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Testimony from Sister Sandy Bergmann, NYC, about The Asteroid Prophecy

ATTENTION! Testimony from Sister Sandy Bergmann, NYC, about The Asteroid Prophecy.
January 12, 2015


Until when will you see… and even so.. .not believe? Church, until when will you remain asleep? Until when will you refuse to listen?

May God bless you!

I don’t know Prophet Efrain Rodriguez, and I have not yet listened to the whole prophecy that has been given to him from God, but I will when I have time. I’ve heard it said that the Prophet gave a date for the FULFILMENT of certain things, but it seems that they did not happen on the date the Prophet gave, according to what I’ve heard.

Many have spoken badly of this prophet. Many have derided him, even pastors. They have made mockery on the media and have villified him for everything. The things that have been said about this servant have been so harsh, and the pressure and the attacks have been so vicious, that anyone else in his place would have renounced the Ministry. But this man has firmly continued repeating over and over again what God told him and showed Him.
When the Lord or the Holy Spirit gives me (Sandy) a Word, and I’m sure it is not my emotion but a Word from on High, I speak it, whether others believe me or not.

Last night while brushing my teeth, a Word from the Lord came and said to me:

“Efrain Rodriguez! My servant has not lied and the message is true. Many have scoffed at him, they have slandered him, have called him a liar, and they forget that I AM merciful. I have tested the heart of many who claim to be My servants, who say they love Me and love the souls, but in their heart what I have found is evil. They care not for the souls. Many were waiting for that judgment to fall in the time that was declared, just to see if the prophecy was true or false, and very few cried out so that God would stop His judgments.”

To Those who were waiting for the trial time: you forget that if a catastrophe like that happens, thousands and thousands of souls will die and many will go to hell. Those who were waiting for it to happen do not know that there are thousands and thousands of people who cannot discern between good and evil. Because they call evil good, and good, evil.

The Lord tells the scoffers that mockers will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven; and if something has not yet come, it is out of God’s love for a small remnant which has been crying out, and who have felt The Fear of the Word of the Lord. But many of the actual doubters, unbelievers and scoffers are pastors themselves, Christian Ministers and many who call themselves “Christians.” The Lord in His mercy has given this warning to you and the world, yet they do not want to hear; and this same prophecy that God gave to His servant Efrain, He will continue showing other servants, and even children, in different parts of the world. Because when the day the judgment does come, no one will have an excuse. No one will be able to justify themselves.

The Lord said unto me:
“Sandy! Do you remember when I was going to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah?”
and I said: “Yes, Lord?” He said:
” I said to My friend Abraham what I was going to do, and I was willing to forgive if he found only 10 righteous within the city, but not even 10 were found. Would I not do the same now? More than just 10 were crying out to My Father to not send The Judgment, and My Father heard their cry.
So the judgment has been detained for a short time. But it will come. Judgement comes, and woe to the scoffers! Woe to the unbelievers!. Woe to him who after knowing Me, has turned his back on Me.”

This generation is worse than the generation of Nineveh. When God sent Jonah, the city believed him, and all repented, and the judgment was not sent. But if they had not heard the Prophet, then the judgments would have been poured unto Nineveh. Yet no one judged Jonah as a false prophet, despite the fact that no one had the certainty that the city would be actually destroyed.

But this generation, instead of crying out for mercy when God says He will send judgement, what they do is wait for the events of judgment to take place, to see if the prophecy was true or false; and rather than rejoice at seeing that God has given them a chance, what they do is criticize, murmur, and judge.

Thus Saith the Lord:
“I have mercy on whomever I want to have Mercy.
God has allowed much information that is well-guarded to come to the light, so that the people are made aware, but yet, they prefer to remain confident in their own justice, and nobody wants to pay attention.

But NASA knows very well the things which at any time may happen on planet Earth, and have been unwilling to reveal many truths because they know that the world would go into a panic. But God in His Mercy has been revealing them to many of His servants; and the people, the Church, instead of believing, mocks them.

Do they Not know that when they speak ill of the other, they are speaking ill of Me? Because you are My body. The Church is the Body of Christ.

Why do the people think that this Government and other Governments are saving so many black coffins and body bags? To bury animals? It is because they prepare to have enough coffins for the dead, for the people that will die due to the natural disasters that will come because of new diseases, plague, and epidemics that will continue killing many people.

Church, until when will you remain asleep? Until when will you refuse to hear? Until when will you continue watching and still not believing?

Many will be taken by surprise.

We must pray so that much of what comes will not happen in winter time, nor at night. Because of this, the Lord continues warning: store food. Store water. Keep candles and lamps. Keep your cupboards and pantries stocked and full. Do not spend what you do not have on things that you do not need. Pray, seek My Face. Seek cleansing every day more. Sanctify yourselves.

But very few want to hear My Voice and obey it. Many honor Me with their lips, but their hearts are very far from Me. Many say they are My servants, but their works and their words deny Me. By their fruits you shall know them.”

I finish with this: the Prophet also mentioned the death of someone. But the Lord said to me: “When you talk about death, many people think that it is only physical death. But also there is spiritual death, even if the person remains alive”. (I did Not ask the Lord what He meant to say by this. But to the wise, few words will suffice).

God bless you!

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