March 25, 2018

I will relate the visions I received from God.



I was in the church in the Spirit as the people praised God. The voice of the Holy Spirit spoke to me saying that the children of Christians are being influenced to do wrong things through demonized children who induce the children of the church to sin.

One of these children was about 10 years old, came to visit the church. The demon who used this child to divert the other children was manifested with a child demon. She was violent and almost the workers could not hold on. I threw that demon out, but to my surprise, it was a legion, so three laborers could barely hold on to where the force came from.

I went home and when I bent my knees, I had a vision of the legion of young demons. They were all in the body of that child and came to confront me. They were burning with hatred that I had expelled them from that child’s body. They are very small, about a meter in height and are the size of children from 6 to 7 years.

I cried to God, and an angel appeared and put all those demons to escape. A day later Jesus revealed to me this class of childish demons. They only work to destroy children, corrupt them with new ones, through games, toys, immoral websites, television, evil drawings, and bad companies.

Children who fall into these traps do not inherit the kingdom of heaven, for the state of innocence has corrupted itself as Adam in Eden, who from the pure became impure and destitute. Just as paradise lost its innocence about evil, so are the children.

I tell parents to watch over and be careful whom their children are making friends with. A wicked friend can take a child to perdition and turn him into a bad person who may in the future cause destruction to other families.



After this revelation three days later, I was praying at dawn and Jesus brought me a revelation about the women. When I received this message, I became sad. Jesus told me that women are leaving their husbands for not being able to withstand the financial tests.

I tell all women that separation is only in the case of adultery. In this case, the spouse has scandalized his life and gives the spouse the right to leave him to do the work alone. The separation cannot be by fights or trials of financial life. Any servant who separates from her husband other than for adultery has already committed sin. Remembering that this separation does not give the right to marry again, because they are one flesh only until one of the spouses dies.

What Jesus revealed to me was women getting divorced because of financial reasons. I had a vision of a Christian leaving her husband to marry a man who has a very high financial status. She divorced her husband to marry this man. Jesus said, “This is one of the majorities that do it with husband. They leave their husbands to marry the god Mammon. They marry these men, not for love, but for riches.” I saw in the vision a demon full of money attached to her body.

This demon put a wedding ring on that woman’s finger because she had married the man not out of love but for his money. And actually, the one who was marrying her was a fool. Jesus said, “This is the fruit of the theology of prosperity that teaches that the church cannot be poor. It teaches that the church has to live in comfort and full of money.”

Upon hearing these teachings women will not accept living in the financial wilderness and will pursue a prosperous life even with another man. Those who preach prosperity are being held hostage to what they teach and are losing their wives to the theology of prosperity.

Jesus showed me a television screen. I saw a telenovel going on. The actress played a self-willed woman who left her husband to marry a millionaire, then this woman gave a blow to the rich man so she could inherit the fortune. Jesus said, “Robert, sees theology being preached in this recording scene. The television teaches you to love Mammon and many churches do the same too. This is causing a lot of divorce because of the money. These women who leave their husbands and marry for the money are in adultery and will go to hell if they do not return to their lawful husbands.”

This was the message that Jesus had sent. If you are thinking about leaving your spouse for someone who has money do not do it. When you decided to marry your husband, you knew that he made little money and even then, you went ahead to marry him. Before the wedding, you’re liking for him did not let you see if he was poor or not. You could have avoided marriage by knowing that he earned little. But even so, you decided to marry for love and now you are putting the monetary interests before the marriage. Know that you are connected to death. And no matter how many men you marry and your pastor approves of these marriages, in the spiritual world, the first marriage is the valid one. Your pastor may approve, but God will never approve. It is going against the Word.

You women who watch television will be influenced by it. Any woman who thinks about leaving her husband for money is a victim of television evil influence. This is a warning from God. Do not be like the wife of Job who was with him in abundance, but when he was tested severely, she left her husband. Women who cannot stand trials get accustomed to having a failed mind and store thoughts of defeat.

They only think in terms of losses and bad things. They do not have a victorious thought of faith. Many pastors say that a marriage does not work if there is incompatibility. Does it have to be compatible to work? This does not exist. In marriage, a man and a woman are transformed to become one body, one mind, and one spirit, there is a spiritual concordance; gender incompatibility does not exist in spiritual Christians.



In my ministry, there is a group of women prayer warriors. We taught them to overcome their obstacles that they could not overcome before. This humble female project is held outside the church, where a woman is used by God’s teachings. And every weekend they do street evangelism and live-in prayer. My wife is part of that group. Many women who have joined the group have overcome their difficulties and seen their faith increased. They have reacted positively to their problems. Women have learned to struggle through difficulties, they do not give up, and they continue to insist on the spiritual change of their families.

Jesus has seen their efforts and has already begun to perform His magnificent work in their families. The united prayers of these warriors have caused supernatural effects. Even the church has been active because of the project of women warriors. They have led their spiritual actions into the church and encouraged the men.

Many workers who didn’t believe in them and didn’t act, stood there whining. When they saw the prayer warriors conquering what was impossible for men, they began to have faith. The motto of the project is to conquer Jesus through humiliation. Children of these sisters who were addicted to drugs and prostitution have freed themselves and given their lives to Jesus.

A Christian girl with deep depression said she was not good for anything and wanted to die. She could not stand in the presence of God and was spiritually weak. She was stuck in her room and was invited to join the prayer warriors’ group. She was delivered when she joined the project. Her mind was filled with faith and no longer had that negative reaction. She was filled with trust in Jesus and faced her fears. Negative thoughts have been replaced by faith. This girl did not quit, because her faith was greater than her difficulties. She is full of hope and has the courage to face the situations of her life. Even her family was transformed through the life of this girl.

Faith reversed everything that was wrong in their families. This strategic project gave wisdom to women not to argue with their husbands so as not to destroy their marriages. We fight against divorce. Many women have almost lost their husbands.

Prayer restored their conjugal lives and faith made the defeats turn into victories. And those women who had been left by their husbands, their faith in Jesus brought their spouses back. Victory reigned in the place of failure. They won in prayer. The family and children of every woman on this project have participated in the prayer meetings of these women. These women do a good job.



I went to visit two Christians who were hospitalized with serious and prolonged illnesses. I did not know these brothers, but Jesus took me there for a purpose. I asked Jesus why the two of them were not healed to do the work.

Jesus answered, “They are rebellious, they do not do My work and live sinning. Their churches are praying for God to have mercy on them and begged Him not to let them die. For the cry of My people, I will save them, but they shall not rise from their beds. I’m preparing to take them to heaven. I am breaking these vessels into sickness and remaking into perfect vessels. They are sorry and their hearts are broken. They asked Me for forgiveness and I forgave them. They want them to be healed to do My work, but they will not resist the pleasures of the world.”

“If I lift them from the bed, they will do My work for a short time and they will go astray. And I will lose their soul. Satan is preparing bonds of death to reap their souls. They will not get up from these beds. The two are being purified by the fire so I collect their souls. I’m even refining the gold in the fire until they shine. All their impurities are coming out of them.”



I have visited the hospital and done good doing the good work, but the critical Christians who do nothing for God only open their mouths to persecute me. I’ve been cursed by some of them. Regardless of doing good or not, it does not matter to them. They will always speak badly because their hearts are evil, they hardly praise. The criticism is in their hearts, nothing is good for them, nor Jesus escaped criticism from the Pharisees. What matters is that we are perfect for God. Do not be concerned if you will please people, just do the will of God. Your value to God is priceless, enjoy the peace of God, be of service to Him. Do not oppress yourself with affronts, be happy in Jesus, feel His presence and softness and forget those who persecute you. Even if your family themselves speak ill of you, they are not of importance who defame you.

Even if the people of your church persecute you because of the Word, do not listen to what they think of you. Your life revolves around Jesus. He is the one who answers your call and your prayer, not the people who talk about you. Who will approve of you is God and not the men who give their opinions to others? Call it fanatics and radicals. You are responsible for your actions, not those that speak badly of you. Each one will answer for their sins before the judgment seat of Christ in the day of judgment. If you preach the truth, do not expect them to be welcomed as you wish. Each person has a different reaction to what one preaches.



I want to speak to everyone who likes to read the Bible. The more you know the Word, the more responsibility you will have to walk in it. The more gifts of the Holy Spirit you have received, the more you will have to work for God. The more spiritual it is, the greater the responsibility and charge. God charges the measure He gives to His servants. Whoever has little of God, He charges little. Whoever has much of it will be charged a lot. The more we grow in grace, the more the devil chases us. Those who ascend spiritual steps are the targets of demons. The signs accompany the saints and always come true. God gives authority to His servants and people go to them for help. It is at this hour that souls are won.



I have a strong revelation to pass to the church. I had a vision this morning. I saw a parliament of deputies. It looked like a convention where plans for the world were being discussed. One of these men got up from the armchair and said, “Every couple must be limited to a child, the population must have that awareness. Let’s put in their minds that the more children they have, the more government spending there will be.”

Jesus told me that the government has developed contraceptive methods to prevent couples from having children.

The female and male condom prevents the couple from having children. Genesis chapter 1 verse 28, And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.

This is God’s will for the people to multiply. This contraceptive method that prevents the child from being born in the sexual act does not come from God. The plan of the rulers is to decrease the population leaving 20 percent. They want to kill 80 percent of people in the world. Satan’s plan is evil and goes against the Bible. As God wants the population to increase, the government wants to decrease. Other methods include the abortifacient that kills the fetus while in the womb. Women murderers will not inherit the kingdom of God unless they repent of sin. Men who undergo vasectomy do not please God and are given over to hell.

God overlooks your times of ignorance but if now you know the gravity of this sin, you cannot repent and ask for God’s forgiveness. First Corinthians 3:17 If any man defiles the temple of God, him shall God destroy; for the temple of God is holy, which temple ye are.

A woman cannot ligature her fallopian tubes in order not to have children. It is a sin. Genesis 9:1 And God blessed Noah and his sons, and said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth. God wants multiplication and Satan wants a reduction.

The government knows that God’s desire is to multiply and create these methods to go against the Word. If you are a Christian and hurt that Word you are already in sin. Everything that prevents the birth of the child does not come from God. My wife and I do not use any pregnancy prevention method. We have a girl and so far, no further children have been born. We prayed to God that He would not let a child be born during this difficult time. And God did not allow, because He is the God who closes and opens the mother ‘s womb. God opened the wombs of Sarah and Ana. We do not need to use any methods to avoid children.

Man and woman do not make children, God is the one who forms the child in the womb.
Who formed Adam, man or God? Who breathed the spirit of life in Adam? It is God who breathes the spirit of life into the woman’s womb and forms a child. It just needs the genetic material of man and a woman to form a life. It’s like a baker who needs the ingredients to make bread. Anything unsuitable for making the bread will spoil it if thrown into the dough. The same thing is the contraceptive that kills man’s genetic material and disrupts the formation of life. God wants to form a life and you stop it.

Jesus has revealed to me that this contraceptive poison falls into the womb and causes sterility and develops cancer in the uterine cavity. This was a revelation that God told me to deliver.



Then I had another vision. I saw spirits of error dragging multitudes of souls through doctrinal heresies. Once people enter into deception, they lose the strength to fight evil by being carried away by these doctrinal currents of hell. In the vision, I saw shepherds with pierced eyes. And the servants of God tried to warn these shepherds, but they did not want to see the truth discrediting their false doctrines, preferring to follow their doctrines that lead to hell.

I saw a class of demons who had the same function of entering people’s bodies through false doctrine.

I saw another class of demons entering the bodies of people through the anointing transfer of false prophets.

Another class enters the body of the people because of the language that causes division. Christians who partake of the scoffers’ wheels and talk about subjects that do not please God also receive these demons. They have Christians who think they have been saved and yet have not freed themselves. They are contaminated by sin and spiritually dead, they no longer feel the presence of the Holy Spirit. They have lost their love for God and treat sin as normal, not as an abomination.



In the vision, I saw devils speaking of sects and false churches. One of them said, “We are feeding their souls with our teachings. We have great religions that work in our favor. We are penetrating the churches through false doctrines. The shepherds spread our teaching by poisoning the body of Christ. We are entering very slowly into the true churches without them to perceive. Churches that are closed to the things of the world and forbid everything are already putting our words in the mouth of many without them knowing that they are already preaching our doctrine.

Our theology that has entered many churches in worship services teaches that nothing is a sin. We use our agent to preach our concepts of new doctrines. The shepherds are not watching and call our agents to preach. And the teachings of our agents are already being copied by serious pastors. And the church is nurturing our food, taking possession of the false teaching.

We are responsible for varieties of doctrines that are being scattered throughout the churches. We are building a people based on the false doctrines that are already part of many churches. They are growing in our grace and in our knowledge. We are developing a new church far from what the apostles planned.

Our teaching comes with darkness to blind the shepherds’ understanding. There are few who preach the truth and there are many who preach falsehood. The true Gospel is increasingly rare in churches, this is a victory. Our word is reigning in the churches, and the true Gospel is equal to hard gold to be found. We are contaminating the saints within the body of Christ; we invade their territories and we are gaining more and more space.

The pulpits are already ours and we are sitting in the chairs of their altars of the churches. The internet is full of our preaching that is taken to the churches. Every time they feed on our word, they feed on us because we are the false word. We are in the prophetic acts of the flesh. We are the theology of positive confession. We are the theology of prosperity. We are the theology of healing and the miracle without salvation. We are the theology of liberation.

Just as the Man in white in His Word produces life, our word produces death. We are the truth mixed with the lie. We are spreading false prophecies, false revelations, false miracles, and false healings. And the people of the church do not know how to discern what is from their God and what is ours. They are unnoticed and we are causing confusion within the churches. We are having the false birth of those who become churches that prostitute themselves with Satan. This new spiritual birth is not from God but from the devil. One is not born again where the lie is preached or it hides the truth. This generation that is becoming the false Gospel also has a false birth that comes from the darkness.

Satan implanted his spiritual embryos within the churches to give birth to children in the deception of the false doctrine. You can be a good person, a good worker, a person who likes to evangelize and have a spiritual birth, but still not be in the true Gospel.

Jesus has shown me in the sight of multitudes of false disciples being produced by the world through false teachers. They trained young people and sent them to make cells in their homes. The number of these disciples is frightening. They had no notion that they were taught by the false shepherds. They were deceived and taught in the false Gospel that they spread within homes. They even hold meetings in their homes. But I say that you do not earn a soul for the kingdom of the heavens by teaching a liberal Gospel without renunciation.

The kind of demons I saw in the vision led to false doctrine for the church and with a time they come back to see how much the church has become corrupted. And several churches have already been contaminated. These demons were able to install the false Gospel within these churches. They need legality to enter into the church system.

When the church agrees with the doctrine of demons, there is a spiritual prostitution. From this prostitution, anyone who joins such a church will bear the fruit of her relationship with the world. It will be children of the prostitution of the church with the unborn devil of a prostitute bride who betrayed Jesus by diverting from His doctrine to follow that of the evil one.

Jesus said, “The Gospel of truth within a polluted church is like a spiritual eye drop that heals a deceived people from blindness.”

I had a vision with the demons possessing the preachers on top of the pulpits. These demons are getting bolder every day. Do you know why this is happening? Because the church lost its discernment and no longer see the evil that took the holy altar.

Formerly the altar was for the servants of God worthy to be there. Today it is not like that anymore. The demons are working in the minds of many pastors to change the truth into a lie.

I had a vision of a devil with an evangelical book in his hand. Jesus said the truth mixed with the lie is in that book and no one notices. A mixture of two types of water cannot flow out from a single source. Neither can light be in communion with darkness. How can the truth mix with the lie together? For these devils everything is possible, good and evil are in alliance. These demons are intelligent. They know that they cannot destroy the truth and do away with the churches. Matthew 16:18 And I say also unto thee, that thou art Peter, and upon this rock, I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. Satan’s plan is not war but union by making the church covenant with the world to weaken it. Unite the lie with the truth to destroy sound doctrine.

I had a vision of an evangelical book. And out of it came snakes when people opened it. They were pricked and the venom of snakes penetrated their souls. That’s how a church is contaminated by false doctrine. These demons are implanting these seeds in people’s hearts through false preaching. These seeds grow inside their hearts and become fruitless trees. Inside the book, I saw snakes coming out, I saw darkness in the letters. The demons that came out of this book are deceitful spirits working within the church that carries their teachings.



I saw the ability of a demon to operate signals. I had a vision of a church that lives praying, but they do not live the Word and are liberal. I saw a Christian doing a prayer defying the demons. And inside that church, I saw a class of demons with turtle shell-like coverings. Their bodies were clothed with leathers. I have never seen these demons before. The prayers of those believers who are in sins beat the carapace of those demons and fell to the ground. Those shells resisted the prayers of that church. And those demons laughed and said that the church is already dominated.



This class of demons went to another church. But this church is serious and the demons stayed outside. They were studying that church to destroy. I watched as they watched with hatred for that ministry. Jesus said these are the predatory demons of Christians. They are designed to bring down the great men of God and put them out of circulation. Without shepherds who preach the truth, the sheep are lost and scattered, not knowing what to do. These demons are lurking and ready to attack the sheep. Their function is to destroy God’s servants. They grow stronger with sin. The deeper they go into sin, the more power they have against those lives. When they enter into life, they dominate and take over the territory, imposing their influence on the lives of people who do not leave their sin. They manipulate rebellious Christians and destroy their lives. They have already captured millions of souls by bringing them to hell.



I had a vision with another class of demons, but they are fierce. They looked like crossbows, crocodile faces, and claws of tigers and snake venom. They are active and when they manifest within the church, they break everything. They hate church so much that they take pleasure in destroying chairs, sound boxes, and musical instruments. They like to intimidate and threaten pastors. One of these demons manifested itself in a church where I was reporting my testimony. He wanted to disrupt the service so people would not listen and convert. I had to immobilize him spiritually so as not to hurt people and expelled him.

Mark 5:1-5 And they came over unto the other side of the sea, into the country of the Gadarenes. And when he was come out of the ship, immediately there met him out of the tombs a man with an unclean spirit, Who had his dwelling among the tombs; and no man could bind him, no, not with chains: Because that he had been often bound with fetters and chains, and the chains had been plucked asunder by him, and the fetters broken in pieces: neither could any man tame him. And always, night and day, he was in the mountains, and in the tombs, crying, and cutting himself with stones.



I had another vision with another class of demons. These are very meek and did not act like beasts, but they are more dangerous with a great destructive force. They do not like to speak out inside the church so everyone thinks everything’s okay. They prefer to act in secret without anyone realizing. They do not like to appear or reveal their plans. They go into the churches and study how to make the shepherds fall. The target of these demons is the strongest. The carnal ones are already fallen and they fight against the spiritual ones.

Another class of demons I’ve seen are pretty strong. They had a slimy layer on their bodies. They are possessed of bodies and resistant. They do not leave the bodies of easy people because of sin. Sin feeds them and they do not like to manifest themselves either. And many Christians are possessed with these demons. The fact that they do not manifest themselves in believers does not mean that they are freed. Maybe you who hear me may be possessed by one of these demons and do not know why he never manifested. If you make amends with God and live a life of prayer he goes out of your life. These demons look like chewing gum and they do not like to leave their dwelling.

One of these was manifested in my ministry and he did not want to leave the life of an elder who was visiting me. I cast that demon who fought not to leave. And what the devil said when he manifested in that elder was shocking. The demon said, “This is a victory for us. We have long struggled against the Gospel. For centuries we have been trying to change the Gospel on the face of the earth. The few men who still preach this Gospel, it is a matter of time before they fall. We will corrupt the rest and we will win this war. Our darkness is invading churches that used to be the light.”



I saw devils of hidden sins that suck the forces of those who do not want to renounce the world. I saw a variety of demons of various shapes, sizes, and hybrids, half man and half animal. Others looked like giant insects. These demons control people’s souls through feelings.

I had a vision of them owning half the church. These demons are so bold that they did not manifest and attended the services normally. They live inside people’s bodies and do not leave even if they are going to church every day. They do not manifest in any church. They manifest themselves only in churches that have the mark of truth and the seal of the Holy Spirit. The demons manifested with the presence of Jesus, through the anointing that emanated from Jesus.

But in a praying holy church, such demons cannot resist and hide and have to leave. Not all churches have authority from God to deal with this class of demons. There are few churches that live the truth that is why these signs do not happen. These days we are witnessing a variety of weak churches with no anointing to cast out the demons. Churches that do not sanctify themselves and yet they cast out devils? This is a lie.



It is only a Satanic tactic to make believe that everyone has authority. Many pastors think they do not have to renounce the world to conduct deliverance and exorcism sessions. There are pastors who think they have authority without living a holy life. They are playing with the spirit world. They are not wanting to renounce their sins and yet they are wanting to free people without being delivered themselves. When they die all those demons that they thought they have cast out they will see them waiting to carry their souls to hell.

If one of those demons can cause self-destruction inside a church that is not watchful and prayerful, imagine what a legion of them can do.

Do not play the game of being a Christian, be true. Today is the time to truly convert. Forget the brethren who do not live the Gospel and live the Word, do your part. Because they do not live, do you want to imitate their false works? Be the light of your church and make a difference because many will be released through your life. Take on all the evidence without complaining and go over the obstacles. There is no legion to stop its work, to fight against the forces of evil, to expose falsehood among the people with the Word. Pastors feed the people with the truth.

No soul wants to go to hell and everyone wants to be saved. Pastors do not copy false teachings from devouring wolves. Open your spiritual ears to hear what the Spirit says to the church. The Gospel of truth builds a spiritual mind, the mind of Christ, and even prepares the flock against the false Gospel. Truth cleanses the flock of sin to prepare them for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Empower the people with a heavenly anointing, strengthening the flock and preparing as soldiers of war. The Gospel of truth heals the wounds of the soul, washing inside and out. The Gospel wears the people of armor and prevents them from coming to die spiritually. If the carnal Christian does not put on the armor of God, he will have no chance against the demons.



I had a vision of the demons casting darts against a church. Those who were not in God’s armor when receiving the attacks were transformed into statues.

Jesus said, “They were struck by the spirit of spiritual paralysis. They cannot pray or evangelize, have no pleasure in reading My Word, and no longer go to church. They cannot bear fruit and have become infertile in their spiritual lives.”

I had a vision of a trap in the middle of a path. And many Christians fell into these traps for not watching. The demons do not have much work to divert this type of unwatchful, careless believers.



Those who are born again do not return to sin and they turn away from evil to maintain the purity of their garments. The flesh is weak, but if it is not mortified for the world, it will take pleasure in sin. Our life is preserved from sin when we crucify and die to the self-life.

When we are born of the spirit, we inherit the sanctified character which is one of the attributes of God. Those who are born again do not walk in darkness. They are serene, peaceful and have self-control. They are not nervous about the persecutions and they do not explode with anger. They can control their impulses and have quiet minds.

I saw people fruitful by the Holy Spirit who gives good testimony in their homes before their family. Men who bear witness to change in their businesses and neighborhood. Young people of God who give good testimony in school, in a course, and in college. They are people who give examples of faith wherever they go, they shine through their holy lives and gain souls through their behaviors. People saw transformations in them and wanted that change for their lives. Many churches are spiritually dead and lack the power to transform lives – people go to their services empty and leave their services empty.

In the church where I’m pastoring, we are doing a job to provide spiritual services. People who visit us, cry under conviction during the preaching, become souls hungry and thirsting for God. They are satiated and their spirits are strengthened. The Holy Spirit has visited the empty, oppressed and depressed people who come to the church. They have surrendered their lives. The Holy Spirit has treated their souls, filled their voids and renewed those lives. My ministry is dependent on the Holy Spirit. We do not live a day of worship without Him visiting us.

Someone brought a Christian in the wheelchair and God revealed to me that he is going to be a missionary. I bent my knee and said, “Lord, how will he do the mission if he is a wheelchair?”

Jesus said, “Put your hands on his head and say a prayer, I will raise him to My glory, and everyone will know that I am the God of this place.”

I did as God told me and that man got up from the wheelchair. And many souls were converted that night and the church did not stop to glorify God. God had a great work for that paralytic, and He lifted him from the wheelchair to do the mission. The barrier that prevented this man from doing the work was his paralysis, but God removed it.

And today many have healthy legs and do not want to go to church. They are sitting with their arms folded watching sin and seeing many go to hell.

And after that paralyzed man walked, I had a vision with an angel that appeared to me. He came over and touched my hand and it caught fire.

The angel said, “Jesus today give you the gift of healing.”

After this vision, I began to pray with the laying on of hands and the sick were healed. This gift that was given by God heals the body and also the soul.

I received a Christian who was abandoned by her husband. She’s been serving God for 20 years.

Jesus showed me in a vision a shattered vase. I said, “Lord, what does that mean?”

He replied, “It is the soul of this woman, pray for her.”

I put my hand on her head and prayed. In a week she was restored and her soul was healed.



I was happy and went into my room to pray. I could not feel the presence of the Holy Spirit. I was just like a bride begging to feel the presence of her beloved. The bride who loves her husband calls for him because she loves him. I was on my knee for nine hours and did not get up until I felt His embrace. And from so much insisting I felt His presence.

I was hugged at that moment. I do not know if it was the Holy Spirit or an angel. If you still do not feel this wonderful presence, insist that you will receive, do not stop praying until something happens.

I will reveal to you the prayers that please God and give results. Spiritual prayer is one that expresses the desire to dwell in glory. Prayer in the form of worship that exalts the glory of Jesus. This prayer equals an atomic bomb. Praying for others, expressing their love for Him, is an intercession, but prayer praising Jesus is stronger because it expresses love for Him. Praying for yourself for help or a solution to your life is not strong like the others, but it is biblical. Materialistic prayer is self-interested and unbiblical, which proves the heart is attached to material things.



And when I prayed the nine o’clock prayer, I had a vision with a demon distributing black hearts to the people inside a liberal church. Just as God gives a heart of flesh and pure, the devil also gives. That vision means that the hearts of those people are corrupting themselves. I also saw demons of suicide making believers kill themselves. These demons of madness made many believers get depressed and take medicine.

God abhors that one takes away the life of the neighbor, and feels disgusted with him who takes his own life, for he is a murderer of himself, and takes away the gift of life that is precious.



One day I was praying in church. I had a vision of dark spots.

Jesus said, “There are souls who have cancer of the soul.”

I saw an angel ripping off some people’s cancers. The angel slipped his hand into a man’s chest and pulled out a dark mass. Jesus said that the cancer was in his soul.



I kept praying without ceasing. Jesus showed me in a vision a small part of hell that was inaugurated for all who have experienced snatching away to heaven and hell and yet chose to backslide. I was not raptured, but Jesus showed me a place of hell in a vision.

I saw in another vision an army of demons ascending to the earth. Their goals are to fight the lives of those who have been raptured and are witnessing on earth to win souls. Jesus said some who had rapture and snatching away experiences have already sold themselves for the money and become corrupted. Satan’s strategy is working.

I have a warning from God to those who have been raptured. If they deviate the sword of Jehovah will descend. Once Jesus has revealed the mysteries of the spiritual world, you will not be considered innocent anymore. The more you are given, the more it is demanded of you. The place of hell that is reserved for those who have had rapture experiences is ready to welcome its new residents. Only the soldiers of heaven who do not give up their salvation have won the war.



I had a vision of the demons throwing darts in the minds of many Christians. Months later I was persecuted by them, they rose up against me. I fought for their salvation, but I was pursued by them.

My wife is going to report how a demon was able to confuse her.

Robert traveled to Africa, arrived sick and with yellow fever. He could not go to church as he was sick and resting in bed. I dreamed of him walking in the green field with Jesus and something said that he would die. I did not tell him, because I did not want to upset him. But it was Satan who put it in my heart not to mention the dream. Until I had the courage and with tears in my eyes, I told him of the dream. Robert said, “Satan threw a dream dart in your mind, I will not die.” He was right. I was so worried about him that I forgot to pray and the devil had access to my mind.

When a vessel in the family is weak, the devil finds a crack and brings trouble. My family is established in Christ starting from my father to me. This did not happen to my great-grandparents who were disturbed and committed suicide.

My great-grandfather Hideki Atsushi hanged himself. He followed the Shinto religion. My great-grandmother Sayuri Atsushi could not stand being without her husband. Hideki took several medicines to kill herself. She followed the Buddhist religion. My grandmother Yumi Atsushi left Japan and moved to the United States and won the soul of her husband Takashi Atsushi, my grandfather. They raised my father Kenzo Atsushi in the church. The Atsushi family began to be God-fearing, but it was through my father that the family life changed. My grandparents did not strive to be as thorough as my father. Preparing a church, the time for sanctification requires a lot of work and a life of depth with God. They put on the armor of God, lest they are defiled with the arrows of sin.



Jesus told me, “The devil does not bother to take the believer out of the church but takes sin into the church to defile all. Many have lost the reverence of that which is holy. They have defiled the house of prayer with feigned adorations and filthy praises. I do not receive their impure sacrifices which lead to the altar. I do not hear their prayers.”

Psalms 66:18 If I regard iniquity in my heart, the Lord will not hear me.

“They have no love for the souls that will visit them. They do not gain the ungodly souls that enter their churches. These visiting souls are disappointed by the lack of love and do not come back to visit anymore.”

“Those who say ‘I am a Christian’ are misguided. They deceive themselves into believing that the departed are those who leave the churches.”



“My servant, the church is full of people who speak dirty words. A husband who fights with his wife or fathers who curse their children sets a bad example to the children and the neighbors. There are Christians meeting inside a company to speak evil of the neighbor, and gossip about others in the circle of the scorners. They mock the wicked and do things I do not like.”



“They buy and do not pay their debts, borrow money and do not pay.”



“They scandalized My Word. Every action that is done on earth causes effects in the spiritual world to be good or bad. A person who steals kills or practices another type of sin causes a negative action in the spiritual world.”

“When a Christian does something wrong it is reflected in the spiritual world making the forces of evil strengthen against his life. He who practices sin has neither strength nor authority against demons. Those who continue to practice sin know that their action generates a reaction in the spiritual world that gives legality to the forces of darkness.”

“When a Christian practice My Word, angels are mobilized in his favor against the demons of destruction.”



Jesus showed me a broken ring in half in a vision. He said, “The churches have been unfaithful prostituting themselves with sin; they break the covenant with Me. My church has committed adultery with the world. I will not seek a prostitute and corrupted bride; no betraying bride will inherit My kingdom. I will break the betrothal with the disobedient churches that have dirtied their garments with the mud of sin. They do not want to wash their robes in My blood. Tell the church to mend it while there is time.”



“Talk to the couples who live together but are not married. They are doing My work in adultery. I do not receive your dead works.”



“Some are partaking of My blood and My body in sin. They are taking the holy supper in strife with their brother, without forgiving one another. And some are in union with their brother but are in sin attending the holy supper. They have no fellowship with Me for supper. You need to ask for forgiveness and not to practice sin and make amends with Me.”



I had a vision of a pastor coming home from his work. He was at work thinking his wife was cheating on him with another man. A demon threw evil thoughts and he was struck in the mind. This man argued with his wife as he mistrusted her and asked for a divorce. The servant of God tried to solve the problem without arguing, but she had no way and had her marriage destroyed by mistrust.



Jesus told me about some workers who are not peacemakers; they do not calm the discussions. They stir up strife and stir up the fire of discord. They poison each other.



Tell the women who call themselves My servants. I do not inhabit in sensual heart and My Holy Spirit does not dwell in temples dirty of sensuality.



Jesus told me about the ambition of seeking positions within the church. The Lord Jesus said, “They fight for what is perishable. They forget that I have the best for them that is My heavenly abode. They run after the anointings of men and do not expect Me to anoint and exalt them. They want the exaltation of men being able to do anything to gain power.”



“Tell pastors that they like full churches. Make no mistake about the number of members. The church is measured not by numbers, but by holiness. A ten-member church that prays and lives in holiness is stronger than a 100-member church that does not do My will and live by practicing sin. I do not like the quantity who do not live My Gospel. The demons do not fear churches like that. The church is measured spiritually depending on its position before Me. The church has to grow in numbers of people, but also grow in grace. I want a people who surrender to Me and put into practice everything that My Word teaches. I want a church that is willing to give up worldliness. There is no use in learning My Word and not living it.”



“I want a people working the harvest, few are the reapers. I did not call a people to stand still. Souls are going to hell for not having willing workers to work by winning souls into My kingdom.”

“My church does not know the size of the reward prepared for those who strive by preaching the Word and bringing souls to Me. Tell My people that I will reward them for anything they do for Me. They will be rewarded for the souls they have won for Me. My people are troubled and I will allow the church to go through tribulations. They need to wake up. I want a people on their knees weeping and repenting for their sins.”



Jesus showed me a Christian couple arguing. A demon cheered and laughed. Every day this demon watches this couple arguing. I had a vision of the divorce demon inside a Christian home. This demon was able to cause a separation in the couple. And the couple got divorced. The man left his home and the children suffered from the separation of their parents.



Jesus showed me drunken Christians with alcoholic drinks and the demons possessing their minds.



Jesus showed me, Christian parents, leaving their children home alone. Children taking advantage of the absence of parents watched pornography. And some engaged in sexual immorality in the house. The prolonged absence of the parents made the children grow up without love, without affection and were indoctrinated by the television. When parents came home, they had no time for their children and did not even know what they did during the day.

The children with the spirit of rebelliousness did not want to go to church letting their parents go together alone. Jesus showed me the demons of prostitution coming off the television and possessing the children. Demons of the addiction of games were possessing the mind of the children. The spirit of revolt and rebellion was in children.

Jesus said, “These children are with their polluted souls. They are no longer pure and innocent. They no longer enter My kingdom because of television bad influence. Parents do not take the time to teach their children My Word and buy a television to keep their children entertained at home. Parents do not play their part in teaching good biblical values and the television takes over the role of educator.”

Jesus showed me the souls of these blackened children.

Jesus showed me in the vision a lot of turmoil in Christian homes and families. Arguments and quarreling between parents, parents, and children and between siblings. Children felt rejected by their parents and there was jealousy between siblings. There was no peace within these homes and a legion of demons was present in the family to instigate strife and division.



Jesus showed me homeless men suffering from physical aggression. They were beaten in violence and marginalized by other people.



Jesus said to me that serious churches have to feed the sheep with the truth. If the sheep are not fed within its fold, they will seek food in the pasture of other shepherds where they may be deceived. All shepherds have an obligation to teach the weak sheep.

They need to strengthen so they do not stray from the path. Jesus said about the shepherds’ discrimination and favoritism between members based on their amount of tithing. Pastors usually benefit and offer the highest positions to those who give the most money. And most of them are not spiritually empowered to take over. They do not pray and do not live the Word and receive the highest office in the church. These attitudes of the shepherds generate jealousy.

Jesus said, “All the sheep have to be treated equally by the shepherds.”

I repeat what Jesus tells me, even if any do not agree, willingly or not, any opposition does not change this doctrine of Jesus. God’s laws are immutable. Your opinion or point of view on this subject, will not make God change His doctrine to satisfy the human flesh. All those who wish to ascend to heaven obey the king. Be submissive if you want to be part of the celestial kingdom. Be faithful servants of the king, for no disobedient man will enter into the kingdom of God. In the palace of the king, only those who obey his decree will enter. He who has power rules and who do not obey will forfeit eternal life. Women and men who walk in the vanity of this world are not under grace. They speak ill of doctrine because they cannot practice. And they justify themselves saying that it is not sinning to continue in error.



I was in the church praying and God showed me a wonderful vision. I saw how the anointing of the Holy Spirit flowed within the house of prayer. The anointing is a resplendent glow that invaded the whole congregation. This happened in a prayer service. The people were on their knees, and that glow was shaped like a great cloud moving through the church. When the great cloud passed near the sisters, it left a glow in them. That glow left the cloud and entered the skin of the sisters. I saw how their faces shone like the faces of the angels. And that anointing in the form of a cloud approached the brothers and many of them rejoiced. Every time the cloud of anointing approached a person, she felt the presence of God strongly that their bodies shivered. When the anointing departed everything became normal.

And the most interesting thing is that the cloud was growing inside the church. This was when the people prayed. The longer they sought the Lord, the more the cloud grew. Until the time came that the cloud of anointing took all the spaces of the church and covered the heads of all. The people prayed on their knees and the cloud floated above.

The Lord said, “When a holy people pray, here is the result of My anointing. Tell My people that I never left; even in their greatest difficulties, I am present. Many who are here think that I am far away. Tell them that My spirit is so close to them that they cannot imagine. And My angels are encamped around their houses. If they knew, they would glorify My name. They do not do so because they have forsaken Me.



Speak to the youth of this church that is suffering persecution. The youth of the world mock their clothes, their behavior, and their attitudes. Tell My youth that they do this because they are different from the world and will always be strangers. My holy people will attract scrutiny in every respect as they are not of this world. On the day that these people are conformed to the world in their way of dressing, talking and behaving, I am no longer among them. The flame of My spirit is extinguished, and their lamps have already run out of oil. And they urgently need to replenish their oil.



I had a wonderful vision of the anointing in church. It is sparkling and looks like tiny stars. I always felt the anointing but seeing it was something extraordinary. This vision I had of the anointing taking the church only happens in prayer. How important it is to pray. It is no use to pray 3 or 4 hours in one day and then not to pray anymore. Prayer must be done daily, do not let the flame go out, feed it with your knees on the floor. Learn to keep a regular life in prayer. If you want to be used and see supernatural things happen, keep a prayer life. Do not be in a hurry for everything to happen and quickly becoming discouraged. There are a time and purpose for everything under the sky.

Elisha waited to be anointed in Elijah’s place to continue his mission.
Joshua waited for Moses to die and God called him to replace Moses.
Gideon stayed a long time in humiliation until he was called by God.
David had patience and waited for Saul to die to sit on the throne.
The apostle Paul spent 3 years in the Arabian desert and spent another 13 years in Tarsus before manifesting himself as a missionary.
I spent 3 years praying and nothing happened until Jesus visited me.

They are Christians who took 2 years of praying before they become a great prophet, others take more than 3 years.

Each person has a time on earth to be manifested in his destiny; learn to be patient and learn to wait on God.

Pastors who do not put their lives on the altar are not examples of true men of God in their homes or their jobs. Turn away from the people who lead you to sin but do not be enemies with them. Help him when he needs you but do not practice his deeds. Say no to what will make you sin, flee from the appearance of evil. Whoever seeks the truth, help him to find it and whoever sinned, help him to fix his life. Otherwise, the Christian returns to his old vomit and wallow in his former mud.

Be imitators of Jesus. Of what is worth is knowledge without practice and wisdom without the anointing. What good is having Bible seminars and not being vessels of the Holy Spirit? What is the use of knowing the Word and not applying it in your life? Many want to confront the doctrine of holiness. They criticize, debate to destroy the faith and kill people spiritually. Decide today to live a holy life. Make a decision that will change your story forever. Do not change your way of being to please people. Just try to please God.


These are the revelations that are passed on to the church. May the anointing of this witness come to build you, Amen.

[Source: Evangelist Josivan, Mission of Nations Church,]


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