When will it happen (Asteroids)


asteroid-impactProphet Efrain Rodriguez declared, at the beginning of June, 2014, that The Lord showed Him that this event would happen at some point before 2014 was over, namely on any of the remaining nights within 7 months, counting June, from the date he made the declaration in Austin, Texas. Those 7 months spanned till the end of 2014.
However, Prophet Efrain also declared before the end of 2014 that Jehovah will carry out His Judgment when He decides. Even if The Lord showed Prophet Efrain that the Judgment would happen before the end of 2014, He could still decide to give us more time if He is moved to Mercy, like He was so many times in The Bible. And that does not make Him, or the prophet, untrue. Even after having declared a specific Judgment and/or date of fulfillment, Jehovah did, on many instances, repent of what He was going to do, out of Mercy. That is why He always sent prophets: to see if people’s hearts would change and turn to Him in repentance, so that He could delay or revoke His Judgment. Jehovah does not want to punish us. He does not want to carry out His judgment. But He will, if He has to, out of love for His children. Jehovah controls time and, in His Mercy, He may or may not choose to extend the time given to us to prepare. How we respond to His call to repentance and how we cry out to Him and warn others will determine how much time He gives us. However, the Judgment will still come. The Apostasy of The Church needs to be stopped, as well as the plans of The Enemy to muzzle and imprison the True Church of Christ across the world. The only thing that will accomplish this will be Jehovah’s Hand of Judgment. Yet, even within this chastisement, He promises protection to those who trust Him and get ready with Him, by listening to His Holy Spirit.

We also want to clarify that the date of Sep 23, or 24 of 2015 as the fulfillment date for the asteroid impact does NOT come from us. Neither does the May 2016 date nor any other future date. These dates do not come from Prophet Efrain Rodríguez and they do not come from his managers of the Facebook pages, web page and documents. Only The Lord knows the exact date for His Judgment, and ONLY THE FATHER KNOWS the date for The Rapture of The Church. Whether it happens this year (before, on, or after September), next year, or whenever, is up to Him ONLY. That September date (as well as any other date for this year or any other future dates) come from other sources. OUR VIEW IS THAT WE MUST BE READY AT ALL TIMES, NOT FOR A SPECIFIC DATE, SIGN, TIME FRAME, OR CALCULATION. THE BIBLE INSTRUCTS US TO BE WATCHFUL AT ALL TIMES.

Brethren, you have to get ready with The Lord, whether you believe Prophet Efrain or not. Whether this takes place tonight, tomorrow, before the end of the year, or whenever The Lord chooses.

This event of judgment has been revealed to countless prophets, watchmen, even children and unbelievers, for years. Many of them received this revelation even years before Prophet Efrain started taking this message to the world. Some others have received it since, many having had no previous knowledge of Prophet Efrain, nor of the prophetic message The Lord gave him. And still, others have received confirmation from The Lord after having heard this prophetic message.(See the section titled “Testimonies” on the menu column to your left).

If you cling to A DATE “FULFILLMENT” OR “DATE FAIL” as the indicator of the veracity of this call to repentance and this warning to surrender to Christ for protection through this judgment, then you are taking a HUGE risk before The Lord. The center of this prophecy is the call and warning to repentance and brokenness before The Lord Jesus Christ, trusting ONLY in Him for Salvation and Protection. That is the center of this message, NOT A DATE. If you do not want to believe this prophecy because Efrain Rodriguez declared it, or because of a date, then believe it because you went directly and asked the Holy Spirit. Believe it because its call to Repentance, its message of Salvation and its warning of Judgment lines up with the Word. Believe it because it is the same message of warning that ALL TRUE PROPHETS OF JEHOVAH declared in the past. Believe it because it points to JESUS CHRIST and gives Him THE GLORY AS UNIQUE SAVIOR. Believe it because it exalts JEHOVAH AS THE RULER AND SUPREME RIGHTEOUS GOD OF THE UNIVERSE. Believe it because it is a Call to rely and trust completely in THE GUIDE AND PROTECTION OF THE HOLY SPIRIT. Believe it because of the testimonies of countless others who have received confirmation and revelation of its imminent fulfillment, revelations that fulfill The Lord’s prophecy when He said that “in the latter days, your old men shall dream dreams and your young shall see visions.” And if all those matters of FAITH are not enough for you, then believe it because you opened your eyes to the obvious worldwide preparations that indicate that the governments of this Earth, FEMA, NASA, HOMELAND SECURITY, THE ARMY and all the different Agencies are PREPARING FOR A MAJOR DISASTER. It is all over Youtube and everywhere in the Alternative Media. You would have to be purposely blind to miss it.

But back to the issue of the time frame for the fulfillment of this prophecy: If The Lord chooses to extend the time beyond what He showed Prophet Efrain, we should be thankful, and not use it as an excuse to dismiss the message as false and go on sinning, which sadly is what many people who are watching for date fails are really looking forward to.

WAKE UP, CHURCH! A time will soon come when our stubborness will take us past the point of no return. A time will come when The Lord will not issue any more warnings. A time will come when The Lord Jesus, Who is constantly interceding for us, will say to The Father: “Father, I did all I could. I cried for them. I warned them. I shed My Blood for them. I gave them more time. I sent them more Messengers. But they would not listen. They mocked and vilified Your messengers, Your Word. They would not come to Me in REPENTANCE to be saved and protected from Your WRATH. There is nothing else to do but release Your Judgment, or else the few that remain may also be lost.”

Are you willing to take that risk? Jehovah measures and administers time according to His Will. We are not to put conditions and requisites on His message.

It is your choice. The Bible clearly warns about the consequences of being lukewarm. A message’s truthfulness comes from The Lord based on the call of the message and Who it points to, not a date or time frame.

Did the fact that Niniveh was not destroyed EXACTLY as Jonah foretold make him a FALSE prophet? Jonah got angry at Jehovah for not doing exactly as Jehovah said He would. Yet Jehovah lovingly let him know that the city repented, and thus Jehovah chose to give it more time (although eventually He did destroy it).
Was Jehovan not ready to destroy all the inhabitants of the city of Sodom and Gomorrah, NO EXCEPTION? Yet a man, Abraham, moved Him to mercy by asking if He would spare the city if 10 righteous men were found within it. Jehovah said He would. And Even though the cities were destroyed because not even 10 were found, a man’s plea did change the heart of God. It moved Him to Mercy. Did Moses not convince Jehovah to spare His people, Israel, from total destruction at His Hand by standing in the gap for them? Not only once, but several times? Did not Jehovah, because of His Mercy, change His mind about what He had declared He would do? All these examples happened in The Time of The Law. Jehovah had mercy during the Time of The Law. How much MORE Mercy has He had now, in The Age of Grace? How much more Mercy will He show when His own Son cries out to Him on our behalf? We have a Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, Who is still interceding for His people, day and night, before The Father. Thanks to Him, The Lord Jehovah HAS changed His Mind about the timing and intensity of the unleashing of His Judgments, many times, even though we are way overdue for punishment. Thanks to Jesus Christ, and out of Love for His Son’s Sacrifice, The Lord has sent His Prophets to warn us to turn from our wicked ways, so that less people will die and more are saved. JEHOVAH is a Merciful God Who, out of Love for His Son, has been willing to stay His Hand of Judgment upon us, hoping and willing that at least one more sheep will enter through The Door, His Son Jesus Christ. If we do not understand that, then we do not understand The Gospel.

Time is over. It has been for a while. We are living on burrowed time, all of us, because of Grace and Mercy. The Judgmet will come. Yet we can use the extra time given to us productively.


Does not The Bible say to test the spirits by what they confess? What does this message confess? Does it confess that Jesus Christ came in the flesh, or does it deny it? Does it confess the Holy Spirit, or does it deny it? Does it confess Jehovah as The Supreme and Only God, or does it deny Him? Does it confess holiness and repentance, or does it confess worldliness and prosperity? Is it a man-centered message, or a God-centered one? Is it a message that seeks the Glory of our Lord Jesus, or is it seeking the glory of man? Is it God serving, or self serving?
A True Prophet of The Lord cannot declare in His Name without The Presence of The Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit always confirms and certifies the Word of Jehovah through His Prophets.

In Mark 3:23-30 KJV, we read:

“And he called them unto him, and said unto them in parables, How can Satan cast out Satan? And if a kingdom be divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand. And if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand. And if Satan rise up against himself, and be divided, he cannot stand, but hath an end. No man can enter into a strong man’s house, and spoil his goods, except he will first bind the strong man; and then he will spoil his house.
Verily I say unto you, All sins shall be forgiven unto the sons of men, and blasphemies wherewith soever they shall blaspheme: But he that shall blaspheme against the Holy Ghost hath never forgiveness, but is in danger of eternal damnation.

Because they said, He hath an unclean spirit.”

The Bible clearly states that a house divided against itself cannot stand. If this message came from The Enemy, how could it glorify Christ and talk about repentance and holiness? How could it talk about rebuking demons in the Name of Christ? Those who say that this message comes from Satan or that it comes from an unclean spirit are OPENLY blaspheming The Holy Spirit. Yes, you know who you are.

Brethren, WE ARE TRULY BLIND IF WE CANNOT DISCERN that The Lord is about to shake up The World and, especially His Church, due to The Apostasy within it. Whomever thinks all will be prosperity, wealth and blessings for the church, is regrettably and purposely blind, brainwashed into a seducing fantasy.

WE WOULD BE IN DEEP DENIAL IF WE COULD NOT DISCERN that the True Church of Christ, the one who has not sold out His Word, will soon be seriously and relentlessly persecuted before The Tribulation, unless The Lord intervenes.

AND FINALLY, WHOMEVER CANNOT DISCERN that the governments and institutions of this earth are preparing for a cataclysmic event of worldwide proportions, HAS THEIR HEAD STUCK IN THE SAND. While we bicker, protest, procrastinate, doubt and question, they prepare.

Sad…all this questioning, all these rebukes, all these doubts, when ALL you have to do is ASK THE HOLY SPIRIT. DIRECTLY. NOT EFRAIN. NOT US.


If even an extra day would mean the Salvation and Protection of your own child, your spouse, or your loved ones, wouldn’t you praise Jesus for that? Wouldn’t you fall to your knees and thank Him for the rest of your life for giving them an extra chance? Wouldn’t you cry with thankfulness and brokennes because that extra day of Mercy was past the time limit declared as deadline for his/her sentence? Or would you rebuke Him for it? No, you would fall to the ground, crying tears of humbleness and gratitude for your Lord. You would praise His Mercy forever. Well, that is exactly the way our Lord Jesus feels and pleads for His Children in front of Jehovah. For all of us. But a time is coming when The Father Himself will say: “ENOUGH!”

You have been warned, over and over again. We are not here to convince anyone. We are not selling anything. But make no mistake, your decision will have major consequences.
The only ones who stand to gain or lose by heeding this call are you and your loved ones. Not us. We are already inside The Ark. Are you? The faithful Watchmen gain only spiritually, by bringing more people to The Lord.

May The Lord keep you and guide you through His Holy Spirit. Amen.

May The Lord bless you. We want to clarify something: the date of Sep 23, or 24 of 2015 as the fulfillment date for the asteroid impact does NOT come from us. Neither does the May 2016 date nor any other future date. These dates do not come from Prophet Efrain Rodríguez and they do not come from his managers of the Facebook pages, web page and documents. Only The Lord knows the exact date for His Judgment, and ONLY THE FATHER KNOWS the date for The Rapture of The Church. Whether it happens this year, next year or whenever, is up to Him ONLY. That September date (as well as any other date for this year or any other future dates) come from other sources. OUR VIEW IS THAT WE MUST BE READY AT ALL TIMES, NOT FOR A SPECIFIC DATE, SIGN, TIME FRAME, OR CALCULATION. THE BIBLE INSTRUCTS US TO BE WATCHFUL AT ALL TIMES. Seek The Holy Spirit for confirmation about any information you come across, including ours.
Also, there are several published messages/videos in the social media instructing and calling people to move from where they live, to abandon the east coast of the United States, to seek shelter elsewhere etc. Those generalized statements do NOT come from us. From the very beginning, Prophet Efrain, as well as The Page Managers, have instructed people NOT TO MOVE ANYWHERE UNLESS YOU RECEIVE SPECIFIC INSTRUCTIONS FROM THE HOLY SPIRIT HIMSELF TO DO SO. This has been said time and time again, but we must emphasize it due to the amount of messages and videos of this type that are being published lately. Do not act in the flesh and try to escape without receiving confirmation from The Lord first. He may have a purpose for you by instructing you to stay where you are, or He may want and instruct you to move elsewhere. Where? We cannot answer that. That is between you and The Lord. The instructions regarding whether to move or not, and where to move, are very personal and cannot be generalized. You have to seek those individual answers for yourself, between you and The Lord, in prayer, in fasting, in humility. Trust Him. May The Lord bless you.


January 12, 2015

Until when will you see… and even so.. .not believe? Church, until when will you remain asleep? Until when will you refuse to listen?

May God bless you!

I don’t know Prophet Efrain Rodriguez, and I have not yet listened to the whole prophecy that has been given to him from God, but I will when I have time. I’ve heard it said that the Prophet gave a date for the FULFILMENT of certain things, but it seems that they did not happen on the date the Prophet gave, according to what I’ve heard.

Many have spoken badly of this prophet. Many have derided him, even pastors. They have made mockery on the media and have villified him for everything. The things that have been said about this servant have been so harsh, and the pressure and the attacks have been so vicious, that anyone else in his place would have renounced the Ministry. But this man has firmly continued repeating over and over again what God told him and showed Him.
When the Lord or the Holy Spirit gives me (Sandy) a Word, and I’m sure it is not my emotion but a Word from on High, I speak it, whether others believe me or not.

Last night while brushing my teeth, a Word from the Lord came and said to me:

“Efrain Rodriguez! My servant has not lied and the message is true. Many have scoffed at him, they have slandered him, have called him a liar, and they forget that I AM merciful. I have tested the heart of many who claim to be My servants, who say they love Me and love the souls, but in their heart what I have found is evil. They care not for the souls. Many were waiting for that judgment to fall in the time that was declared, just to see if the prophecy was true or false, and very few cried out so that God would stop His judgments.”

To Those who were waiting for the trial time: you forget that if a catastrophe like that happens, thousands and thousands of souls will die and many will go to hell. Those who were waiting for it to happen do not know that there are thousands and thousands of people who cannot discern between good and evil. Because they call evil good, and good, evil.

The Lord tells the scoffers that mockers will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven; and if something has not yet come, it is out of God’s love for a small remnant which has been crying out, and who have felt The Fear of the Word of the Lord. But many of the actual doubters, unbelievers and scoffers are pastors themselves, Christian Ministers and many who call themselves “Christians.” The Lord in His mercy has given this warning to you and the world, yet they do not want to hear; and this same prophecy that God gave to His servant Efrain, He will continue showing other servants, and even children, in different parts of the world. Because when the day the judgment does come, no one will have an excuse. No one will be able to justify themselves.

The Lord said unto me:
“Sandy! Do you remember when I was going to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah?”
and I said: “Yes, Lord?” He said:
” I said to My friend Abraham what I was going to do, and I was willing to forgive if he found only 10 righteous within the city, but not even 10 were found. Would I not do the same now? More than just 10 were crying out to My Father to not send The Judgment, and My Father heard their cry.
So the judgment has been detained for a short time. But it will come. Judgement comes, and woe to the scoffers! Woe to the unbelievers!. Woe to him who after knowing Me, has turned his back on Me.”

This generation is worse than the generation of Nineveh. When God sent Jonah, the city believed him, and all repented, and the judgment was not sent. But if they had not heard the Prophet, then the judgments would have been poured unto Nineveh. Yet no one judged Jonah as a false prophet, despite the fact that no one had the certainty that the city would be actually destroyed.

But this generation, instead of crying out for mercy when God says He will send judgement, what they do is wait for the events of judgment to take place, to see if the prophecy was true or false; and rather than rejoice at seeing that God has given them a chance, what they do is criticize, murmur, and judge.

Thus Saith the Lord:
“I have mercy on whomever I want to have Mercy.
God has allowed much information that is well-guarded to come to the light, so that the people are made aware, but yet, they prefer to remain confident in their own justice, and nobody wants to pay attention.

But NASA knows very well the things which at any time may happen on planet Earth, and have been unwilling to reveal many truths because they know that the world would go into a panic. But God in His Mercy has been revealing them to many of His servants; and the people, the Church, instead of believing, mocks them.

Do they Not know that when they speak ill of the other, they are speaking ill of Me? Because you are My body. The Church is the Body of Christ.

Why do the people think that this Government and other Governments are saving so many black coffins and body bags? To bury animals? It is because they prepare to have enough coffins for the dead, for the people that will die due to the natural disasters that will come because of new diseases, plague, and epidemics that will continue killing many people.

Church, until when will you remain asleep? Until when will you refuse to hear? Until when will you continue watching and still not believing?

Many will be taken by surprise.

We must pray so that much of what comes will not happen in winter time, nor at night. Because of this, the Lord continues warning: store food. Store water. Keep candles and lamps. Keep your cupboards and pantries stocked and full. Do not spend what you do not have on things that you do not need. Pray, seek My Face. Seek cleansing every day more. Sanctify yourselves.

But very few want to hear My Voice and obey it. Many honor Me with their lips, but their hearts are very far from Me. Many say they are My servants, but their works and their words deny Me. By their fruits you shall know them.”

I finish with this: the Prophet also mentioned the death of someone. But the Lord said to me: “When you talk about death, many people think that it is only physical death. But also there is spiritual death, even if the person remains alive”. (I did Not ask the Lord what He meant to say by this. But to the wise, few words will suffice).

God bless you!


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