I returned to Mexico to finish the mission. A theologian found me and made a proposal to preach on a television program.
The name of this pastor is Alejandro, he felt a great envy for me, for God to use me in that place.
I said, “For Jesus, I have no commitment to television channels, nor to the entrepreneurs of satanic broadcasters. I preach against television. If I do programming, I would be hypocritical.”

Pastor Alejandro called me into a debate.
I said, “Debates about the Gospel causes contention and displeases God.”

He said, “What is your real success in attracting so many people.”
I answered, “It’s Jesus. I’m just a servant of Him, and I try to make my life a preaching that I speak. People have to look at me and see the transformation God has made in me. I always speak to God, make me the embodiment of His Word, and may my life come to influence the weak so that they may follow His path.”
Pastor Alejandro knows, I look at the Word and see the mouth of God saying do this. I do what the Bible says. He who does not accept to walk according to the scriptures is confronting God. I am submissive to the Word of God, and I walk according to what it says.
I’m going to minister in dangerous places where no one goes. It’s in those places where the missionaries do not go. It is there where the demons gain many souls. I find in these places much malignant resistance.
The demons build many fortresses and spiritual walls that have to be destroyed through Word and prayer. Faith is an unbeatable weapon when it is put into action, no barrier stands.

Pastor Alejandro said, “Missionary you are so spiritual you seem to be crazy. I know Jesus just in theory, through the Bible and the studies that I do. I want to know Jesus personally, just like you. I’m tired of reading so much about Jesus. I want to feel the supernatural power of Jesus. I want to experience all this in practice.”
I replied, “When Jesus tore the veil of separation, there is no more limit for a man to approach God. From the physical world to the spiritual world, they are only a few steps away, to penetrate into the spiritual world of God. Begin to produce desired effects on the lives of the brethren, be an example of faith. When God’s power is in our lives, we draw them to Jesus without having to force them.”

Pastor Alejandro said, “My son Gabriel was born in an evangelical cradle; he is a very rebellious teenager. I do not know what to do for him to change. I teach the Word of God; he does not change.”
I replied, “Pastor Alejandro, the Holy Spirit reveals me, that there is a devil who is imprisoning your son. As long as he is not freed by this demon, he will continue with a hardened heart, and ears covered so as not to obey God and you. Tell your son to visit the ministerial church power of the Gospel of the pastor Ramón Cortez. I’ll go there.
After this conversation, I went to Pastor Ramón’s church for the first time. Deacon Horace of the church sent me the invitation.
When I entered this church, the Holy Spirit revealed to the pastor Ramon saying, “Receive the messenger, he has heavenly mysteries to reveal to the church. I have placed many spiritual secrets in his hands to distribute to the people.”
The Holy Spirit has revealed to me that it will work within each person, and will refine with its fire inside, and they will shine on the outside, their faces will reflect their glory, doing great work in the Pastor Ramon’s church.

After my preaching, Jesus showed me in the vision, a bottle of olive oil, a lamp, an olive, a burned-out lamp, a burnished lamp, and a piece of electric wire.

I asked Jesus, “What is that?”
He answered, “The church is the light and the bottle you saw is the anointing. The lamp is every person and the light that shines within it is the Holy Spirit that shines within each of them. The electric wire that gives energy to each lamp to light is My anointing.”

“The servant who does not have My oil will be put out. I am like the electric energy that I offer light to the lamps. Tell the lamps that are extinguished to shine in the darkness. It is time for them to ascend, the end is near. Tell the bulbs that are going out that they have to have enough olive oil in their reserves. By the time the oil runs out they have will more oil in their reserves to burn. The world is in darkness, be lit and make a difference.”

“Only these lamps will attract the Bridegroom at the time of the separation of the tares and the wheat. The lights on them you saw are My seal in their lives, the mark of the Holy Spirit. Tell the church to fill with My oil that is My strength within them and that will make them shine.”

“I have a very strong bond with My Bride on earth, that is why the demons did not destroy the earth. The Bridegroom wants the Bride by His side and will prepare her to bring near to Me, and make her heiress. It will not be long, the Bridegroom will appear to free her whom He loves from this world of darkness. I have already demonstrated My love on the cross of Calvary, making a high price, rescuing, washing, purifying and sanctifying.”


On hearing these words, I heard the sound of trotting horses.
The voice said, “It is the cavalry of hell invading the earth, all the torment of hell has risen to the earth. The earth will now be the hell of suffering, the prince of darkness has taken over the government.”

He said, “Let’s reign, it’ll be hell on earth.

People began to look for Christians to pursue. The Christians were frightened away; they fled so as not to die in this great persecution and genocide. The world and the government were against us. The era of the martyrs began; they will be human sacrifices for Jesus’ sake. They would offer their blood to eternal life, shedding their blood for Jesus’ sake, as Christ did on the cross of Calvary. That was the form of retribution they made for Jesus.
Many Christians were killed by persecution. When they were alive, they could not stand. The Christians groaned in pain. They could not stand it any longer, and they cried a lot.
The trumpet rang and the remnants disappeared. I saw in a vision the lights rising to the sky and disappearing. The world was filled with darkness when these lights disappeared. When these lights disappeared, the world grew darker, totally filled with darkness. I saw a black hole that opened on the floor, black shadows were coming out from inside. The sky turned red; nature was inverted. It felt like it was turning against us.

A voice said, “The heaven is disconnected from the earth, there is no connection with humans anymore.”

All were abandoned, the Holy Spirit was taken away, the bond with the earth was cut off. What made the heaven to be connected with the earth, was the church while still on earth, Jesus took His own. People sought out Christians who had disappeared and despaired of not finding them. These people were dull lamps that stayed on the ground. Jesus broke the bond with them, the connection was broken, the mediator Holy Spirit was taken away.

Grace has ended. There was no more covenant with the rebels. The Bride has been taken away, the covenant of salvation is over. Now the judgment of the lake of fire is approaching.

After these visions and revelations, I went to the church saying, “I mean for all the brothers who are living torches of God, keep them alighted so they do not go out. You are live coals from the altar of the Most High and are in this world to shine. When the Bridegroom has come, He will take those who are alight in His presence.”

Jesus showed me in the vision, many torches fading. I saw many dim lamps covered by darkness because of sin. And where there is no light on, the darkness prevails. The Lord will not take the ones who are blotted out by darkness. Many are called and few are chosen. The separation will leave the tares and carry the wheat. Only the lighted lamps that will be taken from the earth, for their brightness will attract the Master to His meeting. These are the stars that shine in the darkness of the night and embellish the dark sky.


After these revelations, I went to Pastor Ramon.

Ramon said, “We the church must improve our conduct before God, and prepare for the great events that come.

Pastor Kenzo, “When you were sharing your visions to the church, I saw the angel putting a staff in your hand.”

I asked Jesus, “What does this staff mean?”

The Holy Spirit said, “I am increasing your authority in the spirit world.”

Then when Pastor Ramon gave me this revelation, I went to pray, kneeling near the church chair.


I had another vision. I saw a great collision in the spiritual world in the air; there was a great war between angels and demons. I looked at the ceiling of the church and saw how the air of heaven had 3 angels battling a legion.

Jesus told me, “This legion wanted to attack this church, but My angels intervened for them. They are not prepared for war. Tell the people to prepare against the demonic bombardments they have seen against them. It takes the spiritual structure to withstand and oppose attacks. Satan did not want these revelations to be passed through you to the pastor of the church. The demons are furious with this ministry, because of the revelations that were passed today. Tell the church to prepare for the trials, which will come from now on.”

After Pastor Ramon ended the service, I went back to my house.

When I got home, I remembered that the young Gabriel, the son of Pastor Alejandro, did not come to worship today. His father came to my gate to tell me that his son Gabriel went to visit another church instead of going to the church where I ministered.

Alejandro said that he tried to persuade his son but he did not want to. He apologized and left.

I went into my room and prayed for Gabriel.

Jesus showed me in a vision, the demons were not letting Gabriel go to the church where I was. I saw him in vision going to another church. Jesus showed me the spiritual conditions of that people. He’s having an inner war inside that church, the demons hit their heads with evil darts, their minds were sick. The demons chased the people in there. I saw the robes of that stained church. They had no authority against the demons.

I saw a demon going towards Pastor Alejandro’s house to kill his son. That demon had a black rope in his hand.

I prayed and told Jesus to send the angel to bring this demon to my house. I saw when my helper angel went off like a lightning bolt and brought that demon to me.

I said, “In the name of Jesus you are imprisoned here, you will not reap the life of that young man.”

That furious demon said, “I am going to kill him, he does not live the Word of his God, he is rebellious. Please release me.”

The demon was paralyzed with chains of fire and could not move. I remembered the prophecy of Pastor Ramon who said that God would increase my authority in the spiritual world, was being fulfilled at that moment.

I saw a black rope in that devil’s hand.

I said, “What good is this rope, tell me. I cannot touch you because you are a spirit, but the auxiliary angel who is by my side can touch you.”

The demon remained silent.

I told the helper angel to watch the devil and I went to the house of Pastor Alejandro to see what was happening. He had earlier passed me the address of his house.

When I got there, I knocked on the door and the pastor’s wife opened it. Pastor Alejandro was very sad. He told me that his son had drunk alcoholic drinks for the first time and was hospitalized in the hospital.

I called the pastor to come home with me and said that the auxiliary angel is there watching over the demon that is chained.

The pastor replied, “You are crazy, my son is on the verge of death and you keep telling me these things.”

When we got home, I prayed to God, asking him to open the pastor’s eyes at that moment.

Pastor Alejandro began to look strange and pointed his finger at the demon, saying, “I see.”

I said, “Do not be afraid; he is immobilized, he cannot hurt you.”

I told the devil, “Now you’re going to tell me your plan to kill that young man.”

See Pastor Alejandro’s account.

I’m Pastor Alejandro, what I’m going to say may sound crazy, but I’ve seen it with my eyes. I saw a filthy demon; he was immobile inside the missionary’s house. He was trapped and no one could touch him because he was a spirit. He was like a wind; we feel but we cannot see unless God opens his eyes.

I saw that when the shepherd prayed, fireballs fell from the sky and burned that demon. When the shepherd approached the devil, a flame of fire came out of his body and burned that monster. He was being tortured for not wanting to reveal his plans. Until he said that that rope was to kill my son Gabriel by hanging.

It was true my son almost died asphyxiated. He arrived breathless at the hospital and was breathing through the apparatus.

Pastor Kenzo said that I must fast for my son, he must free himself from sin so that the devil would not touch him. This same demon was furious and said that he still had not given up killing my son.

I saw Kenzo’s helper angel, he is tall and about two meters tall. His wings were huge, he watched the scene. From that day my faith increased. I only knew angels and demons reading the Bible, now I have seen with my own eyes that they exist.

I am Pastor Kenzo, I will continue to speak my testimony. If I let go of that demon, he would go to the hospital to kill the young Gabriel. The Holy Spirit revealed to me that this young man has to make a quick decision for God so that this demon would not kill him. I asked the helper angel to take him to hell and leave him in jail for 24 hours. This was the time I needed to talk to young Gabriel.

The angel chained the demon and opened a spiritual hole in the floor of the room. They descended down.

The next day Alejandro fasted for the release of his son. We went to the hospital; he was already breathing and could talk.

I told him, “You still have to make amends today with God so that the demon will not kill you.”

He said he would agree to make a decision for Jesus.

I told him, “As of today, you cannot go back to the world anymore. There’s a demon who’ll be waiting for you to do the worldly thing again for him to kill you.”

Gabriel reconciled with God in the hospital. I went back to my house. After 24 hours those demons came back from hell. He was thirsty for that soul, but he had lost his strength to touch Gabriel because of reconciliation.


I went home, Jesus showed me in a vision, Pastor Ramon’s church in spiritual warfare against the legions of the air.

I saw the legions bombard the church with darts the size of a soccer ball, which looked like black fireballs. These legions were demons of all sizes, 20 centimeters, 1 meter, 2 meters, 4 meters, 10 meters. There were also monsters and dragons casting fires by their mouth, those balls falling from the sky toward Pastor Ramon’s church. And also from the pastor’s church, he raised fireballs into the air and hit those demons.

Many of them when they were hit would become dizzy and fall on the ground, others on the rivers and seas. These fireballs that came up from the church caused great impacts, hitting the demons. They could not resist and fell from the air down.

There was a great explosion in the air and on the ground, in a bombing exchange between Pastor Ramon’s church and the legions.

After this vision I went to Pastor Ramon’s church, he was happy to see me but he was sad. He said, “Since when you came here and passed the visions the trials have increased.”

The church went into a 2-month prayer purpose every day. His servants could not stand it and they turned away. 4 became sick and 9 went to another church. The pastor said that he was sent away from the company where he worked. He said that Satan owned his boss and fired the company. And the wife of the deacon Horace left him with the children and left home.

But God gave victory, had revival, the church entered into a very strong communion, people were raptured and many were baptized with fire.

I remembered when Brother Horace invited me to preach in the humble church of Pastor Ramon.

To get God’s mantle, they paid a very high price and that’s what happened to that church.

Many have asked me why demons do not attack other churches, why are they protected against attacks.

I said, “The demons do not war against dead soldiers, they do not bother you, they do not give you danger, you do not have the strength to fight. For those who are already dominated by the powers of darkness, Satan already operates within, establishing his throne and queen. Where sin dwells, dwells its agents of evil. The demons attack strong soldiers who threaten their territories, those who are in activities in the work and expose the deception, that is why the proofs come to these warriors.”

Upon giving these revelations, I returned to Sweden, where I am living in the city of Malmo.


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