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Vision of Elvi Zapata

Brother Zapata saw in vision that great earthquake hit California. He also saw that huge Tsunami hit the East-Coast, destroying Florida, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts and others. The water will become contaminated, the Lord advises him to tell the people to store water and food.

The church should pray for the many who will die from the earthquake and tsunami. The Lord confirms to him that tsunami hits again and again. He saw that New Jersey almost covered by water, and only a few survived this great tsunami.

California Earthquake, East Coast Tsunami, Israel Iran War and Rapture – Elvi Zapata

Brother Elvi Zapata has been seeing Visions for the last 2-3 years. He clearly talks about tsunami in East Coast of America, earthquake in California, war between Israel and Iran before the rapture. He was taken in the year 2014, it was already in the Great Tribulation. He has vision of the Beasts, zombies and millennium kingdom. GLORY TO OUR KING JESUS CHRIST!!!

God’s Judgment in 2015 and Repentance (Be Rapture Ready) – Elvi Zapata

This is from the Elvi Zapata’s the Lord’s Hour on 2/27/2015. Brother Elvi Zapata had a dream about God’s judgment. He heard from God in his dream that Judgment will be in the year 2015.
Repent your sin daily! Turn away from sins! Soon after, there will be great earthquakes, asteroid and tsunami which devastates millions people. This is the prophecy in the Book of Revelation chapter 6 in the Sixth seal’s judgment. God’s judgment will be upon USA and many nations. Elvi Zapata said this year in 2015. Be ready all the time whether God’s judgment in this year or not. Surrender all to Jesus! Jesus is the only hope for us!

Earthquakes, Repeating Numbers and Coming of Jesus (Rapture) – Elvi Zapata

Brother Elvi Zapata is warning that there will be earthquakes soon. This is from the Lord’s Hour on May 2, 2015. Earthquakes are part of God’s judgement. He asked to repent and pray. The Supreme Court will decide that homosexual marriage will be legalized in the Federal level of USA. If the Supreme Court legalized it, God’s judgment will upon to USA. He also talking about the repeating number.

San Andreas Movie will Become Reality Soon! It is Time to Get Out of CA and FL!

Elvi Zapata has had many dreams and visions that big earthquake is coming to California which will be San Francisco and Los Angeles. He also saw huge tsunami was coming to the east coast of America. Great earthquake and asteroid is the Bible Prophecy in Revelation 6:12-13. This is the last time prepare for coming of Jesus. Only holy and righteous brides will get raptured (Eph 5:27). This is from the Lord’s Hour on June 14,

Move Out of California and Florida Now! It is Time to Fast! – Kelvin Mireku and Elvi Zapata

God revealed to Brother Kelvin Mireku that the time is up. He said that God’s judgment is coming very soon! God will destroy America with earthquakes, tsunami and volcano. Those are before the rapture. The United States have sinned against God. Big earthquake is coming to California especially San Francisco area. Tsunami is coming to the east coast of America. Brother Elvi Zapata shared a testimony from a lady who lives in Miami, Florida. God asked her to get out of Miami. It is time to get out of California and Florida. This is time to pray and fast seriously. Jesus is the only answer! God will guide us how to be ready for these earthquake and tsunami.


Tsunami in USA, California Earthquake, Russian Attack and Rapture – Kevin Mirasi

Read More: http://www.elvizapata.com/

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