Nanobot Technology – Shawna

l used to work with nanobot technology in my chemical engineering career. Nanobots are extremely tiny RFID chips. They are so tiny that they cannot be seen with the naked eye, and thus, have to be inserted in liquid form. When I worked with them, we were not dealing with putting them inside of human beings, nor was that ever considered. The scientists that are doing this are satanic. They are mixing iron with clay. Iron is the metallic RFID chip nanobots. Clay is the dirt by which we are made from, our bodies.

Nanobots are programmed to go to specific areas within the body.… Like the hands and the head. They are turning the carrier into a human cyborg to be controlled later when the chips are activated. I have seen that prophetically many times. Right now, the chips have not been activated yet, but there is coming a day when they will be activated and the people with them will be like zombies. Sadly, many of them will drop dead before they ever reach that point because the nanobots are also toxic to their system. The abomination (I have to call it that-you have to read in-between the lines) is not protecting anyone. People with the abomination are still dropping dead left and right. The abomination is just the mark of the beast, and many people are fooled into taking it out of fear. It is best to put your trust in the Lord for protection, than to allow that toxic poison into your system. That is what the Lord showed me in prophetic dreams, it is toxic poison and it is the mark of the beast. Why risk your eternal soul⁉️Jesus bless you.





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