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Message from God to Brother Yiye Avila

May 2010.

I am going to tell an extremely important story to the people of God, with more information for whomever reads this, especially for the Christian Radio and television stations of PR, for pastors, evangelists and Apostles of this island. You, as God-appointed watchmen and Levites, will be responsible before God if you do not give this warning to the people. It is required by order of the highest God, to study and evaluate this prophecy. You have the obligation to do the same thing that Gideon did, in the book of Judges: even knowing that the Angel of the Lord had visited him to give him a request from The Lord, this man still had doubts and requested several signs from the living God. Yet, even after giving Gideon everything that he requested, God saw that he still had fear in his heart to carry out the order. I remind you that disobedience to God is defined as sin. Many say that what is described in this message is impossible to be fulfilled. Noah’s neighbors also thought this about the flood, so did the men who were to become LOT’s sons-in-law, also the ones facing the Red Sea with Moses. Even in recent times, nobody would have ever thought that the God of Heaven would have allowed Nazi Germany to exterminate almost all the descendants of the people of Israel who lived very prosperous lives in Europe. Almost 6,000,000 millions of them died. We have the same warning. All the prosperity we have will be removed. Radio and TV stations, which at the beginning were used to win souls for Christ, have now become places of business and entertainment. You hardly hear programs that bring hope to the needy. Hence, all of them, in the name of the Lord, without exception, will be judged and destroyed physically. Even the ones that carry the right message will be evaluated because all were found wanting. All those who ran them, and then diverted from its true purpose, need to ask mercy from God for having committed such an aberration. I only say that the fear that many of you say that you cannot infuse on the people, is equivalent to respect to The Lord (the Fear of The Lord). The people know that God is The One who gives warning, as Nineveh experienced with the announcement of the prophet Jonah. I, as a prophet of God, also feel fear about what God will do, but the orders that I have is to hurry and take the message, whether they believe it or not, as indicated by our God Jehovah.(Message to Evangelist Yiye Ávila): I told the Lord, after having confirmed everything that is written in the message (on which I will further elaborate -read original message) and after asking for confirmation from my church in my town, Camuy: “Lord, I am not going to give the message to the people until I talk to your servant Yiye Ávila, since Yiye was key to the fulfillment of this trial (as dictated by The Lord in the original prophetic message- please read)One night, I told a brother who works at the Ministry: “I need to speak with Yiye . I have to personally give him a message from the Lord”. The brother told me to ask for an appointment, which we did. I said: “Lord, it is urgent that I talk to him.” Some days after, they called me and asked me to be at Yiye’s channel station at 12:30 PM, in order to meet with him after the program ended at 1:00pm (This was in May 2010). I said, “My God, what a mess you have gotten me into!”. I arrived before 12:30 pm. I identied myself and told them I had appointment with the servant at 1:00 pm. Then, after some time, I arrived in the lobby. A secretary came into the lobby and told me the following:”Brother, Yiye will receive you here, in this area.” I told her that the conversation had to be private. She told me that we had to meet there. She also told me: “Brother, Yiye will probably not be able to talk to you as you and I are talking (he had just had a medical situation, a kind of small stroke), but he understands everything you tell him.” I told her that was the only thing I needed to know-as long as he understood me, even if he did not say anything, it would be fine-since I had asked The Lord that I needed Yiye to hear the message first.I sat on the lobby’s couch and began to look at all the trophies and honors that had been given to Yiye throughout his long career, and said “Lord, what am I doing here? Look at all this, and here I have to tell your servant all that you revealed to me. I can’t even hold a candle to this man’s achievements and ministry.” I told God: “Lord, I think I’ll open that door, and I’m going to leave. I’m nervous, and also, I will have to sit here-as the secretary said- and will have to talk to him while people are coming and going and sitting next to us! I think I will leave, even if you make me come back again some other day.” Five minutes before 1:00 pm, I decided to leave, but at that moment, the secretary opened the door and Yiye came into the room. He asked: “Are you the brother who wants to see me?”I told him I was. We embraced and we sat, but in my mind I told The Lord: “Lord, if someone sits here while I speak to your servant, I am going to leave.” I told His servant: “I bring a message from the Lord for you, and it is as follows: “You have said publicly and out loud to God and to the world, that you are going, or want to go, in the Rapture of the Church, as The Lord says in His Word. But the Lord sends word to you saying that He will take you before, because He does not want you to see the greatest judgment that has ever taken place in the current world, and which is reserved for this island. God does not want you to suffer for a people that have already turned away from the roots of Holiness that you always preached to them, and in which they no longer believe. Because of you, this Judgement has not yet been executed, since God honors all that you ask of Him, just like He did with Moses when he interceded for Israel. God showed me the greatest and highest tsunami of these times, covering part of the island and all its shores, accompanied by an earthquake, and above all, with a surprise we did not expect to see in our times, but which has a biblical basis in Revelation. He showed me a large rock dropping from the sky, which would be the cause of the giant wave, and which would cause devastation in the continent and PR. I said, “the mortality will be great, as never before seen in the world, and this will happen at night after 12 A.M.” I also told him, “the Lord spoke to me from the air and told me: “My servant, look upon my servant Yiye. I have selected this person as his substitute.” (I was given the person’s name), and while telling Yiye, he opened his eyes wide, and I told him: “It is so-and-so”-I gave him the person’s full name, a person who is not known in any media in PR but who is known by God-the One who appoints and removes when He speaks, even if some try to do as Solomon’s brother did, before he became king.Almost 40 minutes passed, and several people walked by, but no one sat down. I told God’s servant:”I’m going now,” but he told me not to. “I will pray for you,” he said, “but first I’m going to ask you to go quickly and tell the people everything you just told me. Do not omit anything.” He indicated this to me three times, and I told him I would do so.Everything that is written in this message, the call to go back to The Lord and bind ourselves to Him in love, obedience, repentance and Holiness, is and was the same message that brought this great servant ( Yiye) to receive great respect from Christians and unsaved people all over the world, and especially towards the Highest God, as he will have great reward before The Lord God. Like Moses, who brought Israel out of Egypt, he will also have a Joshua, a person appointed to lead the flock onwards and to a new place. The same will happen with Yiye’s ministry, since Yiye was only an administrator. God is the owner. Yiye, just like Moses, has a substitute appointed by God.Ask The Holy Spirit.To those who have in their hands to evaluate and judge this message (and others who bring messages similar to this one), I say to you: Ask God for wisdom, like Solomon did, and do not be unfair in your authority- not only to the prophet, but to all those who need to receive this prophecy, so that they do not perish without God’s warning-as has regrettably been happening.You will be responsible for those who do not receive this warning. Ask the Holy Spirit. Everything written here is real. It is not a “literary work”-(as are novels, short stories, etc.).God bless you.Efraín Rodríguez 787- 244-5434 Email:

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