By: Sister Naomi Amaoka Of Japan 1

Hello, my name is Naomi Amaoka. I am from Nagoya City in Japan. I decided to share my experience that I had with the Lord in April 2020, exactly on the 19th of this month. I am aware that the Lord will judge me if I do not tell everything He showed me. I have the pleasure of sharing this experience. The Lord told me that through my testimony, many will be delivered from spiritual bondage in Japan and in many different places where this testimony will be given.

I am a 24-year-old young lady and my whole life I have always been instructed in the Word since I was a child. I attended a traditional Baptist church with my mother and I learned early to play the keyboard. I kept doing this work which became my primary function in my church and beyond. I also helped in the ministry of the Word, teaching the Bible in the children’s group and Saturday night with a brother.

But I started to be very proud because the pastor praised me a lot for my dedication. I had been like playing the keyboard in worship services on Sunday mornings, also because I’m always one of the first to arrive at the church and assist children in reading the Bible in Bible School.

This caused problems in the church and two years ago, two sisters left my church and went to another congregation because of me. They thought there were different forms of treatment with people inside my church and that was a mess in our church management. I am always praised by the others in the church.

On the 19th of April 2020. I had just eaten dinner. And as usual, I went to read the Bible a little bit. And finally, I went to pray before sleeping. While I was praying, I felt as if someone was by my side. I persevered in my prayer when finally I heard a voice calling me, “My daughter.”

I stopped the prayer and I asked aloud to my mom who was in the room watching TV if it was her calling me, but she said that was not the case. I continued to pray and again I heard the voice saying, “Daughter, I am your Lord. I have a great work to do in your life. My daughter. I chose you from your mother’s womb to be My watchman in this place.”

When I was hearing this, I was even more nervous. I said to the Lord, “Whatever you want from me, I’m here.”

And He told me, “At this time, servant, I’m raising an army of spiritual warriors in this country. And among them are missionaries, evangelists, and through these warriors, many in Asia will be freed and saved.”

The Lord told me, “I am preparing more warriors and watchmen like you. I will show you that the spiritual world is no joke and I will show you why I do not wish any of My children to serve Me and live a double life. They cannot live without holiness. Many of My children are sinning against Me without knowing but I don’t want any to get lost as it is written in Hosea 4:6, My people perish for lack of knowledge.”

Then I started to feel my body becoming numb, and it was getting cold even with the fan off. I was in the same position of prayer and kneeling by the side of my bed and with my face resting on it. Then I passed out and I started to see my body leaning on the bed and at the same time, I could feel that I was out of my body.

Immediately I saw a very strong light that illuminated the room. Quickly I saw a Man with white robes, and it was impossible to see His face because of the light, which was as intense as the sun. Then I saw that my body was prostrated on the floor.

And then the Lord stretched out His hand on my head and told me, “My daughter, I will show you the spirit world and the dangers of a life without holiness. I will show you the fate of the rebels and those who despise My Word and refuse My grace.”

Quickly a black hole appeared on the floor of my bedroom, and we went down in this bottom I never saw before, until we arrived at a place that was rocky. I was able to see things in this place, thanks to the light of the Lord accompanying me.

I saw worms that came out of the ground and also centipedes and other venomous insects. We walked and arrived before an immense strange gate. The Lord Jesus pointed His right hand to the gate and it opened.

That’s when I started to see the worst scenes ever. I saw demons of various types and I started hearing lots of screams. I was feeling really hot there. I smelled an unbearable stench similar to that of animals in decomposition.

I asked the Lord, “What is this place?”

He told me, “This is Hell and I’m showing you so you will care for the souls of the people. You will preach My holy gospel. I will show you those who regret their sins which have brought them here.”

Then we arrived in a place where there was a crowd of women tormented by demons that were piercing their bodies with spears. I saw that these women were burning in flames up to their waists. I couldn’t stand their screams and I asked the Lord to get me out of that place.

But He told me, “It is necessary My daughter for you to tell My servants that I don’t like them to use ornaments like chains, earrings and beauty products. 1 Peter 3:3 Your beauty should not come from outward adornment, such as braided hair and the wearing of gold jewelry and fine clothes. 4 Instead, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God’s sight.”

I said, “Lord, I wear earrings and jewelry and the leaders always tell us to dress up well in the church for You.”

However, the Lord told me, “What I like is a faithful servant who adores Me in spirit and in truth, a servant that lives in holiness.”

We walked more, and I saw a woman being tormented in a chair and a demon poured acid over her head and there was no more hair on it but wounds and burns. The woman screamed in despair and then I asked the Lord, “What did she do to deserve this?”

He told me, “She did My work but she dyed her hair. I gave women natural hair as a veil. And I require from each one here not to cut or to modify the natural style of your hair. 1 Corinthians 11:15 But if a woman have long hair, it is a glory to her: for her hair is given her for a covering.”

I asked the Lord for mercy because I dye my hair and trim my hair.

The Lord said, “I’m revealing this to you My daughter so that you serve Me in spirit and for you to separate from vanity. Tell My people that without holiness, no one will see Me.”

Then the Lord also showed me a smelly little lake of black water. And I saw demons around this lake collecting a kind of dust and putting them in small bottles for transformation.

The Lord told me, “Tell My servants that many cosmetic industry owners make satanic pacts to enrich themselves and devote their products to demons. I do not like My children to use makeup or any kind of paintings.”

I remembered my makeup kit and my lipstick. I told the Lord that I would never use them again. And I was sorry for everything I did until that day. I promised to lead a deeper Christian life always doing the will of the Lord.

Finally, the Lord took me out of that place and we came back to my room.

And the Lord said, “Tell My people, Hell is real. Tell My children and daughters that My Spirit does not co-habit with vanity and pride. Without holiness, without justice and without truth, no soul can enter heaven. You will speak in your church, everything you’ve seen and heard. Many will not like it, but I will be with you. And I will charge them on the Day of Judgment if they reject these revelations.”

After telling me this, the Lord disappeared together with the light. When I woke up from this experience, I saw that I was kneeling beside my bed the same way I knelt down to pray with my face resting on it. I looked at my tablet and it was already 18 past 2am.

This was my first experience that I had with the Lord Jesus on the 19th of April 2020.

Brothers and sisters, I regretted and abandoned vanity. After that day I started to pray more intensely. And I began to seek the presence of the Spirit in my home and my life. I started to be persecuted in my church because of my testimony.

But the Lord said, “Continue to preach the truth as a chosen watchman.”

After that experience. I started to pray three times a day and I started to feel the presence of the Holy Spirit more in my life, and it has helped me to endure spiritual wars.

I told my experience in my church. As a result, some removed their earrings and necklaces but others were afraid. Unfortunately, the pastor did not believe and he warned me to stop propagating heresies in the church.

This is my duty to testify to you now. My conscience is at peace.

Dear brothers, time is short. It is necessary that we walk in holiness, in truth, and in justice in order to reach the kingdom of God.

The Lord bless everyone.




By: Sister Naomi Amaoka Of Japan 2

Beloved brothers and sisters, in June 2020 due to the pandemic that plagued the world, I took the opportunity of the free time in my home to seek the Lord three times a day in regular prayers.

Unfortunately before the suspension of normal activities in my church because of the pandemic, I was punished in my church because Pastor Fukami that once praised me now made me the number one enemy. Due to the message given to me by the Lord, he sanctioned me for propagating a new doctrine received through the experience that I had in April 2020.

Being a member of a Baptist church our doctrine and teaching were totally contrary to the revelation that the Lord has revealed to me. This message ended up causing serious internal conflicts in my traditional Baptist church for they don’t believe in revelations and teach that spiritual gifts contained in the book of Acts went extinct at the end of the apostolic era.

In the late afternoon after returning from the bakery, I was reading the Bible when I began to feel like praying. So I started to pray again. I had the same sensation and feeling like I had on the 19th of April 2020. I was scared to have another experience in Hell.

But at the same time, I was curious when I heard a voice talking to me. I asked who it was. I heard the voice of the angel that came previously who told me, “I was sent to reveal to you more about the spirit world and the enemy’s strategies against the chosen ones.”

At that time, I didn’t know what was going to happen and suddenly my spiritual eyes were opened and I saw the angel sent to me. I can only say that he was tall. I could not see his face because of the light emanating from him. He told me the Lord has raised His servants in this country that He will use in order to destroy the enemy’s interest in these territories.

The angel showed me in a vision my tablet and my notebook opened with my Facebook profile and told me, “Through social networks the Antichrist will rule the world. He is going to use data collected from users’ profiles and it will be easy for him to capture people in any country in the world. All those who refuse to receive the Mark of the Beast will be killed and they will be tracked through social network profile.”

The angel of the Lord showed me a strange demon of medium size. He had the appearance of a colored lizard.

The angel told me, “This is the demon of the social network. He rules and operates in the network which is the main part of his domain. He reigns over the social networks which were dedicated to him. He is in charge of capturing the attention of people and keeping the people online on social networks for many hours.”

Brothers, I was surprised because even behind Facebook, there were demons acting to get people to stay online for hours. On that day, I deleted my Facebook profile and I understood that because of hours spent on Facebook I had no disposition to pray. Instead of praying, I stay connected online for a long time.

Brothers, we must be diligent about our spiritual life because demons are terrible. The strategy of this demon of Facebook and social network is to take our focus away from spiritual things. They are aware that the more we take care of our spiritual life the less power they have against us.

Then the angel showed me another vision and I saw a factory. When we entered, I noticed that it was a shoe factory where they were making many styles of shoes. I saw women buying different models and sizes of high heels shoes.

I also saw that these women who bought these high heels shoes were accompanied by a female-looking demon when they were walking in the street.

The angel told me right away, “This is the principality of sensuality. Women who buy these high heels shoes are giving legality to this principality of seduction to act in their lives.”

Then the angel gave me this biblical reference in Isaiah 3:16-17, Moreover the LORD said, Because the daughters of Zion are haughty, and walk with stretched forth necks and wanton eyes, walking and mincing as they go, and making a tinkling with their feet: 17 Therefore the LORD will smite with a scab the crown of the head of the daughters of Zion and the LORD will discover their secret parts.

I was never taught in my church that it was a sin to wear high heels shoes before. When I had this revelation I had six pairs of high heels which I always wear when I go to church.

We left that factory that designs shoes and I saw a clothing store and there I saw male and female shorts. I saw sexy dresses and sleeveless shirts being designed by various demons. And they were laughing with sarcasm.

The angel told me, “The body you have is the abode of the Holy Spirit and Christians should dress modestly with reserve. Those demons in that store work hard through the fashion so that those chosen ones will fall subtly in worldliness. These demons have succeeded within the church.”

The angel took me in the vision to another place and I saw a church that was full. I saw the pastor of this church in the pulpit preaching the prosperity gospel in a campaign. I saw demons around the church and one standing next to the pastor. This was the miracle-working demon.

The angel told me, “In churches where the truth is not preached, demons work wonders, miracles, and signs in order to deceive the crowds. These ministries are true paths to Hell just by not teaching holiness and by turning a blind eye to all the enemy’s strategies of vanities against Christians.”

I asked the angel, “How would I face the situation in my church with this new experience?”

I was concerned about the situation in my church. The pastor disciplined me for he was not believing in any kind of revelations. And on account of this, he wouldn’t listen to me.

The angel told me, “Your life has been destined for the ministry and you will be committed for the salvation of souls and you will do a lot of damage to the kingdom of darkness in Asia. You will soon have God’s power to cast out demons and authority to evangelize. You need to be baptized with the Holy Spirit to exercise that authority. You will be married to a servant that will be raised as pastor in his ministry and will be sound in doctrine. You will be the missionary and the helper. Only remain a humble servant and don’t let pride contaminate you again.”

Having said this the angel disappeared into the light and my eyes opened up again.

Soon I deleted my Facebook and Instagram profiles. Then I destroyed my six pairs of high heels shoes and threw them in the trash bin on the same day.

I started to feel uncomfortable dressing in tight clothes and skirts, which led me to throw away some sets of these dresses.

2 days after that experience I saw a formless terrible demon that left me and enter in a black fog.

While I was in my office in the night, I was scared when he said, “Don’t talk about all these things. If you expose us we will follow you so that you don’t deliver this message. And there will be war.”

I rebuked that demon in the name of the Lord Jesus. He finally disappeared, emitting a scary laugh, leaving a sense of fear in my room environment.

I entered my room to pray intensely until I felt empowered. It was easy for me to seal these messages that were given to me and fight against the demons that have worked against my life.

Because of these demons, Asia is a real minefield of demons.

And the Lord told me earlier that from Japan He would raise an army of spiritual warriors and watchmen for the liberation of our continent and salvation of many souls.

There are many mystical religions that are barriers to the spread of the Gospel in Asia. And this requires warriors raised by God to bring down these oppositions.

My battles have been constant but I have the awareness that the Lord is in the command of my life.

Time is brief for humanity. We must always do the will of our Lord. Yet when we find that we are in a great battle we continue to seek the fullness of the Holy Spirit in our lives in order to resist the days of anguish and darkness that may come upon us any moment.

We seek holiness and justice every day of our lives without worrying about the consequences. I will be persistent in spreading the message of the Lord tirelessly as His faithful servant.




By: Sister Naomi Amaoka Of Japan 3

I spent all the month of July 2020 taking care of my sister in her house. She was recently operated on the stomach and depended on me for her post-surgery care. She lives alone near the city of Osaka. I took this time to evangelize her while taking care of her. She is five years older than me. I would go together with my mother to church by the infinite grace of God in order to exercise my duties.

My sister had unfortunately turned away from grace in her adolescence because the world ended up seducing her. When she turned 16 years old she started dating a guy in high school, who took her even further away from the holy way.

Now pay attention to the holy word I received. On the 8th of July, while my sister slept, I was praying prostrated at the bedside in the next room. After a few minutes, I fell asleep in prayer when suddenly I felt my body going numb and cold. I ended up having a new experience. It was an extracorporeal (out-of-body) experience. I could see myself leaning over at the edge of the bed and at the same time I was out of my body.

Finally, an angel appeared in the room just like in my last experience. He was covered by a light which made it impossible to see his face except for his medium length hair that passed his shoulders. He held a golden sword in his right hand.

He told me right away, “You have been pleasing the Lord by your effort and obedience. I’m happy to reveal more mysteries of the spirit world.”

When he said that I saw a big black hole opening on the bedroom floor. I got scared because I remembered my first experience. When the angel had finished saying that, I lost control and we went down into that dark hole. When we got to the bottom, I saw a huge strange gate. I remembered my first experience. I already knew that the Lord was again showing me Hell.

It happened that the gate opened and we entered that place, just like the last time. I started to feel the heat, the terrible feeling of death, and a disgusting bad smell circulating in that atmosphere. I heard the sound of many screams from doomed souls.

The angel took me to a part where I saw dozens of men being tortured by demons with lashes and burning flames covering them up to their calves.

I asked the angel, “Who are they and what did they do when they were alive to suffer such torment in this place?”

The angel told me, “These are the dead from the tragedy of the football team of Chapecoense.”

When I had this revelation, I remember I saw this tragedy of death on TV in 2016 where 71 people died. I didn’t think these football fans would all be tortured like that in Hell.

[LaMia Flight 2933 was a charter flight of an Avro RJ85, operated by LaMia, that on 28 November 2016 crashed near Medellín, Colombia, killing 71 of the 77 people on board. The aircraft was transporting the Brazilian Chapecoense football squad and their entourage from Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, to Medellín, where the team was scheduled to play at the 2016 Copa Sudamericana Finals. One of the four crew members, three of the players, and two other passengers survived with injuries. Wikipedia]

The angel told me, “Football is a source of idolatry in the world. It was a sport planned here in Hell by Lucifer.”

Then I saw a girl who was a Christian on Earth. She sang in the youth group in her church. A little demon was tormenting her through the anal hole while she was chained face down on a bench. I was curious and at the same time terrified of such torture.

The angel told me she practiced anal sex with her dog hidden from her parents since the age of 8 and never confessed her immorality. She never left this practice that became compulsive and she drowned in the sea near a beach. She is here in Hell since three years ago. It was that girl’s terrible torment but unfortunately, nobody could change her destiny.

I saw men burning in torches suspended in the air with flames to the chest. They were shepherds and bishops who married other women while their respective first wives were still alive on Earth. They were contaminating the altar while in an adulterous second marriage.

The angel gave me as reference the book of Luke 16:18 where it is written, Whoever puts away his wife, and marries another, commits adultery: and whoever marries her that is put away from her husband commits adultery.

I remembered that Pastor Fukami allows second marriage weddings in the church.

We walked more in Hell and I saw a meeting of demons. One of them said, “We must increase the time these Christians spent on new technology. We have to steal their time. We’ve achieved a lot with many of our new media every day for these Christians and churches love the world so much. They already accept our inventions without feeling guilty.”

These demons gave terrible laughs mocking Christians that are addicted to the new media.

Another demon exhibited a book and said, “Now that we have mastered the minds and hearts of the greatest theologians in the world, we will use them to teach a fake gospel through the theology of prosperity and Christian psychology.”

And then without being seen we left that place. I saw a big bench of stone covered with dusty books of biblical philosophy and modern theology.

The angel told me, “It is through these false teachings that many have strayed from the faith and have distanced themselves from the truth by believing in teachings taught by men and not by God to feed their egos.”

At that moment, I remembered what Paul said in Second Timothy 4:3-4 For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; 4 And they shall turn away their ears from the truth and shall be turned to fables.

I saw Christians in Hell for being too doubting and murmuring against the revelations God gave His children and persecuting the servants of Christ. They reached the point of blasphemy against the Holy Spirit by going against the revelations. They were all deformed hybrids – half-human and half-animal form.

I also saw selfish and self-centered Christians in Hell.

The angel said, “They are there for not having brotherly love and were desensitized to the suffering of others. While they were alive on Earth, they deliberately denied giving support to the brothers in need and this is a sin before God. It is written in James 4:17 The one who knows how to do good and does not do it commits sin. 1 Peter 4:8 says, And above all things have fervent charity among yourselves: for charity shall cover the multitude of sins. Many of them practice gluttony and were unable to share their food with the needy.”

Finally, we left that place and we went up in an incalculable speed where this darkness of Hell began to give way to the light. We arrived at the gate of Heaven to my biggest surprise. I felt at that moment the most special feeling in all my existence. I already decided not to return to Earth anymore.

At the gate, there were two angels who guarded the entrance of Heaven. The two radiant angels waved and we entered. I was taken to the Paradise of God and I saw many joyful brothers enjoying the pleasure of that place and feeling the freedom of staying there.

An angel showed me a man and said, “This is a servant of the Lord who was faithful to death. He taught and lived in holiness and justice. He is awaiting the reward for his works at the end of days.”

That man had a long white robe and there were many stones on his crowns.

I asked the angel who he was.

And the angel told me, “This is David Miranda. He was a Brazilian shepherd who was very zealous and faithful to his work on Earth. And he produced fruits for the kingdom of God in many countries because of his dedication while he was alive. I will show you the reward he will receive on that great day.”

The angel showed me a huge mansion in Heaven and told me that it belongs to that man. The mansion had five floors and was all made up of transparent gold that does not exist on Earth. He also showed a crown full of precious stones whose composition was diamond. I didn’t know this man and his life and not even his ministry. I can only say that he is very happy in Heaven.

The angel also showed me the crown and the mansion of a Japanese missionary who lived in the United States. He devoted much of his life to the Gospel and spreading the message of holiness and justice. He had many experiences with God and worked for Him in many countries. There were flashes in Heaven when he died. His reward is great in the Heavenly Paradise.

The angel told me that his son is still on Earth continuing the ministry. It was also revealed to me that the mansion of this missionary is one of the biggest in Heaven. I have never heard of that missionary, not even in our country even though he is also a Japanese like me and I was not revealed his name.

I asked to be shown my home and my crown but the angel told me that it wasn’t time yet. So he told me it was time for me to return to my body and that experience was to be written like the others for the edification of many. And so I did.

We went back to the room at my sister’s house. I saw my body in the same position when I was praying.

The angel told me that I should persevere myself in prayers and supplications filling myself with God’s power.

The angel told me, “Demons have been fighting the messages that have been given to you since the beginning. Many doubt these revelations but you must continue to be steadfast as a faithful watchman. And in the end, you will receive your reward on that big day.”

Having said that, he disappeared into the light and so I returned to my cold body. It was already 6 am.

After this last experience, I was sick for 5 days and it was my sister Asuka who started taking care of me because she had already recovered from the surgery. She felt stronger. My sister cared for me the same way I cared for her during her post-operation. I hope that my beloved sister returns to the holy ways of the Lord.

Dear brothers, the biggest lesson that I had in my last experience was about brotherly love. We must love each other without pretense and with a pure heart because that is the will of our Creator that we never deny help to the needy who suffer and never ignore the suffering of others.

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