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The True Meaning Of Thanksgiving Day

For most people, including many ignorant Christians, the famous Thanksgiving is a day to give thanks to the Creator. But this short Bible study based on the Bible and historical events unmasks this day as another pagan holiday created by Satan.  

Mother’s Day & Father’s Day – Pagans Holiday

THE PAGAN ORIGIN MOTHER’S DAY This video presents clear evidence that the famous MOTHER’S DAY is a pagan and satanic holiday that has its roots in ancient civilizations that dedicated this day to their goddesses. The Roman Catholic Church dedicated it to its Virgin Mary. The true Christians (followers of JESUS CHRIST) do not celebrate […]

Stop Celebrating Halloween – Pagans Holiday

Why do many Christians celebrate Halloween? Stop Pretending to be a follower of the Lord Jesus and yet you celebrate Halloween!!! What do you think about Halloween? Isn’t it a celebration of the Witchcraft and the DEVIL? This Halloween Celebration is an abomination in the eyes of God. Repent right now!! God is watching us…. […]

Truth About Christmas – Babylonians Practices

THE TRUTH ABOUT CHRISTMAS, (Why Christians Should not celebrate Christmas) (Former Satanist guy Christ Lukubika) At this moment the world is celebrating Christmas, what shock me is what I see in the media, pastor wishing merry Christmas and celebrating with their member, these feats is an abomination and mockery to the Lord, either we are […]