At that time, many will fall away and will betray and hate one another, and many false prophets will arise and mislead many. Because of the multiplication of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold. (Matthew 24:10–13)

If the Lord allows it, I will tell you about spiritual sleep prior to apostasy. Today, so much of the church like to live in conformity. They do not understand so much that the social gospel of prosperity is putting people to sleep. The devil has arranged with his agents to occupy almost all financial institutions and the heads of many companies and organizations in order to impose suffering on the population. And then he sent his agents disguised as servants of God to preach the prosperity gospel.

Brother, you must be informed. Beneath the Atlantic Ocean, I attended a meeting where Lucifer instructed Satanists to build churches and become pastors. The Bible says in Matthew 24:15, Mark 13:14, when you see standing in the Holy Place the abomination of desolation, described by the prophet Daniel, let the reader understand.

The Antichrist regime will impose and support homosexuality, and the Pope spoke of the legalization of this perversion. It is the preparation of the installation of the lawless one. The world of Satan is anticipating the blast of the trumpet. The kingdom of darkness is preparing for complete control of the world of men when the Rapture happens.

There is a man on this earth who does not have a human father. His mother is Jewish, and his father is Lucifer. That man is Captain Samannelli. He is a multi-billionaire. And at the moment, he’s in the Vatican being prepared to be introduced to the world. Thus the Antichrist is here in the Vatican. The papacy is the shadow of the Antichrist. It is therefore in him that the spirit of the Antichrist will be embodied. He is already on earth. He is in the Vatican and funds a lot of NGOs. Be careful of NGOs’ donations, and gifts that are given to you. When you receive these things, you must pray over them before you use them. These are poisoned gifts.

Even the elections in the United States of America are influenced by him. Almost all the elections are now influenced by him. The domination of the Antichrist will only be officialized when the Holy Spirit leaves the earth at the blast of the trumpet when the church is snatched away in the Rapture. We know that the seventh head of the beast is the American British coalition. And we know very well the influence of the States on the world. The Anglo American coalition is the seventh head of the beast that sits on the sand by the sea in Apocalypse 13.

Rev 13:1  And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy.

It is the political organization of Satan. Make no mistake, the enemy of God and men has a strategy. Already we know that the reign of the Antichrist is active as Paul says in 2 Thessalonians 2:7 For the mystery of lawlessness is already at work; only He who now restrains will do so until He is taken out of the way.

The reign of the Antichrist is already active but not yet installed because of the One that is stopping it. Once He has gone, the Antichrist will take over the world. Lucifer is building a system that is rising. The spirit world is gearing up for the Great Tribulation. The power of the universe is working for total control and absolute domination of the world in the aftermath of the Rapture of the church.

The Beast system is already activated with a good plan defined which contains the seven different points of action in the satanic world.

When I was the third degree in the mystery of the air, when I was a member of Lucifer global government, we worked for the control and subjugation of humanity.

I was introduced to Satan, who had changed my heart. The devil has a hatred against humanity. Back then the devil spoke a lot about this project 2000 that he considered a kind of masterpiece, the aligning of all things in the universe in a new order. Lucifer is investing time, energy and maximizing his effort for the arrival of the Antichrist.

In order to achieve this strategy, he came up with mobile phone technology, the Internet, and social network. All these Satanists worked with the purpose of global control for Lucifer. In this Luciferian Project 2000, there are 99 laws of the global alignment. Among the 99 laws of the Antichrist, three laws are being experimented on in the human world.

The first law is the wearing of the mask. The second law is the washing of hands and the third law is social distancing. The enemy is testing the reaction of humanity towards these laws and human reaction to these draconian laws will be studied in order to set up a strategy of better implementing global domination of the Antichrist.

What I am talking about is well known among Satanists that I left at the service of Lucifer. All these arrests about the breach of social distancing are an experiment for the coming mark of Satan. It will be the same with a jab There is a fusion between Freemasons and Illuminati to form the new alignment. The 5G technology will be used as a weapon to destroy millions.

[In telecommunications, 5G is the fifth generation technology standard for broadband cellular networks, which cellular phone companies began deploying worldwide in 2019, and is the planned successor to the 4G networks that provide connectivity to most current cellphones. Wikipedia]

Many churches are conforming to the law of the Antichrist about wearing a mask, washing of hands,s and social distancing. He wants to turn men into puppets that will cooperate and back him in order to prepare for the installation of the rule of the Antichrist. The devil wanted absolute control over the world of men. Lucifer was set up to use the instrument of technology and the internet. He decided on rapid advances in technology and information technology. The purpose of advanced technology is the control of the world of men for the installation of the global rule of the Antichrist. Humanity is going through rapid progress in IT and technology. They want to control the world through IT and technology.

On satellite TV, many people are watching the soap opera called Mary Maya. I reveal that Mary Maya is the queen of the sea, an extremely powerful principality that people worship in the Catholic Church, who is known in the satanic world as the mother of the gods and demons.

It is this female power that controls the brain of the main server computer of the marine world. This is the main computer that ensures rapid technological advancement on the surface of the earth. This evil power works so that information technology will prevail in all areas of human life and control all the technology including 5G technology. This submarine server is controlled by the female power who is depicted in the Brazilian soap opera as Mary Maya for she is Mary Marguella, the mother of gods.

This is a movie made through satanic inspiration. It is thanks to the fallen angel mother of gods that Lucifer exercises influence on the human world through the brain of the main server that is beneath the sea.

The government of the Antichrist is working to computerize the world of men. In order to ensure rapid technological progress and control for the kingdom of the beast, he will rely on it to influence men through technology.

The Mark of the Beast is a number that is made of three numbers which are 666. At the core of the installation of the reign of the Antichrist are the phone and the internet.

The devil has set the numbers of the keypad of the phone in such a way that they add up to the number of the beast.

[The top section of the keypad is 123. 1+2+3=6

The middle section is 456. 4+5+6=15. 1+5=6

The bottom section is 789. 7+8+9=24. 2+4=6]

Whenever we say “Hello,” the communication is established between our phone and the world of water for “Hello” means in water.

Moses Lushiku says: In French, any conversation starts with the word ‘allo’! This is a trick by Lucifer that means ‘in the water’. Actually, mobile phone technology is based on underwater civilization. Every phone call goes there first. Every conversation that humans are having on the phone goes first into the underwater main computer server control grid, by this demon that looks like a monster. This demon is responsible for the underwater central server that controls call traffic made on the Earth by humans. This monster’s name is HALLOWEEN.

[So when a person is calling “Hello” in English or “Allo” in French, he is calling for the monster Halloween.]

Every Internet address begins with www. The three w means 666. The devil is really crafty. The Bible calls him the evil one. When we take the letter w, it is a letter from the Latin alphabet. The Latin alphabet has 26 letters, and w is the 23rd. So when you have w, it represents the number 23. So when you take the number 23, it is a two-digit number. You have 2 and 3. When you multiply 2 by 3, it gives you 6. And when you have three w, how much do you have? The devil is crafty. This www or 666 allows Lucifer to exercise domination on humanity.

In our country, the Congo, there were four networks, but two of them were on top. These were Vodacom and Zen. Vodacom customer service number is 111 and Zen customer service number is 555. Since the two networks use one satellite, the summation of 555 plus 111 gives us 666.

The devil is passing our calls to the brain of the underground computer. You got to pray for your phone when you buy otherwise the enemy will listen to your talk and influence you.

Satanism today is hidden in symbolism. For example, why is the sampling of body temperature is done on the forehead and on the hand? I said all these are experimentation of the mark of the beast that is imminent.

May God grants wisdom and discernment to His children in order to understand how the world is changing. And the Bible states that the whole world is under domination under the influence of the evil one. We are talking about this Queen of Heaven that controls the marine server that the devil uses so that the world is computerized and ensures rapid progress of computing and technology.

It is this brain’s computer underwater that will control the microchips and into nanoparticles that have been studied towards the 90s when we were still agents of Satan, and even I know that God in His wisdom and sovereignty will deliver this revelation to others. Other people will come to certify the veracity of my testimony that actually the mark of the beast is the microchips and nanoparticles and even the so-called vaccine that will render the world of men as puppets. They are fighting the Holy Spirit using this weapon of control called jab. It’s only the Holy Spirit that is supposed to control us.

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  1. I give glory to God for this testimony. May the LORD JESUS CHRIST bless you mightily for putting it up.

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