Category: Amazing Stories Of Life After Death

Darnisha Taylor: Rescued From the Deep Hawaii, the Bahamas, the Virgin Islands. These are just a few of the exotic locations where Darnisha and Scott Taylor have scuba dived. As experienced divers, they thought they were prepared for anything. But in the waters of Crystal Lake, Michigan, death lurked underwater. Darnisha remembers it like it was yesterday. “We got prepared, […]

Scott Nehring: Playing with Fire

One Saturday morning Scott Nehring walked into his bank, and as he moved toward the line, collapsed. His wife Andrea remembers getting the phone call. “‘Is this Mrs. Nehring?’” “‘Yes.’” “‘Is your husband Scott?’” “‘Yes.’” “‘Does he have any health problems?’” “‘Why? What’s going on?’” “‘Don’t ask any questions. Does he have any health problems?’” […]