Jelly Fish Christians

Ephesians 6:10: Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might.

For those of you who watch documentaries, you are familiar with the jellyfish. The jellyfish is a free swimming marine animal that floats in the sea appearing as a delicate, transparent umbrella. However, when the jellyfish is cast ashore, it is helpless and unable to move or preserve itself. Sadly, today, we have Christians who are just like jellyfish. Spiritually, they have no bones, muscles, or power, because of disbelief, the absence of doctrines of Heaven and truth, and the absence of the presence and power of God in their lives. Nothing they have proves that God is with them, and if you ask them why do they go to church, they’ll say, “Because I grew up going to church,” then others might refer to it as a religious duty. These Christians are going to church without a revelation of Heaven. They have no fire or power from God in their life, because they have no relationship with God, which is why they pray to God without expecting an answer. They are jellyfish Christians.

Jellyfish Christians are also ministers in the church. There are thousands of ministers who lack a single bone of divinity in their body, and they have no supernatural fire, therefore when minor things happen, they are easily bothered. But this is all because they do not know that there is a God in Heaven who can deliver them and answer them by fire. So instead of standing firm on the Word of God, they are blown as paper in the midst of a storm. Also, when they see congregations, they are afraid of them. In return, they preach sermons that do not mention: sin, repentance, the horror of Hell, restitution, the Rapture, preparation for Heaven, the terrible state of a sinner, and godly dressing, because these subjects seem to offend congregations. The sermons of the jellyfish ministers are without a corner, and as smooth as a ball which keeps sinners dead, backsliders unwarned, and saints unedified. They are servants of confusion, and the devil is their author.

The same is for the pastor who does not have a relationship with God in private, yet expects God to be with him in public. If how you look when you put on a suit and tie is the way you look spiritually, that would be good for many pastors. However, that is not the case. Spiritually these jellyfish pastors are under their slave master, sin. This is why some use demonic books for power, are members of secret societies, and take charms on their bodies to the altar. Though they are supposed to be a terror to the devil, they are his victims, slaves, servants, and messengers. Do you see what Christianity has turned into? Christians without spiritual stature walking in darkness as they carry out church activities though having no personal relationship with the Lord.

Jellyfish Christians lack discernment, so they think that everybody is right and nobody is wrong. They think that everything is true and nothing is false. They think every sermon is good and none are bad. They are tossed to and fro like children, by every wind of doctrine. Whatever they hear, they tell as truth, and whatever they see, they believe as biblical truth. The blind are leading the blind and both will fall into the pit that burns with brimstone. Further, this extends to even the youth who are so blind that they want nothing to do with Heaven. They think the reason for their youth is to be used in a hateful manner, in living out the adage, “Youth for pleasure, youth-hood for business, and old age for religion”. They mean it. When they can no longer enjoy pleasure, lust, and the pursuit of riches, then they will come to God with a damaged body from the service of sin, the world, and the devil. These same people will lead chorus in the church with voices like angels, yet they are controlled by the devil and are at the gate of Hell, ready to be destroyed. Yes, some are even dominated by the spirits of fashion, when really they are supposed to be used by the Lord mightily. They are wasting their lives—they are jellyfish Christians.

So many are unable to render a reason for the hope that is in them, and this is because of the false doctrines in which they have been brought up with by deceived pastors of the last days. When they are sleeping, their spiritual man is also sleeping instead of being awake. They have never held a sound view of the truth. They do not know that a preachers life should be a commentary upon his doctrine, his practice should be the counterpart of his sermons. Instead, the Gospel has been replaced for profit, honor, and lust of the world. That is why there are not many serious and powerful preachers. Many are growing more wicked and will certainly perish, tumbling to Hell.

Take away jellyfish Christianity and live in the power of God. Preach the truth plainly, spiritually, powerfully, fervently, and frequently. Put on the whole armor of God, so that you can be able to stand against the wiles of the devil (Eph. 6:11-13). His tricks are to pull down the children of God. I want you to realize that the devil is working very hard to pull Christians down so do not be unaware of his wiles, and if you are jellyfish Christian you cannot discern them (1 Pet. 5:8). If you know that there is a devil out hunting for your soul, then you will prepare to overcome him. Demons are behind the affairs that are causing many jellyfish Christians to die. It is high time that we walk in the power of God, but this is something that cannot be done as a jellyfish Christian. Live to be a flame of fire and defeat them (Heb. 1:7).

If you need to repent and amend your ways, please pray the following prayer aloud:

Father, in the mighty name of Jesus I come to You and ask You to remove all lukewarmness from me. Everything in me not of You, please remove it. Everything in me that falls short of Your standard, please grow it. And everything in me that is out of order, place in order with Your Word. Fill me with holiness, O’Lord so that I will overflow and become a new man. Teach me to cling to Your ways and forsake my own. Help me to walk upright until the End, in the mighty name of Jesus I pray and I thank You, amen.