The Lord revealed to me that the spirit of the Antichrist will abolish denominations, churches, and religions. He will gather all the churches and religions and he will remove the name of Jesus from churches and he will tell the world there is no need for different religions for we worship one God, that he will call the good god. However, the Lord warned me that the so-called good god is Satan himself, not Jesus Christ.

The end of the world is here. People are mocking us for this message of the rapture and Heaven and Hell. They are calling from all over the world. We shall not slack. We will speak out in order to take souls to Heaven. The Lord did not come so that men will burn in Hell. We are not afraid of intimidation coming from phone calls.

The Lord is calling on His church to rise and evangelize the world to win souls. Time is finished. The good news must be proclaimed to all people. The devil has many souls in bondage and chain because of distraction, fun, and the pleasure of the world.

In the meantime, churches are bogged down worshipping pastors instead of Jesus’ name, which is scarcely mentioned. We must repent for the end of the world has come.

We can see that people are still dying of this virus. The Lord already warned me six months ago, the second wave of this pandemic will take lives and during the second wave, there would be other demons that will be released. These are demons of fear and demons of intimidation and fright. These wicked spirits have received instruction from Lucifer to cause destruction for the time is finished. The end-time plan of Satan must be carried out. They aim to remove Christians from God’s presence.

My brother, the year 2021 will be problematic. There will be angels of death taking lives like in the previous year. The spirits of death are unleashed and many lives will be lost.

People called me to ask whether they should take the vaccine or not. I am warning you again not to take this vaccine.

The Lord said, “There are many secrets in that vaccine and that is a poison. When you receive that vaccine, you will suffer health problems. The vaccine is a poison that will act gradually in the body until you die.”

Be warned God’s people, you will come under pressure to take the vaccine before you travel, go to school, get a job and buy things but don’t take it for there is death in the vaccine.

The Antichrist government is doing this experiment on human society before the final application of the mark of Satan. They want to see the way the global population will react to the mandatory vaccine and draw some lessons.

Many are still preaching prosperity and material gospel. However, the Lord has entrusted us to prepare His church for the rapture and life beyond the grave. Heaven and Hell are real.

My dear, the Lord warned that His wrath will fall on the western world and Africans must always be ready at all times beyond the alert and make preparation to return to Africa. Prepare yourself a place to live in Africa and always have cash. Don’t keep all the money in the bank, keep some cash at home.

I have not given you a date and today, still, you must be on the alert for the Lord has said, “The Luciferian plan to reduce the population of Africa will not work. My presence is there. And the glory of God is in Congo for the sake of African evangelism. This year is that of evangelism. We must evangelize. Souls will be saved.”

The Lord said, “The Satanic conspiracy to reduce the African population will fail. It will not work because Africa is in My hand. The global pandemic has failed to cause mass destruction in Africa as intended. It has failed for My presence is in Africa. Despite the unbelief of many in Africa, I will show more of My glory in the African continent.”

He said, “I will deal with these people that are hoping to cause mass killing in Africa. The New World Order is an old-world disorder dating back to Babel that I confused and destroyed. Any man that follows the instruction and the directive of the New World Order will face the wrath of God. Churches that are joining the universal church will be disqualified, but ministers that fear Me will overcome in the middle of prosecution and violent treatment.”

The Lord said, “We are on the eve of the fall of America. The beginning of the decline of America has begun. From this year onward, America will fall gradually. The American star has shone but the star of God in this nation is leaving.”

Brother, the Lord is turning His back on America because of what is about to happen with the new administration. The previous administration fought for Biblical standards and family values. However, the incoming administration will implement the policy and politics of the Antichrist and will promote same-sex marriage, abortion, and perversion to prepare for the arrival of the lawless man. The new normality will go beyond what people expected. There shall be bestiality. This in order to oppose God.”

“The previous administration came to power by the power of God. But the current administration was raised by Lucifer to tread upon the law of God, to pervert God’s values and promote the norms of the Antichrist. Whenever God raised His son, the devil will also raise his son.”

The former American president was in tune with the Lord when he placed the capital of Israel to Jerusalem. Very soon the Third Temple will be erected in Jerusalem, yet the Bible only talks about the first and the second temple. The scripture mentions the glory of the Second Temple which was greater than the previous. The Church of Jesus Christ is also the temple of God.

Haggai 2:9 ‘The glory of this latter temple shall be greater than the former,’ says the LORD of hosts. ‘And in this place, I will give peace,’ says the LORD of hosts.”

1 Corinthians 6:19 What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own?

The Lord said, “I will pour My Spirit upon all flesh.” (Joel 2:28, Acts 2:17)

We are the temple of God, for the Lord dwells in us through the Holy Spirit. However, the Bible does not talk about the Third Temple, which is the initiative of the Antichrist. The glory of the Third Temple is demonic, for he will sit on the temple and he will utter blasphemous words against God and His tabernacle.

There is a proportion of the Jews returning to Christ at the end of time. They will walk away from the law and join the Gentiles in grace. This good news of the gospel will be preached all over the world for the end to come.

Before the return of the Son of Man, the world will be shaken by earthquakes, natural disasters and apocalyptic events. Because of chaos, the world will seek a consensus in leadership and the devil will propose the global leader who is the beast.

2 Thessalonians 2:7-8 For the mystery of iniquity does already work: only He who now lets will let, until He be taken out of the way. 8 And then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of His mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of His coming:

In this vision, I saw extreme darkness in America. The Lord transported me and we moved across the United States, which was covered by thick darkness.

The Lord said, “This new president has come with more darkness and the glory of God has left America. Darkness is taking complete control. He has come with a lot on his agenda. And when he starts to execute the agenda, many will understand who he really is and what is behind him.”

The Lord said, “The current president of American is very hypocritical and his appearance is deceptive. He will do evil things and he will oppose Me very bluntly. He has not started yet but you will see his wickedness when he hit the ground running. His administration will lift the enemy Lucifer and tread on My law. Tell My people in America to pray for what is underway is evil.”

Then I saw horsemen. These riders were numerous. When I observed these horses and their riders carefully, I saw that they were really dark. These riders on these black horses were holding bows and arrows. They were also holding hammers. I saw many instruments on their hands. They were moving a lot over the world and they were causing death. When they went out of my sight, immediately I saw red horses and their riders. They were riding and moving all over America. When these red horsemen enter the American territory, there was the shedding of the blood of the innocent.”

The Lord said, “What you see is the evil that is about to hit America with the new president. The devil is emboldened by this administration, and they are really working hard in the background in order to oppose Me, and you will see it very soon. People don’t understand why the previous president lifted My name in public and went on to declare Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. This current administration has opposed Me publicly and they are hypocritical.”

In these visions, I saw an eagle that was a demon. This bird was shaped shifting from a bird to a humanoid demon and vice versa.

The Lord revealed, “This eagle is the one you see on an American flag and emblem. This is a demon, the one who ruled America. The eagle represents an elevated satanic power that is operating on a superior level. This demon is roaring. Leaders who work with this demon are hypocritical. They use the name of God but it’s not the real God. In the closet, they worship Satan. The Bible upon which they swear is occultic.”

“In the mountain, the serpent told the Lord, “If you bow before me, I will give you the glory of this world.” This is the glory that Satan has given the elite in America. They have accepted the offer of Satan and they bow before him. The power of America is waning and has reached the end. America will become one with Europe. America will become like Europe. The European president takes pride in opposing Me openly, but America does it hypocritically.”

“However, from now on America will behave like Europe that snubbed Me with pleasure. The devil will cause disorder and rebellion towards Me during the current administration. This rebellion began in ancient times when the people of the earth opposed Me with one voice.”

“Woe to these people. These leaders have resolved to reduce the world population under the pretext of overpopulation. The devil has put it in their heart that the earth is overpopulated. It is a Luciferian idea for a human being who is simply a creature cannot in his normal mind be offended by the number of the population of the world, for he is not their Creator. Lucifer is the author of the idea of depopulation.”

“You are wearing masks out of fear of death. But the best way to protect yourself is to fear the Lord. If only you can keep God’s word, He will protect you. You will not die in a premature death.”

I want to beseech you, brother and sister to walk in the fear of the Lord in order to be kept from the trouble that will befall the world in this year of trouble. Seek peace with all and sanctification. Stay out of distraction, leisure, and fun.

The Lord warned His children not to go to the beach where they disrespect the body which is the temple and the anger of the Lord is upon those that are abusing their bodies. Many are preaching the gospel of prosperity and material life but we are being instructed by the Lord to prepare His people through sound doctrine and end-time word. People must prepare themselves for the rapture and Life Beyond the Grave.

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