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How To Be Saved?

The Day of the Lord is at hand. Is your name in the Lamb’s Book of life?


Vision of Elvi Zapata

These are the three signs before the rapture which are the tsunami in the east coast, the earthquake in California and the war between Iran and Israel.

Brother Elvi has been warning the people for many years. He used to live in Massachusetts. God asked him to move to North Carolina. Now, he lives in Asheville, NC. Brother Elvi has been warning so many times of this tsunami. It will be catastrophic event. New York, New Jersey, Georgia and Florida will be underwater soon.

We live in the serious time! Efrain Rodriguez and Elvi Zapata say this tsunami will be in this year. If you live in the sea side of USA, it is time to pray to God about this issue. No matter you stay there or not, you have to pray to God. If God asks you to leave, you have to obey to God. We have to live in the holy and repentance life. Tsunami is one of sign before the rapture!

Before the tsunami comes, it is time to be ready for the coming Messiah! The time is very short! Jesus is coming quickly!

Time to repent…. God is coming soon… Commit and give your life to Jesus… Now is your chance!!!

This world is only temporary, real home is in heaven that God prepare for us for His child.

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