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It's time to repent, the time is short, After death has no more chance.



May The Lord bless all of you. We all work as Watchmen to share this word from God given to this prophet and servant of The Lord, to win souls and save lives, not only in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean area, but all over the world. As Efrain has stated, this event will affect every corner of the Earth, directly or indirectly. You are now all part of this End Time Army to reach souls for The Lord. Time is short. Preparations are being made all over the world for this event. When will it happen? Only The Lord knows. He only revealed to Efrain that time of impact would be around 2am and that it would happen at His chosen time after the death of Evangelist Yiye Avila. But the more time He gives us means the more we can do to spread this message. All of us, Efrain included, have nothing worldly to gain from this, other than the Joy of seeing people come to The Lord. We do this for Jesus. He is our only hope for Salvation and Protection, our Safe Haven, our strong Tower, and our Ark.

In this section, to the left of this message and under the title “PROPHECY-ENGLISH,” you will find all the documents written by Efrain Rodriguez (6 letters), translated to English, regarding this prophecy.

If any of you would like to receive copies of the 6 prophetic letters written by Prophet Efrain Rodriguez and/or the Summary of the Message to the U.S. and Obama, please send us an email to NOTE: YOU NEED TO EMAIL US AT THAT ADDRESS TO RECEIVE COPIES OF THE LETTERS, PLEASE. DO NOT REQUEST THE LETTERS VIA FACEBOOK. PLEASE REQUEST THEM BY WRITING TO ONLY. We’ll send them to you as attachments, so you may print them with more ease and hand them out or mail them. There are many people out there who do not have access to the Internet and they will need a hard copy of the letters to be warned. We have them both in English and Spanish. May The Lord bless you.

Feel free to print them and hand them out. Please read all of them. They contain very important information.
Please also visit our Facebook page “A Call and Warning from The Lord-Prophet Efrain Rodriguez”. May The Lord bless you and keep you under his shelter.

IMPORTANT: If you want to watch and share VIDEOS related to this prophecy, please visit the section “VIDEOS-ENGLISH” towards the bottom of the Menu on the left. Thank you.

If you wish to receive, by email, all written documents related to this prophecy, (to be able to print them and distribute them), please send an email to:

IMPORTANT: Do not request the documents by leaving a comment on this page, please. You need to write to:

NOTE: ABOUT THE SEPTEMBER 2015, MAY 2016 DATE, OR ANY OTHER FUTURE DATE: We want to clarify something: the date of Sep 23, or 24 of 2015 as the fulfillment for the asteroid impact does NOT come from us. Neither does the May 2016 date, nor any other future date for the asteroid or Rapture. These dates do not come from Prophet Efrain Rodríguez and they do not come from the managers of these Facebook pages, web page and documents. Only The Lord knows the exact date. Whether it happens this year, next year or whenever, is up to Him ONLY. We have learned our lesson about setting dates or time frames. That September date (as well as ANY other date for this year, or ANY other future dates) come from other sources, not from us. WE HAVE TO BE READY AT ALL TIMES, NOT FOR A SPECIFIC DATE. Seek The Holy Spirit for confirmation about any information you come across, including ours. Thank you.

Also, IMPORTANT: There are several messages/videos out there saying that people should move from where they live, abandon the east coast of the United States, seek shelter elsewhere etc. Those statements do NOT come from us either. From the very beginning, Prophet Efrain, as well as The Page Managers, have instructed people NOT TO MOVE ANYWHERE UNLESS YOU RECEIVE SPECIFIC INSTRUCTIONS FROM THE HOLY SPIRIT HIMSELF TO DO SO. Do not act on the flesh and try to escape without receiving confirmation from The Lord first. He may have a purpose for you by instructing you to stay where you are, or He may want you to move elsewhere. The instructions regarding this are very personal and cannot be generalized. You have to seek those individual answers for yourself, between you and The Lord, in prayer, in fasting, in humility. Please make sure to watch the videos titled “INSTRUCTIONS:We will await instructions from The Holy Spirit” and the one titled “Should I Leave my Area Already? Leave the East Cost? What do I do?”. Both videos are on the section titled “VIDEOS-ENGLISH” on the menu to your left.

A VERY IMPORTANT Note-to clarify:
This asteroid impact that is being prophesied by Efraín Rodríguez is NOT Wormwood. It is NOT the rock that falls from the sky described in The Book of Revelation as part of God’s Judgement on a wicked world. This Judgement (the asteroid Efrain talks about) is PRE-Tribulation. It is not one of the trumpets, seals or bowls of wrath described in Revelation. This asteroid event is The Lord’s way of shaking up His church prior to The Rapture. He is calling us all, especially His church, to wake up and return to Him in Repentance and Holiness. He wants a new church, with a humbled heart, in love with Him and not with ourselves or the world. THAT is the church He is going to rapture. The church in its current state would NOT make it in The Rapture. It is NOT ready. And it is NOT complete. Many others are yet to join it. The Lord demands that His church go back to her first love, to the old, narrow path, and stop living in Apostasy. Many believe this is a judgement due to the wicked and unbelievers. No!! Efraín has clearly stated that this breaking is meant for God’s people. The reason for this judgement is the state of the one that calls herself His Church. This is a cleansing to make His people worthy, so He can reap them in The Rapture. If God did not do it this way, many who think would make it in The Rapture would stay behind, and many would be lost.
The asteroid impact AND The Rapture will occur BEFORE the events described in Revelation, BEFORE The Tribulation. We are now in the time The Bible calls “The Beginning of Sorrows.”

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