By: Cesar Sandoval of Honduras 2


A testimony of a new experience that the Lord has shown me.

I am going to tell how it was because it happened on February 12, year 2020. And this time I was in my room together with my son’s wife and my wife. We had finished praying at about 11 at night on the 12th of February.

When we had finished, we laid down for a while. I was very tired. I remember that they fell asleep very quickly. I was meditating on the bed. At that time I was meditating about the things that are happening globally and the spiritual condition in the church.

At that moment, the Holy Spirit began to speak to me directly and He began to tell me, “I have come to visit you again.”

So for now, I started to feel the anointing and the power of the Holy Spirit in my room while I was meditating, and at that moment, I started to see the spiritual world. I mean, I began to have a vision. The Word of God says in Joel 2:28, And it shall come to pass afterward that I will pour out My Spirit upon all flesh. And your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men to see visions.

What happened is that I began to see the spiritual world. I began to see how I was in a place full of darkness. I was in a place in which I could only contemplate darkness and I didn’t see anything but the darkness that was everywhere.

Then I started to see this time that Someone was by my side. I recognize Him for I have seen Him previously. He was very beautiful, glowing white.

He was there with me when we entered a hall where there were many desktop computers. I started to see that this place was very beautiful and high tech.

When we entered there were many computers lined up, one after another facing each other, and there was a middle aisle that separated the two columns of computers that reached a platform.

In front, there was a platform where there was something similar to a giant screen like in a cinema. And on the screen was broadcasted everything that was happening on Earth. Those who are working in this place were registering everything displayed on the screen.

I am going to detail these things for this is very important, as this is what surprised me the most about that place.

As we were in that place, I asked the Lord about this place and He replied to me, “This is the control tower where Satan monitor and influence human beings on earth. The main target of Satan and the people who are most watched are Christians. The evangelicals are under high surveillance. They are being watched, studied and scrutinized here. All things are written and recorded in this control tower.”

The Lord said, “In this place, Satan controls the world because he is the prince of the power of the air, the prince of this world as the Bible says.”

Ephesians 2:1-3 And you has He quickened, who were dead in trespasses and sins; 2 Wherein in time past you walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that now works in the children of disobedience: 3 Among whom also we all had our conversation in times past in the lusts of our flesh, fulfilling the desires of the flesh and of the mind, and were by nature the children of wrath, even as others.

Beloved, when we entered this place, it was very beautiful like when you enter a modern internet cafe. But in another moment, it was no longer beautiful, but it became like a stone cavern.

And when the Lord illuminated the place, I started to observe the people that had lived in the world sitting before these computers.

I saw those same people addicted to computers sitting on the chairs in front of computers yet the place was like in a flame of fire burning. I observed the change in the appearance of these chairs that were no longer beautiful. These chairs are now full of spikes that came out in order to penetrate people sitting before these computers and I saw that the ground was full of embers in this place, which caused great pain on people sitting in this place.

The Lord said, “These people are here because they spend most of their lives in front of a computer and they did illegal things. They did things that they shouldn’t do and they are dead. They have passed away and now this is their torment.”

There was a chair next to us where I observed the person sitting there was not screaming but he was just complaining of the pain he felt because spikes were embedded on this chair where he was sitting. I was looking at that place that was lit in the fire. It was horrible when I started to observe the torture of hell.

In a moment, that place changed again. apparently, as it was previously, I started to observe that the place had become nice, where they weren’t computers on the wall, and the place was full of high tech stuff latest models, which we have not seen here on Earth. These were the latest technology which will soon be in circulation, as the prophet Daniel says that knowledge is going to increase in those late times and we are living at the end of time.

Daniel 12:4 But you, Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book until the time of the end; many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall increase.”

At the moment I began to observe the platform from the front and I saw a figure who began to descend. He was in the shape of an animal and I will describe him as he was. He was very tall and he had black wings. That beast started to go down to the platform in front of the giant screen showing images on the earth. I saw that the beast started to laugh in a very ugly way, “Hahaha!”

I started to observe that he was laughing because of the direct image of a group of Christians that was broadcasted on the screen.

This hybrid beast said, “I am going to destroy those Christians that go there. That is my purpose. And that’s why this place was built for us to monitor each one of the most Christian people so we can study them from this place and we do not have to go to the land every moment.”

And I began to observe that in this giant screen was shown Christians praying at the various churches. These direct images were beginning to zap like channels of a TV.

And then another church was broadcasted where Christians were praising God. And these demons were studying each church on earth. They were monitoring everything and those who were in the computer kept track of every one of the churches and every man here on Earth.

I’m saying they keep track of everything in Hell because clearly, they are trying to control each one of us.

At that moment, I began to observe the being as he began to move in the middle between two columns of computers and he was inspecting how those who were before these computers performing and were carrying out their respective jobs.

He tormented those who failed to do the job and he encouraged those who were producing results as they’re monitoring humans on the earth. I saw that this beast was speaking in a hoarse voice.

And I said, “Lord, it seems that I have already seen this being. Lord, is this Satan?”

The Lord told me, “Look at him. He is the one that rules the government of the spiritual hosts of evil there in the region of the east, and he is the one acting in the world against the Church right now.”

I began to observe the being full of evil and horrible iniquity. He had a very ugly aspect, a horrible animal. I mean, he was half-animal and half-human. His head was like a goat. He had a tail like a scorpion that was moving. He had bat wings moving very slowly when he passed where people were sitting there in the computers.

I looked at some of these people who had horns that were coiled and rolled up. They had goat legs and scorpion tails. Their faces were very vigilant and their attention was very high. Their looks were awful and horrible.

At that moment, a question came to my mind.

I said, “Lord, can you tell me about what is happening with the coronavirus?”

I asked Him that question. The Lord does know everything so out of curiosity, I asked Him about that disease out of China causing major disasters.

The Lord told me, “The coronavirus, as they have named it in the land, is a disease in which is acting a spirit of death. It is similar to what happened in the country of Egypt when the people of Israel were enslaved. It’s similar to what happened when the death of the firstborn happened when I freed the people of Israel. I told them to mark with blood their house so that the angel of death will not reach the firstborn children of the people of Israel but only the firstborn of the children of Egyptian. The coronavirus as they are calling it on earth is just the spirit of death that was in the country of Egypt. But this time around the destroyer is after the people who get sick and they are going to die because it is the same spirit of death.”

Also, the Lord told me, “The coronavirus is an approved disease by My Father. This is the principle of pain. What is being seen on earth is only the beginning of birth pangs and the spirit of death has come and he will not stop because My Father has already approved that sickness. It is irrespective of whether you are rich or poor. Once you have the sickness, you are facing the spirit of death. This sickness doesn’t look to see if you have titles and it doesn’t matter if you have money. This sickness is going to wipe out many people who get it for it is this spirit of death entitled coronavirus on Earth.”

Brother, it was tragic to hear these things in this experience. I come to tell you so that you know how everything is today. All that is happening is the beginning of birth pangs as we are heading to the final moment.

I come to tell you not in order to exalt myself, but in order to exalt the One who is Jesus of Nazareth, whose name is above all name, and every knee will bow before Him and every tongue will confess His name, because He is holy three times holy.

At the moment, the Lord began to watch what was projected on the screen in front. And when I looked, I saw that outside every church on earth, they were demonic spirits of all kinds. I started looking at different churches.

I first started observing outside a church where I noticed that there was a demon who was registering whatever was happening in that church and the order was given to this devil to carry audition of what was taking place in that church, and then he was to destroy that church. And every one of these churches was assigned specific demons.

The Lord said, “Look at these demons that have been sent to churches like spies, and they are sent to evangelicals of the earth. Indeed, these demons are executing a new strategy in which they will begin to destroy many churches. They will not stop.”

The Lord said, “Every day they come up with more strategies. And the ones that don’t work, they drop them and they design new strategies.”

I started observing that in another church, there was a demon who was registering everything that was being done in that church and he was attacking that church.

And the Lord told me, “These demons have been allocated specific territory. And each of these demons has his own territory, and from hell, they have risen, a great number of demons that came to destroy the church, but you tell the Church these words: don’t be afraid for just as Satan brings up demons from hell to the earth, so I have sent angels to the land so that they can be with them so that they can fight for them. My word says, Jehovah will fight for you and you will be calm (Exodus 14:14).”

Those words moved me and filled me with joy, peace, and love, knowing that the Lord fights for us here on the earth.

Brother in this end time, a short time is given to us to look for the Lord in prayer and He will deliver us from all these things.

I was watching these spies demons who were around you studying people and causing destruction on members of each church. I saw that the Lord was very calm. He was just quiet and silent.

Then that place changed its appearance. I saw how that place after being beautiful changed to a horrible aspect full of stones like a cave. It was like we were inside a cave of stones and that place burned down in flames. Everything changed the aspect and these chairs changed. They were no longer made of metal but they were places filled with spikes.

And on the ground where these souls were treading were hot coals. As they were sitting before the computers, they felt the pain of hot coals. There were 600 or 700 souls sitting before these computers filling the registry.

Each of those computers had the database of people of the earth mainly of Christians.

Brother, we are being watched straight from hell, but through the Lord, we can escape this rotten world that is being watched by Satan in which wickedness and iniquity prevail.

The days are already short and soon the trumpet will sound and we fly as the Bible says.

But before the sound of the trumpet, evil will multiply and the number of demons on the earth will multiply, and there are spy demons straight from hell into every church.

These spies are carrying the sin of seduction, the sin of gossip, sin of lies, sin of fornication and every kind of sin for the Church to fall in confusion.

These demons are carrying all kinds of sin but the Church does not have to give entrance to them.

May the Lord bless you all.


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