Former Irish Priest exposes Fake Catholic Religion it’s Mass and praying for the Dead

Ex Roman Catholic priest Richard Bennett exposes the phony anti Bible Roman Catholic Religion such as their blasphemous Mass, their use of graven images, the necromancy of praying to the dead & the Virgin Mary, worthless confession boxes, vain traditions, useless sacraments, etc. all of which lead to the damnation of the soul in the end & a denial of the Biblical gospel (Galatians 1:6-9)


Comments from Dorcas Kirsch:

“Thank you Richard Bennett for speaking out against the “beast”! Your words give me hope that catholics & others will repent of their idolatry and “come out of her” & believe in/on the True LORD, Christ Jesus & not in any anti-christ institution with a deceiver pastor or priest, especially with a “pope on top” Give all glory & honor to our Creator, Father of the Son, who needs no man to represent Him on earth or in heaven. We have the holy Scriptures. Open the Good News Gospel & read all about Him! Jesus is LORD of All!”

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