Peace of the Lord, brother. This is the testimony of the singer and preacher Victoria Fernandez. I’m here to tell you one shocking testimony that the Lord gave me on October 31, 2020.

The Lord visited me for the second time and took me to the United States. And then He took me to Hell to show me a laboratory where I saw the Coronavirus vaccine.

I will tell the vision I had that day on October 31, where Jesus Christ was there in my prayer room as I was in fellowship with my King, my Groom. I experienced the best when Jesus Christ appeared to me the second time. He already manifested to me three times. The first time it was the 29th of October. The second time, it was the 31 of October. When He came for the second time He showed me the turmoil and civil war in America and the vaccine for the Coronavirus.

When the Lord came, we traveled to the United States. And He said, “I will take you back to Hell again.” When He said that I started to contemplate and smelled a very strong demon that was like the wind. This demon came into my room like a swirling wind, sending smoke in my room. I can’t explain it for it was terror.

And that moment the Lord appeared, He hugged me. He said, “Well, daughter, I love you so much. I’m here to help you and show you more things.”

I was hugged by Jesus for a long time. My body was electrified with so much power hallelujah. At that moment, when He hugged me, immediately He took my spirit and transported me with Him to New York. I knew that we were in New York in the United States. And we were in a big square in New York City. I don’t know which place it was.

Suddenly, I saw some crowded people marching in that square, and they were carrying flags of the United States. They were protesting. It was like a march with flags. I saw it very fast. This part was very fast. They were protesters passing and carrying the flags. And I realized that in that protest, there was a person on his knees.

Even when I was in Hell and terror in that room where I saw the Coronavirus vaccines, the Lord pulled out a screen where I watch the United States in the Civil War. And there were buildings on fire in every corner. Because of these elections in the United States, there will be very hard times.

I saw my brother, a lot of protests mainly from New York City. We all have to pray and seek the presence of the Lord. It’s not going to be easy. I saw again, the flag being raised by this person on his knees. The Lord did not give me many details this time. I was just shown the kind of unrest in America where I saw this person on his knees with hands raised.

In the second part of this vision yesterday, the Lord took me to the interior of the United States government in the White House. And I saw my brothers, everything was messed up. I was in the White House and it was very beautiful. It was lunchtime. Brother, inside the White House, things were looking upside down. A lot of people had invaded the White House, walking the stairs. I saw soldiers who were in the White House dealing with those people. Everything was messed up.

The Lord took me there and said, “Daughter, this is how the government of the United States and the presidency will be. Watch!”

I saw that it was all messy. It was really a mess. Things were all upset.

The Lord said, “Daughter, the next few days, the United States would not be easy. Things will not be easy, and it will be difficult. But I need to show you more things, and I will now lead you to Hell.”

I said, “My God.”

But again, Jesus said, “I need to take you to Hell.”

I replied and said, “I don’t want to go.”

But looking again at the Lord, the Lord said, “I’ll be with you.”

It was so wonderful brothers to be listening to the tenderness of the voice of Jesus. The Lord asked me to take it easy and hugged me. He was full of love. The Lord is big and strong. He was surrounded by external flames of fire like oil. Soon He took me by the hand and we started going down a dark tunnel. I was very scared.

He said, “I told you that I will be with you. Do not fear. I need to show you something for the Brazilian nation and the whole world.”

So we went down in Hell and it was the first time for me to be there. It was so dark. There were many bugs that appeared in Hell. I saw the bottomless pit and lots of cries and screaming for help. But we passed quickly as the screaming was strong. I arrived with the Lord in a room where I saw demons with tails. It was a terrible vision for I saw many demons and I got scared.

Jesus said, “Don’t fear. I am with you.”

He put His arm around me. We went through this route that was waste. He comforted me all the time. How I love you, Jesus, you are wonderful. And when He touched me His touch was matchless.

Brothers, the Lord took me to a hole in Hell where I saw a demon that was handling medicine. And I saw this very big demon that was dealing with medical instruments. I saw him taking out from inside that closet medical items and he put them on a round table. He put these medical items on top of that table. This demon had a pen and he wrote the names of the countries of the earth on these glasses.

The Lord told me, “What you are seeing, daughter, is about the vaccine of the Coronavirus. It comes straight from Hell.”

The Lord told me, “You will tell people, no one should take this vaccine of the devil. Warn anyone that wants salvation. This vaccine comes from Hell.”

Nobody takes this vaccine. For God’s sake, I know it will not be mandatory in Brazil. I trust in the name of Jesus Christ. I trust my God, it will not be mandatory in Brazil. I trust that President Jair Bolsonaro won’t let this vaccine be mandatory. I trust the Lord Jesus. May the Lord touch the president’s heart so that this vaccine will not be mandatory, I prophesied. Otherwise, God’s children will flee the country and hide.

I saw this demon handling this medical substance that was a vaccine that he was putting inside many little bottles where doctors keep medical substance. I noticed many of these little bottles had labels of names of several countries of the world. I saw among them there was the country of Angola, Brazil, the Russian Federation. I saw this demon signing on the name on these little bottles having names of several countries. I contemplated with dread.

Jesus even came back and He calmed me down and told me, “You need to see this for I have to warn Brazil and the world about these terrible things that are about to happen in the world.”

And then another demon appeared and opened one of these bottles and was testing the vaccine on a soul in Hell. It was very terrible. My God, this vaccine is coming and will appear. No one should take it for God’s sake. This vaccine made in Hell is a problem.

This is the vision that the Lord gave me on 31 October 2020.

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