure that he will definitely fall.”

I understood that this number was necessary in order to guarantee that the believer will fall in that temptation. The devil did not want these demons to fail. Then the devil said, “In case a Christian has the strength, then in that situation, let 10000 demons go against him and that strength.”

For example, when a believer has a strength against fornication, the devil will deploy 10,000 demons in action in order to cause the believer to fall in fornication.

Beloved, the enemy has made available 1000 to attack the believers precisely where they are weak in order to sink them where they become weaker, and the devil has made available and deploys 10000 demons against believers who are strong.

In total, the enemy has deployed 11000 demons in order to cause a Christian to fall into sin. 1000 will attack when the believer is weak and 10000 will attack when the believer is strong. I hope you have an idea about the arsenal deployed by the devil against believers.

In fact, there is a process of 15 steps by these demons to cause believers to fall into sin and in case the believer has fallen into sin, these demons will launch another process of 15 steps to maintain the believers in sin.

That is why David said, “My enemies are more numerous than the hair of my head.” (Psalm 69:4) It is written in Psalm 91:7, A thousand may fall at your side and ten thousand at your right hand, but it shall not come near you.

I only understood this passage in the oval meeting hall of Lucifer. I was in another dimension and since all these visions happened to me, my understanding of the spiritual world and spiritual warfare has changed.

In this passage that we just read, the Bible says that 1000 shall fall at your side, which is your left side and 10000 shall fall on your right side. The side which is the left side represents the weaker side or the weakness of the believer and Lucifer sent 1000 demons to attack the weakness of believers and 10000 demons to attack the right side of the believers, which is the strength of the believers.

Thank God it is written, That a thousand may fall at your side and ten thousand at your right hand, but it shall not come near you.

The Bible said 1000 will fall when they try to come against your weakness and 10000 will fall at your strength. Then the devil said to the participants, “Let’s work so that the followers of the other One (Jesus) become idolaters, as it is written, “You shall have no other gods before Me.” (Exodus 20:3).

We are dealing with weaknesses in Christians and the devil is working hard to maintain that weakness in the lives of believers. He wants that weakness to persist forever in Christian lives because it is his nature.

It is written, “You shall have no other gods before Me.” The devil said to the demons, “Let the weakness of the Christians become their idol as they are dominated by particular sins, particular repetitive habits, and behaviors.”

The devil said, “Despite their prayers and fastings, they are still falling in these usual sins and evil habits and as they are dominated and they are taking pleasure in these behaviors, it will become their god.”

The Lord Jesus said, “The prince of this world is coming but there is nothing of him in Me.” Beloved, what I can give as advice is that when you notice that a pattern is developing in your behavior, it will be better to do something about it before it develops root. Otherwise, it will be difficult and it will become a persistent weakness.

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