End of Times

End Times Testimonials:
David Jones – The Day of the Lord and the Blood Moon (End Times Vision & Rapture)
Efrain Rodriguez – Mega Tsunami Hits and 70 Millions People Die Globally
Evangelist Simon – Evangelist Simon from Kenya had a few visions concerning the great tribulation, a greater persecution of Christian around the world, the two witnesses and others.
Janet Balderas Canela – She had a vision of rapture, tribulation, hell, the throne of satan, heaven, robes & crowns and the Throne of God while she was in the church.
Rivers Teske – Vision of the Great Terrible Last Day The Day of the Lord/End Time


Vision of the Great Terrible Last Day (The Day of the Lord/End Time) – Rivers Teske

Rivers Teske saw a vision of the great terrible last day. In Rev 6:16, “and said to the mountains and rocks, “Fall on us and hide us from the face of Him who sits on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb! 17 For the great day of His wrath has come, and who is able to stand?” This is 6th Six event which is coming soon!

In Joel 2:1, “Blow the trumpet in Zion, And sound an alarm in My holy mountain! Let all the inhabitants of the land tremble; For the day of the Lord is coming, For it is at hand”

God has warned us in the Bible in the numerous different verses. So we know that this event is coming. Do you know how to prepare? Jesus is the only answer! He will protect the true believers. So it is time to repent every day. It is time to surrender all to Jesus! Underground bunkers is not solution but Jesus is the only solution! God bless you!


Four Blood Moons (Blood Moon Tetrad) and Shemitah / End Time Revelation – Mark Biltz with Sid Roth

Mark Biltz figured out one by one blood moon and its relationship with biblical feasts. Blood moon is the total lunar eclipse. During the total lunar eclipse, moon becomes reddish. We called the blood moon. Blood moon tetrad is four blood moon during the Passover and the feast of Tabernacle. It has been 8 times of the blood moon tetrad for the last 2000 years. In this year and next year, there have 4 blood moons during the Passover and the feast of Tabernacle. The next blood moon is 568 years later.

I personally believe that this year and next year blood moons tetra is the sixth seal blood moon in the chapter 6 of the book of revelation. That means, it will bring the great earthquake and asteroid on the earth. Not only the blood moon but also Shemitah is coming this year and next year. The day of His coming is soon! Be ready for the coming Messiah!


Boston Tsunami, Heaven, Jesus and True Repentance – Elvi Zapata in Lord’s Hour

This is from the Lord’s Hour on October 13, 2014. Elvi Zapata had a vision of the tsunami in Boston. He also taken to heaven recently and saw Jesus and the Father God. God told him Elvi Zapata is one of the prophet for the end times. He knew that Efrain Rodriguez is one of them too. Jesus asked the Father God for one more chance. God gave us for one more chance. That means we are living the truly end times. It is time to repent! If you don’t repent daily, your sins are accumulating which makes you to separate from God. If you haven’t repent seriously in the past, I recommend you for three days of repentance. If you can pray with fasting, it could be much better.

Why three days? Jonah was in the belly of big fish for 3 days. First, it is symbolized the resurrection of Jesus Christ after 3 days of death. Second, God wants us to pray and fast like Jonah for 3 days for the true repentance. We learn the lessons from Jonah how to repent. Are you still struggling with sins? Do you want to spiritually advance? It is time to fast and pray like Jonah!

After you repent your sins for 3 days, repent your sins every day. If you make a sin from now on, repent it immediately. And try to avoid the sins as much as possible! Surrender all to Jesus! Ask God to be filled by the Holy Spirit! Ask God to love Jesus with all your heart! Jesus is coming!

Before His coming, there will be God’s Judgment will come. There will be great earthquake, asteroid, and tsunami. The solution for earthquake and tsunami is not underground bunkers in the deep mountain. The solution is the JESUS CHRIST! Jesus is the ONLY ANSWER!


Judgement to USA! California Earthquake! Repent and Messiah Coming Soon/Rapture! – Dr David Owuor

“Massive U.S. Earthquake Prophecy to Flatten the Prosperity Gospel!

Rather than warn of an urgent, impending earthquake that is a judgment from the LORD to the United States, this release is for recovery after the prophesied earthquake, and the destruction soon to befall the land of America.

Upfront, it must be noted that the massive earthquake is the LORD loving America and giving the bride of Christ in America, and the entire nation the opportunity to repent of her sins: to prepare for the coming of the Messiah.

The church in the US has become an embarrassing business and not a place of refuge, nor a Holy dwelling of the LORD. Please distinguish the difference in the holy attire between those attending service on Sunday, and those attending the parties on Saturday; for they dress, dance, and act as though it were one continuous saturnalia event.

And what is worse, we have exported the gospel of prosperity, the “sow a seed and get your miracle” to every region on planet earth like a rogue virus on steroids. The church in the U.S. proudly proclaims, “We are contemporary!” Really?

If the Messiah came to your church today He would throw out items sold such as books, DVD’s, packaged sermons, tapes, raffle tickets, cash registers, cruise tickets, coffee shops, candles, vending machines, and the credit card machines entirely!

There is a limit to what we can print here, but there is no limit on what the church in the U.S. sells, but let us state it in a sentence: She sells the Holy Blood of Christ, and often times for profit.

“In the temple courts Jesus found people selling cattle, sheep and doves, and others sitting at tables exchanging money. So he made a whip out of cords, and drove all from the temple courts, both sheep and cattle; he scattered the coins of the money changers and overturned their tables. To those who sold doves he said, “Get these out of here! Stop turning my Father’s house into a market!” John 2:13-17

We have failed our secular leaders, families, communities, and even our own sheep by lying to them with false prophets, false pastors, and false apostles (all apostles are false in the U.S.) speaking soothing words while they are enslaved to sin.

“Your prophets have seen for you false and deceptive visions; they have not uncovered your iniquity, so as to restore you from captivity, but have envisioned for you false prophecies and delusions.” Lam 2:14

After the earthquake, as for me and my house we will continue to serve the LORD. And now America will have the opportunity to consider, even in advance (see original prophecy here) , whether she will serve the LORD, or continue to serve her other gods.

Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be famines and earthquakes in various places. All these are the beginning of birth pains. Matthew 24:7-8

Prepare the way for the Return of Christ!”


Beheaded Christians by ISIS Indicates that Great Tribulation is Near (Rapture Ready)

That means the great tribulation is very close. So many Christians are waiting for the rapture of the church. But very few who is holy and righteous will get raptured. And majority Christians will be left behind and go through the great tribulation. So it is time to surrender all to Jesus. Time is very short! Repent your sins every day! Love Jesus with all your heart! Before other people kill you, kill yourself which means denying yourself but Jesus Christ lives in you. You are the temple of the Holy Spirit. The holy and righteous God lives in you. So live in holy and righteous ways!


Pre-Tribulation Rapture, Blood Moons, Prophecies, Feasts, and the Law – Perry Stone with Sid Roth

This is great teaching about the rapture of the church and end times. According to Perry Stone, 7 Jewish feasts are related to Biblical or Prophetic event related to Jesus. Next feast which was unfulfilled was the feast of the trumpet which we are expecting that Jesus is coming on that day. He also talks about the blood moons during the Jewish holidays which is related to some event coming to Jewish people or Israel.


Tsunami in USA, California Earthquake, Russian Attack and Rapture – Kevin Mirasi

Kevin Mirasi has received several revelations, prophetic dreams & visions concerning devastating Tsunamis in the East coast, earthquakes in California & Virginia, and Imminent signs of the rapture of Christ’s church. May the Holy Spirit of God help you understand His message e let us all be ready at all times! God Bless you! (The narrator is not Kevin Mirasi. She just narrate what Kevin Mirasi wrote it.)


Warning! Mega-Tsunami Comes to East Coast of USA Soon Before the Rapture – Efrain Rodriguez

So many people have been prophesying that Tsunami come to America especially east coast. Prophet Efrain Rodriguez had new video which was uploaded on July 18, 2014. Due to not to upload longer than 15 minutes in this account, I reduced it less than 15 minutes. Please see the original video which address is below. Before the rapture, several things happens; great earthquake, Tsunami generated by asteroid and war between the Israel and Iran(Rev 6:12). Prophet Rodriguez said this event of Tsunami will happen in this year.

Prophet Rodriguez delivers God’s message about the worst catastrophic event coming soon. We have to repent our sins! We have to believe in Jesus sincerely. We have to love Jesus with all our heart. The event will happen before the rapture of the church. The Bible talking about this is the day of the Lord. He said 35 millions people die in the USA and 70 millions people die globally. Please turn away from sins and surrender all to Jesus!


FEMA Camp, Martial Law, Rapture, and Wedding of the Lamb – Elvi Zapata

Brother Elvi Zapata had a dream recently. He and his family got into the FEMA camp because the President Obama declared the Martial Law. He saw they are not allowed people on the street. It looks like there were big disaster in USA.

Brother Elvi also talking about the rapture of the church and the wedding of the Lamb. Jesus is coming so quickly. Please be prepared in your life.


Chicago, Tsunami, End Times, Pole Shift, Fire Balls and Darkness – Augusto Perez

Pastor Augusto Perez has been having dreams and vision of end times. He saw there was big earthquake in Chicago and the water in Lake Michigan has been retreated. He also saw the vision of the East Coast Tsunami. He saw the book in heaven which was written of the date of the beginning of the end times.


End of Times, Asteroid and Sixth Seal Events / Rapture Ready – Augusto Perez

One day, Augusto Perez visited to heaven and he saw a book which was written the days of end times. He has been warning to American not only physically ready but also spiritually ready. These events will happen soon. This radio show originally recorded on Oct 10, 2013.


Blood Moons, God’s Judgment, and Tribulation – Joshua Houchens and Kelvin Mireku

This is the Lord’s Hour blogtalkradio show on October 2, 2014. Brother Joshua Houchens and Brother Kelvin Mireku shared their visions and dreams about end times. Brother Joshua had a dream of the blood moons. He said between 2nd and 3rd blood moon, God will judge this earth. There will be earthquake, meteor and earthquake will happen soon. Brother Kelvin saw the vision of horse men. He also saw angel poring out golden bowel which is God’s judgment in the great tribulation. After this judgment, there will be very short revival coming and then Jesus is coming for the rapture of the church.


“What is the Blood Moon?” – Mark Biltz / Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatual!

The blood moon is the total lunar eclipse. During the total lunar eclipse, moon becomes reddish. We called the blood moon. The blood moon tetrad is four blood moon during the Passover and the feast of Tabernacle. It has been 8 times of the blood moon tetrad for the last 2000 years. In this year and next year, there have 4 blood moons during the Passover and the feast of Tabernacle. The next blood moon is 568 years later.

I believe that this year and next year blood moons tetra is the sixth seal blood moon in the chapter 6 of the book of revelation. That means, it will bring the great earthquake and asteroid on the earth. Not only the blood moon but also Shemitah is coming this year and next year. The day of His coming is soon! Be ready for the coming Messiah!



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