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The spiritual gift of interpreting tongues – What is it?

Both 1 Corinthians 12 and 14 speak about a spiritual gift called the interpretation of tongues. This spiritual gift involved the supernatural ability to interpret the words of someone speaking in another language. First Corinthians 12:10 first mentions “the interpretation of tongues” as one spiritual gift among many. It is clear that not every person […]

The spiritual gifts ‘word of wisdom’ and ‘word of knowledge’ – What are they?

In the list of spiritual gifts included in 1 Corinthians 12, Paul listed the “word of wisdom” and “word of knowledge.” What are these gifts? First, very little is directly mentioned regarding these two spiritual gifts. Paul simply listed them and moved into a different discussion. As a result, there is much debate regarding the […]

What are biblical sign gifts? What was their purpose?

The biblical sign gifts refer to the miraculous gifts in the New Testament, including speaking in tongues, the interpretation of tongues, healing, working miracles, and prophesying. These activities clearly existed in the New Testament period. But what was their purpose? This question is important to answer as it impacts how we determine whether such gifts […]

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