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Heaven & Hell Testimonial Submenu Pages Summary:
Angelica Zambrano-1 – Young Ecuadorian girl,  23 hours Dead, (Rapture & Message of God)
Angelica Zambrano-2 – 2nd experience in Heaven and Hell
Angelica Zambrano-3 – 3rd Experience of Vision of Rapture and Heaven & Hell
Angelica Zambrano-4 – 4th Experience (Heaven/Hell/Rapture Testimony)
Athet Pyan Shinthaw Paul – The Remarkable Testimony of a Buddhist monk in Myanmar (Burma) who came back to life a changed man!
Bernada Fernandez – Prepare for the Lord’s Return (5 Days in Heaven and Hell)
Choo Thomas – A Korean American, “Be Ready for Coming Jesus/Rapture is imminent & Tribulation Coming”
Loretta Blasingame – Great Christian Heaven and Hell Testimonies
Sarah Boyanga – This is one of the great testimony of heaven and hell! Has multiple times of encountering with Jesus. 
Yong Gyu Park – Donate All His Money of 150 Million US Dollars After He Visited to Heaven and Hell
Young Moon Park – The Most Incredible Christian Testimony of Heaven and Hell

Open Heaven! Rapture, Tribulation and God’s Message! – Pastor Sori Park 2

This is the parts of second book from pastor Sori Park. Original texture were written in Korean. “Sori” means voice in Korean. Park had numerous times to visit heaven and hell. She also had multiple vision of rapture and tribulation. The end part is message from God. It is time to serious repent and surrender all to Jesus.

Visions of the Rapture, Tribulation and the Thrones of GOD – Janet Balderas Canela

Visions of the Rapture, Tribulation, the Holy City, & the Thrones of GOD and satan. This is the testimony of an 8 year old girl who encountered Jesus Christ. Her name is Janet Balderas Canela from Puerto Rico.

Angelica Zambrano – 23 hours Dead, Hell and Heaven Testimony (Rapture & Message of God)

(Subtitles for voice of Jesus) Angelica Zambrano died for 23 hours and had to see hell and heaven, and she also saw the vision of rapture. Angelica also got urgent message from Jesus that Jesus is COMING RIGHT AWAY. It is time to repent and coming to the Lord! Be ready for the coming Messiah! “Jesus is coming right away!”

Second Video (2nd Experience) – Angelica Zambrano (Heaven and Hell Testimony)

Heaven and hell is real! This is the second video from Angelica Zambrano!
In this video of her second journey to heaven and hell, Angelica Zambrano was shown the judgment against Christians that rob from God in tithes and offerings, the judgment against idolatrous nuns and rebellious children, the Lamb’s book of life, and much more.

Third Video (3rd Experience) of Vision of Rapture and Heaven & Hell – Angelica Zambrano

In this 3rd video of Angelica Zambrano, she was shown that 80% of Evangelical Christian will be left behind. She was taken to heaven. She saw many children. God gave heart to love children to Angelica. Angel Michael told her that many children come to Jesus through her.

Jesus is Coming / Ready for Rapture (Heaven is So Real) – Choo Thomas

In 1992, a Korean American by the name of Choo Thomas, becomes a born again Christian. Choo was visited by Jesus Christ and subsequently escorted to heaven several times and shown hell twice. Choo Thomas has written a book about her experiences; the book is called “Heaven is so Real” in October 2003. Pastor Hong Tae Kim made audio CD based on this book. I modified his video and made it condensed. Jesus is really coming soon! Be ready for coming Messiah!

Great Christian Heaven and Hell Testimonies – Loretta Blasingame with Sid Roth

There are many people who had experiences of heaven and hell. Loretta Blasingame had an encounter with Jesus when she was a 13 year-old. Jesus told her that she became a preacher. Jesus showed her the hell when she was 17 years old. She found out that hatred toward others could bring her hell. We should not hate others. We also have to forgive others. Later on her life, she had two heart attacks and went to heaven. She also mentions about some prophecy. Something is coming in the USA. And she also said that Jesus is coming soon!

Testimony of Heaven and Hell / Testemunho de Céu e Inferno (Legendas em Português) – Jane Kuria

Jane Kuria was taken to heaven and hell sitting on the table while worshiping God. The Lord gave this experience and gave the mission to speak for the whole world, warning us again that our life here goes far beyond the grave. And the only way for an eternal life of joy and abundance and by Jesus Christ. Heaven is real place! Hell is real place! In order to go to heaven, we have to go through Jesus Christ!

Visions of Heaven and Hell – John Bunyan (Heaven and Hell Testimony)

Upon an attempted suicide, John Bunyan was shown this vision of Heaven and Hell. Bunyan [1628-1688], an English author and preacher imprisoned for his faith, is best known for his work, The Pilgrim’s Progress.

Heaven & Hell and Alarming Rapture – Pastor Hyun Sook Na (Heaven and Hell Testimony)

South Korean Pastor Hyun Sook Na has been visiting heaven and hell for the last 20 years. In this testimony she tells a little about what she has been shown and she urges the church to live a sanctified life, because He is coming soon!
She saw Jesus actually opened the sixth seal in September 2012. So seals it was written in the book of Revelation has been opened from the first one to sixth one. The next seal will be opened is the seventh seal.
In Rev 8:1 “When he opened the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven for about half an hour.” She found out Jesus coming for the rapture of the church during time of half an hour in the museum of heaven. When Jesus opens the seventh seal, antichrist also will appear.
The rapture of the church will happen anytime soon. Only holy and righteous brides will get raptured. In order to get rapture, we need robes. Not only we need the gowns of the salvation, we also need robe of righteousness. (Isaiah 61:10) It is time to repent sincerely daily basis and pray continuously. Love Jesus with all your heart. Keep in the fullness of the Holy Spirit.

Donate All His Money of 150 Million US Dollars After He Visited to Heaven and Hell – Yong Gyu Park

This is one of the incredible true story. Pastor Yong Gyu Park died of stroke and went to heaven. In heaven, he found out his reward was not that much compared what he has done. An angel showed him hell as well. He also found out that majority people are in hell, the size of ratio heaven and hell was 1:1000. After he saw heaven and hell, he came back to life. He owned Christian publisher company and he was one of the richest Christian in South Korea. He donated all his money and properties after he visited to heaven and hell.

Incredible Testimony of Heaven and Hell

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