Jesus told me, “My servant, Satan has diverted many from My path. I did not offer fame, recognition, and applause. I said that they would be persecuted and hated for My name’s sake, and afflictions would pass.”

In a short passage I had in Nigeria, I heard of the famous Synagogue Church Of The Nations of the prophet TB Joshua. I paid a visit to this temple that is in the Lagos. I did not know about it earlier as I do not watch the rotten media, but I learned of its fame in Nigeria. He is a millionaire shepherd, is not as poor as many thinks. He has become wealthy with the money of the poor people of Nigeria.

As they entered that gigantic temple, crowds of people were there. I felt a great negative charge, a very heavy energy for a serious church. I stared at this prophet, soon my vision opened. Behind the altar, I saw a black throne and the name of Lucifer. There was a terrible demon who performs many cures.

This man TB Joshua was doing a lot of deliverance and exorcism. What I saw in that place was not deliverance. It was demonic manifestations and great possessions happening in that place. This shepherd called the demons to live in the bodies of these people. Legions of airborne demons came through the roof of that temple, camouflaging inside the bodies of the people. The demons were silent, hidden secretly inside each person, without manifesting.

Passing a false appearance of liberation, they manifested and then watched that they had come out getting very still. When the meetings were over, people would leave that place full of demons.

In a serious church, demons cannot hide, they are forced to manifest because of the presence of the Holy Spirit. In my ministry, they tried to hide, but the fire of the Holy Spirit burned them; they could not withstand the fiery flames of destruction. Churches that do not please God, do not have the presence of the Holy Spirit. In those kinds of churches, demons are resistant and do not manifest. If there is any manifestation of demons, it is only for deception within the church.

The Holy Spirit has revealed to me that this false shepherd is like a kind of African messiah who has a charity to help children and poor people, but the reality is a way to win souls for Satan.

Many have told me that he works miracles in the name of Jesus. I said, “Even if I speak in the name of Jesus, it does not mean that it is the Holy Spirit.

Matthew 7: 22-23. Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works? And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.

The Holy Spirit does not attend to those who do not have the credentials of Jesus. The demons operate even in the name of Jesus.

My vision went beyond the 12 reservoirs of holy water in this church. They were called waters of the cleansing of sins, where people came in with TB Joshua to bathe.

The spirit has revealed to me that he is a fornicator. This man seduces women of his church by prostituting themselves with them so that they become fertile and healed from the womb.

What I saw was the demon of healing and false deliverance. He does not release the imprisoned but put more people in the hands of Satan. No one from other ministries has an opportunity to do healing and deliverance in that place other than his workers.

Everyone who has authority from Jesus, I see a spiritual ring in his right hand. In that false prophet, there was not the ring of God’s authority on his finger.

All the servants of God who live the truth I see the ring of God’s authority on his finger. Those who do not have the ring and cast out demons and heal does not come from God. I have seen many people without the ring operating many wonders. There was no fire of Holy Spirit in their lives, but a demon on their side performing the cures.

What struck me is that on the finger of TB Joshua, it was not like the hands of other false prophets who have no ring. He was the first false prophet that I saw with a black ring on his left hand. This ring is spiritually equal to the golden ring of God, not to be seen with the carnal eyes, only those that Jesus allows.

I saw many legions flying on the roof of that satan synagogue. I left that temple because I could not stand the deception. This is not the first and it will not even be the last church I visited where the demons operate signs.

Already there had been a church of a bishop, who was not freed from vanity and expelled demons. They only pretended that they would go away for the people to believe that that woman has authority from God, though she did not leave her vanities. Her liberal doctrines were credible.

I warn the church, Jesus does not give authority to anyone. He delegated His authority to His disciples and today is in the hands of the true church. Jesus would never give authority to Christians to deceive the people with false doctrine. Jesus cannot give gifts to false prophets; if Jesus did this He would agree with the deceit, Jesus would never make a covenant with falsehood.

When God created the world, He separated the light from the abyss of darkness. As well as those who are in the darkness of hell cannot pass into the light of paradise.

Second Corinthians 6: 14,15. For what do righteousness and wickedness have in common? Or what communion can have the light with darkness? What harmony between Christ and Belial? What is there in common between the believer and the unbeliever?

Jesus is the light and can have no share with those who serve the darkness.

Days after visiting this Synagogue Church Of The Nations, I returned to the hotel I rented in Nigeria. I had a vision; I saw a church that was covered in black tarpaulin. This tarp was 5 meters above the ceiling of that church.

People prayed and their prayers did not rise until the sky stopped on the black cover. My vision went further, I saw 4 wizards performing a great satanic ritual to block the prayers of that people.

I asked Jesus, “Why is that church was losing the war to those wizards?”

Jesus said to me, “This church is dead in their iniquities, they do not repent of their sins, their prayers have no effect against the force of evil that these wizards command.”

Seeing the sad situation of this church, I went to pay a visit to a church. When the Pastor Abayomi Etebo gave me the opportunity, I went up on the pulpit and said for them to abandon their sins and make a cry of humiliation before God. The word was of correction, and the people wept repenting, and afterward, they made a loud cry.

My vision opened, I saw an angel with a sword of flaming fire coming down from the sky and tearing up that spiritual covering with the sword. When that black covering was spread out in the middle, the prayers that were held up began to rise to the sky.


After this vision, the people finished the cry. A Christian woman stood, I saw a gold helmet coming down from the sky and wearing her head. Demons from outside the church threw black fireballs at this woman’s head, but those balls could not get into that gold helmet. Her head was well coated and all balls hit and fell to the ground.

I asked Jesus what that means.

The Holy Spirit revealed to me and said, “She has been confused about true doctrine. Many false churches have implanted a false Gospel in her mind, she has heard the lies.”

The demons were attacking her mind to mess up and drive her crazy. Today this spirit of confusion fell to the ground and left her life; she was clothed with the helmet of salvation and will never be deceived. She has her mind protected, evil darts will not penetrate her head anymore. Through this cry that was in this place, she gave herself and poured out her soul in the presence of God.

The prayer of the church was essential for the defeat of Satan and his wizards, to make a covenant of fidelity, abandoning sin. After that sight, the church ended and I went home, and when I arrived, I rested and prayed till dawn.


I had a terrible vision, I saw an army of demons coming together to kill me and overthrow my faith. They planned to make me fall and destroy my ministry. In this meeting, demons rose from hell, seas, earth, and air.

A principality of Nigeria said, “Let’s attack the missionary Kenzo, we will destroy his ministry, we will attack all areas of his life, he has a point that will shake your faith. We have to overthrow him and make him sin by denying his God, and then when he falls into sin, we will kill and take his soul to hell.”

“This pastor has revealed our secrets, preaching the truth for the world, we have lost many souls because of his ministry. We are struggling to stop him, now he is making men like him, making disciples and being the mirror to many. Many are being raised on earth because of his ministry. If one Kenzo is difficult to stop, imagine several Kenzo around the world, he has been making copies of himself.”

“This missionary has been giving a lot of soul harm to us, many who have heard his preaching have died and are in heaven. We have to stop him; we cannot let him continue. Every soul that heard this missionary repaired their lives, those who died are with their God, that has kindled my anger.”

Let’s put together a strategy to overthrow his ministry, it’s just a man of flawed flesh who feels desires.”

When I saw this vision, I was worried at night, and yet I went to minister in another church. Before I climbed the pulpit, I was sitting behind the pulpit with the Pastor Adebayo of that church.

The Holy Spirit spoke through him and gave an account of what he saw. “Pastor, Jesus revealed to me that an evil army ready to attack you. Jesus told me, “To raise a cry for the life of the pastor tonight. We will be presenting the missionary this morning to God to give you the strength to face this militia that has risen against your life.”

After hearing this revelation, I felt a force inside me. I preached that night and went home.

The Holy Spirit said, “Fear not, I am with you, they have risen to fall.”


The next morning, I went to buy some food. In the center of the city among the large crowd, a man from a long distance was looking straight at me.

This man approached me and said, “You are a Christian.”

I replied, “Yes, as you know.”

He said, “I saw your body shine from afar like a little light that shines in this dark city.”

“I have talked to men who called themselves pastors, bishops, apostles, and missionaries. If they did not tell me they were Christians, I would never know. Their bodies did not shine, their light was off. I have the gift and I see; they do not ascend in the rapture.”

“I have been working to prevent the churches in Nigeria from being saved. I have worked with several pastors not to let this nation rise. These people will welcome the prince of darkness and his mark. I do not have to complain about my God.”

“I made a blood pact with Beelzebub, and I work for a large company Royal Dutch Shell. I am the right arm of my boss. I will continue to rise from office to become the new boss. I have everything I want, satan fulfilled my dreams.”

“I have not seen you wage a spiritual warfare. I recognize your worth in the spirit world. I also know that you are at war with the demons. I’m a high-level Satanist. I know what’s going on in the spirit world. I’m on the inside of the spiritual world news.”

“A demon named Pazuzu spoke of you to me. You are very famous in the spiritual world and you are looking like a celebrity. Not all Christians who have their names spoken in demonic meetings. Only those who live the holy Gospel and go through all the tribulations that have their names well spoken. Tell me Kenzo.”

I answered the Satanist, “You know my name without knowing me. It can only be the demons that spoke to you.”


The Satanist answered me, “That’s right, he told me you were the devils. People look at me and they do not believe that I am a sorcerer because I look elegant. I am a friend of several pastors. I have no enemy, Jesus said that we have to love our neighbor. I have no reason to wage war with you, we will not gain anything from it. I want to make an alliance with all Christian churches and religions. Soon all will unite in one love, to receive the antichrist who will rule the world.”

“I will overcome this war by making alliances with the churches and defiling the holy Gospel. I will never overcome this war by speaking evil of Christians, but by uniting and loving they will defeat. My mission is to bring together all peoples of different religions, peoples, and races for the arrival of our king. A new era will come and all religions will disappear, only a single religion will exist, anti-Christianity.”

When the Satanist spoke these words, he disappeared from my front and appeared 30 meters away, then disappeared. I do not know where he went.

I went back home wondering if that man was a man or a demon. He had disappeared just like a spirit. I bowed my knee praying to God, asking for revelation if that man was real.

Jesus showed me in a vision, this man being transported to various places and cities, he did not drive because he had this ability. The demon that possessed him could make his body move from one place to another at high speed.

Jesus revealed to me that he’s just a man, not a demon like I thought. Jesus told me, “No matter how much I condemn the evil deeds I love this soul and I want to save him. This man made a pact with Satan and in the contract, it was written that he would have this ability to move. He is being deceived, Satan promised great things and will not fulfill his deal in this covenant, he is a liar no matter how faithful that Satanist is in the covenant. Satan is plotting to reap his soul to keep what he has promised, and the sorcerer does not know.”

“I would bring him to you to take the Word, causing him to escape from death and gain salvation. Satan has not yet taken his life because he is useful to his purposes. When he does not need him anymore, he will kill him and put another one to replace him.”

“My servant, I am love, I do not use and play out like Satan, I always lead you closer to My presence.”

At the end of the revelation, Jesus showed me in a vision that Satanist doing a ritual to kill a Christian in order to stay with his wife. This Satanist cast a spell on this Christian’s wife; she was not clothed in God’s armor, that magic entered her mind. This Christian woman fell in love with the Satanist and left her husband.

This man had strong magnetism on Christian women, that was not the first. He would do a ritual with a female skull, pick up strands of hair in his sister’s salon. This Satanist had already made more than 50 women fall in love with him through the ritual of the skull. They were maddened with love for him based on the spells cast on them. I saw a demon stirring inside the head of every woman going crazy for the sorcerer.

He did rituals for businessmen to go crazy and deposit money into his account. The demons controlled the minds of the entrepreneurs making them deposit money into his account.

The Lord said, “Despite his evil deeds I want to forgive him and bring him in my way.”

After these visions, a few days later I meet with this Satanist again.

He said, “He thought well of our covenant.”

I replied, “Repent of your sins, leave sorcery, you have little time of life. Satan is misleading your soul.”

The Satanist said, “I gained the eternal life of Satan himself. I took the elixir of immortality, drank a lot of herbs made by my master who initiated me into witchcraft. Why will I serve your God that will never give me riches? Look at you, a poor man and still serve this God. You know what will happen if I drop Satan, he will take everything he gave me and your God will not do anything to restore my losses.”

I replied, “Satan also offered me riches, the media tried to make me famous. Entrepreneurs offered me a lot of money so I could drop my job and work for their companies. Churches tried to make me known in the four corners of the world, all this I rejected to be this poor man. Satan tried to corrupt me to make me famous. I was separated from these things to be known. I accepted to diminish myself so that the glory of God grows.”

“The media is satanic and serves to boast man and not God. I made a covenant with God, He told me that He would exalt me, as long as I did not seek the media and recognition. I’d rather be anonymous, lower myself, and be a simple man.”

When I had finished speaking these words, the Satanist moved and disappeared from me.

Months later, before I fell asleep, I had a vision in the night. I saw a demon in the form of a shadow, entering inside his house. He pushed his black hand into the Satanist’s chest, crushing his heart. He fell to the ground writhing in pain, and the demons caught his soul.

At dawn I was worried. I took my Bible and went to the city to meet him.

Jesus said, “Do not go after him, you have already done your part, he rejected Me, he did not believe your words.” Jesus gave me a vision last night that will be fulfilled; his death has already been decreed.

Two weeks later, I saw the news that he died. He was very well known in that city.


The night before bed I locked the house. When I laid down a woman appeared to me. That beautiful woman got into the residence where I was; she was naked and tried to seduce me to sin. She wanted me to open my heart and call her to bed with me.

She said, “You are tough, no Christian could resist me. There were several who fell, they came to do missions in my country and returned deviants.”

I said, “How did you come here if everything is closed? It is no use seducing me, you are not of this world. You are part of the spiritual world, materialized in a woman. Your evil presence does not deceive me, get lost Satan.”

I commanded saying, “Do not resist for the power that is in the blood of Jesus.”

His mask fell now and showed its true form. That beautiful woman could not resist, first turned into a spirit, then into a monster of horns. At the time I saw the sky open, my angel came down to me, and my guardian angel appeared and together they fought with that monster, causing him to flee.

That devil wanted to make me fall into prostitution. It is a sin for the wicked to prostitute himself, and the greater is the sin when one who knows the truth and falls into the bond of prostitution. And committing adultery with a demon that has materialized is a terrible abomination before God.

This demon knew that if he sent a human woman I would not fall, so he came in the form of a model himself. When Satan wants to destroy a man of God, he offers attractive things.

I close this experience of November 2015, that the glory of Jesus accompanies all of you little children. I love you, amen.



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