September 2017.


I was praying to God and began to see angels around me. But one thing puzzled me. I could not see the Holy Spirit, but I could feel His presence strongly. One day I felt His hand touch my chest and a warmth entered my heart. I began to pray to God asking Him to show me the Holy Spirit since I saw Jesus Himself. He looks like a simple man and not that Jesus that artists paint with green eyes. But in this simple man what He has is very wonderful; He has a body full of glory that enchants anyone who approaches Him.

Every time I see Jesus, a supernatural love springs from my chest, a sensation I felt when I married my wife, but this feeling I feel for Jesus is even stronger. It’s so strong that you give up everything for Him. If He tells you to leave your family for Him you end up doing it to the point of dying for Jesus and for His sake. You’re wondering why you do not feel like sacrificing yourself for Him like I am saying. I did not even have the courage to preach His Word, but from the moment I met Jesus personally, it was love at first sight.

Jesus is much more than you think. He is so polite His voice is soft when He talks to you His love envelops you in full. The feeling is very wonderful and the thrill of seeing Him is extraordinary. I grew up listening to my father talks about Jesus. He was already in love, but I only heard Bible stories about Him. But when you face your king, it is totally different. One thing is for you to hear how much Jesus is glorious and another thing is to see Him in front of you. The warmth of His glory has enveloped me since the first day and I have never been the same again. You will no longer think like a natural man, but you will think like Jesus. From the eyes of Jesus emanated love that enveloped my soul. The love I feel for Jesus explains the same feeling the church will have when we meet Jesus at the wedding feast. When you meet Jesus, you will let go of all sin for Him, and the dimension of your love grows every moment.


Now I wanted to see the Holy Spirit, I needed to know the Holy Spirit personally. And I began to pray without asking Jesus to reveal Him because my spiritual vision saw angels and demons, but I could not see the Holy Spirit near me. I believe that even with the spiritual visions of the supernatural it is limited, and can see as far as God allows. I opened the Word of God and went to Luke 24:16, but their eyes were closed so that they would not know Him. Luke 24:31 Then their eyes were opened, and they knew Him, and He vanished out of their sight.

Brother, this passage took place after Jesus was resurrected. He was walking closely alongside the disciples and they did not recognize Him because their eyes were closed at that moment. Then the Lord opened their eyes and they recognized Jesus. I understood that even having the gift of seeing the supernatural, I could not see the Holy Spirit because my eyes were closed so as not to see God. The Holy Spirit is divine and cannot be seen all the time; it is the same also with Jesus. Yet God gave me the grace to see the Holy Spirit. This experience marked my ministry forever.

I was praying with my wife and my vision opened. A man dressed in majesty walked slowly through my room. His body shone like light and from within it fire sparks out. I knew it was the Holy Spirit, for His glory was far greater than any angel I have ever seen. His splendor is so great that I looked at His body of light and my eyes could not bear to see Him. I lowered my head so as not to blind my eyes. He started walking through my room and all His glory shone in that place.

My wife could not see, but He walked she managed to feel His presence and was seized by His power and began to speak in tongues. She could not control herself and her body began to tremble with such unction. He approached me, and I was unable to look at His face that looked like the sun.

I heard His voice saying, “I am always close to the true servants of God even though they do not see Me. I never leave this house. Every time you pray, I am listening to your prayers and interceding to God for you. I have comforted you in your sorrows by putting the balm to heal your hearts. The church teaches that those who experience a spiritual birth will be called the children of God. They are born through Me, it is I who regenerated them, just as I generated the Word in the womb of Mary. Those who die to the world will be born to God and will grow in My presence. Of these, I am caring, but for those who have not died to the world they cannot be born again as children of God.”

“Sins attract the demons to lives, but holiness draws Me to stay in their lives. I give strength so that it does not stop. I give spiritual resistance in the hour of the temptations. I stay away from Christians who engage in confusion and strife through fights within the church as they have thrown away the portion that I put into their lives. Holiness calls Me close to you so that My spirit may join your spirits by becoming one.”

“Robert, keep your olive oil, do not let the world steal it from you. Make your oil multiply through holiness and prayer. Seek God and do not stop. If you do what I give you your spiritual temperature will increase because I will increase your portion and I will leave you more fervent. My presence will become stronger in you and My warmth will warm your soul. Do not let this flame go out, but let it come on more and more.”

“Do not lose the warmth of My presence because of the things of this world. I do not want you to be cold or lukewarm. My seal is in your life, this is the guarantee that you are saved. A righteous Christian will always be led by My presence every day. There is My supernatural strength accompanying the faithful believer who lives a life inseparable from God. My anointing is pure and does not mix with sin, but everything that is holy and separated from the world will have My anointing. Tell the church that to have My pure essence that comes from heaven, they will have to renounce the world. If they live a life in the world and at the same time wanting to serve God they will never see results in your spiritual lives.”

“Their strength to seek God must be greater than the cravings of their flesh; if they do not have the strength to give up sin they will lose to the world. When they receive My anointing in their lives they will want to have it forever. Those who have had experience with Me have already felt it and will receive the heavenly oil in their lives. If they break with the world they will have your spiritual lives linked to Me. I will change their spiritual lives, I will transform their souls until they are born again.”

“Tell the church to pray and there will be spiritual reactions in their lives that will make the supernatural happen. Those who are praying without stopping their temperatures will rise that fire will come out of their mouths when it comes to preaching the holy Word.”

“Holiness is important to the life of the church, they will have the spirit of life that is Me. I will give them authority and make them shine like the light in the darkness. Many are led astray because of the trials that beset them and a great spiritual emptiness is in their lives. Even coming every day to the church, they are with this emptiness. This is due to the absence of Me in their lives that is spiritual scarcity. They do not pray and have no intimacies with Me.”

When the Holy Spirit stopped talking He approached my praying wife. His presence grew louder and she did not stop speaking in tongues. I saw chains breaking that still held her and her illness came out as a black shadow of her body. The sin that was in her body was burned and came out of it looking gray.

The anointing of the Holy Spirit shattered the yoke of the sinful flesh that was still in her. My wife had an illness in her womb and was cured. The demons that tried to approach my house when they saw my house burning in flames ran away. My wife has come very close to God and when this happens the tendency is for the presence of the Holy Spirit to become stronger in her life. Transformation comes from contact with the Holy Spirit in your daily prayer.

As the Holy Spirit approached me His hand entered my stomach. I felt a very strong heat inside my stomach. He pulled a ball of flesh inside me that smelled bad. He said, “Today I released you from a beginning of cancer caused by an unhealthy diet you ingest. If this cancer were to develop your life would be short on earth, but you have been useful for God’s plans and you cannot die now.” His power enveloped my body His anointing was even in the marrow of my blood. The reaction that His anointing caused on my body was extraordinary. His fire invaded all the cells of my body, filling me with anointing to the bones. This happened to Elisha whose dead bones were filled with such an anointing that a dead man revived upon touching his bones. Once when some Israelites were burying a man, they spied a band of these raiders. So they hastily threw the corpse into the tomb of Elisha and fled. But as soon as the body touched Elisha’s bones, the dead man revived and jumped to his feet! (2 Kings 13:21)

The Holy Spirit disappeared from my room and my wife stopped speaking in tongues. Drops of sweat poured from her face. She did not see the Holy Spirit, but she knew He was so close to us.


Church, the Holy Spirit is not a dove. He is a Person and has the same essence of Jesus. He is divine, He is holy, many have blasphemed against Him when they ascribe miracles and healings which the demons made to the person of the Holy Spirit. He told me these things. Everything that happens supernaturally is sometimes the work of demons and the people attribute it to Him as if He operated in the lives of the false prophets. As if He approved of the deception and yet operated in the work of deception. I tell you that He is far from the lie. His sadness does not let Him stay in these places, because of the rot that stinks a lot. He is holy and cannot stay inside the churches of Babylonians.


You need the presence of the Holy Spirit every day to overcome the world. Have you borne fruit to God, where are the fruits of the Holy Spirit? You depend on Him to do the work, without Him you will not get it. Each one is different from the other, no one is like you, you are the unique beings created by God, do not imitate anyone. Learn to produce more for God, stop asking just for material things, know how to offer what God wants. Produce for God and save your oil reserve for the tough times.

The anointing of God will envelop you and give you spiritual strength to endure to the end. His light will kindle with that oil that is poured out upon you through your intimacy and praying to the Holy Spirit. You will be a spiritually active person and the light will shine upon you. If you are living a sanctified life then receive this new anointing poured out upon you. Without sanctification, there is no oil, without the oil there is no light, receive the portion of the life of that Word in your interiors. Your holiness will lead the Holy Spirit into your life and you will be enveloped in His glory. Intimacy with the Holy Spirit will envelop your life with your glory. How good it is to have contact with the Holy Spirit, isolating oneself from sin and moving away from the illusions of this world. The Holy Spirit will give you revelations when you visit Him personally.

Brothers the Holy Spirit works in a special way in the lives of those who give their lives to God. If you want to receive the Holy Spirit and become a vessel being used in His hands and do the will of God, look at your life and see what is missing to adjust. He wants to occupy the empty spaces in your life. He has an abundance of anointing to pour into your life. It is worth giving up the illusion of the world in exchange for this divine presence. I see the church with a hard heart does not want to renounce their vanities, preventing the Holy Spirit from working in their lives.

Church, do not resist the Holy Spirit. He is Wisdom, but the devil enters the body without asking permission and takes the soul to hell. The Holy Spirit wants to leave you in the holy image of God so that the world can see that glow, but the devil wants to deform this image leaving you like beasts.

How many brothers have anger in their hearts, threaten others, argue over things, add nothing, and create strife, and within their homes are beasts. The Holy Spirit wants to change that in you and to transform your lives by leaving it free and light of it all. He softens the hard hearts of stones. A righteous person shines and a set of qualities is added in your life. For those who are born again, there are so many spiritual qualities in them; there are so many fruits added in the lives of those who serve God.


I had a vision of the saints in white robes and a heavenly scent emanating from their bodies. I saw the purity of their garments and the light attracted to their encounter. The light entered their bodies and then left them glowing throughout the church.

Jesus said to me, “That aroma was extracted from the heavenly flowers to perfume the saints.”


I had a vision with those who live in sin. Their clothes were dirty and their bodies stank of carrion which also exhaled from these people.

Jesus said to me, “The sins of these people stink before Me.”


After this revelation, I had a vision of many preachers being raised by shepherds and not by God. They were carnal and sought man’s certification and ordination to appear legitimate in ministry.

Brothers, God qualifies a man for ministry by holiness; we are not to take up a position to do the shepherd’s will. God can anoint you to be His representative on earth and be a minister of the Gospel; do not expect the anointing of men. Through this witness I see people having intimacy with the Holy Spirit. I see believers learning to speak with the Holy Spirit and understanding His will, walking in the direction He commands. I see God raising people from the ashes.

Jesus said, “I only ask that the spiritual tank of believers be filled with abundant oil before I can ignite it. The believers must pray to keep the flames burning. For the saints who continue to grow in the grace of My spirit and have not backslidden in their spiritual lives, I have great promises for them.”

I had a vision of many believers losing the portion that they had received. Their flames have been erased because they let the cold of the world freeze their lives by getting involved with the things of this world; they have lessened their time of seeking God and giving more time to that which distances them from the presence of the Holy Spirit. To rekindle this flame that has gone out, spend time on the holy Word and sincere prayer. The more you pray, the more the fire of your life becomes inflamed again.


After that night of impact with the presence of the Holy Spirit, my wife was to preach in a house meeting. The service was only for women. She was overflowing with oil, and when she preached, she burned that house, and all the women were renewed with the power of God.

A believer when he has intimacy with the Holy Spirit is a receiver of God’s grace and a disciple-maker where he forms followers. At night I went to preach where I congregated and I had a vision of the Holy Spirit landing on the shoulder of a brother. This time He was in the shape of a dove and moved inside the church flying all over the place. The activity of the Holy Spirit began in the church. He is the light of the life of those who seek Him. I saw the Holy Spirit removing spiritual scales from the eyes of many brethren. That dove landed on my body and I felt electricity invading my soul. I was filled with anointing and when a brother passed near me he felt that presence and was impacted by the power of God. This young man had never spoken in tongues and for the first time, he spoke receiving this gift. My wife also became more participatory in church.


We returned home and I had a vision of the Holy Spirit. This time He was in the form of a man and adorned a woman in a white dress. The Holy Spirit adorned the bride not with the jewels of the world, but with the spiritual adornments. The bride was adorned with perseverance, virtue, forgiveness, lightness, love, faithfulness, gratitude, docility, hope, harmony, happiness, union, tranquility, piety, peace, tenderness, perfection, wisdom, purity, softness, grace, renunciation, patience and solidarity. This woman looked like a bride ready to marry.

Jesus told me, “My Spirit is preparing My bride to meet Me.”


The next day I went to visit a church and when I began to preach my vision opened and I was seeing rains of fire falling inside the church. I was shocked to receive this rain, but the people of the church felt nothing.

I asked Jesus, “Why am I the only one who felt this rain?”

Jesus told me, “This rain was from Me, but the people are spiritually dead and those who have died are unable to feel anything. If they feel nothing, it is due to the absence of My spirit in them; their lamps have gone out. They need to light them urgently before it is too late; they need the renewal.”


When I arrived at my house to pray I had a vision of a great city. The demons made sin multiply all over this city. It is the nest of demons installed in that city. Sin is in the big cities, where spiritual values are reversed and the places became a bad influence for children. These evil societies are building an unbelieving generation. All these cities are headed toward hell. I saw these people burning like rubbish in hellfire just like Gehenna in the Bible.

They looked like garbage in ragged robes, torn and filthy. These cities had parties, drinks, prostitution, drugs and everything you cannot even imagine. I saw the nest of demons in the great centers of the city. These cities are places of corruption of the human races, where the churches suffer to preach the doctrine. The garbage of sin is scattered in the cities. Christians living in these cities suffer greatly from the effects of the malignity of these places. We have to pray a lot and are constantly vigilant not to be surprised by the bad. The evil that is in the cities afflict families and it is in these places that there is a concentration of sin.

I saw in the vision devils enthroned in urban centers. These cities are branches of great Babylon that will soon appear in this world. I saw new attractions of these cities attracting people to death. In the vision all these cities united to form great Babylon.


Jesus rescued a drunken man from the garbage dump of that city; he was cleansed from his sins and redeemed from perdition. Today he is a great man who preaches the Word. Drug addicts have been released by God and taken from this world by His glory and given the grace to become the men of God. There are still teachers who teach the pure Word of Jesus and take good care of the sheep so they do not get lost. They have brought the people deceived by the false prophets to the holy fold of God. These sheep are clean with the Word of God and healed of false doctrines. Sick souls are being cared for by serious men who do not mix the holy Gospel with false doctrine.

Seeing this vision, the Lord said, “My servant shall protect the flock from false doctrines and forbid them from attending false preachers’ preaching; they have their names written in My book of life.

Jesus showed me in the vision a flock that belongs to a shepherd. The herd was covered in wool and wounded.

Jesus said, “Look how this flock is enticed by the false prophets.”


I had a vision of millions of angels going to various churches. I rejoiced when I saw those celestial beings.

Jesus told me, “Why are you glad? This saddens Me, son – they are angels of light, deceitful spirits who imitate the works of the Holy Spirit. They have the false prophets to carry out their plans of destruction. These false prophets when they receive these demons no longer have a normal life. This is the false Holy Spirit that the false prophets are giving to the people. A pirate copy of it, a fake imitation. These deceiving spirits will take their mouths in prophecy and they will think it is My spirit.”

In the vision I saw millions of spirits that produce warmth within the church, imitating the Holy Spirit. People prophesied, jumped, fell to the ground, shouted, danced and crawled dust from the heat. When the false prophets said to receive the anointing of the Holy Spirit, I saw many people giving place to receive their evil portions. I saw a blackened oil pouring into the heads of these people. These people thought it was the work of the Holy Spirit and they laughed at the power they thought to be of the Holy Spirit. I saw the garments of these muddy people, there was no purity in their spiritual lives. Their biggest mistake is to think that they can receive the Holy Spirit without sanctification. I saw millions of light spirits who were not from God going to other churches. They have transfigured themselves into angels of deceit, resembling the heavenly.

Jesus said to me, “These same spirits are of the Kardecist spiritualism that they incorporate in the people saying that it is the person who died are inside profane churches. They also appear in witchcraft with other names, and now in the false churches, they pass off as the Holy Spirit. They are deceivers. And more people are submitting to them in deception thinking they are experiencing the warmth of the Holy Spirit.”

One of the greatest religious decoys of our time is Kardecist spiritualism. The followers of Kardec believe that they live the authentic Christianity. Kardecism preaches mediumship, charity as a table of salvation, reincarnation as necessary to the evolution of spirits.

The false prophets said, “Thus saith the Lord, ‘Today I will anoint you as kings of this land.’ ” And the Christians are called to the front and a demon poured the black oil on the heads of the believers who went there. The false prophets soon spilled anointed oils on the heads of those brothers and prophesied a false anointing. Those believers fell to the ground with their bodies all trembling. From that moment they were raised with the same authority of the false prophets to perform their false works. They received false gifts to perform miracles invested with the authority given by false prophets.

Jesus showed me the filthy waters coming out of the interior of these false prophets.

I saw a demon say, “I reign in this place, I am their God, they do my will, I will operate here until they receive their crowns of eternal life.” The demon gave a terrible laugh. I saw the demon of sensuality masquerading as the Holy Spirit. He uses sensual women in prophecies.


I saw the spirit of the catwalk using a sister. This spirit also works in the lives of models and transforms appearances leaving them with seductive looks. I have seen the spirit of hair straightening and painting that leaves women’s hair on TV commercials looking like a seductress. I also saw the spirit of masculine sensuality, men who wear shorts, walk without shirts, and wear tight clothing on their bodies. I have seen male seducing demons that induce brothers into adultery, fornication, and prostitution. These demons used believers who were not delivered from immorality. They got out of pornographic movies, magazine pictures, and sexy women’s Facebook, and enter into their minds of the believers.


I saw a Catholic church where a priest told people to give way to the Holy Spirit. When he said that, the people would fall to the ground and rest in the spirit. Those people fall into a spiritual slumber when they fall to the ground. I saw the demon of idolatry masquerading as the Holy Spirit and deceiving the priest.

I also saw an evangelical church and the pastor of that church made people sleep. They received a knockout and fell to the ground like dead and there was a demon responsible for the deceit.


After this vision, I went to visit a church. I had a vision of rains of fire falling from the sky. The church was hit with that rain, but me.

I asked Jesus in my prayer because I felt nothing in the rain.

The Lord said, “You are clothed in My armor, these drizzles of darkness cannot penetrate your body.”


Soon after I saw a horrible monster entering the church and transfigured into an angel of light. He appeared to a sister making her rejoice. That sister received a prophecy from that demon inside the church. She told the whole congregation that she saw the angel inside the church. The people began to glorify God.

She said, “That the angel brought him a prophecy to give to the people and told them everything.” I knew it was a demon cheating on that sister.

I went home when the service ended and I went to pray until 3 in the morning.

An angel appeared to me and said, “Today I will take you to show you hell.”

I heard the voice of the Holy Spirit saying, “Do not believe, it is not from God.” I cast out that spirit of light that came to bring me a message.

The Holy Spirit said, “Those who have a covenant with Me, I will not let the demons deceive them.”


The Holy Spirit continued, “Pray a lot, for there are 7 sorceresses who have your name in magic to destroy your ministry. They are very angry with you. When you were in the city of Arusha, you won many souls. They have lost many clients who had sought their services of darkness in the past.” Even though they are in Africa, a place far away from here their spells are powerful.

When the Holy Spirit revealed this to me I had a vision of these witches. They were assembled and summoned a chief demon. I saw in the vision when that demon appeared to them. One of them said, “I want to kill that young man who came here, what is the price of the sacrifice? I have 21 goats and all the colors and 56 chickens.”

The demon said, “That is too little to kill a believer from that spiritual level. It’s not easy to get him as we have to do a lot of work. I’m not going out with my troop from here and traveling to a distant land with this little offering.”

The sorceress said, “Ask what you will, I will give you.”

The demon said, “You want me to take his life, life pays for life. The life of one of you for his life.”

The sorceresses looked frightened not expecting such a high price.

One of them finally said, “Do not worry. I offer my life in return. I am the weakest among you, someone has to continue the work. I know that I will be in a good place with Jesus.”

The demon had one of the sorceresses nail a dagger into her heart and use her blood in the death ritual. I saw when they sacrificed that woman and the demons took her soul and went down to hell. When they did that ritual of death, the chief demon with his battalion came to Europe looking for my head. They traveled several miles to kill me. I was praying and feeling when more than 100 demons arrived. They stayed in my backyard and surrounded my house. It was dawn when they came to kill me thinking I was asleep. I began to hear noises in my yard and on the roof. They started knocking on my window and my wife woke up with the noise. I told her to stay in spirit and together we began to make that powerful prayer.

My vision opened up and I saw those devils surrounding my house and pointing their hands toward my house. Out of his hands came black darts, not just one, I saw millions of black balls coming at me and my wife. It was a barrage of darts in our house, but I noticed that those darts was stopped by a large shield that covered us. The great shield of fire that formed protected us from all those darts. I saw the millions of darts fired falling to the ground and the ground becoming dark. The floor of my house was all dark and the earth sucked all the darts into it like rainwater being sucked into the ground. The floor of my room became normal and those legions of demons were gone.

Those demons had to go back to Africa because they were encroaching on territories here where I live belonging to other demons that act in this region. My wife said she did not see when the demons attacked, but she felt a negative weight of a diabolical presence in the house.

Open the Word of God and go forth in Psalms 91:4, He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings, you will trust; his truth shall be thy shield and buckler.

We thank God for another victory in this spiritual warfare. Imagine if I did not have a sanctified life, they would have touched me. Any Christian who is going to make a mission in dangerous places without renouncing the world runs the great risk of dying, for the demons kill.


I was invited to preach the Word in a church. When I began to speak of the sanctity of the body an evangelist woman waited for me to finish the preaching. She got up from the bench and said she did not believe my words, accusing me of speaking heresies. This happened at the end of the service when I prayed for oppressed people. A woman was manifested by a demon and fell to the ground.

I looked at the woman evangelist and said, “You are saying this because you do not want to give up vanity, you need liberation.”

She said, “I am already freed by the blood of Jesus and never fall into any demonic oppression in church.”

I replied to her, “I’ll make a challenge with you. Since you said that you are covered by the blood of Jesus, I will send the demon that is inside the body of this woman who is on the ground to enter yours. If you walk in holiness this demon will not find space within your body because of the dwelling of the Holy Spirit.”

I ordered the demon to leave the woman’s body and told him to enter the body of the evangelist. The evangelist was possessed by the devil and fell to the ground.

I proved to the church that she was wrong about the vanity of the body. That evangelist had strong makeup, she wore black lipstick and pencils on her eyebrows. She wanted to embarrass me in church saying I was wrong to preach against such things. I cast out that demon of her life and she believed my words.

Church, have a zeal for the holiness of your body. Do not despise this doctrine because your body is an abode of the Holy Spirit. You need the Holy Spirit in your life to do the good work. The sisters in my church do not wear makeup. One day they were praying I saw a ball of fire touching their faces. The anointing of the Holy Spirit left the faces of the sisters bright, their cheeks reddened by the burning fire. The shine of the Holy Spirit is the best makeup there is. I have watched as the Holy Spirit left the sisters’ faces beautiful, the lights on their faces made them more beautiful than when they wore make-up.

I also saw the faces of women believers in makeup burning like hellfire. That was in a vision I had when I looked into the faces of some believers. Spiritually their faces were deformed-looking like Freddy Krueger’s face. I saw the powder of the makeup they passed on their faces turning black microbes. These microbes entered their faces that caused blisters and inflammation. Their faces created scales of crocodiles and filled with holes that fit a pin. Those larvae that entered the small holes of their faces were demons. These microbe-sized demons also entered through the hairy crowns of the sisters who dye the hair. All this was a medium where the demons came in to possess their bodies. A woman who dyed her hair was possessed by several small demons who entered her hairy crown.



I have also cast out devils from tongues that speak too much. I have cast out devils from strife, demons from groups that formed within the church. I have seen the tongues of these people like serpent tongues.



Many brothers were demon-possessed and I expelled them all. Brothers who have minds polluted by pornography and immoralities have been set free. I saw fireballs coming into their heads and burned all the broods the demons had created inside their minds.



I saw fireballs entering the brothers’ bosoms and burning all the malice and wickedness kept inside, every trash and debris that the demons left in their hearts the Holy Spirit cleansed. Speaking corrupt words were also burned in there.
Sinful actions cause an imbalance in the spiritual lives attracting evil. All that is done now is reflected in the spiritual world hurting people.


Jesus said, “Faithful servant, warn these people to preserve holiness after their deliverance. I want this church to close their eyes to the things of the world. I want no more conflict between them. I want cooperation and love in their interactions and in the breaking of bread. I want to see this church united in one spirit and made into an unshakeable rock. Tell them if they obey My Word, they will never be denied any spiritual resources from heaven. And I will always pour My renewal into their lives, light the flames when they fail and I will be their strength in difficult times. I want you to grow spiritually and have activity in the work. Those who follow My Word will not die spiritually. The decision to sanctify is in the hands of the church. To those who obey I will sustain them in My presence and I will be the solution to their problems.”

As I passed these revelations to the church the people rejoiced, and heaven descended within them. I saw a noise of a wind coming into the four corners of the church. It was the presence of the Holy Spirit that filled that place. I say to all – to have a healthy spiritual life without any demonic influence, it is necessary to live a life of practice and prayer. Rebuild your foundations from today on. Every verse of the Bible will rebuild your spiritual structure.

Holiness attracts holiness. When the Holy Spirit sees a clean temple, He approaches it and all His heat burns the body of its impurities; all His light penetrates the sanctified body and goes to the marrow of the soul. Holy doctrine kindles the flame that has gone out. All it takes is the reaction of a sincere prayer for the flame to ignite. The more you pray, the more the fire of God ignites in your life. You who do not walk in holiness will one day die, and to whom will you give up your souls?

I went home and talked to my wife about starting a women’s ministry. The church is growing and the number of women prayer warriors has only increased; they are eager to do street evangelism. My wife agreed to have a women-only evangelism group.

I went to pray at midnight. I was worried about my ministry. In prayer, I told Jesus, “When I die, who will continue the ministry that my father did not finish?”


Jesus said, “As you care about tomorrow, I already have the right person for this job.”

I said, “Lord, that means that I am going to die before this work is finished, who will be that capable person who will continue?”

Jesus said, “You know who will continue your work, Naomi Atsushi whom I chose before she was born. She is My prophet that I will raise to lead the next evil generation to come.”

Jesus showed me in the vision my adult daughter preaching to a multitude of people and the spiritual currents were broken through her preaching.

Jesus said, “The generation that is yet to come will be worse than this, but I always raise My prophets to preach in every age to save souls. Take good care of My pearl stone; she’s precious to Me.”

My eyes filled with tears at this revelation. I was thrilled.


After the vision I had of my daughter, Jesus showed me a vision of a great spiritual war. The demons were preparing to attack the church, the purpose of this war was their interest in souls. Demons were attacking people who are congregating in serious churches and do not want them in denominations that teach them to live the Gospel. These Christians were being tested for actually walking in the truth. Many did not resist the tests and backslide.

The demons could get some believers out of the church and bring them into the world, but when people left the true churches, going to the false, the demons celebrated. I saw an army of well-organized demons; they had strategies and plans to destroy the church; they possessed armaments of darkness to reach the church. These demons do not want to attack profane and rebellious churches, they always look in the churches where the shepherds preach holiness. This is the flock they want to attack. If you are the only one in your church who has decided to live the truth, you are being targeted by the devil at this time. The devil is not worried about the flock that has not given up their lukewarm and worldly ways. Those who have not renounced the world, Satan considers them defeated.


I saw the legions surrounding a praying church, they kept waiting for the church to cool down to operate. One of the church members was in sin and did not want to leave the world. He was inside the church, the demons were looking at him, until one of them said, “Here is an opportunity to enter the church through him.” Then one of the demons possessed the boy. The purpose of that demon was to cause division and to destroy that church through that boy.


Another legion of demons possessed a very wise theologian, and they took this man to a serious church. The pastor who saw this theologian was astonished with his wisdom and saw his credentials as bishop. The pastor gave honors to this bishop. A sanctified church was falling into the snare of the devil.


I will reveal the 5 plans of Satan to destroy an entire church that walks in holiness.

The first plan is theology and human knowledge. No theology written in books or taught in courses fights sin hard. Today’s theologies come with the teaching that nothing is a sin. I thought of doing theology at the beginning of the ministry, but the Holy Spirit did not allow it and said, “Theology is carnal and always goes against what is supernatural. The experiences that you will have, no book of theology can explain. Many men who had faith in spiritual things did theology that killed their faith. Theology has denied My truth.”

The second plan of Satan for the church is to gain the greatest number of souls from the churches of truth.

The third plan of Satan is to cool the church, causing the people not to pray, only thus will it infiltrate the church.

The fourth plan of Satan is to bring sin into the church, taking away the spiritual authority of the people.

The fifth plan of Satan is to win the minds of the people, with the doctrine of blessing and wealth. He wants to replace the Gospel of holiness with the Gospel of prosperity.


These 5 plans of Satan are to gain the lost territories and reign within the church. The doctrinal confusions that came from theology is a weapon of Satan to win souls. What is at issue in this war is the crown of the eternal life of believers.

I have seen spiritual darts that cause the spiritual death of the believer, darts paralyzing the spiritual life of prayer, darting sickness to the body, mental dart to reach the minds of believers, causing depression and suicide, a doctrinal dart that causes confusion in the mind and makes one stop believing that holiness is important. They threw these darts at a long distance, these darts did damage to the spiritual lives. It is necessary to put on the celestial armor.

The weapons of believers are prayer, holiness, vigilance, and endurance. Demons do not want Christians to have these weapons. They hold meetings to neutralize Christians, to control their lives by taking their time to seek God. The devil has many weapons of spiritual destruction to end the church.


These darts that undermine the spiritual forces are in technology, the internet, television, social networks, and secular music. I saw the demons saying to hide the darts in these things. Any believer who gets involved with these things will have their lives attacked. The demons will not attack the church that makes an alliance with the world, for these are theirs and live for them. I saw the demons attacking the believer by surprise, quick attack without waiting, believers who did not watch were caught in spiritual traps that caused their spiritual falls.


Jesus showed me a multitude of dead bodies.

I said, “What is the meaning of this vision?

Jesus answered, “It is the spiritual deaths of many believers who do not pray, no longer feel My presence, and have lost the pleasure of seeking My presence. They are in the church every day, but it is as if they did not have to be away from Me. These were dominated by sin and victims of demons. The church has no choice but to confront the power of darkness. Prayers are attacks on the spiritual forces of evil and the Word destroys all lies.”


Jesus continued, “The spiritual war of infiltration within the churches is commanded by Satan where false prophets preach in holy churches to destroy holy doctrine. These agents are spies who study the ministry to destroy it. The spiritual warfare is on the doctrinal reform of the church and replacing Holy Scriptures with the modern Gospel. Satan is working to change the Gospel by putting another type of teaching. Change the praises with profane lyrics with rhythms of hell. Satan is using demons to wreak war on denominations. At that moment there are several theological currents warring against holy doctrine.”

Jesus showed me in the vision the false prophets manipulating people’s minds about holiness, saying that nothing is a sin.

I have also seen the false prophets propagating deceitfully about their churches, talking about spiritual things that will never happen. And the media are used by them to advertise their prophecies. They want to garner the largest number of souls to increase church income and the media is a propaganda weapon.


Several teachings say that the sanctification of the body is not necessary. Satan planned to attack the truth by creating diversities of teaching, saying that hell does not exist. I saw all this in a secret Satan meeting when I was snatched up in the Spirit. He is having a war of various false doctrines against the Holy Word of God. He is having spiritual warfare using false gifts and revivals that are not from God. All this to deceive the people.

Satan also planned this so that the people will not come to sanctify themselves, and even in sin, they will be used with gifts and authorities. It is having a spiritual warfare within the church itself in the part of the union, but it is Satan causing discord. Because of this war, many are leaving the church and opening their own ministry for the sake of making money.
These brothers have dragged crowds of people from serious churches to open a church of lies.

I also saw in vision these weak people, falling into demonic prisons of sin. A group of devils was desperate because of an inner church that still kept the truth in their hearts.

I saw a vision as the legions of demons became unstructured as the church began to pray for three months without stopping. The devil’s strategy is to enter into a church that has not yet sinned. They want to take over the power of all ministries to have all the souls in their hands. When they take over the ministry they will release their doctrines of demons into the church. The sacred mysteries will be replaced by profane errors; the churches that are established in sound doctrine, Satan will use those who do not live the Gospel to disrupt and disorganize the church.


The strategy of demons is to make a group of believers who do not abide by holy doctrine to defame those who preach the truth. Satan chose a group of believers who have not yet been born again to be the opposition of God’s true servants. The demons are already breaking up the church of Christ by dividing the people.

Jesus revealed to me a group of believers attacking pastors, who are committed to God. They used the internet in the popular media to slander, telling lies about the man of God. The people gave credit to those who preach against holy doctrine to get rid of the obligation to walk in holiness. Many pastors want the doctrine of the sanctification of the body to end in all churches. The demons want to put one against the other inside the church to wear down the members of the body of Christ. This will weaken the church for the demons to control the house of God. Satan knows that a disunited church cannot defeat him. All that I am saying was spoken at the meeting of the demons.


Jesus asked me to tell the church, to come into communion more intensely with Him, to increase the search, the intimacy and the adoration to Him. Jesus asked the church to organize, to unite, and to march. He said to obey the Gospel and to discipline their bodies in holiness. Jesus said to resist the trials and when you pray to ask for spiritual resources in this fight. Ask for spiritual weapons and training to face this war. And when the church joins in that same purpose, it gets stronger. If a soldier is strong, imagine an army raised to battle.

I had a vision of a soldier equipped with armor. This soldier was clothed with obedience, daring, liveliness, boldness, courage, security, strength, determination, persistence, dignity, faith, prudence, leadership, tenacity, separated from the world, servant of the living God, victorious in war.

I asked the Lord the meaning of this vision.

He said, “I will raise people with that quality.”


After these visions, I went to do mission in Panama, a poor country. A boy named Diego was addicted to drugs. His mother was Belinda, weeping she asked me to pray for her son. When I took her son’s photo and started praying, I had a vision of a demon of death. The demon said, “This soul is mine, I will kill him.” I prayed God would not let young Diego die and asked for his release.

I saw in the vision a young man named Carlos, Diego’s friend. When I talked about I saw in the vision, her mother was shocked and did not believe her son’s best friend would do it. I began to rebuke the demon I saw in vision and who possessed Carlos. In a few minutes that demon came to me. He entered the body of Sister Belinda and manifested himself. I looked at this woman and was amazed. She wore no makeup, earrings, and no special clothing.

The demon within her said, “Do not be a shepherd, she has a big tongue and watches novels.” I cast out that devil and the Holy Spirit revealed to me much hurt, rancor, and hatred in her heart. She had argued with her sister and had bad thoughts, desiring evil. The demon entered her mind and lodged in her heart.

She prayed to God every day and asked for her son’s deliverance, but she was in sin and took the holy supper. She became sick for sharing Jesus’ supper in this situation. Her sin was not in the flesh, nor in the skirt, nor through female artifices of vanity. Her sin was not in the body but in the soul. Inwardly she was filthy with a troubled mind that became the nest of Satan. I entered into a spiritual battle against the devil so as not to lose the soul of her son. Days later her son was arrested by police for stealing.

A demon appeared to me and mocked me that I had lost the war.

I said, “How did I lose if he is not dead yet?

The demon said, “I’m going to use a man to kill Diego inside the prison.” When the demon said that, he disappeared.

I went to pray to God and asked why God let him be arrested if I prayed for deliverance.

Jesus said to me, “Servant, I allowed him to be arrested; his prayer was answered, he was to die murdered. Satan had already set a snare of death from which he would not escape. I kept him in jail and there Satan cannot touch him. I will use the prison authorities to give him security. I will send My servants in that place and I will raise this young man as a watchman in My hands. Fear not, I will shake that place. I will use this young man to win souls in that prison.”

At night I went to minister in a church. I saw in the vision demons using people in the preaching hour to distract their attention. They started to go to the bathroom and others talked. In the hour of praise, everyone was quiet. At the hour of the Word that liberates and edifies, the church became agitated. Many people did not stop at their places. I called the attention of the whole church to be still and not to disturb the preaching.


After I finished, I prayed for deliverance on behalf of the children, the Holy Spirit told me to do this. I began to pray and children of four, five, six and seven years old fell into demonic manifestations. I cast out those little demons. A mother brought me a six-month-old child to pray for. The baby cried and screamed out of the ordinary.

This child was being disturbed every night waking up crying according to his mother. I prayed and expelled that demon. The baby never cried again and went on to have quiet nights. At her mother’s house, the television was on all day and the worldly music was being played all day. In a house that does not serve God, the devil plagues even the babies. The demons that are in these homes begin to devastate the life of the parents and pass them to the children.


I went to a home to pray for a pregnant woman and saw in the vision a demon inside her womb. The child had not yet been born, but there was already an evil spirit keeping the baby company. Evil was sharing the womb with that child. I cast out the evil from the woman’s belly. I saw a black mist coming out of her womb and sinking to the ground. I asked what the woman’s life was like, she said that she was arguing with her husband and they were saying words of curses to each other, that within her home she had no peace, only war. She and her husband began to wish that the child was not born alive. After she told me these things, the next day I had a vision, I saw devils making Christian couples fight to get divorced. A demon-induced home war within the home.

I left Panama and returned to my country.


Jesus took me to a hospital to pray for a young woman. The girl was already dead and breathing through the devices. With her mother’s permission, I asked them to turn off the appliances. She was no longer breathing, there was no pulse, and her vital organs did not work.

I do not have the gift of the miracle or the cure, but the Holy Spirit said, “It is not yet time for her to leave, I have work in her life.” I never resurrected anyone, it was a challenge for me. I placed my hand on her hand and prayed to God. I asked Jesus to send the spirit of life. The girl sighed and opened her eyes. The doctors were amazed, the girl’s mother rejoiced. All the doctors and staff of that hospital gathered in the room and heard me preach the Gospel. Many had already given their lives to Jesus only through the miracle of the resurrection.

May the Lord lift up every person who hears me. You can be used, there is no limit on the anointing that is available.

Everything from God is abundant, the eternal wells of grace are filled, the peace of the Lord Jesus is upon every life, Amen.


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