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Mass Destruction for Puerto Rico-Urgent Warning

Mass Destruction for Puerto Rico-Urgent Warning

By Efraín Rodríguez

Prophet of Jehovah, God of the Universe

God’s Notice for all the Caribbean islands, The Atlantic Ocean, the East Part of the United States and all South America.

To all brethren in the faith:

May the peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with all of you who read this prophetic message of the living God, about an event that soon shall take place in Puerto Rico and the surrounding Caribbean and Atlantic Ocean.

I was named by God Himself, 40 years ago, to be His prophet, to inform His people of His plans, and to declare with great detail what the Lord will do against the wickedness that prevails over His people, in all of Puerto Rico and the world, just as it happened with the prophet Jeremiah. (Jeremiah 26:1-6) Please read it.

By order of God, I will not hold back one word that He (God) has given to me. God has been knocking on all church doors in Puerto Rico, giving them this warning. For the last two years, I have been taking this message to these churches. Out of approximately 6000, only a small group of Evangelical churches have received this message on God’s behalf, even when the majority of pastors have knowledge and information on God’s message and the consequences that this will bring. These pastors do not want to inform the church because they fear the panic that this may cause. They also use the excuse that “God is love” and that “He (God) cannot do this.” But they forget that God is also a consuming fire, and that He killed Noah’s generation. Yet before God did this, He looked on the earth and God saw that Noah was a righteous man, and He told Noah of the plans He had, and He told him to build the ark. God also told Abraham of His plans to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah. God also raised Jonah as His prophet and told him what he had to do when he arrived to speak against Nineveh. God gave them an ultimatum of 40 days.

I ask you: Who allowed the deaths of 250,000 people in a matter of minutes in Haiti? Who allowed for 200,000 deaths in Indonesia, by way of a tsunami? Who also allowed, and we saw it with our own eyes, what happened in Japan, where an earthquake and a tsunami, both at the same time, killed over 20,000 people in one day?

Coincidence or not, all of these three events took place during the day. Were there not children, elders, youngsters, women, men and animals all taken by surprise? All were in different places and all died. Now I ask a question: Does anyone dare say that God is bad? The ones that say that they are God’s church in P.R.? The word of God says that nothing happens unless He allows it. That is the answer to this biblical assertion.

To our understanding, here in Puerto Rico, God has been revealing His message to not only children, but to elders and even to non-believers, just as he did with Pharaoh in Joseph’s time. Incredible but true, that a pagan (pharaoh) believed what Joseph told him, unlike God’s children, and he immediately gave orders and did as he was adviced (Genesis 41).

But God’s island (P.R.), having the Holy Spirit and all of its attributes, does not ask the Holy Spirit if this message is true! Ask God if this is from Him or not!

I will explain to you exactly how God will carry out His punishment on that night. If I were a false prophet, my days in front of God would be numbered, just as God pointed out the false prophets in Jeremiah 26:11-13-14-16-22-25. And in all of Ezekiel (please read). My whole life would be in danger without Jesus, my Lord and Savior. I would never say these things of my own accord. I say these things because God has truly revealed them to me.

I am informing The Church of Jesus Christ in the island of Puerto Rico, that this is final, and true, on behalf of the living God. It does not matter how much you pray, or fast, or scream, no matter what you do, God will not change His mind. The Lord told me that this is just like Pharaoh’s dream…it will happen. This means that this is serious for God, and God will soon bring it to pass. Genesis 41:32.

There will be three judgments (events) happening in the same night. Holding my head up high, I can say that God revealed to me things that no eye has ever seen in these times.

He showed me a huge rock (asteroid) entering through the sky in the municipality of Arecibo in Puerto Rico, and exiting through Mayagüez. As it exits Mayagüez, the asteroid will collide with the Island called Mona, to the west of Puerto Rico. Then the asteroid will enter the ocean and collide with the seismic fault, which will then cause an earthquake of 12 points on the Richter scale. At the same time, this impact will produce a large wave, which will enter the Island of Puerto Rico immediately. This wave will enter into areas that no one would believe possible: Las Marias and Maricao, where Satanists sacrifice newborn babies. Once this asteroid enters our skies, there will be no time to do anything. There will be nowhere to run. All we can do at that point is give ourselves to God, spiritually. If the Lord has not told anyone to get up and go before this happens, then don’t move. Stay in your home. All we can do is prepare for what’s coming. I am speaking to God’s people, as He told me that on that night many Christians will die. The impact of the asteroid will be such that it will feel like a nuclear explosion.

God’s priority in giving this message of judgment is so that all His people will understand the urgency and content of His message.

I will remind you that scripture says that the disciples asked Jesus: “Lord, we do not understand what you are saying” and the Lord told them: “Later, in private, I will tell you what I told them in parables.” (Luke 8:10). He said: “The knowledge of the secrets of the kingdom of God has been given to you, but to others I speak in parables, so that, “‘though seeing, they may not see; though hearing, they may not understand.’

Likewise, I will first explain to Jesus Christ’s Church. I say with all certainty that the 12 Richter scale quake will be Jehovah God of the Universe Himself, executing this judgment in Person, identically as when He executed His judgment on King David. That is why the Trinity will have Their feet touching the ground that night. They will be walking on the island, executing the judgment, very similar to when God visited Abraham to warn him about His destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. God had no reason to tell Abraham of His plans, but yet He did.

Even though many beg to differ, this judgment is brought about due to the church, as much in Puerto Rico as in the rest of the world.

When Jesus entered the temple, He saw how His people were violating His spiritual etiquette. Instead of them going out on the streets and buying and selling what they needed, they did it on the temple grounds, provoking God’s wrath. Coincidence or not? We can see how many of God’s churches are doing the same things today. They have put aside all that Jesus did by dying on The Cross so that we can see Him and the Father. It all comes down to holiness, “without which no man shall see the Lord.”

The death toll shall be overwhelming: in Puerto Rico alone, it will reach 750,000 people. The massive wave will be moving at a speed of 400 miles per hour, according to a scientist that studies these phenomena. After the impact, the wave will be taking everything in its path through the Caribbean Islands. It will be entering Miami, Florida at around 5:00 am. It will make its way up the eastern United States, also the Gulf of Mexico and South America. (Experts predict that such a colossal impact would cause the Earth’s rotation to cease for 3 days -meaning the Earth would not rotate for 3 days, which in turn means that there would be 3 days of utter darkness on this side of the Earth).

If you are reading this message, I dare you, in the name of Jesus, to ask The Holy Spirit if this message comes from God or not!

The Lord told me: “My servant, why are you trusting in men”? He told me: “Trust in Me. I will never fail you, but men always will fail you.” He told me this after I gave the Governor of Puerto Rico the message. The Governor did not heed the warnings I gave him, just like Pharaoh in Moses’ time. I put my trust in the Governor, thinking that he would ask God to be merciful, and that then, God’s wrath would not be so strong, like it happened in Nineveh. Then The Lord told me: “Why are you praying for my servant Yiye Avila?” He told me: “Stop wasting your time!”

I was praying, asking God to give His servant Yiye Avila, the great Puertorrican Evangelist, more time here on earth, because I knew that Yiye’s parting with The Lord-whenever it happened-was to be the sign that God had chosen for Puerto Rico as prelude to this judgement, in order for His true church (small) to be able to prepare itself, and would be able to escape to the mountains, just like Lot did when The Lord’s angels told him where to go. Scripture says that The Lord will not do anything until He first reveals His secrets to His servants, the prophets. Thusly, God, who is in Heaven, is being faithful to His servants here in Puerto Rico, and to all the righteous in the island. For this reason, He told me: “My servant…soon I will take my servant Yiye Avila and I will allow for my people to honor him”. He said: “As soon as Yiye is laid to rest, immediately I will send my judgment to the island” (it is in God’s time…not ours). Note: Yiye Ávila has now gone to be with The Lord, as of June 28, 2013. This message was received and written before Yiye’s passing.

I want to inform the church of Jesus Christ that is in the island of Puerto Rico, that this judgment, which is being contemplated by God, will be executed at night, just like with Sodom and Gomorrah (read Ezekiel 12).

I say to the church in the island of Puerto Rico, that we will not run or move until The Lord tells us to do so, just like God told Moses when to go out of Egypt.

Even when the remains of our brother Yiye Avila are laid to rest in the ground, God’s church in Puerto Rico will not move until The Holy Spirit tells us to do so, no matter where we live in the island.

Church of Jesus Christ in Puerto Rico, please understand this. The Lord told me: “My servant, the Big Nation (USA) will not come to help you right away. For this reason I have selected another Nation that will help you out first. They will bring food to all of you. This nation is already storing food for you. ” He said: “You will be surprised when I tell you who it is…” He told me it is Venezuela. I will inform you that on February of 2012, in a video that was seen throughout the world, Hugo Chavez told God: “If you are truly God, heal me”, (since neither the witch doctors, nor the Cubans, had been able to cure his cancer). This was live on the Government channel in Venezuela. He told God: ” You know that I am saving much food and I do not want to die, since I want to be the one to give out the food.” This is in a video.

What did Hugo Chavez know, so that he would be so emphatic about this? Or who gave him information prior to the fact? (This is an observation that we wrote since this brother, Efrain Rodriguez, says that God told him that aid would come from Venezuela, not from its leader, knowing that Mr. Chavez died in March of 2013).

The Lord will do with those that say that they are His church as He did with His people that came out of Egypt. Those who were 20 years old or older did not see the promised land. He told me that the majority of the Christians in the island will perish that night and that a new flock will enter the church, including many who do not know God. They will give Jesus their hearts, and, together with the righteous that remain alive, will become the new church of Jesus Christ.

He also told me: “My servant, do you remember Korah?” (read Numbers 16). He asked me this 5 times. After I shook my head, He told me “ That is the same thing that I will do with the majority of the pastors in the island: while the earthquake is at its peak, I will open the ground, and wherever they are standing, they will go alive, straight to Hell, since they are responsible for this judgment taking place.” He said: “Their substitutes are sitting in the temples, waiting for My order”.

I challenge all those that say that they have the power of God, to say and prove that I am lying. I will go to your church and you can rebuke me if I have anything in me that is not the Presence of The Lord. He who has the Lord does not run from what God says. He confronts whomever, me or anyone else.

They have tried to hide this complete message from God’s people. This message is very similar to Jonah’s message, the difference being that they believed the message that Jonah brought, unlike here in Puerto Rico, where the pastors kill the prophet and the message. On that night, God will ask the pastor where is the flock that He gave into their hands.

The Lord told me: “My servant, I will make it possible that from the Big Nation (USA), they will come back to the island and will fill her again.”

God’s church has not realized that we are entering the beginning of birth pangs, the Beginning of Sorrows.

In the meantime, the Roman Pope is asking the United Nations to find a man that can take charge of the world’s economy. The church wants to go after the world, to the point that, from the altars, they no longer preach that Jesus is coming, since the church leaders have their eyes on other things.

Such things are happening that all you see on their weekly church program is: information on the youth basketball tournaments, or a field trip, or on such day the clown will be here, bring the children, or info on the car wash, or dance classes. All of these have replaced the Holy Spirit! Now they practice dances in church and then they go and dance for the world, which is an aberration. “We are not Jewish”, they say, and thus many pastors are allowing all these things in church in Puerto Rico (and all over the world). Who are they entertaining? Meanwhile, adultery is passing through our churches, fornication, women being abused and also children-right inside our temples- homosexuals standing in the altars; our youth being one thing inside the church but outside they are something else; men and women inside church practicing witchcraft-and cursing us. How is it possible that they have thrown out The Holy Spirit? Who will defend us?

Car washes are usually done by the youth group. These car washes usually take place on church grounds, They use the funds they collect to pay for specific church related needs.

Nowadays, the pastors are the ones who decide what will be done in church. It is no longer the Word of God that decides. For this reason, neither the church nor the non-believer, will have peace or tranquility in the island, since they have overstepped the parameters of sin, and, in the presence of The Lord, we were found guilty. We are just waiting for judgment day.

Since no one wants to preach what Jesus did on the cross, God himself will do now as He did before by passing judgment on former generations, as previously mentioned in this message.

I have said to all that say that “today could be the day that the church goes in the Rapture,” that in this moment, the Rapture could not take place, since the majority of the church would not make it, due to the church’s lack of candidates to go to Heaven. The Rapture will come after the breaking down of the church that is soon to take place. Then, and only then, will God reap His church in the Rapture.

This event will be worldwide, and The Holy Spirit has spoken of it. If God does not do it this way, many would be lost, possibly even the righteous. I will remind you that on that night, there will be three events occurring simultaneously, not two like the government says, according to their FEMA agencies.

I will remind you that on that night, there will be three events occurring simultaneously (the shock wave produced by the asteroid collision, the 12 point earthquake and the giant tsunami), not two like the government says, according to their FEMA agencies.

At this moment, the US is preparing at a very surprising rate. They are waiting for something to impact all of the Caribbean and Atlantic Ocean. When God told me to speak to our Governor, who has a lot of knowledge on what the government agency FEMA is doing in Puerto Rico, it was with the purpose of finding a way for the population to have access to food and medication.

God has told me that this warning is not to bring panic to the churches. It is for them to prepare themselves. If the population does not know what is going to take place, how will they prepare for such an extraordinary event?

I will remind you that an earthquake is not predictable. It can happen today, or at any time. I will say what we already know and understand: that FEMA and NASA, the space agency, have joined together by order of the President, and at this moment, we all know that neither FEMA nor NASA have the authority to divulge any information, as this might cause a worldwide panic.

However, the Lord Jehovah has told His churches in Puerto Rico (no matter what denomination they belong to) to study and receive this message, and to prepare themselves with Him.

I will inform you that the word we received from government agencies and the information that we get from people who work inside these agencies, is that they are really concerned and worried about Puerto Rico.

There is talk about a report that was delivered to the president concerning an impending event coming to PR and the area of the Caribbean, and his response was that nothing was going to be said to the people of the island. The President said that, once the event comes to pass, he will send help. He knows that we are the only territory in the area to be affected, where people, as American citizens, can move in and out of the United States freely.

He knows that everyone could leave the island and move to the United States if they knew the truth. He said that he doesn’t want any more Puertorricans up there. They have known about this event for several years. The time is drawing closer and, as we speak, FEMA urgently prepare for this.

There are 2,500,000 bags stored in warehouses in the docks and port areas in Puerto Rico. Thousands of black boxes that can contain 3 corpses each, have recently been sent to the island. We know that the Government has an estimate of about 2 million casualties for this event, rather than the estimate of 750,000 dictated by the message from the Lord to Efrain.

This message is to be analyzed FIRST AND FOREMOST before the living God. The amount of actual casualties will be determined by how many people come before God, and believe and respond to the message given by the Lord. People who work for FEMA showed me a map indicating where all the equipment for saving lives and managing survivors is stored- whether it’s helicopters, ambulances, Army troops, and other emergency provisions and preparations.

Their map shows up to where the water may reach (I only ask: why such unnecessary precision if supposedly they are “only” preparing for a possible earthquake?). We know that the real preparation is for something else, something that has never been seen before on Earth, according to a UNited Nations press Release about Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.

Hundreds of aircraft from the army have arrived carrying millions of boxes of dry food.

The Governor was told to build places to store all the food and body bags in certain places, up in the mountains, but he did not do it. For this reason, the wave will do away with it. (NOTE: we have received word that, lately, the provisions and equipment has finally been moved into safe places up in the mountains).

We know that the Government is preparing a certain amount of people to look for specific places to move and live in the mountains, in order to preserve the survival of the race, because they expect a tremendous loss of life.

We know that a division of the army of more than 2,000 soldiers was sent to the island years ago, and trained to store bodies in body bags quickly, in order to avoid the resulting plagues and epidemics from the corpses left behind by the wave.

We also know that they are preparing to try to destroy the asteroid from the sky with missiles, from land, and from nuclear submarines. All will all be in vain.

NASA predicted an asteroid hit for February 15, 2013. However, all will come to pass as the Lord Jehovah dictates, not as man plans.

Now they are starting to talk about this in a subliminal way. The Lord will show them first when the real time is imminent. Then they will have 24 hours to let the people know.

We know we depend and trust in God, rather than man, for this. So, when you remember this message, ask the Lord to show you all about this issue to you personally, as soon as possible.

We have even more information to give, but, for now, research and watch all the videos on youtube about FEMA trailers, body bags, coffins etc (some are posted below). You will see that the U.S. Is urgently preparing for something unprecedented, because of the reports they get from NASA. All space observatories around the world are working together. Presidents and leaders from all over the world have been informed. However, they will not reveal anything to the public until the moment is upon us.

I will remind you that an earthquake is not predictable. It can happen today, or at any time. I will say what we already know and understand: that FEMA and NASA, the Space Agency, have joined together by order of the President, and at this moment, we all agree that neither FEMA nor NASA have the authority to divulge any information, as this might cause a worldwide panic.

However, God has told His churches in Puerto Rico-no matter what denomination they belong to-to evaluate this message, and to prepare themselves with Him. We know that we depend on God, more than man, to get us through this. So please, as you remember this message, ask God as soon as possible to reveal to you all its truths.

To all the pastors in Puerto Rico, the evangelists, the so called prophets and apostles, the bishops and all who have titles, I say to you that The Lord can also reveal to you what He has revealed to me.

We have the same problem that the Prophet Daniel encountered, by surprise, when Nebuchadnezzar gave the order to kill all of the wise men from Babylon. We know that Daniel was on the list of those to be killed, but even though Lord Iehovah did not warn him ahead of time, Daniel did not remain with his arms crossed when having only one day before he would be killed. I recommend that you do as Daniel did: he asked Lord Iehovah to reveal to him all about the king. That very night The Lord revealed to Daniel what he needed to know.

We too have a death sentence, so ask Lord Iehovah now to reveal His will to you. If you do not get an answer, then you need to look and reflect and find out where you went wrong.

May The Lord open your eyes, so that you might see.”

Your brother and prophet of The Lord,

Efraín Rodríguez

Cell 787-244-5434

Member of the Iglesia de Dios Pentecostal of Camuy, Puerto Rico

Video of a reading of this Letter:
May The Lord bless you. We want to clarify something: the date of Sep 23, or 24 of 2015 as the fulfillment date for the asteroid impact does NOT come from us. Neither does the May 2016 date nor any other future date. These dates do not come from Prophet Efrain Rodríguez and they do not come from his managers of the Facebook pages, web page and documents. Only The Lord knows the exact date for His Judgment, and ONLY THE FATHER KNOWS the date for The Rapture of The Church. Whether it happens this year, next year or whenever, is up to Him ONLY. That September date (as well as any other date for this year or any other future dates) come from other sources. OUR VIEW IS THAT WE MUST BE READY AT ALL TIMES, NOT FOR A SPECIFIC DATE, SIGN, TIME FRAME, OR CALCULATION. THE BIBLE INSTRUCTS US TO BE WATCHFUL AT ALL TIMES. Seek The Holy Spirit for confirmation about any information you come across, including ours.
Also, there are several published messages/videos in the social media instructing and calling people to move from where they live, to abandon the east coast of the United States, to seek shelter elsewhere etc. Those generalized statements do NOT come from us. From the very beginning, Prophet Efrain, as well as The Page Managers, have instructed people NOT TO MOVE ANYWHERE UNLESS YOU RECEIVE SPECIFIC INSTRUCTIONS FROM THE HOLY SPIRIT HIMSELF TO DO SO. This has been said time and time again, but we must emphasize it due to the amount of messages and videos of this type that are being published lately. Do not act in the flesh and try to escape without receiving confirmation from The Lord first. He may have a purpose for you by instructing you to stay where you are, or He may want and instruct you to move elsewhere. Where? We cannot answer that. That is between you and The Lord. The instructions regarding whether to move or not, and where to move, are very personal and cannot be generalized. You have to seek those individual answers for yourself, between you and The Lord, in prayer, in fasting, in humility. Trust Him. May The Lord bless you.

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